2006 BMW 325xi Touring – REVISIT

The BMW 325xi Touring 6-speed manual is back up for auction this week, after a high bidder failed to follow through with the transaction. Their loss is your gain, as everyone gets one last crack at this looker of a Touring this week.


2006 BMW 325xi Touring – REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site August 21, 2013:

A friend of mine who recently welcomed his first child into the world is facing the age-old dilemma of car enthusiasts: how can you still have your fun and with a dose of practicality? Not surprisingly, his wife wants an SUV. She has put the nix on a wagon purchase, a vehicle that makes infinite amounts of sense for a family with one child. From what he has told me, she thinks wagons are a bit frumpy and has bad memories of one from her childhood. Short of a Toyota Prius, I’m not sure how any vehicle could cause such emotional distress, but as these domestic arguments usually go, it looks as the idea of a wagon has been 86’ed. Nevertheless, it’s nice to dream.

This is one particular car that has me dreaming. Even though I don’t need the extra space over my current ride, this 325xi Touring for sale from our friends at Classic Car Club Manhattan strikes a mean look in Monaco Blue with the M3 replica wheels.

Year: 2006
Model: 325xi Touring
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 53,274 mi
Price: Reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2006 BMW 325xi Touring for sale at Classic Car Club Manhattan

BMW E91 325xi Wagon – 6-spd, Competition Package Wheels

Get the best of both worlds; SUV utility with sports car handling in an extremely rare 6-speed manual BMW 3-series wagon. Rare as they come, very few wagons are available these days with a real manual gearbox, one of only a handful available for sale in the US right now and this is definitely the lowest-mile of the 325s.

Only two owners from brand new, this car was a special order direct from Germany, just off of CPO warranty with only ~50k miles. Monaco Blue Metallic exterior with stunning everest gray interior. Options include Premium Package, Cold weather package with Heated seats, Pano Roof, Sirius Enabled, Bluetooth, Brushed Aluminum Trim, Xenon Lights, Cargo Cover / Pet Screen (not pictured).. and best of all; staggered, 18″ BMW M3 Competition Package (ZCP) Replica wheels fitted with fresh 255/35/18 and 225/40/18 rubber. Original 16″ wheels are included as well, also with fresh all-season tires….. Fully serviced only at BMW Dealer, last service was just at 51k miles when was fully gone through and given a clean bill of health. The Car is stunning and needs nothing except a new owner. Both keys, manuals, BMW mats + Weathertech all-weather mats, window sticker etc. Must be seen and driven in person to be appreciated. Clean Title and carfax. No big scratches / dents / smells / stains or curb rash on the wheels, inspections welcome!! These things are very rare, even rarer to find one with this color combo, options and decent mileage. They have a cult following in the car world, a real sleeper, keep them guessing!!! An absolute joy to drive, just returned from a 2-week trip to the beach with my family and it was all smiles every time I got behind the wheel!

I can help with shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S / Worldwide, very affordable rates. Call / TXT / Email for more info or if you would like to make a deal now. May consider trades for a something Sporty / Exotic / German. Car is for sale locally so I reserve the right to end the auction early ……….. Thanks, Zac – 646 331 8224

As the seller notes, these manual transmission E91 Tourings are not very common. So far, BMW has yet to offer this car’s successor, the F31 touring, with a manual gearbox stateside. With a recent service and clean bill of health coming from a BMW dealer, it’s doubtful this five-door will run you out of house and home anytime soon in terms of maintenance costs. It’s getting harder to find these Tourings with mileage this low and as we’ve seen with the last V8 engined Audi S4 Avants, prices are trending a bit upward, as cars like these prized by a fervent sect of car enthusiast. Want to look like an outlaw on that one last trip to the beach this summer? Your car has arrived. Interested parties can reach Zac with Classic Car Club Manhattan at (646) 331-8224 or via email at zacm@classiccarclub.com.


1994 Mercedes-Benz E320 Cabriolet

The W124 was Mercedes-Benz’s bread and butter car for a decade, offering a variety of bodystyles and engines to suit just about every need. Aside from the 500E/E500 über sedan, the Cabriolet is one of the most highly prized of the lot. Introduced late into the production cycle, these were the first four seat convertibles in twenty years from Mercedes. Pricey when new, these open roofed tourers command strong money today. They aren’t the flashiest, quickest or most exciting of the four-seat convertible genre, but they offer legendary build quality, smooth power delivery from the inline six and timeless looks that emits an air of old money. This silver E320 Cabriolet comes to us from our reader Allen and is on offer at his dealership, Encore Motors in Macon, Georgia.


