1971 Volkswagen T2 Single Cab

What was once a cult vehicle, often cast aside due to the sheer awkwardness of them, the T2 single and double cabs are coming in to the mainstream with a vengance.

With the high production and import numbers of the Volkswagen beetle, one would expect these things to be everywhere…right? Wrong. The reason lies in the ’60s with the Johnson administration. In retaliation for a tax on frozen chickens (yes frozen chickens) implemented by the German government, the US came up with a tax of their own. In an effort to harm the German economy and just plain get even, there was a 25% tax placed on all German trucks imported in to the US. By 1971 VW had decided to stop importing commercial vehicles into USA, and now here we are with some pretty rare trucks. Canada continued to import them but with the US dealerships unable to sell them and rising inflation in the ’70s, Canadian dealers soon gave up as well, making VW trucks a rare sight on North American soil.

In recent years these trucks have been commanding serious money. Blame it on Barret Jackson, or blame it on American Pickers. Either way these rare birds are no longer the hidden gem among the VW enthusiast community; rather they are high dollar auction bait.

Year: 1971
Model: T2 Single Cab
Engine: 1.6 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 66,000 mi
Price: Reserve auction

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Beautiful 1971 Single Cab. I had “Moose” for about a year or so. When I got him he needed some metal and body work. I had the metal work done by one person, then had a local company sand blast the entire pick-up (including treasure chest). I then had it painted green and white by a local painter. The interior seats and door panels are new. The windshield is new with seal. The back window also has a new seal which the glass company reversed but it is totally functional. It has good older tires and new hubcaps. Last week I had the transmission rebuilt and a tune up, valves adjusted, points. plugs and oil. It shifts well but you have to get used to the 1st and 2nd gear as the shifting mechanism is slightly off. You will have no problems once you drive it for a while. The motor compression was strong on all 4 cylinders.

The dash is presentable with several age cracks. The treasure chest is also painted green. The body is in great shape. There are some waves in the gates as the prior owner used it to transport wood. There is a slight oil leak like most of the VWs I’ve owned. The driver side turn signal bulb holder needs to be replaced but the signal works. Wiper, horn, turn signals and lights work. One reverse and another light may be out. Steering is good as are the shocks. I have new rubber seals for the front doors which the new owner can install. Headliner is in good condition with some scrapes and small tears. Passenger mirror cracked. Missing VW emblem. Not sure where it is and if I find it  will be put on. I have an original owners manual and all records will go with Moose.

Moose is a great vehicle with a large bed and easy fold down gates. If you do not want attention this vehicle is not for you. Usually asked about it every time I park somewhere. Thumbs up are common as well. I was going to use Moose for my antique and collectible business but find it too nice for that, hence the sale.

Will not disclose reserve, NOT interested in trades, no BIN. Good luck!!!!!

Restorations of these trucks are becoming more common than ever. I would like to think that it’s for the love of the vehicle and not the dollar signs, but who are we kidding here? Given the condition that this truck started in, I would definitely want to go over the restoration with a fine tooth comb (and a paint thickness meter) because while it looks good in pictures, the true test of the restoration will be in the details. Judging by the description, the seller may not be the guy to give the details on the resto, so further investigation will be needed to get the real story. Either way this nice looking example of a rare bird should go in the $8,000 to $10,000 range.


1961 Volkswagen Single Cab

Based on the T2 Transporter, the Single Cab was a utility vehicle, that because of its rear engine layout had many great features that made it one of the best utility vehicles of its day. In order to accomodate the the height of the rear engine, the bed floor of the  Single Cab had to be raised. At first inspection this would look like an issue, however, it resulted in 2 great innovations that made these trucks more usable than many others of the day.

Because of the bed height, VW added fold down gates on the bed to make accessing cargo easier. This also gave the truck the capability of carrying loads wider than the bed floor. Another added benefit of the raised bed height is the “treasure chest” storage area, a weather tight area beneath the bed between the cab and the engine.

These design features on the T2 Single/Double Cabs made them great little workers. This clean original Single cab for sale in Victorville, California is a good example of a usable vintage VW.

1961 Volkswagen Single Cab on eBay

Hello, Up for sale is a 1961 VW Bus Transporter Single Cab powered by a 1776 engine which runs strong. A true vintage “peace” of history with a clean title. This vehicle has the original historical plates. The body is straight with some minor rust on the roof. A replacement roof will be included with this amazing piece of history. This is a head turner!!! Good Luck!!!

Finding one of these trucks that isn’t a total rot box is no easy task these days.  As is the case with any VW, the epicenter for clean rust-free examples is California.  While this truck isn’t perfect, it’s in the right condition for someone that likes to drive and tinker with their cars.  This is the type of truck I’d love to have for VW shows, and home depot runs.

Currently the bid is at $4,000, and the reserve has not been met. Based on what these trucks are going for, I’d expect one in this condition to go in the $6,500 to $7,000 ballpark. Whether or not it sells will depend on how realistic the seller is with the reserve.


1970 Volkswagen Type 2 Single Cab

In 1952 Volkswagen introduced there first pick up version of the VW bus. The intended use for the VW single cab was for farm workers and construction companies. The single cab featured a bed with fold down gatesthat allowed the Volkswagen it to carry objects larger then itself and made the truck the work horse of the VW lineup.

These days, the single cab, and its slightly bigger sibling the double cab, are more at home in collections and at shows, than putting in a hard days work. This beautifully restored 1970 bay window for sale in Erin, Tennessee is one of those trucks that has retired to the garage life.

1970 Volkswagen Type 2 Single Cab on eBay


1970 VW single cab restored truck with 1600 dual port 4 cyl engine and manual transmission; new beige and white paint job inside and out everything was removed for body work and painted. It has new upholstery, door panels, kick panels, floor mats, sun visors, headliner, windshield and back glass all new rubber for doors and windows, all new trim and light lens, new shocks, brakes, tires, new channel  in gates new tin, engine has had a light overhaul, new carburetor, engine was removed to paint as well as the engine compartment was also painted. Truck runs very strong and is road ready!! If you have any questions please give me a call at (931) 289-3976 after 4:00PM and weekends call (931) 289-6324. Please serious buyers only and I will not consider any trades. I have the right to end this auction early due to vehicle for sale local. Thanks!!!

What for years has been a favorite of the crazy old VW hoarders, these truck have been gaining popularity in recent years with a wider audience of VW enthusiasts; and the pricing reflects that.  These have been steadily going up in price over the past 5-10 years with basket cases commanding upwards of $5K, and nicely restored trucks anywhere in the $18K-$30K range.  This nicely restored bay window is priced with the resr of the market, and will likely get close to asking eventiually, but not within the timeframe of this auction.  If this was a split window, my guess is that it would already be gone.