Clean and lower-mile E30 M3 for sale

Usually I can distance myself from the pangs of covetousness I feel when I see E30 M3s such as this with immaculate paint jobs, engine compartments worth eating off of, and the steep price tag that goes with it.  They’re so far out of the price range, so nice, and too far to access that I don’t have to worry about losing control and stealing it.  Distance isn’t an option here, though, as this car is for sale exactly halfway between home and work and right on my route.  So… close…

97k mile E30 M3 for sale on Burlingame Craigslist

Recent maintenance from the seller:

Complete proffesional respray using Glasurit paint. All windows and seals where removed and the trunk, spoiler, hood, rockers and bumpers where painted individually. I have previous photos to prove that there where no previous damages and no fillers (bondo) applied. Cost is 9k)
Installed new original BMW radiator
Installed new original fuel injectors
Replaced oil preasure switch
Replaced springs with H&R lowering springs (original are included)
Car runs strong
Engine bay is very clean with no sign of leaks
Tires have less than 5k miles

Newly serviced

Total synthetic motor oil
New oil filter
New OEM Bosch spark plugs
New OEM BMW ignition wires
New OEM cap and rotors
New OEM air and fuel filter
BMW coolant

This is a beautiful M3.  Diamondschwartz isn’t my favorite, but for a car in this condition, it will do, especially being such a beautiful new paint job.  Finding an M3 under 100k miles these days is the holy grail, and this is a nice medium between never-driven time capsule and well-maintained and well-used 80s delight.  He’s obviously put some serious time and money into making this car as good as it can be.  $23k is on the high end of M3s that have actually been driven, but the more I look at it and the thoroughness of the maintenance, the more it seems like a fair price.  I wish it were less, and I wish it were further away so that I didn’t have to ponder the consequences of felony grand theft auto.


1982 Volkswagen Scirocco project needs saving

This poor VW looks like someone ran out of time, money, or interest on it. It needs an engine and needs to have the interior reinstalled. It comes with some extra Euro and 16v parts for the reassembly. 82,000 miles on the body. Anyone want to finish this one? The ask is $1200, I suspect that it could be had for an even grand.


2006 BMW M6 Hamann Custom

This completely custom M6 has thousands of dollars in high end parts. Hamann body kit, Hamann exhaust, 22″ rims, subwoofers. The previous owner was a professional basketball player.
The black and white color scheme is unique, but doesn’t really appeal to my senses, but I’m not a huge fan of the 6 series looks stock. The V10 engine with SMG is hard not to love though.
With $40k in upgrades on top of the price of the car it will be interesting to see where this ends up. It is up for sale with no reserve.


1982 Euro Mercedes 280SL 4 speed

Very nice looking Euro 280SL twin cam. Despite being a Euro car it is registered in California so you can be sure it has been setup to pass emissions requirements.  The Euro car has the nice bumpers and headlamps. It also features the somewhat hard to find 4 speed manual for added entertainment. The interior looks wonderful despite 128,000 miles. It include the hard top as well as the canvas top. A great boulevard cruiser for summer nights. $12,500 buy-it-now price.


Modified 1973 BMW 2002

This former racing 2002 has been put back together for street use. The seller provides a lot of great description and clearly knows his 2002s. The car has been pieced together from a variety of parts from different model year 2002s. The nice thing about a car like this is you don’t have to worry about it as much when you take it out to enjoy it. It isn’t going to be a concourse or numbers matching investment grade vehicle, just pure vintage driving fun.
Around 160k on the body and 3k since the restoration. Currently at $2500, reserve not met.
From the seller:


I installed the drivetrain from a restored 73 ‘02 totalled rollover car which I had previously acquired. The motor from this car was a 1975 (e12 head) which was completely rebuilt, bored and balanced,new cam and the previous owner invested over $4000 in the motor alone. The transmission (rebuilt) was solid with no synchro issues, the driveshaft was rebuilt and the ANSA exhaust system was brand new. Also a 2002Tii exhaust manifold was installed. The clutch was new also. The carb is a Weber 32/36 DGV with manual choke and K&N air filter. This motor runs extremely strong, idles smoothly at 500 RPM and can take much more carburetion than in currently on the car. I installed new brakes front and rear with cross drilled rotors and new brake hoses. Two weeks ago I installed factory rebuilt front brake calipers. The only part of the drivetrain that is original is rear differential. It is still working fine however an additional differential is included in the sale. The car comes with two sets of wheels and tires One set are performance Sumitomo 195/60-13 with BBS style OE equipment 320is wheels 13×6. The tread is very sound with some cracking on the tires. The other set of street tires and wheels are 175/70-13 tires with 320i fanjet alloys 5 1/2×13. These tires are virtually new. Both sets are pictured on the car.


The paint is very good with some minor dings. The front grilles are later ’02 model plastic grilles painted silver with the matching kidney grille. Headlights are Hella H-4 element style. The rear bumper is a ’71 ’02 short sided bumper painted silver along with rear trim and tailight rims. I Installed a new front windshield and replaced all the other glass. I also installed pressure sensitive adhesive backed black moulding to replace the waist moulding. All side marker lights and reflectors were removed and holes were filled to simulate the look of the older 2002.


I Installed new black carpeting and all the original black interior panels which are in excellent condition. I also installed original equipment BMW Recaro seats from an 83 320is. They are also in excellent condition and mounted on the 2002 seat tracks. The rear seat (both parts) is in very good condition with the original horsehair padding still instact. Headliner is solid with no rips along with sunvisors. The dash pad is a one piece unit from a 74 ‘02. It has a few cracks but is very serviceable. The original ‘bus’ steering is in excellent condition with a leather cover. All gauges operate. The speedo and odometer are working. The mileage is not correct as this is a replaced gauge. The console is in good condition with an older Pioneer cassette stereo in operation.


