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Well Cared for 2001 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG For Sale

Randy emailed me recently with details of his low mileage E55 AMG that he’s listing for sale. What a great looking car! While we usually go with more classic and rare listings to feature on the site, I was compelled by the honesty of his email and history of ownership.

On to the pictures and details!

2001 Mercedes E55 AMG For Sale

quote from Randy’s email to me:

I have my father’s 2001 e55 for sale. He bought the car new and drove it sparingly until he died in 2004. (His other cars were a 1995 993 – which we still have with 32,000 miles on it – and a Subaru Turbo Wagon!) I got it after he died and drove it until late 2007. At that point, I got a new 2006 e55 and my Dad’s car was put in the garage. It has been driven occasionally since then.

It has approximately 49,900 miles on it. I have all service records; mine and my Dad’s.

There have been no modifications to the car. No air dams, spoilers, extra AMG badges, blue lights or huge wheels with ridiculously low profile tires, etc. It’s just as Mercedes intended it to be: subtle, yet extremely powerful.

The car runs strong; it accelerates powerfully, it stops straight. The air blows cold. The radio & trunk-mounted CD work as they are supposed to. In fact, everything (to the best of my knowledge) works, with the exception of the air bladders in the front passenger seat.

It is classic silver with two tone silver.


1) There is a tiny scratch (not through the paint) on the right rear bumper skin.
2) Very slight “curb rash” on the right front wheel.
3) Two years ago, my wife was involved in a minor accident with the car. She pulled into an intersection and hit another car. The bumper skin was replaced and the right front fender was repainted. There was, to my knowledge, no mechanical or suspension involvement. In fact, the accident did not even break the headlights. The car was repaired and there have been no subsequent issues.

The interior is an attractive (but not pimpy) two tone black & light gray. It looks and smells new. The seats show no wear, the carpets are in great shape, the headliner is clean, the sunshades work well, etc. Neither my Dad nor I smoked in the car.

Asking $19000

Please contact Randy at this email address for further inquiry:

I hope this car finds a home that will care for it as well as Randy’s family has. Good luck with the sale!



  1. Evan
    Evan December 18, 2009

    These were solid cars, with the 2001 model year having multiple upgrades and little fixes over earlier E55s . Not quite as potent as the new generation E55 and E63 AMG models, but more than powerful enough to surprise the unwary domestic sedan driver who misses the subtle AMG badging. A plus of buying the W210 series over the newer models is less electronic nonsense.
    Though the E55 was technically the top of the line E class for the W210 chassis, there are a few models of the very elusive W210 E60 AMG around. In these AMG bored out the V8 to 6 liters.

  2. Jim
    Jim December 26, 2009

    Looks like a nice car but the price is nothing special

  3. randy
    randy January 4, 2010

    Guys, I am the owner of the car. I want to sell it. If you think the “price is nothing special”, what would you think would be “special”? It’s not doing me (or the car, for that matter) any good sitting in the garage…

  4. Dan
    Dan January 4, 2010

    The market currently has dozens of 2001 and 02 E55’s with around 100k miles that are being listed for $12-14k. Even with half the miles, most buyers will not be able to justify the premium your car is listed with. You’ll need to find an enthusiast who is looking for this model and year combination, and may still have to come down some on your asking.

    You’ve done a really good job describing the exact condition and history of the car, but unfortunately you may find that being so forthcoming about the accident is hurting your leads as well. I’m not suggesting you hide this information, but perhaps make this clear when a serious inquiry is finally made. It’s not like the car was totaled, and a real buyer will take the time to get it inspected.

    While you may consider lowering your asking, I wouldn’t give it away. It’s clearly a nice car and you’ll find the right buyer in time.

    Good luck Randy!


  5. kevin cal
    kevin cal January 26, 2011

    where are you located?

  6. Randy
    Randy January 26, 2011

    Wow, Kevin! That was a year ago that Dan wrote about my car. I have since sold it. I guess it never hurts to ask – and who knows? You might find a guy who never sold and a year later is desperate… Thanks for your interest, though.

  7. kevin cal
    kevin cal January 27, 2011


    Sorry about that. After sending the message I realized the last post was Jan, 2010 (not 2011). Would you mind telling me how much you got for it?

    Take care

  8. tim
    tim May 28, 2011

    call me 336 270 4339 im interested

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