Very expensive 1979 Porsche 930 Resto Mod

This 930 has been thoroughly stripped down and beefed up from a bare shell into a pretty wicked sounding beast.

The 930 Turbo was no slouch back when it was new. With 300 boosted horses from the 3.0 liter in 1979 it provided a forced air induction breath of fresh air amongst the many other low power offerings of the era.

This 911 has a rebuilt engine with a near race exhaust. I wish the seller went into more details about what the rebuild entailed as the ask price is so high I would expect some new high end internals.

The car has monster rims, 18″x12″ out back and a fiberglass widebody kit to contain them.

Inside a new roll bar is in place, which should help stiffen the chassis and maybe make the car eligible for some track events.

The seller says there are $130,000 in receipts and milage is listed as 115 since the rebuild. I’d be curious how much is really on the car and the transmission. The ask price is a fairly insane $95,000, you could get two nice stock 930 Turbos for that price.

1979 Porsche 930 Resto Mod on eBay

The car sounds pretty nice in a video, love the turbo spool noise:



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  1. There is nothing appealing to me about that car. This is the right way to mod a 930

    (It’s 1989 RUF BTR for $76k)

  2. That BTR for $76k shows how out of line the $95k for this car is.

  3. I doubt this very nice car will sell for even 50% of the asking price. The market is not near where he is seeking.

  4. Forgot the glass fneders really hurt you when you want above market prices too.

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