Year: 1994
Model: E320 Cabriolet
Engine: 3.2 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 120,000 miles
Price: $10,900

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1994 Mercedes-Benz E320 Cabriolet at Encore Motors

This is becoming a rare bird. This is a 1994 E320 4 place convertible in Brilliant Silver with black leather and a black soft top with a glass window. There were only a few thousand of these cars imported to the US during 1992 and 1995. They are fast appreciating, and great fun to drive with that huge open interior. These are based on the reliable E320 sedans, but with nicer trim, and of course, that fabulous convertlble top. This car is mostly original, the paint has been color sanded and buffed by our best local shop, and the interior is great in black leather. The only major change from 1994 is a contemporary Pioneer single slot CD radio with a changer in the trunk. I do have the original radio as well. It’s just turned 120k miles. It has a newish convertible top, which looks new (careful, these are VERY expensive, so don’t think you can cheap out on a beater….), and the top hydraulics, over the last three or four years, have all been dealt with by the same shop (again–check this on others!). No issues with that or the AC, which is ice cold, and in the right direction. It has just been inspected by our best indie shop and given his blessing. I also put on a new set of Michelins about 400 miles ago, I have all the books and pouch, two master keys, and some good records over the last 10 years or so. Cars like this are so much fun, and make so much economic sense.

Junkers that are rough and need everything are still $6-7,500, and the absolute garage queens (which you can’t drive and enjoy) are now $18-22,000, so this car is quite reasonably priced. Call me and you’ll soon enjoy those early mornings and nights cruising with the top down! I would challenge you to find a nicer, more unique, and fun convertible in this price range. A very desirable and classy car, for very little money.

Even though it has over 100,000 miles, these are stout machines that can survive for much longer if taken care of properly. I concur with the seller that this example is reasonably priced. I’ve seen a few tired W124 Cabriolets with six figure mileage advertised for less money, but which haven’t been presented as well. As they say, buy the best that you can afford. To fix one of these won’t be cheap and buying a well sorted one like this from a reputable seller is always a wise decision. Those interested in this classic open roofed Benz can contact the seller, Allen at (478) 743-7322 or via email at allenman@earthlink.net. Good luck with the sale, Allen!


1990 RUF BTR 3 Slantnose Cabriolet

The 1980s were a grand time for automotive outlandishness. Cars like the Lamborghini LM002 and Ferrari Testarossa visually thrilled while technologies such as turbocharging and fuel-injection became en vogue. Through it all, there was one constant: the Porsche 911. This perennial sports car evolved into its own in the 1980s, culminating with some wild variations towards the end of the decade. One variation came by way of Option Code M505, more commonly known as the “Flachbau,” or Slantnose in English.

During this era, tuning firms were working their magic with all sorts of vehicles. One of the most famous and widely respected tuning firms to turn a wrench on a Porsche is Ruf Automobil GmbH. What began from a small garage in the 1940s turned into a manufacturer of high performance Porsches beginning in the late 1970s. Alois Ruf Jr. began by servicing and restoring cars out of his father’s garage and would go on to create his first tuned Porsche, a 930 with an enlarged motor. In the late 1980s, Ruf cemented his company’s reputation with the CTR, affectionately known as the Yellowbird. This was a wicked 911 with 469 horsepower on tap, capable of reaching 60mph from a standstill in well under four seconds and do the standing quarter mile in 11.9 seconds at 126 mph. It comes as no surprise, then, that this beast held a track record at the Nurburgring for several years.

This RUF Slantnose Cabriolet is a bit more tame than the CTR but nevertheless an important vehicle in this tuner’s history. It comes with a slew of upgrades over the standard 930 Turbo, such as the 6-speed manual gearbox. With only 1,400 original miles, it is pretty much a time machine back to the era of air-cooled performance.


