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Introducing a New Feature – “Hammertime – The Sold Archives”!


“The King is dead! Long live the King!”

It is with some sadness that I report on the death of one of our popular features, the “Week in Review”. Spearheaded by our editor Paul, the Week in Review was a great resource where we tracked the values of cars we had featured. Unfortunately, it was a serious time commitment from Paul, and it was hard to compare week to week or month to month what values were.

As a result, we’re happy to announce our new format for tracking values: Hammertime – The Sold Archives. Eagle-eyed viewers will note that the page went live yesterday and is linked next to the Self-Service Classifieds at the top of each page. This page will be continuously updated and allows for a better snapshot of values to compare. Please note we will only be posting cars that we feature and we are only providing this as a guide to compare values. We’ll do our best to accurately report the information as we find it but assume no liability in the accuracy of the information.

All of that said, please keep in mind we’re still doing this in our spare time; however, this should allow us to view more car values and spot trends as they are occurring. Our hope is that this will be a great resource guide that will continue to grow. It’s a work in progress, so please be patient with us as we develop it. We really value the input of our readers, so if you see something that we’ve missed or have posted inaccurately, please let us know! You can contact us directly at

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Wednesday Wheels GCFSB Project: 2002 Volkswagen Passat 1.8T Variant Part 1

While we all want to have a classic, sporty German car in our lives, the reality of daily driver duty often falls onto less exotic cars. Several years ago I purchased a 1999 Volkswagen Passat 1.8T GLS to do just that; it replaced a 97 Golf as my daily driver, and I enjoyed over 100,000 miles behind the wheel. Unlike the reputation these cars have gained, I found my Passat to be very reliable – it never once left me stranded or failed to start, it could get 36 mpg if I didn’t get too deep into the throttle, and it was comfortable, quick and fun to drive. After a year of company car duty, the time had come for me to purchase another daily driver, and my immediate thought was that I wanted another Passat.

The search began, and it wasn’t very easy. There are two classes of Passats; devoted owners that keep their cars in great condition, and wrecks that will bankrupt you trying just to pass emissions. But in general the wagon versions were better kept than the sedans; likely a testament to their high sticker prices. It’s hard to fathom, but in 2002 my current car’s sticker price was over $26,000 – more than a brand new Passat will set you back today. As such, the Variants seem to be better kept than the sedans in general, and that was certainly the case when I finally found the car to buy. Priced higher in the market, it was a one-owner 100,000 mile Ink Blue model with grey leather. A GLS spec, it came with many nicer features and alloys, but wasn’t the wood-lined V6 luxury model. The single owner had been meticulous and had every record from new. It was the first time I had ever bought a car like this, and it was clearly worth the premium.

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Exceeding Expectations: 1986 Audi Coupe GT 20V Part 1

Nate’s M5 ownership experience that he wrote up got me thinking; it’s been now just over 16 years since I bought my 1986 Audi Coupe GT, and I’ve never really summed my ownership. It’s been a heck of a ride, to the point where my wife refers to the Audi as a “family member” that I’ll never get rid of. In many ways, she’s right – I’ve put a lot of heart, soul and sweat into that car and I’ll never get what I’ve put in back out of it monetarily, but the smiles that car has provided me could last a lifetime by themselves. It’s undergone many changes in my stay – from relatively stock to a highly modified track car, through 4 suspensions, 4 engines, 5 exhausts, 3 paint jobs and a few thousand miles on the race track, it’s been as much a friend as a possession.

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Event Report: Audi Club Winter Driving School

Winter. Not many of us look forward to it, even in the depths of a sweltering summer. It’s not usually the cold that gets everyone, or even the holidays – no, a fair amount of people seem to have a very healthy fear of driving in the elements. If I could have a dollar for every time I heard “my car just isn’t good in the snow”, I’d be a very rich man. The reality is that it’s generally not the car’s fault – unless, perhaps, you drive a Lamborghini Countach or Reliant Robin. Pretty much any car can be passable in snowy conditions – what you need is a good set of tires and some time testing them out to understand how your car reacts to snow and ice. What better way than to head to a Winter Driving School (WDS) put on by the Audi Club?
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Feature Your Car On German Cars For Sale Blog For Only $25!

German Cars For Sale Blog continues to grow at a good pace thanks to our audience of dedicated enthusiasts!

If you have a car to sell, why not consider listing it with GCFSB? Our “Featured Listing” service will help you market your car to an tailored audience of German car enthusiasts. For only $25, your car will be featured on every page of GCFSB with a custom graphic such as this:

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.55.16 AM

Your Featured Listing will run until your car is sold or until you would like us to remove the ad. A Featured Listing on GCFSB will translate to several hundred thousand page views per month, exposure on our email list with nearly 1,000 subscribers and on our Facebook page with almost 1,700 enthusiasts.

Here are some testimonials from readers who have featured there cars with us over the last few months:

From our reader Buzz who sold his Volkswagen R32 in short order:

“I wanted to update you on the sale of the R32 you ran yesterday. The short news is that it sold for full price, $18,900. No questions, no haggling. The longer version is that we had 10 phone calls – 1 Sunday, 6 yesterday, and 3 today. Nine from yesterday and today resulted from the GCFSB feature yesterday morning. Big thank you for the activity and generating traffic!”

From our reader John who used our Featured Listing service to market his 560SEL:

“I just sold the 1987 560SEL on Sunday. The first person that contacted me ended up being the first to see the car and bought it for asking price. It is with a great enthrusiast in Miami. I credit your website for the sale as this is where he saw the vehicle. Thanks for a great service and an even better website.”

If you would like us to help market your rare or unique German car here on GCFSB, please contact us at We’ll take it from there!

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