Motorsport Monday – 1999 Picchio SRP2

Few things make me happier than seeing Martini Racing stripes on a car. There were several versions, and all of them are awesome. That said, as I showed the other day with the 1977 Porsche 924 Martini Racing Championship Limited Edition, those stripes can show up on cars that don’t have much in the way of sporting credentials. Thankfully, that’s not the case with the example that sports some of the most famous stripes in German racing history. While not the top tier of prototype racing, the SRP2 class was still a formidable race class with sub-2,000 lb weight and 400 horsepower stuck to the ground with racing slicks and downforce. Although the chassis was built in Italy by Picchio, this SRP2 was powered my a race modified S50 M3 motor and ran with BMW Roundels adorning its nose and tail. Not as successful as the more powerful contemporaries like the Ferrari 333SP, it’s consequently not worth quite as much when they come to the market, as this one has today:

Year: 1999
Model: Picchio SRP2
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: N/A
Price: $79,900

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The Italian race car manufacturer Picchio produces racing cars and supplies research and technical assistance to racing teams and manufacturers worldwide. Picchio has raced in the Sports Racing World Cup, later known as the FIA Sports Car Championship, as well as in the U.S. Grand American Series, most recenty in the Daytona Prototype class. This Picchio, MB1, was constructed in 1999 and was sponsored by and wore the world famous Martini livery reminiscent of the great Sports Racing and Formula One cars of the 1960’s until the 1980’s. Gianni Giudice and Raffaele Raimondi first raced the Martini Picchio in the FIA Sports Car Championship at the 500km of Monza. The Picchio finished 4th in class and 9th overall, behind four Ferrari 333SP’s. At Spa the Picchio was unable to finish but at the RAC Tourist Trophy at Donington, the Picchio came 4th in class and 15th overall in front of 18,000 spectators. The Martini Picchio was running a close second at the Sports Racing World Cup at Brno when a wheel nut problem sidelined the car. In 2000 the Picchio was entered by GPM Racing with works support and driven by Mauro Prospero and Angelo Amadori. At the Aprimatic Trophy Race at Monza the car was able to achieve its first podium with a strong 3rd place finish. Other races entered that year include Catalunya, Spa, Donnington as well as Brno where it finished 7th. The car was then brought to the United States with its sister car to compete in the 2002 Grand American Road Racing Series with the very successful G & W Motorsports Team. The team was managed by the 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Price Cobb. Research to date indicates that this chassis, MB1, was used as the test and promotional car to help introduce the Picchio brand into the United States. The sister car, painted a bright yellow, achieved multiple podiums with drivers Darren Law and Andy Lally including 2nd place finishes at the Nextel 250 at Miami Homestead, the Yamaha Indy 400 at California Speedway and the United Auto 200 at Pheonix. The Picchio also finshed 6th in class at the Rolex 24 at Daytona. Picchio later became the first foreign manufacturer to be approved to construct cars for the Grand American Series new Daytona Prototype class. Because of its use as a test/ promotional car in the U.S. This Picchio has relatively little race time on its chassis/ engine/ gearbox. It was last exercised at the Italian Cars at Daytona event in November where it was easily the quickest car there running 1:57’s with a middle aged amateur driver on Hoosier grooved tires. The Martini Picchio is constructed of tubular steel with riveted and glued aluminum monocoques and the bodywork is fiberglass. The engine is a BMW M series 3 litre six cylinder built by Amaroli Racing Engine in Italy and produces about 420 horsepower and has very good compression and leakdown numbers. The gearbox is a five speed Hewland FT200 that was very recently completely refreshed including a new clutch assembly. The car comes with no spares but all parts are available in the U.S. at Shawn Bayliff Racing in North Carolina. The car retains its striking and original European Martini Racing livery. This Martini Picchio has demonstrated speed and success and was among the quickest of all the cars in its class in both Europe and the Untied States. The BMW powerplant ensures that running costs will be low and reliability will be high. The Picchio is a very special and fantastic looking and driving historic racing car that can be acquired for a fraction of the cost of similar historic endurance racing cars. It also happens to be among the few, if not THE last of the Martini sponsored cars. By having FIA international racing history, this would allow the car to be eligible for most historic racing series wordwide. This is an investment level car that will provide great ownership and driving pleasure at a very low entry price in addition to low running costs. $79,900 US DOLLARS car is located in Vero Beach, Florida. USA. International & Domestic shipping gladly arranged. Showroom Hours: M-F 8:30 am to 5:00pm is proud to partner with
You may purchase this car directly by visiting our website or call 772-299-9788.
Gianni Giudice and Raffaele Raimondi first raced the Martini Picchio in the FIA Sports Car Championship at the 500km of Monza. The Picchio finished 4th in class and 9th overall, behind four Ferrari 333SP’s. At Spa the Picchio was unable to finish but at the RAC Tourist Trophy at Donington, the Picchio came 4th in class and 15th overall in front of 18,000 spectators. The Martini Picchio was running a close second at the Sports Racing World Cup at Brno when a wheel nut problem sidelined the car. In 2000 the Picchio was entered by GPM Racing with works support and driven by Mauro Prospero and Angelo Amadori. At the Aprimatic Trophy Race at Monza the car was able to achieve its first podium with a strong 3rd place finish. Other races entered that year include Catalunya, Spa, Donnington as well as Brno where it finished 7th.