Year: 1990
Model: RUF BTR 3 Slantnose Cabriolet
Engine: 3.4 liter turbocharged flat six
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 1,400 miles
Price: $299,000

EMAIL FOR DETAILS: euauex@icloud.com

This a RUF FACTORY BUILT 1990 Slantnose RUF BTR 3 cabriolet. Only 1,400 miles on it. Original factory window sticker price in 1990 was $249,000. It is the only one ever built like this, highly collectable and VERY RARE. $299,000 USD

RUF BTR lll 3.4L Engine
RUF 4 Pipe Exhaust System,
RUF Short Shift, Limited Slip Differential 40%, 17″
RUF Centers painted to match body color Wheels with original Dunlop tires and RUF centre caps,
RUF Logo LARGE Brembo calipers.
RUF, Two piece Rotors
RUF Stabilizer,
RUF Comfort Suspension,
RUF Front Spoiler with Oil Cooler,
RUF Instrumentation,
Ruf exterior badges,
RUF Sport mirrors,
RUF adjustable booster ,
RUF 6-Speed hydraulic operated clutch system,
RUF Leather steering wheel with raised
hub, Full Leather Interior,
RUF Inspired Recaro Electric Seats and
Electric Power Top.

Motronic System $10,000 Upgrade

RUF BTR lll start with the engine, which had the original partially finned cylinder barrels replaced by ones with air-cooling fins around their complete diameter. The bore was increased giving a new displacement of 3.4 L from the original 3.3 L. Ruf added unique Mahle Pistons and connecting rods and 935 type camshafts.

The turbo was replaced by a larger KKK K27 unit, and a larger free flowing intercooler was added. boost and 425hp with 1 bar. RUF added an adjustable boost control in the cockpit. The intake manifold was replaced, as was the exhaust. The first BTR engines used Bosch K Jetronic (CIS), but later engines called BTR III, used Bosch Motronic, and had 408hp up from the 374hp of the CIS engines. The Ruf Motronic system was the first digital engine management system to be available on a street Porsche 911 Turbo and had a dual injectors per cylinder, custom injector blocks and fuel rails derived from the 962 race car. Motronic was a $10,000 option on a BTR, but standard on the CTR.

A larger oil cooler was installed in a RUF front spoiler, moving it from the inside passenger fender. RUF modified Porsche G50 transmissions to take the increased demands of the BTR’s prodigious torque lowered and the suspension was stiffened. RUF single piece forged rims sized 9×17 and 10×17 ran on Dunlop Denloc tires. RUF offered a complete set of gauges including a 350km/hr speedometer, 1.5bar boost gauge, and Tachometer with the red line turned to near vertical.

Top speed was 300km/hr for the narrow body car and 280km/hr for the Turbo body. Acceleration to 60mph was in less than 5 seconds; by reaching 62mph in 4.6 seconds a 3.4 Liter Turbo-Ruf became the fastest accelerating production car ever tested by Auto Motor und Sport. It reached 100mph in only 9.5 seconds. RUF had matched, or even bettered, the performance figures for Porsche’s own Group B Le Mans car!

It’s easy to go out and drop $300,000 on any number of new supercars these days, but to do it on a vintage tuned Porsche is not the most common way of going about it. These RUF Porsches are more than your average tuner vehicle. These cars are about taking a 911 and making it better; turning it up to 11 in order to lay the smackdown on anything that might challenge it. For anyone interested in this impressive Porsche, they can contact the seller directly at euauex@icloud.com


1989 Alpina B11 3.5

BMW M cars are some of the most sought after performance machines on the road today. But with the proliferation of the Motorsports badge across the entire lineup, what if you want something a little bit more exclusive? Something just a bit more special? Alpina is a good place to start. Not just any other tuner, Alpina works closely with BMW to maintain the integrity of their vehicles which they seek to modify, something they have been in the business of doing since the late 1960s. Unlike many other tuners, they have earned the recognition as an official vehicle manufacturer by the TÜV in Germany, or Technical Inspection Association.

This 1989 B11 3.2, based on the E32 7 series, is for sale from our friends at North Shore Autosport in Chicago. It’s one of 332 built, having been imported to Canada via Japan about a decade ago. It has since been federalized upon arriving in the US.


Year: 1989
Model: Alpina B11 3.5
Engine: 3.5 liter inline six
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 84,261 miles
Price: $23,800

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1989 Alpina B11 3.5 at North Shore Autosport


Originally a Japanese spec Alpina and then imported to Canada in the mid 2000s. This is B11 is owned by me, (Frank), personally. I hired a US approved importer from Washington State to federalize this B11, as they were near to Alberta, Canada where I found this unmolested Alpina. It was EPA exempt due to the year, but was still subject to some lighting, gauges and side impact requirements to be in accordance with NHTSA and DOT. This was a painstaking process and was quite expensive. Nevertheless, it is a completely street legal vintage Alpina with low original miles and unaltered original condition.

