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V8 Week: 2004 Volkswagen Phaeton

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The Volkswagen Phaeton may have been too far of a reach for the brand to sell well in the US, but the car itself was a serious accomplishment. The W12 is a monster while the 335-hp V8 is more than capable for a large and luxurious all-wheel drive sedan. It may look like an overgrown Passat and have the achilles heel of overcomplication, but some Audi wheels can address the prior and finding low-mileage examples like this one can at least delay the latter. Meanwhile, you’re going to be cradled in an epic luxury sedan that you bought for the price of a base-model Golf.

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Year: 2004
Model: Phaeton
Engine: 4.2L V8
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Mileage: 65,846 mi
Price: $17,888 Buy It Now

Click for more details: 2004 Volkswagen Phaeton for sale on eBay

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Up for sale is a 2004 Volkswagen Phaeton. This Phaeton is one of Germany’s FINEST ON EVERY LEVEL. This is Volkswagen’s most LUXURIOUS cars ever! This beauty has a CLASSY BLACK EXTERIOR with a COMPLIMENTARY TAN INTERIOR!!!

The 2004 Phaeton has a 335-HP V8 Engine that will put you in your seat. It has a ROCK-SOLID BUILD and has an EXTREMELY ROOMY INTERIOR.

This Phaeton has a Certified Carfax & Guaranteed Autocheck!!!

Options & Features:

Parking Sensors
Soft-Close Doors
Power Front Seats
Memory Front Seats
Power Lumbar Support
Power Rear Sunshade
Rear Side Sunshades
Wood Trim
Power Moonroof
Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control
Heated Front Seats
Air Suspension
Power Tilt Steering Column
Steering Wheel Audio Controls

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 11.55.00 AM

It may not be the fastest or flashiest, but some pragmatic German car fan is going to snap this up for pennies on the dollar and feel awesome rolling around with as many features as an S-class or 7-series. As a long-term proposition, the maintenance issues are known but Phaeton prices can’t really go much lower, can they?



  1. Carter J
    Carter J September 17, 2013

    I dunno – I love the “Challenge” wheels personally, but all the Phaeton wheels are pretty cool. I really thought these were just a downgraded A8 until I had a student with one at a winter driving school – the thing was unreal. Silent, silent, silent. You could not tell the car was running. Tach moved, but it was Roller quiet. The glass was super thick, the seats were so comfortable, and it never missed a step in the snow. It wasn’t showy, but it was supremely confident, a trait I think it has no matter what the conditions are.

  2. Raymond
    Raymond September 18, 2013

    On one hand, these are neat cars and certainly not common. On the other hand, the electrical side of these cars — because it’s a VW — scares the hell out of me. If I were in the market for an uber-German sedan, I would question why get one of these when likely for the same amount of ballpark cost (initial and repairs) you are probably in the same ballpark as a nice S8/A8, S class, 7 series, etc.

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