Performance Data

Class: FIA SRP 2


Engine Builder: Amadori Racing
Manufacturer: BMW
Type: 6 cylinder
Displacement: 3,000cc
Horsepower: 420

Fuel System

Fuel Cell


Manfacturer: Hewland
Type: FT 200


Construction: Fiberglass


Type: Alloy skinned tube frame
Builder: Picchio
Front Suspension: inboard shocks
Rear Suspension: inboard shocks
Brakes: AP Racing
Wheels: Speedline Corse




While $80,000 may sound like an awful lot of money to spend on an old, outdated race car, in my opinion it’s a bit of a deal. I’ve been going to the track for years, and watched countless souls (myself included) spend lots of money to make their road cars into race cars. Let’s say you want to buy and track an older M3. Yes, the entry price will be lower, but soon you’ll be trailering it, putting a cage in, upgrading everything imaginable, and guess what? You’ll spend the same amount, if not more, and you’re car won’t be anywhere close to as fast as this thing car will be. Plus, you’ll have completely ruined a perfectly good road car. Why not be more environmentally friendly, and buy a used race car?

In all seriousness, yes, it will cost more to run a car like this, and no, it’s not for beginners. But, you could have one heck of a ride around the track at your local event and blow everyone’s doors off. If your budget was slightly higher, you could look into running it at vintage race events, because as an ex-FIA raced car, it’s sure to be eligible though it may not be competitive – you’d likely be running against some older Group C cars. Imagine the stories you’d have to tell your friends, though – “Yeah, Bob, so I was running door to door with one of the Rothman’s 962s when the Nissan R90Cs came ripping by both of us!” That sure beats most of my track stories.

The car looks to be in great condition and not used up with some recent servicing thrown in. The Speedline alloys are some of my favorites ever raced. And did I mention it has Martini Racing stripes? The cheapest way to build a great race car is to buy one that’s already done. I’d love to turn this down a notch by installing a stock S54, put some more affordable and harder wearing rubber on it, and still blow away everyone at the club track events while having it even a bit more cost effective. When that gets old, turn it back up to 10 with the racing motor and go to the vintage racing. In prototype terms, it doesn’t get much cheaper than this – and there are very few cars that you could buy for this amount that would be faster around a track!


1995 BMW M3

For the past few years, all we’ve heard about is how the E30 M3 market is going through the roof. When the E36 M3 debuted, the E30 was relegated to the history books fairly quickly; many became track cars and as values dropped on the street examples, they fell into disrepair or racked up lots of miles. Consequently, values on the clean examples are now pushing over $40,000. So, if you want an E30 M3, you now have to pay through the nose to get one. The bad news continues when you look at the E36 M3, which suffered the same fate as the E30 when the E46 debuted. There was a point when E36 M3 values were incredibly low considering what you were getting, but I think that day has passed, and once again we’re watching M3 values climb. As with the E30, it was a case of many being snapped up and turned into race cars or tuner cars and driven into the ground. You can still get a lot of E36 for your money even with prices climbing; but don’t delay too long as there are fewer and fewer nice original E36 M3s hitting the market. Today’s car is a rare unmolested example of an early hand-built Hellred M3:


Year: 1995
Model: M3
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 94,667 mi
Price: $17,991 Buy It Now