All original Alpina components are intact and nicely preserved. It does have some paintwork as many BMW’s of this vintage were plagued with lackluster paint quality. The hood, roof and deck lid had clearcoat damage and were refinished in the original diamond schwarz metallic. A new Alpina deco set was also installed to replace the aging original pieces. The wheels have also been refinished and are like new. The interior is completely original and well intact. All leather, door panels, dash and headliner are virtually flawless. No rips, tears, sagging or fading. The stereo was removed at some point for a Sony unit & Changer. The wood is real and in good shape, free of any cracking. It has a few spots that are not perfect, but mainly due to the clear finish.

The B11 3.5 boasted a higher performance version of BMW’s venerable 3.5-liter inline six-cylinder. Alpina hand built this engine, starting with polished and balanced internals, larger valves, ported cylinder heads, camshaft profile changes, fuel injection recalibration, engine management reprogramming and ultimately a higher compression ratio of 10.4:1, making a healthy 260hp (DIN) @ 5700 rpm. Finally, a free flowing stainless exhaust and a shorter drive ratio of 3.73 make this B11 a much more spirited luxury cruiser than the standard 735i. Unique 17×8.5 & 17×10 staggered Alpina wheels, stiffened & slightly lowered Bilstein suspension help transform this 7-series to an agile sports car, all while maintaining a pleasant ride.

This is a truly unique vehicle and would be an excellent addition to any BMW/Alpina enthusiast’s collection. Appointments can be made by appointment and third party inspections can be arranged by calling Frank @ 312.884.1149 or via email: frank@northshoreautosport.com

We do offer financing and can arrange shipping worldwide. Please go to our finance tab above for a complete online application or contact Frank for a shipping quote.


It’s no secret that these E32s can be a handful to maintain as they get older, but if there was ever an E32 to preserve, it’s one of these Alpinas. Then again, this car doesn’t need much more preservation, as the condition and mileage reveal. Alpina made a B12, featuring the 5.0 liter V12 engine, but this B11 with the 3.5 liter inline six offers relatively cheaper running costs and a bit less mass hanging over the front axle. With a bump in horsepower over the standard 3.5 liter BMW lump, it should make for a lively cruiser. These B11s were available with a 5-speed manual transmission, which is about the only thing that would improve the desirability of this car for me.


2000 BMW M Coupe

The E36/8 M Coupe is a favorite of ours here at GCFSB. These cars offer potent performance in a unique, shooting brake package. Just as soon as one of our featured listings sold, another M Coupe has come to our attention from our friends over at Rare Sport Bikes For Sale. This M Coupe is an earlier model with the S52 motor and has a shade under 90,000 miles. On offer in Salem, Oregon, it certainly is an eye catcher in Imola Red with the interior trimmed in black and red leather.

Year: 2000
Model: M Coupe
Engine: 3.2 liter inline six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 89,888
Price: $17,500 Firm

2000 BMW M Coupe on BMW CCA Puget Sound

2000 BMW Z3 M-Coupe.
89,888 miles.
Imola Red on Black/Red interior.
Clean Title

This car is bone stock with the exception of head light bulbs. It has the moonroof option. This is a 3-owner car that has been loved and driven with care. It has never been tracked or auto-crossed. The car runs and drives very well. Always had regular oil changes. Has been primarily driven as a summer vehicle for the past four years. It spent the winters garaged. Asking $21,500 OBO. Car is located in Salem, Oregon.

72,251mi- Water Pump (metal impeller), Thermostat Housing, Drive Belts
74,223mi- Stainless Steel Clutch Line, Fuel Filter, Brake Fluid
83,009mi- Drive Shaft Flex Joint (Guibo), Output Shaft Seal, Shift Rod Seal
83,771mi- P/S Hose, P/S Return Hose, P/S Reservoir, P/S Fluid
Bentley Manual included with sale.

The airbag light is on because it needs a driver’s seat belt tensioner assembly. Also, the front bumper cover is not original due to a low speed accident that happened four year ago. Because of this, the front end is virtually free of rock chips aside from one small chip from a parking curb (see photo). There is some curb rash on the wheels.