1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60 Bumblebee

This is a tastefully modified Corrado with lots of bright yellow. It has low miles, 50,000. Add on parts from Kompressor Kanada, Zender, Tial, Techtonics, Borla, H&R, Koni, and Zender show the car was liked. It has 18,000 on the rebuilt engine. The car is up with no reserve and starting bid under $2,000. The seller indicates it needs new axles and that it slips out of 5th gear. It isn’t clear how major these problems are. These problems will keep the price down, but a new owner will need to plan financially on expecting the worse just in case. Also not the low feedback seller, this should also keep the price down, but bid at your own risk.


Clean 2004 R32 for sale

Now, I may have made my case for a used RS6 being more worth your $32k than a new R32, but my same reasoning makes me anxious to make some more money so that I can be realistically in the market for the original R32 at new base-level Golf price.  I like the MkIV R32 so much more than the MkV anyways.  Same engine, same AWD, but much better looking.  They’re around for up to $25k still, but the market has come down enough to be able to find nice ones under $20k if you’re patient.  This Reflex Silver example has covered just 39.5k miles and, despite a few wheel nicks and small scratches, is the total package.  Not many miles, overall beautiful condition, and good price make this a tempting prospect.

“It will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine.” – Wayne Campbell


Nearly Identical Audi RS6s for sale

So, you’ve got $32k and you’re ready for a new car. You want fun, but somewhat sensible. You like AWD and its many virtues. You’re inclined to enjoy the German flare for speed, class, and impeccable engineering. From these hints, I could point you to a brand-new VW R32. Fun car, all-season capability with AWD, German quirks and perfection abound.

Or you could go big. And I mean REAL big. 450-hp, earth-wrenching big. The Audi RS6 is one of the few RSs that we Staters have been blessed with, and man do I love it. It’s subtle, but the aggressive bits are there in the wheels, fenders, and front and rear fascias. It’s hiding a total monster of a twin-turbo 4.2L V8. And now, 7 years after their introduction, they’ve come down in price.  Way down, like 50-60% down.  There are 2 nearly identical examples on eBay, each in the 50k mile-range and in exceptional condition. One has a Buy-It-Now of $32k, one is under reserve at $16k.

2003 Audi RS6 with 56k miles for sale on eBay

2003 Audi RS6 with 51k miles for sale on eBay

Yes, yes, I know these will be more expensive to maintain than an R32 (but maybe not that much…), and that a used car is not equal to a new car.  In my mind, getting a lot more car for your money is well worth it instead of going on the depreciation rollercoaster that is new-car buying.  It’s a tough decision between these two, but something about the white interior seems a little more special, so I’d sit on that auction and try to get it at a good price.  If it could come in under the $32k of the other one, all the better.  But seriously, one of these beasts under $40k is still a ton of car per dollar.


Scary Twin-Turbo R32 for sale

I remember reading about the HPA twin-turbo upgrade on a VW New Beetle when I was in middle school.  It blew my mind in many ways.  Then the MkIV R32 rolled around and they started working their magic on that.  Heaven, BiTurbo R32 is thy name.  HPA does extremely nice installations, creating a driveable monster out of one of my favorite cars.  This one is juiced up even more than I’d heard of before, with some 500hp at the WHEELS.

Upgraded Twin-Turbo 2004 VW R32 for sale

The rest of the upgrades read like a “if I had a million dollars” list, so I’ll let the seller do his thing:

This exact package is truly one of my dream cars.  I’d take this over most Italians (288 GTO exempted), and it’s just right up there with a Turner Motorsports E30 M3 2.5 or RS4 wagon as the best thing possible.  Just epic.

At first I thought the HPA on the hood was a bit much, but the fact that it’s clear-coated over the carbon hood with the rest body-color is a nice touch.  This guy has done truly everything to make this the most insanely awesome R32 possible.  $85k is steep, sure, but it’s a proven turbo system on a great car with all the requisite upgrades to make it so much more than just some tuner car.  I’m jealous of the owner’s resources and ambition for making this car a reality.


Clean, bargain E30 M3 for sale

I’ll acknowledge right off the bat this is toeing the line of “Budget Week.”  This is a gorgeous E30 M3, restored almost entirely save the engine, which has covered an impressive (read: scary) 194k miles.  It’s starting on eBay at $10k with a Buy-It-Now of $12k, so I’m fudging the math and saying it’s within our “budget” guidelines.  I believe my E30 M3 obsession has been made clear by now, so I’ll just get to the juicy bits on this beautifully redone Alpineweiss example.

From the seller:

This car was originally Purchased in Texas and spent most of its life there. In 2005 the car went through a fairly complete restoration. New Paint (Original Alpine White with the addition of a Pearl Additive), New Carpet, Seats recovered (Not-Leather), Dash Cover, all new suspension items. The Engine was not rebuilt. They did replace the basic tune-up items and I replaced all the coolant lines and thermostat last year. There was over $17,000.00 spent on the restoration. (The Reserve is below this number) I have all the receipts from the owner at that time.
The car is not perfect but is in really nice condition. It does have an oil leak and power steering leak that I have not investigated the origin. Please feel free to send someone to inspect the car before you bid.

Sounds like a respectably honest description. The car is truly gorgeous inside and out. I love vintage German cars in white, significant as it was the national racing color. The redone black interior is especially inviting. The high-mileage engine will certainly need some sort of remedy, be it rebuild or replacement. Either way, in the E30 M3 market, a car with as many beautiful features as this is a steal at $12k or less. Any M3 with 1xx,000 miles is going to require engine work soon enough, and few look this good or are this cheap. It’s more than worth it, and even more than usual with E30s, I wish I had that cash saved up!