1971 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 3.5

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to attend one of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America’s June Jamboree shows at the Mercedes-Benz Headquarters in Montvale, New Jersey. The car I was driving at the time, a 1998 C230, won a popular choice award, mainly down to condition and originality. Across the parking lot, a car caught my eye that is still haunting me to this day. It was a 1967 250S sedan finished in Arabian Grey with a red MBTex interior. It also had a 4-speed manual gearbox, with floor shift. With the simple dog dish hubcaps over steel wheels, there was something refreshingly honest about this car. This 300SEL 3.5 for sale in Portugal reminds me a lot of that particular Mercedes from years past, albeit this one has the 3.5 liter V8 residing under the bonnet, with leather seating in place of the MBTex.

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1969 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3

$_4 (1)

The terms “hot rod” and “luxury sedan” seem mutually exclusive, but there’s been a few nice attempts to meld the two genres together over the past couple decades, the likes of which include the W124-based Mercedes-Benz 500E/E500, E39 BMW M5, Audi S8 and even some non-German examples such as the Pontiac G8 GXP and Cadillac CTS-V. The granddaddy of them all, however, is this car here, the Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3. When Mercedes developed the M100 V8 engine for use in the 600 Grösser, some boffins within the company thought it would be cute to drop this hulk of a powerplant into the 300SEL to create a sedan that could embarrass purpose built muscle cars at your local drag strip. It’s engineering exercises such as this that prove the Germans have a sense of humor after all.

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1971 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3

We featured a 1969 300SEL 6.3 back in March, and here comes another mint example for sale in California for the discerning enthusiast. This car has covered just over 50,000 miles from new and has been treated to a recent service. These were luxury saloons ahead of their time in terms of performance and set the tone for generations of performance Mercedes-Benzes to come. This, then, is an Mercedes icon of epic proportions.

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1969 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3

Zero to 60mph in 6.3 seconds. The standing quarter mile in 14.6 seconds. Top speed of 142 mph. You’d be right in thinking that I could be describing a luxury car from the present day, but Mercedes-Benz achieved this performance at the end of the 1960s with this car: the 300SEL 6.3. Slotting the M100 V8 from the recently introduced 600 Grösser limousine under the hood of the W109 S-Class created one beast of a sedan, one that could go head to head with muscle cars of the day yet still carry a few well-heeled passengers to the opera after it was done handling its business at a drag strip or stoplight. This 1969 300SEL 6.3 for sale in Michigan was sold through the European Delivery program and is currently on it’s fifth owner, having had a partial restoration back in the 1990s.

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1969 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3

The old adage “there’s no replacement for displacement” doesn’t just pertain to American muscle cars. The British went full on with this concept in the early 1970s by stuffing a 5.3 liter V12 engine under the hood of the E Type. This engine would see duty in a variety of models up until the mid 1990s. The Australians are well known for their series of Fords and Holdens with thumping overhead valve V8s under the hood. And then you have, of course, the Germans. Mercedes-Benz has been known for their large engines over the years, most notably the hand-built AMG units which trace their roots to this car, the 300SEL 6.3. The M100 6.3 liter V8 was pulled from the 600 limousine and stuffed into the long wheelbase S class sedan. And from there, the rest, is history. These subtle hot rods are highly prized today and it’s little wonder. The levels of performance they offered was almost unheard of in such a package at the time. This 6.3 for sale in Wisconsin has receipts dating back to the first owner and other than a respray, is original.

Year: 1969
Model: 300SEL 6.3
Engine: 6.3 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 123,000 mi
Price: $49,000 Buy It Now

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For Sale is my 1969 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 Sedan. It is in excellent condition. 123k miles. Engine runs good. Air Bag suspension works good. Repainted for preservation, otherwise all original. Numbers Match. Runs and drives excellent. I have a lot of receipts dating back to the original owner. This car is suprisingly fast. Rare collectors piece. Please message for any questions or additional pictures. Air Bag Valves were replaced at 60K miles. Newer exhaust. All reasonable offers will be considered.

seven one five 529 0035 for any questions or for a viewing.

