Super low mile 1984 Mercedes 500SL AMG

As I mentioned recently I like the monochromatic look on Benzs. This one fits that description, but is also quite special.

Super low mile 1984 Mercedes 500SL AMG on eBay

First and foremost it has traveled only 9,000 miles. Secondly, not nearly as important as the low mileage, is the AMG package on the car. The AMG package sets of the look of the car off nicely with bumpers, skirts, trunk lid spoiler, wheels, and requisite AMG steering wheel. The seller doesn’t provide a whole lot of information about the car, they do state that they believe it to be the only 1984 500SL with the AMG package, I’m not sure I believe that, but would hear the seller out if they have some sort of citation.

Though you might not expect a whole lot of service history with such a low mile car it would be nice to know where it has been all its life. It is stated that it has lived in a heated garage and only seen rain once.  The seller describes the vehicle as having larger brakes and special gold paint, that actually looks peach in the photos. It would be nice to take a peak at the data card. The car comes with both the soft and hard top. It also sports Euro headlights.

The 5 liter V8 in the R107 isn’t seen as much in the states as other engines since it wasn’t officially offered here in the SL during the mid 80s. The rarest is the fixed roof 450SLC 5.0 and 500SLC. The 560SL was the top line model for the U.S. market. There were 5 times as many 560SL models produced as 500SL models worldwide. Of important note for those not familiar with the SL models of this era is that the 5.0 in euro trim was putting out greater horsepower than the larger 5.6 liter. The 5.6 being hampered by emissions restrictions was strangled in stock form.

The ask price on this ride is $29,500. When you have a real low mile gem you are allowed to ask whatever you want. I doubt anyone will take this one at that high a price, particularly with the thin description. The R107 was produced in such large numbers there won’t be as big of a premium placed on them by collectors even with the low mileage. There can’t be more than a handful out there with under 10,000 miles.


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  1. What this appears to be is a 1984 500SL with AMG body kit, wheels, brakes and a steering wheel badge. Maybe an AMG suspension kit too, but unless this is a non-US market car, it’s unlikely this car came from the factory in 1984 with a higher output engine or the euro-style lights.

    AMG didn’t become a Mercedes partner until around 1990 (selling factory-authorized AMG-package Mercedes models through Mercedes dealers), and AMG didn’t become part of Mercedes until almost 2000.

    In 1984, Mercedes dealers (or aftermarket suppliers) could offer AMG upgrades for your factory 500SL, but you couldn’t buy a factory 500SL AMG.

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure the claimed $1800 mohair floor mats weren’t part of any typical AMG package.

    Therefore, lack of info or history on this “factory AMG special racing package” car is disappointing, but not surprising.

    Of course, a quick web search found a number of other cars claimed to be 1984 500SL AMG cars as well.

    Is a 9K mile 1984 500SL with some AMG bits worth almost $30K? If that mileage claim is accurate, then maybe it is to somebody, but not to me – especially in that decidedly unsporting gold paint. Yuck!

  2. Auction ended with no bidders at the opening $29,500 price

  3. Seller didn’t respond to request for a photo of the data plate. It would be nice to see if the car was ordered from the start with any unique options.

  4. Agreed – some real info on this car would have been nice. Then again, it’s probably an indication that either (1) he doesn’t know or doesn’t have any decent info on the car, (2) as suspected, it’s not a “real” AMG and he doesn’t want to share that fact, or (3) all of the above.

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