1995 BMW 3 Series M3. The BMW E36 M3 arguably one of the best handling cars of all time! Shift Bespoke Automotive is proud to offer this 1995 BMW M3! Hellrot Red over Light Grey Nappa leather hides. BMW brought in 2953 hand-built BMW Motorsport M3 examples. These M3’s combined blistering performance with impeccable manners and oozed sex appeal while serving as an everyday driver. This Coupe is an absolutely amazing to drive. For your convenience we took over a 150 photos in natural sunlight. Please feel free to contact us at 949-891-Cars (2277) FOR QUESTIONS, SCHEDULE TEST DRIVES OR INSPECTIONS. Inspections are welcome and encouraged if you have any reservations. Keep in mind we ship cars worldwide – sight unseen! For your convenience we took over a 150 photos, these photo are taken in natural sunlight. We don’t have a mock studio or photoshop/edit any of our photos.

Stunning Hellrot Red paint looks in excellent shape. all of the trim appears in good shape. Rubber and molding are in good shape. As you can see in the pictures the body is clean and straight with minor rock chips. The Motorsport wheels looks excellent on this car, they do have some curb rash as you can see in the pictures, however this is easily repairable. As I state in all my listings, we don’t over recondition cars. I prefer to represent cars for the true condition of the car.

The Light Grey Nappa leather hides are in excellent shape. The rears seats do have some fading and cracking as is evident in the photos. Again I prefer to represent cars for what they are – rather than over reconditioning. All of the knobs, switches work as they should. The radio functions as it should. Air blows cold.

This M3 is an absolute blast to drive! The M3 uses 3.0-liter 24-valve DOHC inline-six-cylinder engine. The sport suspension handles and tracks awesome. The engine pulls strong and the tranny shift perfectly! The suspension is true and exact and the car has excellent stopping power.

The driving experience is unbelievable! Everything about this car is setup right and begs to be driven.This quite possible is the last real Drivers BMW! The cars starts and performs flawlessly! The heel toe and clutch action is almost perfect and the car shifts effortlessly.Thru the turns and straights she perform exact and precise. I love driving this car!
We offer airport (SNA) pick-up if you’re flying in to pick-up this beautiful vehicle or we can help facilitate shipping directly to your front door.


I was at Watkins Glen in late 1994 when BMW showed up with three Dakar Yellow E36 M3 coupes. With zero modifications, they were out on track passing tricked out E30 M3s. I was captivated and have been ever since. While red isn’t the rarest color on the E36 M3, it sure looks great on this example. The early Motorsports wheels are what I’d want on there, and it’s harder and harder to find them in nice shape. The leather looks pretty clean and the bolsters seem to be in good condition considering the mileage, and I love that it’s not black. This is listed as a three owner car, which would only concern me in regards to maintenance carried out; there is no mention of the service history on the car. I’d prefer a pre-purchase inspection on a car like this if possible. $18,000 is top dollar and probably high on a car like this, but it’s getting harder to find nice examples below $15,000.

There aren’t too many high performance German cars you can own without breaking the bank, but I’d argue that the E36 M3 might be one of the best. Stellar stock performance, understated good looks, plenty of parts availability, a solid core of enthusiast and manufacturer support and a dynamic driving experience make these cars a smart choice for anyone looking for a more mainstream collectable. Sure, most people won’t turn their heads to stare as you cruise by, but if you’re buying a car to impress other people, the E36 was never that car. What it is about, though, is a sublime driving experience. So forget the production numbers, forget that you could have had this same car for $5K less a year ago, and find the best one you can before they’re all snapped up.


One-owner 1997 BMW M3 Sedan

Search “E36 M3 Sedan” on this site and you’ll find plenty of articles where I wax nostalgic about my friend’s Estoril Blue dream machine, so I’ll keep the shoulda-woulda-coulda memories to myself. The bottom line is that the M3 sedan is hands-down the best looking model from the E36 generation. The 4-door proportions combined with the sharper M bodywork completely work, gracefully combining aggression and class, speed and subtlety. I tend to ignore automatics as the 5-speed is pure heaven, which is luckily how today’s clean one-owner example comes. Silver on white/grey is clean if a little subdued. With the E30 M3 getting even more press than usual, this is a bold reminder of what an amazing value the E36 M3 is.