Restored 6.3s can bring big money, sometimes north of $50,000. Originals are not far off from that territory, with good ones available in the $35,000 to $45,000 range. At $50,000, this one is reaching the ceiling of where 6.3s of this caliber are. However, with a traceable history and the complex air suspension sorted, that is a huge bonus.


1970 300SEL 6.3 road car / quasi race recreation

When you hear 300SEL 6.3 racecar or race car replica, thoughts must go to the famous, but unfortunately named, Red Sow 300SEL 6.3. That is the car responsible for bringing AMG onto the map with a 2nd place finish at the 24 hours of Spa in 1971. It featured a special 6.8 liter engine and presumably they finished 2nd in the race not only by being fast, but by scaring the other competitors with the outrageous, loud, four door sedan. That car retired from racing and was sold as a test mule for jet engine landing gear.

There have been several replica versions of the Red Pig racers of various levels of authenticity, videos below. (Also any of you Benz fans catch the wheels on the 300SL Gullwing in the last video?)

I’ve seen some with standard 6.3 engines, others with bored out engines to mimic the custom cast 6.8 AMG engines, some with auto transmissions and others with a manual. An “original” was for sale earlier this summer for 200,000 Euros, as seen in the image below. The car I’m posting takes a more subtle approach in paying homage to these great cars.

Year: 1970
Model: Mercedes 300SEL 6.3
Engine: 6.3 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 41,800 mi
Price: ASK

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1970 300SEL 6.3 race/road car in Switzerland

This 300 SE is a French delivery car, sold by the french importer Royal Elysée. It is confirmed by the Service booklet. It has been restored in the last two years but the brakes have been totally redone recently.A set of original AMG 15′ rims and new Pirellis have been fitted. The paint is extremely deep and all the body seals have replaced. A high performance electronic ignition system has been added too give better performance. It is not equiped withe heavy electric sunroof neither with the air coditioning system which is a good thing for those who would like to comlete the light race preparation. (A 6.3 liter AMG finisged 2nd at the 24 h of Spa Francorchamps). Matching Numbers. Best available.

This black iteration is an original French delivery 6.3. It features the French yellow headlights and a set of proper AMG rims. To also set off the look the car has had its bumpers removed. It isn’t particularly clear what else has been done to the car in terms of race prep, though the car does have a modern high performance electronic ignition setup, a popular modification for these cars. I wish there was a bit more description as to the restoration work performed and some interior photographs.

With only 41,800 miles covered this is a low mile 6.3 and it strikes me as a bit odd that it has been given this slight race treatment. Not knowing the history of the car I would have thought a low mileage example like this would bring a higher price if kept more original. The seller lists the car as numbers matching so doing things like losing the bumpers and adding the AMG wheels and stickers probably has the originality police up twitching a bit. A higher mile non-numbers matching car would seem a better candidate to start a race replica on.

So this car sits in an odd area. Not really a proper racer, too nice to really want to race and does not appear to be properly setup for that, but it also doesn’t fit the look of a pristine original 6.3 street car either. Unless it gets made a little more racier people might look at this and think it was a restoration in progress and that you have the bumpers at the shop getting re-chromed or something. At least the weight lost will motivate the powerful, torque monster, to even swifter starts.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of a 6.3 race car. The 300SEL 6.3 is absolutely the #1 car on my list for what I’d like to build up and take vintage racing. Contact me if you are currently or are planning on racing one in SVRA, HSR or SCCA, I’d love to meet up. This is an interesting car with its look which will appeal to some and confuse others. No price is given, but it is probably quite high. What do people think about this one?


1969 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3

We take the sport sedan for granted these days, as there are plenty of four-doors on the market that give purpose built sports cars a run for their money. One of the first sedans to offer a bit of fire in an otherwise staid package was the Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3. Unlike the present day, the S class was an uncommon luxury car choice for buyers in the US in the 1960s, one for real connoisseurs who appreciated the craftsmanship and advanced engineering that went into these cars. The 300SEL 6.3 came about when Mercedes engineer Erich Waxenberger decided to have a bit of fun and stuff the 6.3 liter V8 from the 600 limousine under the hood of the 300SEL. This was a tried and true formula employed by the Big Three automakers: stuff a big engine!


