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1986 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe

After perusing quite a few high-dollar or modified 911s it’s always nice to return to something original and basic to remind myself why I began to enjoy these cars in the first place. While I’ve increasingly taken a liking to the 964 over the past few years my heart still remains with the classic design of the 911SC and 3.2 Carrera. Those were the 911s of my youth and as such they are the ones that still pull me most strongly. For many the 3.2 Carrera remains the preferred choice of the two since it offers a few more evolutionary steps without diverging too far from the standard formula. The market, of course, has noticed this and prices for the 3.2 Carrera have begun to separate themselves from their predecessor, especially in the case of the later G50-equipped models produced from 1987-1989. But you don’t need the G50 transmission in order to enjoy a 911, and some even prefer the older 915 anyway. It is, after all, a bit lighter and those pounds matter. So here we have one of those earlier Carreras: a Prussian Blue Metallic 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe, located in Miami, with matching blue leather interior and 69,800 miles on it.

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1986 Porsche 930 Slantnose Outlaw

I’ve featured a few modified 911s lately and in each case part of the appeal to me was that each seemed to be a well-executed build that didn’t try to do too much. While each was unique in itself, each also easily would be recognized as a 911, but one that had been turned up a notch in certain ways. This 911 is…not like that. It is not subtle, it is not understated, and it’s been turned up a lot. The 930 Slantnose always has been a car that epitomized ’80s excesses so it makes sense to use that as a base for this kind of build. This isn’t a factory Slantnose, but rather a 930 that has been converted to the Slantnose body. But one look at the rear tires reveals that under that body is no normal 930. The built turbocharged flat-six is said to be delivering 450 hp to those rear tires. The transmission also was rebuilt and I assume it is the same 4-speed unit that came standard. The interior received some attention in the guise of a roll bar and a set of Recaro Pole Position seats, but I think it is the drivetrain modifications that will interest most buyers. With around 200 additional horses available over a stock 930 the performance of this machine should be seriously spirited and require significant attention. The 930 has been known as a widow maker and the overall look and build of this example suits that moniker to a tee.

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1986 BMW 325es

Here’s a chance at an affordable E30 that should be a pretty decent driver. It has the 2.7-liter eta engine which may only return low-20s gas mileage but is definitely a cruiser, as the 2000rpm highway speed noted by the seller confirms. He’s apparently put quite a bit of effort into making the car quite strong, with lots of newly replaced parts and no mechanical issues to note. There are a few cosmetic bits, but they can be forgiven in favor of that sweet early cowcatcher underneath the bumper. The interior looks quite nice other than the typical dash crack. Altogether it’s a tidy E30 that could be a good value.

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B2 Love: Audi Coupe GT Roundup

My affinity for the Audi Coupe GT goes without saying, and it’s been a bit since I’ve written one up – but a few nice examples floated past my computer screen thanks to the quattroworld B2 forum and I thought they were worth looking at. Below are three distinctly different versions of the same car – one of the early design 84 Coupe GTs with some great modifications, a stock but automatic 86 model and a last-of-the-run 87.5 “Special Build”. Which is the one to grab as these cars continue to appreciate but are still quite affordable?

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1986 Porsche 930 Coupe

Let’s check in on the 930 market, or at least near the top end of the 930 market. The example we see here is a Black 1986 Porsche 930 Coupe, located in Florida, with a Cancan Red leather interior and only 5,938 miles on it. The interior and mileage both point to this as a collector-quality 930 that likely has spent most of its life waiting for just such a moment when it can be put up for sale. Given its asking price, we probably should not expect that situation to change. Collector status aside, 1986 was the first year Porsche returned the 930 to our shores and though emissions requirements still brought about some power losses relative to its European brethren the 930 would have been welcomed wholeheartedly back into the Porsche stable. The menacing rear-drive rear-engine coupe was finally back with us and drivers were once again required to devote full attention to their actions when piloting these wonderful, though touchy, machines.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1986 Porsche 930 Coupe on eBay

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