Best way to contact is email: jschafer.20ae@comcast.net

More photos here: http://s148.photobucket.com/user/bmwfanatics/library/2000%20BMW%20MCoupe?sort=2&page=1

The S52 powered M Coupe offers similar thrills for a lot less cash than the M Coupe equipped with the more powerful S54 engine. This particular car has gone through three owners and is closing in on 100,000, but its condition attests to the fact that it was owned by people who appreciated it. These M Coupes are heading the way of the E30 M3 in terms of value, as enthusiasts have recognized them for the outstanding performers that they are. For those on the fence, now is an opportune time to pull the trigger.


2012 911 Carrera 4 GTS


For the last of 997 generation cars, Porsche pulled out all of the stops to make this the most technologically advanced 911 yet. Some of the new gadgets include car features an optional stop/start feature that shuts the engine down at stops, electro-mechanical power steering, and the optional 7-speed PDK dual clutch gearbox, which this seller passed on in favor of the 6-speed manual (good call).

The Carrera 4 GTS sports the 3.8 liter boxer 6 that, like the 911s before it, puts up very impressive numbers. The 911 makes the run to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds with the help of 408bhp and 309 lb/ft of torque coupled to a 6-speed manual gearbox. While these numbers are impressive, in this day and age even sports cars aren’t immune from fuel economy scrutiny.  Luckily the GTS will go about 25 miles per gallon of fuel…not bad for an all out performer.


Year: 2012
Model: Carrera 4 GTS
Engine: 3.8 liter flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 1,300 miles
Price: $97,997

2012 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS on Rennlist.com


For sale by owner: 997 2012 911 GTS4 manual transmission coupe with only 1,300 miles.

Option list:

911 Carrera 4 GTS
Black Inter. Alcantara Seat
PASM Sport Suspension (-20mm)
Self-Dimming Mirrors
Heated Seats (Front)
GTS Sidestrips and Model Design
Bi-Xenon Headlights incl. PDLS
Sport Chrono Package Plus
Extend Navigation mod (PCM 3.0)
BOSE Surround Sound System
SiriusXM Satellite Radio Tuner

MSRP $118,655

Dealer installed accessories/options:
Full front wrap (3M) $2,500
Shipping in enclosed carrier $750

* Practically brand new, spotless inside and out.
* Has the iconic GTS wheels, and looks menacing in triple black.
* Highly optioned, has practically everything you could want in a 911.
* My loss is your gain; selling this and/or my Range Rover to keep just one car in the city.

Location: New York, NY 10001

Maintenance history: Break-in oil change will be performed at 2k miles, but likely to be sold before then. Only hand-washed, no machine/automatic washes.

Asking $97,997 or nearest reasonable offer.

No low-ballers please. Will be listed exclusively on Rennlist and Pelican first to hopefully attract private enthusiasts. If you’re in the market for a 911, this is the one you want.


If I had the means, this is 100% the way I would outfit my brand new 911. When buying this car not so long ago, the seller checked off all of the right boxes on the order form. The triple black on this is stunning, throw in all wheel drive, and the all important 3rd pedal, this car is the way a non turbo Porsche should be.

At $97K this Porsche is priced up where a CPO car should be without all of the benefits of being dealer backed. That being said there is a bit of negotiation that will need to be done in order to get this beauty where it should be. But if you’re up to the challenge, this would make an amazing addition to any garage.


Wagon Week: 1997 BMW Alpina B6 2.8 Touring

What a better way to close out Wagon Week with some more Alpina goodness? BMW never produced an M3 wagon for series production, but Alpina took to task to try and fill the void in the 1990s. The B6 2.8 Touring was based on the E36 Touring that the US market never saw. This was an interesting Alpina, as the engine capacity was not increased. Rather, custom heads, cams and pistons were added along with a performance exhaust system, bringing power output to 240 bhp, or US-spec M3 levels for those keeping track. Curiously, most of these B6 2.8 Tourings were equipped with a 5-speed automatic gearbox.

This B6 2.8 Touring for sale in Calgary comes to us from our reader Gerry. While older, tuned cars can sometimes be a risk, Alpina has made a name for itself over the years of putting out a quality product based on the “ultimate driving machine.”

