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Winter Fresh: 1991 Porsche 911 Carrera 2

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With so many models to choose from, I’m constantly going over what kind of Porsche 911 I would buy if the opportunity presented itself in the future. Sure the new ones are technical marvels and the classics are well, just that. But there has always been something about the 964 that has drawn me in. Specifically, the Carrera RS that wasn’t sold in the US market. Paint it Mint Green like we see on this 1991 Carrera 2 for sale at 4 Star Classics and well, it pretty much summarizes my perfect 911. However, do I need the edginess of a Carrera RS for what would admittedly be a weekend cruiser and not a track day beast? Probably not. But this Carrera 2 does a good job on the outside of mimicking the look of the RS with it’s Cup alloys. The rest of it is standard 964 fare, which is good enough for me.

Click for details: 1991 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 at 4Star Classics

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Year: 1991
Model: Carrera 2
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 4-speed tiptronic automatic
Mileage: 46,823 mi
Price: £39,995 (~ $62,568 USD)

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The Porsche 964 is the internal name for Porsche 911s manufactured and sold between 1989 and 1994. Designed by Benjamin Dimson in 1986, it featured significant styling revisions over previous 911 models, most prominently the more integrated bumpers. The 964 was considered to be more than 85% new as compared to its predecessor, the Carrera 3.2. The first 964s available in 1989 were all wheel drive equipped ‘Carrera 4′ models, with the rear wheel drive Carrera 2 variant added to the range in 1990.

A new naturally aspirated engine called the M64 was used for 964 models, with a flat-6 displacement of 3.6 litres. Porsche substantially revised the suspension, replacing the rear torsion bars with coil springs and shock absorbers. Power steering and ABS brakes were added to the 911 for the first time; both were standard. The exterior bumpers and fog lamps became flush into the car, allowing for better aerodynamics. Furthermore, a new electric rear spoiler rose up at speeds above 50 mph and lowered down flush with the rear engine lid at lower speeds, or at rest.

A new automatic climate control system provided superior heating and cooling. Revised instrumentation housed a large set of warning lights that were tied into the car’s central warning system, alerting the driver to a possible problem or malfunction.

Climatic air conditioning, Pioneer CD player with USB, Porsche alarm system, Electric windows, Electric sunroof, Height-adjustable electric seats, Electric rear spoiler, Analogue clock, Carpet mats.

Finished in the sublime Mint Green, this Carrera 2 looks dazzling under our showroom lights, complemented beautifully by the silver Cup Design alloy wheels.

Since 1976, all Porsche bodyshells have been dipped in molten zinc and the 964 maintains that industry-leading protection; it is no wonder then that this car remains corrosion free. The paint is in great condition and displays a deep glossy shine with no scuffs or scratches to be found anywhere. Furthermore, all plastic trim and seals appear first-rate with a factory-fresh black finish. On closer inspection, all lenses are free from any cracks and remain crystal clear.

Upon opening the door of this 911 you are greeted with the welcoming site of a perforated black leather upholstery, a stunning contrast to the vibrant exterior. Being a low mileage example, the condition of the interior is excellent. There is little or no wear to the bolsters of the seats, which remain both supple and supportive. The electric seat adjustment switches operate well.

Looking further, the door cards and dash trim present in wonderful shape with no cracks, scratches or fading, while the steering wheel and handbrake retain a good texture also. What’s more, the rear seats give the appearance of having never been sat in. Throughout the vehicle the carpets are superb and are protected by a full set of mats.

Popping the trunk reveals a very tidy engine bay indeed. All pipes, plastics and rubbers appear in great order with most of the original factory stickers still in place.

Once started, this 911 sounds lovely, with the 964’s ‘new’ design of camshaft chain tensioner removing much of the unwanted noise compared to previous models. As to be expected, the engine pulls well and the Tiptronic 4-speed automatic gearbox feels smooth and precise.

This example is presented with the optional 17″ Cup Design alloy wheels, all of which are unmarked. Most likely having been refurbished, the wheels are shod in a matching set of low profile tyres, each with plenty of tread remaining.

The black Porsche callipers present nicely between the spokes, while the discs show plenty of life.

This 911 has covered 75,355 kilometres in its life, which equates to just 46,823 miles. Complemented by a Porsche main dealer history, this example has been very well looked after and still retains its original service book and wallet.

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The one glaring problem with this 911 is of course, you guessed it, the Tiptronic gearbox. Sure, it was a novelty when it first arrived on the scene, but with only four gears, it’s rather outdated and doesn’t really add anything to the proceedings like modern day automatics can in terms of shift speed and economy. Could I somehow get past this feature? Probably not, given what 964s are bringing in the market these days. If I’m going to spend good money on one, it would have to have a manual gearbox. It’s the only way I would have my 911 kitted out. So for now, I’ll sit here and look at this almost perfect 911 from afar, wondering how awesome it could have been, if…



  1. Cole
    Cole December 4, 2014

    Such a beautiful car, but I agree – the Tip eliminates 98% of buyers. Someone who really wants to drive an “Auto” would be better served with a newer generation model. Although not at this price, I wonder if it has become economically feasible to convert some of these to manual, and still flip for a profit?… Might be at the “Tipping” point.

  2. Fred
    Fred December 4, 2014

    I said it before. This green is not me.

  3. audifan
    audifan December 5, 2014

    I love this color, I love this color, I love this color.
    I like it so much, i could even live with the Automatic.

  4. KevinR
    KevinR December 5, 2014

    I am not a Tiptronic hater like a lot of folks. (I’ve even owned one.) But I have to agree that if you want a car with a Tiptronic, you’re better off getting one with the later version. The early tips just never seem to be very happy, regardless of what you are doing.

  5. Ry
    Ry December 5, 2014

    @Paul – I was reading a little more about this color, I’m really intrigued by it. . .I find it attractive, but also it screams out that it is not from the last 10-15 years either, it feels so early ’90s!

    Anyway, I was googling it, reading about some other colors offered on the 964 (and kind of amazed at the variety of non-paint to order colors available then vs today). I also read a few people reference a group of colors as “lipstick colors” (though not to be confused with a red interior color), this being one of them. . .references are thin and P-cars are far from my area of expertise, so this comment is a bit scattered!

    Long story short, it would be interesting to have you guys, or Pablo @ flüssig do a post, or series of sporadic posts, on P-cars that have really unique or unusual color offerings. @Rob’s post the other day on that very light aluminum/red Porsche would be another great example.

    Thanks for listening!

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