Year: 1997
Model: M3 Sedan
Engine: S50B32 3.2L Inline-6 (240hp)
Transmission: 5-speed Manual
Mileage: 75,000
Price: $7,100 with 2 days left on auction

1997 BMW M3 for sale on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 9.57.38 AM


Up for sale 1997 BMW M3 in pristine condition, it has 75K mi only. Fast and reliable. Rare 5 speed manual transmission 4 door sedan with silver exterior and two tones interior grey and white .
3.2L 6 cylinder engine, manual transmission. 240 horse power. Super clean inside and outside the only issue clear pill fell out on the rims. We took this car in trade and drove for about 100 miles, drives like new very smooth, no noises, warning lights etc. Has aftermarket ASA rims with 4 new Michelin Pilot tires. We have a clear Carfax report on it and can email it by request.
Features :
Airbag: Driver
Airbag: Passenger
Airbag: Side
Anti-Lock Brakes
Bucket Seats
Climat control
6 diskCD Changer
Cruise Control
Fog Lights
Leather Interior
Power Locks
Power Mirrors
Power Steering
Power Windows
Premium Sound
Rear Window Defroster
and more

There’s a little interior wear, while the stock wheels or some nice BBSs and removing the spoiler would make this much cleaner. The good bits are there with what appears to be a very well cared for E36, low mileage and one owner. $7,100 right now is an absolute steal, and just over half of what E36 M3s in this condition have gone for. Anything below $14k is a fair price for this M3, making me think I should join in the bidding!


1990 BMW 325i with S50 swap

There are always E30 M3s circulating eBay with S50/2 swaps, and I’m always cringing at the sight of them. My S38 is my best friend, and hearing of his very special little S14 brothers being discarded hurt my heart. The S50 is lots of fun, but E30 M3s should be left intact. Today’s E30 is the perfect solution, or at least as perfect a solution can get without box fenders. The “garden-variety” 325i is a much more appropriate recipient for donor engines, and this one has been further enhanced with E30 M3 brakes, E36 M3 transmission, and many other fun bits. The seller didn’t build it, but has worked at a BMW dealer for 28 years so I trust him a little more when he says everything works. This has to be a crazy fun E30!

1990 BMW 325i with S50 Swap for sale on eBay

1990 BMW 325i with an S50 engine from a 1995 M3. In addition, the car suspension was swapped to a 5-lug/big brake setup from an e30 M3. The car has undergone an extensive restoration over during the conversion in 2009 and most typical wear items have been replaced. I have a clear title and the carfax comes back as clean with no issues. The car was originally from Texas then Oklahoma before being converted in Nebraska in 2009. I do not believe the car has been driven in the snow and there are no known rust issues. The following are the highlights of the restoration:

-Was repainted in 2008 – No Rust Issues
-New IS lip and trunk spoiler
-New Right Fender – Prior fender was dented.
-New Smoked Hella Euro Elipsoid Headlights
-New fog/driving lights
-New clear turn signals with stealth bulbs
-New Euro Bumper Trim
-New Windshield
-BMW Z3 Radio Antenna Installed

-BMW S50 Engine from a 1995 M3 (Approx 112K Miles on the motor)
-Front and Rear Main Seals replaced
-New Metal Thermostat Housing and Thermostat
-New Water Pump
-New 140amp Alternator
-Oil Pump nut tack welded
-E34 Oil Pan, pick-up and dipstick
-New Hoses Throughout
-1995 BMW M3 ZF 5 Speed transmission (New Clutch and Pressure Plate Installed 2009)
-New Clutch and Pressure Plate
-New Input/Output Shaft Seals
-New Guide Tube
-New Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders
-Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers to single 2.5” pipe
-Mufflers – Manaflow rear , glass pack and Catalytic Converter
-Silver Label 413 ECU with Turner Motorsport Chip
-Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake
-Treehouse Racing wiring adaptor
-E30 M3 Engine Wiring Harness Covers
-E36 328 Driveshaft (Balanced) with New Guibo and Center Support Bearing
-MZ3 Limited Slip Differential with M diff cover (3.23 ratio with 23K Miles).
-New Axle Half-Shafts
-Skid Plate (Powder Coated Steel)

-E30 M3 5 Lug/Brake Swap – With new wheel bearings, rotors and pads
-VAC Motorsport Stud Kit
-Treehouse Racing Modified Brake Booster with 7 Series Master Cylinder
-E30 M3 Rear Sway Bar and Cabrio Front Sway Bar (14 and 21mm)
-All rear suspension bushings replaced with new OEM rubber
-Treehouse Racing Eyeball Control Arm Bearings
-New Front Control Arms
-Braided Stainless Brake Hose
-Bilstein Sport Shocks
-H&R Sport Springs
-New Shock Mounts (Front and Rear)
-Sparco Front Strut Bar
-DS1 Forged Motorsport Wheels from a 95 M3 with Falken 912 Tires 215/40/17 (15mm H&R wheel spacers)

Recaro SE sport seats
Maplight rear view morror
M-Tech wheel and M-Tech shift knob
Aftermarket keyless entry/ alarm
Air conditioning with custom A/C lines converted to R-134 with new seals, expansion valve and dryer.