Year: 1997
Model: Alpina B6 2.8 Touring
Engine: 2.8 liter six cylinder
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 145,000 km (90,098 mi)
Price: $14,500

1997 BMW Alpina B6 2.8 Touring on Kijiji.ca


A very rare Alpina B6 2.8 Touring (wagon). It is #41/136.

Here is your chance to own a E36 M3 wagon. Alpina seized the opportunity to make these as a touring M3 was not produced by BMW. This is a wagon with power and handling to match. Not your average BMW. Potentially one of the best balanced wagons on the earth.

Service History/inspections:

This car has had the 60km, 80km, 100km and 120km services. I just got service at 143km. Recent inspection by local independent German shop will be available to interested parties. Runs great, sounds great.

Factory Options:

It has all the features of the second generation three series. Automatic dual air, traction control, power sunroof, remote power door locks, adjustable height headlights, fog lights, pw. Rear pass through and armrest seats.

Aftermarket items:

The car also has a pioneer carrozzeia hard drive stereo DVD with GPS (Japanese version). The only aftermarket components on the car are the stereo and aftermarket HID’s in proper housings (a good thing if you know E36’s). Everything else is stock Alpina and BMW. The car has new tires.

“Individual” Alpina items:

Alpina scripting,

3.71 rear end ratio

Alpina supplied instrument cluster

Full Disclosure:

The only flaws in the car are the paint chip in the front left spoiler (pictured) and a few road rash chips (145km car), and a small chip in the original windshield. Interior has a bit of sagging door liners (chronic e36 issue). Engine bay will be cleaned when weather warms up. The rear wiper water line is missing from engine bay, its brittle and needs complete replacement.

Model History:

This model is a limited edition, made for Japan only, with a total of 136 E36 touring (wagons) made in the 2.8 series. There were a total of 276 E36 Touring (wagons) in the world (B3, B6, B8 ranging from 2.8L to 4.6L). The B6 was also made as a E30 and E21’s, so the E36 is designated by /2 (vs E30 /1 and E21 /0).

Alpina Production History:

From the BMW factory, these cars were shipped to Alpina with some special available to Alpina bmw items (like the rear end ratios, sport seats, BMW roundels removed) and then fitted with Alpina developed parts. The engine for example, started life as an aluminum block 2.8L from the 328 touring (M3’s have cast iron), and custom head, cams, forged pistons, custom tune, stainless full length headers and exhaust, were developed by Alpina from their decades of experience building BMW based engines. It was taken to the US spec M3 power level (192hp to 240hp).

The body kit (spoiler, pinstripes), interior (seat fabric, sport seats, carpet, floor mats, steering wheel, blue instrument cluster), suspension (bilstein sport gas shocks and higher spec springs, swaybars and bushings), 5-speed transmission (not available on a 3 series) and glorious wheels are all Alpina spec parts.

Production Timing:

This car was built by BMW March 3, 1997, making it the best of the breed (of the E36’s) as its a later production model. The late cars have factory upgraded parts on things that broke on earlier cars: maintenance items like cooling and suspensions.

Alpina is more than just a tuning company (ala AMG or Ruff), it is a dedicated manufacturer. See articles.

Black Porsche 951 For Sale with Fikse Wheels

Serious sale, business requirements for sale.

For those of us in the US, it’s always tempting to gaze at the automotive equivalent of forbidden fruit just over the border. There may be a way to register this tuned hauler in some states, but it would take a lot of research before pulling the trigger. But for our northern neighbors, this is certainly a neat way to have practicality with performance along with a dose of rarity usually associated with high-end exotics thrown in.

With that, I’ll take this opportunity to thank everyone for following us throughout Wagon Week. Stay tuned for other theme weeks and the usual helping of desirable classics in the coming weeks.


1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL

The Mercedes-Benz S class has long been the bar by which many executive sedans have been judged. Perhaps the most revered S class generation of all is the W126 which premiered in 1979 and was produced until 1991. While the world was busy celebrating Glasnost and listening to Duran Duran, Mercedes-Benz was hard at work doing what it did best: producing some of the best cars on the planet. At the top of the Mercedes-Benz sedan food chain was this car, the V8 engined S class.

When it was revised for the 1986 model year, the new top dog of the range was the 560SEL. Chock full of standard features and powered by a 5.6 liter V8, this long-wheelbase version had self-leveling rear suspension on North American bound cars, heated seats for front and rear passengers, burl walnut interior trim and a two way, power rear bench seat. When the W140 S class arrived in 1992, many lamented the loss of the W126 S class, as the new model was bigger, heavier and more complex.