Amazingly capable by today’s standards, the 6.3 was out of this world when it was introduced in 1968. Road & Track famously took a 6.3 to the drag strip and found the car immensely capable. In fact, the subtitle of the car read “Merely The Greatest Sedan in the World.” While most owners would refrain from such brash behavior at the drag strip, just the fact that this car could show up and give others a run for their money was impressive. This 6.3 for sale in California looks sublime in Dark Olive, giving it an understated air that would throw anyone off who witnessed the wrath of its sheer power.

Year: 1969
Model: 300SEL 6.3
Engine: 6.3 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 143,000 mi
Price: $27,900

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Dark Olive(291)/Bamboo Leather(249)
Factory sunroof. Correct AC.
The 999th 6.3 constructed.
Handbooks including service booklet filled with service stamps.
Delivered new 1-28-69 from European Motors in San Francisco.
Single owner CA car.
Original black/yellow CA license plates.
Aftermarket radio. Correct power antenna.
Factory data card.
Later series cruise control (inop)

Just re-commissioned by MercedesHeritage.com. Serviced, inspected, fuel injection pump reconditioned by Pacific Fuel Injection, valve adjustment. Radiator out and cleaned and fluids and filters taken care of. Steam cleaned,throttle linkage bushings done.
Rear brake calipers/discs and master cylinder and front/rear shocks replaced 3,500 miles ago.
Hood/fender/door/trunk hinge bolts never disturbed!
Bumpers never re-chromed and retain their original 158 white-grey undersides.
Original date coded trunk seal.
Original hood spring rubber buffers.
Superb shutlines and panel fit. Careful cosmetic preparation resulted in excellent paint depth and gloss.
Above average brightwork. Bumpers dimpled where we removed overrides.
98% original Bamboo interior. Perfect original door panels and dash pad.
Excellent wood. Perfect headliner.
Excellent shift quality. Suspension behaves correctly with negligible bleed-down.

Mercedes Data:

Engine: 100981-12-001032
Transmission: 000938
291- Paint, Dark Olive
249- Interior Trim, Bamboo Leather
401- Single seats
410- electric sliding roof
461- Instrument, in English
491- U.S. Version
503- Outside rearview mirror, on the left
519- Becker radio
524- Paintcoat preservation
531- Automatic antenna
598- Heat-insulating glass
641- White-wall tires
669- Mode of packing VE IV
306- Air conditioner
Front right and left axle- 488
Rear axle- 1027
Steering box- 553

A turn-key single owner CA 6.3 in one of the best color/trim combinations and fitted with a factory sunroof.

Call Roy Spencer @ 650-343-7980 for more details.


The 6.3 has been steadily increasing in value over the years, as the buzz from the 500E/E500 and subsequent AMG models has had people looking for the nub when it comes to the final word in Mercedes-Benz performance. A restored 6.3 like this will run you somewhere in the $25,000 to $35,000 range, with exceptional, concours examples stretching close to $40,000. So this car is priced just about right. When you consider how few of these were built and how revered they are, it seems like a bit of a bargain, considering the value of other rare, vintage Mercedes-Benzes.


1967 Mercedes 300SEL 3.5 Test Car Prototype?

UPDATE 2: The car has been relisted with a lower AU $10,000 price, apx. $10,300 U.S..

Relisted auction listing on eBay here.


Here is one of the more odd advertisements we’ve come across of late.

The ad is for a 1967 Mercedes 300SEL that appears to have the 3.5 liter V8 underhood. While we have spoken of the goodness of the 3.5 liter Mercedes V8 in the past, that engine was not available in 1967.