I purchased this car pretty much as-is from the builder and dedicated BMW fan in Nebraska in 2009. I have serviced it, changed the radiator to a new one (small leak) and changed the final drive to a 2.93 lsd from the 3.23 lsd. I have worked at a BMW dealer bodyshop for 28 years and this car is ready to run. No issues and everything works unlike most conversions. A clean rust free hot rod sleeper that is ready to go as a daily or to show.

There are a few minor issues, not major. 1) passenger side door lock sometimes sticks and does not work with keyless entry. I may fix this before the sale end. 2) airbag steering wheel is off but will go with the car if you want it. When this was done the wiper/cruise column stalks were swapped to the non-airbag style and the window washer did not work. A button was installed in center console to activate the washer. (cruise control works though) 3) A/c sometimes make the idle fluctuate when the compressor kicks in . Not a big deal, just you sometimes notice it. 4) paint is good but not show winner. Pictures look good and so does the car. The right light and a little focus and imperfections can be seen.

This is a great E30. The interior is spot on and, while the E36 M-Sport wheels may not be to everyone’s tastes, they provide a nice hint at the beast beneath. The tough question is price on a conversion like this, even if the BMW-working seller assures that all works perfectly. Lots of bidding has pushed the price to a reserve-on $8,100. For $10-12k, I think this would be an exceedingly fun car, but I wonder how high the seller thinks the reserve is. Hopefully, as the second owner, he won’t fall into the trap of thinking every receipt needs to be paid for and will pass on this fun machine.


Gorgeous 1989 E30 M3 Cabriolet Replica w/ S50

Like many enthusiasts, I’ve spent most of my life believing that convertibles are exclusively for hairdressers, midlife-crisisers, and the ignorant. Why would you sacrifice structural rigidity for some sunshine and windblown hair? Well, some seat time in a Z8 and a Miata (polar opposites as they may be) opened my mind about the open-top. If I could only have one car, it would never be a convertible, but if I could have a few, it might be ok to eschew lateral stiffness for some old-fashioned fun.

Case in point, today’s E30 M3 Cabriolet replica. Quick disclaimer: yes it’s a replica, but read the ad or check out the 48 page forum thread; it’s an extremely well done replica. No, it won’t be the track day star that an M3 coupe would be, but can you imagine how much fun it would be to bomb up a winding highway in this thing on a sunny day?

1989 E30 M3 Cabriolet Replica w/ S50

A most thorough from the creator/seller:

Up for an auction is my 1989 BMW M3 cabriolet replica. This is not like those look-a-like M3 replicas that you have seen on eBay or around. This project took me about 1.5 years to complete with “ABSOLUTLY NO-SHORTCUT OR EXPENSE SPARED ” approach. You have to see my car in person to appreciate the work I put into it. I spent about $50000 on this project.

The donor vehicle:
1989 BMW 325ic in Alpine White II/black leather interior, w/ only 87k miles.

Unlike most people who start such projects using a banged up or salvage donor, I wanted to do this project the right way. My idea of right way was to use a clean E30 325i convertible as a donor, so there would be no issue of body panels not lining up.

This 325ic was never involved in any accidents. The paint was original and all VIN# stickers were present (on the doors, fenders, quarter panels, hood and the trunk) before the start of the project. The car was so clean and nice that I really had a hard time to give the go ahead to the body shop. After all, it was a very nice and clean 325ic that is hard to find in that condition.

The Facility:
As I mentioned above, I wanted to do this project the right way and the right way always cost more. The body and paintwork was done at BMW Authorized Collision Center. In fact, the work was done just like factory and the BMW representative had to sign off on the work. They even ordered the original door jam VIN sticker from the factory and reattached it to the door jam.
The body shop guy who did the work had over 20 years of experience of working on BMW cars, especially the older BMWs such as E30.

The Parts:
Again, unlike the other E30 M3 cabrio projects, I decided to use brand new original European E30 M3 cabrio parts, except for the hood, the interior, the headlights, the suspension (US m3 suspension was used) and some other minor parts.