The following 560SEL comes from our reader John in Florida and is a stunning example of a W126. It serves as an example how well these older Mercedes-Benzes can hold up over time if given the proper care.

Year: 1987
Model: 560SEL
Engine: 5.6 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 83,000 mi
Price: $10,000

1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.55.16 AM

If circa 1985 you had asked Porsche to conceive and build a Rolls-Royce, the Mercedes-Benz 560SEL would have been Zuffenhausen’s answer. Power without temperament. Imperial but measured. Over-engineered and nothing wasted. Germanic to a fault but also elegant in ways that neither its predecessor 6.9 nor successor S600 could manage. The 560SEL represents the best of a platinum era in Stuttgart. Virtually every car since 1981 has been influenced in some way by this model which is why it doesn’t look 25 years old. It also had its first and only upgrade at a point when normal cars are on their third or fourth facelift. An exceptional example from the 1986-92 facelift series must rank as a potential special interest model, if it isn’t already. For many the W126 S-class is the last Mercedes-Benz that looked like a Mercedes-Benz, a marque that now stands accused of producing models, apart from the A-class, that look like everything else. Mercedes-Benz has since struggled to produce a premium model with the same impact and universal appeal as the W126. Could Mercedes-Benz ever deliver another S-class that didn’t require a single sheet metal change in 11 years?

This car was purchased by my father with less than 20,000 miles in 1989 has been in his hands or mine since. Originally a Michigan car that has been in Florida for 22 years. Finished in Schwartz metallic over grey leather with burl walnut trim. The exterior black pearl paint is a spectacular color choice on a large prestigious auto as is the 560SEL. With just over 83,000 miles on the clock, it is just broken in. The paint and interior are original. The lower body cladding panels were sprayed Schwartz to match the car. The leather looks new, the wood has no cracks, the headliner is unblemished and carpets as new. The finish is glossy and shows straight as an arrow body panels and only the usual rock chips at the front edge of the hood and below the headlights.

While the wheels are not original to the car (the original 15” alloys are available) they are OEM 16” from the owner’s 124 series E500 shod with new V rated radials. The euro-spec H4 lamps have been fitted to the car since the early 90’s. Recent maintenance includes, water pump, belts, hoses, plugs & wires, transmission filter and fluid, rear accumulator spheres and fluid, cam cover gaskets, front rotors, front and rear pads, master cylinder and fluid flush, and frequent oil and filter changes (Mann). The window tinting can be removed to return the car to its original specification, but; served well to protect the interior from sun fade. The interior is in exceptional condition.

Service records are available from date of purchase 22 years ago. I also have the original window sticker, manuals and assorted brochures. The car is in amazing time capsule. It is regularly driven so it runs great. The car drives as good as or even better than it looks which is saying a bunch. Very few original 25 year old automobiles can compare to this example.

Generally, I’m not a fan of later model W126 sedans that have their lower body cladding color matched, but on this car, it looks really sleek in black metallic when combined with the euro spec headlamps. While you could spend a bit more money and get a W126 with less miles, it would be tough to find an example that has been loved as much as this one.

If you are interested in this clean 560SEL, you can contact the seller, John, at (561) 376-2106 or via email at john_campbell@bellsouth.net


2001 BMW M Coupe – REVISIT

The price on the 2001 BMW M Coupe we featured last month has been lowered to $29,000. Inquire with the owner and fellow GCFSB reader Tony; his contact information is listed below.

2001 BMW M Coupe on BimmerForums – REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site January 26, 2013:

Of all the cars to be introduced in the last fifteen years, one of my favorites has to be the BMW M Coupe. My fellow contributor Brian recants the line from Talledega Nights from time to time – “I wanna go fast.” Well, if ever there was a car to do it in, this is it. Towards the end of the M Coupe production run, the S54 3.2 liter inline six took over the duty of motivating this speedy little car, with horsepower at 315. These cars are fast becoming the modern day E30 M3, with values increasing accordingly. This M Coupe for sale in Georgia comes to us from our reader Tony.