Year: 1967
Model: 300SEL 3.5
Engine: 3.5 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: N/A
Price: $15,600

1967 Mercedes 300SEL 3.5 Test Car
1967 Mercedes 300SEL 3.5 test car

What is utterly unexplainable is why a seller, with what appears to be a pretty unique car, advertises it as a factory test car, as opposed to an early model with a privateer engine swap, but then provides zero documentation and one of the lamest ad descriptions we’ve seen in awhile. The ad is all of one sentence long about the car.

The only thing I can think of is that the seller has a buyer lined up already that has done the research, but wants/needs to sell through eBay for some added protection either as a seller as a buyer. Obviously all car ads don’t have to cater to those who are curious, but boy if you advertise a test car don’t just tantalize us like this.

The car is in Australia and as such is a right hand drive model. It sure looks pretty. If any of our readers out there have more info or documentation on the car or explanation of the remarkably thin advertisement description please post it in the comments.

The mileage isn’t given ask price is $15,600.

Update: It looks like the guys over at the M-100 Group, which has a strong Australian contingent, are on the case to get some docs.


1970 Mercedes 300SEL 3.5 Landeau

An oddity here. A 300SEL that has had the treatment normally reserved for the full on limousines like the 600. The car is a Euro model and features the 3.5 liter V8, a superb, often overlooked, compact V8. The car does not have the 3.5 badge on the trunk, which was an option, so you can surprise some folks when they hear a little V8 burble out of the pipe.

The landaulet is usually associated with a chauffeur driven vehicle, though this car shows no other signs of options one might expect to see on a Benz on this nature.

The seller doesn’t provide any information about the conversion or much else in the description.

The car has a 100,000 miles it looks clean, the wood inside looks to be in good shape, which is nice because that gets pricey to restore. No dash cracks. There is an interesting gauge under the dash to the left of the steering wheel that controls the air suspension.

The one thing this car needs, and I’ve nailed other vintage cars on this site for doing this, is a better radio. Get that ugly, out of place, tape deck out of there. What many people fail to realize is that the classic Becker radios offered performance far greater than many of the cheap aftermarket jobs you see. Put in a vintage Blaupunkt or Becker or a retro look new model. Who cares if it works in this case, as I suspect the interesting roof design creates a bit of wind noise.

$20,000 starting bid, with a reserve.


Early production 1968 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3

The 6.3 is one of those vehicles that changed the makeup of an entire automaker’s lineup for good. Developed by MB engineer Erich Waxenberger and thrust into production in 1968, the S class with the M100 became an instant legend on the road and track. AMG, a small tuning company at the time, even campaigned a few 6.3s, taking second place at 24 Hours of Spa in 1971. Here we have an early production 6.3 that has been well preserved:

The seller states:

A rare opportunity to buy this stunning 1968 Mercedes Benz 300SEL 6.3 sedan. First time ever on ebay. If you are reading this ad then you probably know the signifigance and rarity of these great cars.

Owned in my personal collection for many years. With great regret I am offering my favorite sedan. This is the original super sedan that started the concept of high performance AMG sports sedans. This car is an early US model build #64 from the assembly line. It is a rare Black on Black color combination. Paint code 040.

This car was previously owned by 2 owners and kept in its original condition and stored indoors. There is no rust or prior accident damage. The trunk, rockers and floor pans are excellent. See pics below. Fit and finish of body is excellent. Paint and Chrome are excellent. Car is complete and everything works. The air suspension is excellent and has been sorted out. It has new bellows and air valves. Just replaced the tires and they have about 200 miles or less. All radiator hoses, transmission seals, and various gaskets replaced. New antenna. New suspension cable. New ignition, plugs and cold start valve. New fuel pump. New fuel sending unit. Drain and cleaned fuel tank. New brakes and front calipers. New battery and frequent oil changes.

Leather and carpets are original and in excellent shape. Wood is excellent. All electrical is working properly and factory AC blows cold. Includes original owners manuals and original tool kit. I will also include a reproduction Mercedes brochure for the 300SEL 6.3.

Bidding is low at the moment and of course there is a reserve, but this particular example should have no problem pulling at least $25,000, if not into the $30k range.