For example, I could have used the US M3 coupe fenders but these fenders are not a direct fit and they have to be modified. Or I could have used US M3 coupe bumpers but I choose to use brand new original European M3 bumpers because I didn’t want to bondo the side turn signal holes that are not in the Euro bumpers.

I also used the pictures and measurements from an original E30 M3 cabriolet that belonged to one of the forum members to replicate the door panels, consoles and the seats.

Bodywork: (everything were new unless stated otherwise)
E30 M3 cabriolet fenders, doors, quarter panels, bumpers (front bumper is from Euro Evo M3), side skirts, door sills, emergency brake lever, Euro grills, under carriage plastic covers (used from US M3 since they are NLA), etc.

US E30 M3 5 log suspension parts, modified by ground control into coil over with 450lbs front spring, 900Lbs rear springs, Koni adjustable shocks, Racing Dynamics Strut tower brace, cross brace, E36 M3 steering rack, front camber plates with the rear camber/toe adjustment. The handling is unbelievable! Even though I used 900 lbs springs in the back, the car is not bumpy. The handling is very tight and the car sticks to the road better than new BMWs.

Drive train and exhaust system.
US M3 S50 OBD-I engine with approx. 75K miles, E30 M3 drive shaft, new E34 M5 clutch, Dinan E36 M3 lightened flywheel, 3:25 LSD differential, new Z3 M coupe differential cover, new E36 M3 exhaust from Rouge Engineering with OEM E36 M3 catalytic converter (passes CA smog with no problem!). The motor swap was done properly and I had it certified by the State Of California inspection facility. The car can be taken to any smog facility and get it smoged because it has the state certification sticker in the door jam.

Sound System:
Alpine component speakers, Clarion FZ709 button-less touch sensitive head unit (for clean look) with bluetooth audio streaming, ipod/iphone connection, Sound Stream 5 channel amplifier and 2 x JL Audio subwoofer.

All leather interior, including the seats, consoles, door panels with shift knob. New OEM heated seats heating elements.

New AC compressor, custom AC hoses, custom made pedals, US M3 instrument panel with the original odometer swapped into it (the mileage is original), new OEM Evo M3 steering wheel, custom painted E39 BBS wheels with chrome rivets, German computer and overhead panel. High end Cliford Alarm system with windows modules (one touch up and down), tilt and proximity sensor.

Things that need attention: ( I have been very busy lately, otherwise I would have taken care of these minor issues. I may still take care of them if I get the chance around my busy schedule)

-The ground control suspension is known for squeaks and suspension noises so there are some noises from the suspension at low speeds.
-Instrument panel backlight comes and goes. It sometimes needs couple of tap to make it illuminate
-There is a rattle in the right door
-The top is original BMW top and in very good condition except for the rear windows that needs to be replaced. I have always driven the car with top down so it never bothered me but it is a reletively sheap fix since the rear window is zippered into the top so it is not that hard to replace it.

Apparently I’m not alone in thinking this car is pretty kickass, as 19 bidders have driven the price up to $27k with over 6 days left. It is without question the best-looking 3-series convertible I’ve ever seen, has been done beyond properly, and has less than 100k miles. I’d have to be a much richer man to think of dropping $30-40k here, but if I were adding a convertible to the stable, it’d be hard to think of a better choice than this one.


1998 BMW M3 Sedan for sale

As I’ve said before, the E36 and I go way back and they always strike a chord in my heart. Especially when it’s a sedan, and especially when it’s Estoril Blue. So blah blah blah, one of the best handling cars of the 90s, 240hp inline-6 that sings, yeah yeah. These cars are just dead sexy, end of story.

This 1998 sedan on eBay is painfully similar to the M3 that gave me my first taste of speed, down to the unparalleled Estoril/Magma combo and M Double Spoke IIs.

The lights and M3 Lightweight vinyl wouldn’t have been top priorities for me, but I don’t hate them.  Mostly this looks like a nice stock M3, devoid of the overblown modifications or packed-on miles that plague many E36s.  The interior isn’t top-notch, and it’s a shame to see those great Magma seats scarred up.  Also, can’t NOT mention the salvage title, but it seems well-explained and properly taken care of.

Bottom line:  This is an imperfect example of one of my perfect cars, and it could end up being a great deal with bidding starting at about $7k.  Just remember how much fun these cars are and ask yourself if ~$10k is worth it.  I think so.