Year: 2001
Model: M Coupe
Engine: 3.2 liter inline six
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 67,000 mi
Price: $29,000

2001 BMW M Coupe on BimmerForums

2001 BMW M Coupe 333hp S54 Motor, Imola Red on Black Nappa Interior, 1 of 18 built. 66.5k miles. If you are looking at this, you know what this car is. I am the 3rd adult owner. This car is excellent condition both inside and out. Car is located in Atlanta. Asking $31,000



H&R Sport Springs and Bilstein Sport Shocks (original springs and shocks included)
Adjustable Camber Front Plates
Spacers 12.5mm front 12mm rear with extended wheel bolts
Sony head unit with aux input. Was installed without cutting any wires(Working original CD43 included)
Grom Aux input for factory head unit
PFC Blue Front Brake Pads (70% left), Porterfield R4S rear
Stainless Brake Lines and ATE Blue fluid (recently flushed)
Custom Performance Tune from Technica Motorsports, greatly improves throttle response and hp
ABS Slplitters in front and Diffuser in Rear (can be removed)
Euro Clear front blinkers
Leather Z door armrest pads (much more comfortable)
BWM front rock guards, rear magnetic ones
Remote Keyless entry

Maintenance in last 10k miles

New Fuel Filter
New ABS\DSC Module (original failed)
Recent Oil Change (BWM TWS) less than 1k ago
Seat Bushing fix
Glove Box Sag Fix
Window tracks properly greased
Amsoil MTF Fluid, shifts nicely into first gear
Michelin PS2 Tires 225/45/17 Fronts 50% remaining 255/40/17 Rear less than 1k miles on them
New Serpentine Belt with New Belt Tensioner(all 3)
New Spark plugs (oem)
Front trainling arm bushings (oem replacements)
Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mounts
New hood and tailgate shocks
New mstripes on all exterior badges (not faded like many are)

The Good

Recent full clay\polish\wax. Paint has incredible shine to it
No Door Dings!
Interior shows virutally no wear, Drivers seat bolster in excellent condition
Car is very fast and handles amazingly well (as it should)
Brakes have a great feel to them, stops on a dime
Greatly improved linear throttle response due to custom tune
Chrome line lighted shift knob, fancy ebay m pedals
Comes with barely used coupe specific car cover
Passed Emissions 12/12 (no problems with o2 sensors)
Car has won 2 1st in class in the Peachtree CCA Concours
All rubber moldings in like new condition

The Bad

Crack in front bumper (see pics)
The usual rock chips. All filled in and not noticeable unless you get right up on them
Wheels have the usual amount of scratches, recently clayed and show very well.
Floor mats look to be original, in decent shape, have been kept clean

Over 70 photos here…

I wouldn’t consider the M Coupe as a future classic, as I think we’ve already arrived at classic status. Built in small numbers, power and performance to blow your mind and looks only a mother could love are just part of where the intriguing story begins. These M Coupes also act as a bridge between the BMWs of yore and those currently offered, it has enough simplicity to please the most hardcore enthusiasts but offers modern day mega performance. Good luck with the sale, Tony!


1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 Cabriolet

Our second Featured Listing last week, the one-owner 1995 Mercedes-Benz E320, has been relisted on eBay with it’s Buy it Now price lowered by $3,000.

1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 Cabriolet on eBay

The below post originally appeared on our site December 9, 2012:

After a two decade hiatus, Mercedes-Benz brought back the four place cabriolet in 1992 with the W124. While convertibles in general are often thought of as somewhat flashy and carefree, the E class cabriolet went about its business in a more conservative, dignified manner. Today, the cabriolet is one of the most desired W124 variants, a point that is made abundantly clear by the number of low mileage examples on the market along with high resale values. This final year, one owner E320 comes to us from our reader Rainier in California.

1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 Cabriolet on eBay

1995 Mercedes E320 Cabriolet. One owner car, Metallic Black exterior with Tan interior. Great condition, have all records of service, 66,750 miles and runs like new as it was a Sunday driver. This was one of the last cars built in November 1995. Seller has the right to end sale when I like. No warranty or refund after sale is complete. $18,995.00 obo

Mint, low mileage E320s can sometimes glance $30,000, with good quality runners ranging between $15,000 to $25,000. The W124 is a stout car, and the cabriolet is no different. Potential buyers should be aware of issues revolving around the wiring harness, as the material used for insulation can decompose over time. A one owner car like this is always attractive, as it helps to mitigate questions with regards to servicing history. For those in the market for a safe, practical young classic that offers a bit of top down flair, these W124 cabriolets are hard to beat.