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1986 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe – Paint to Sample

Porsche’s paint-to-sample option provides a wide of array of choices to suit just about any customer’s color preferences. One common choice chosen by buyers is simply to use a color Porsche has made available in previous years or on other models, but that is not available on the model the buyer has chosen. Still, it can be difficult to know with certainty what color a paint-to-sample car actually is as the L999 and L998 paint codes, for metallic and non-metallic respectively, themselves tell us little about the color. It appears that the 911 we see here falls into just such a category. The seller suggests the color could be Kalahari Beige, an option available at that time for the 924 and 944, or it could be White Gold Metallic. Since White Gold Metallic was an available color on the 911 itself in 1986 that would lead me to believe that is not the case. In many cases the actual color code can be found on a separate sticker on the driver’s side fender, but the seller hasn’t made clear that is the case with this car. Regardless, any paint-to-sample Porsche is somewhat of a rarity and in the world of air-cooled 911s that always makes them just that little bit more desirable. The particular example we see here, a 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe, located in Los Angeles, also has a really nicely contrasting Champagne and Brown leather interior, quite reasonable mileage for its age, and is on auction with no reserve.

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Feature Listing: 1986 Mercedes-Benz 300SL with 35,000 Miles

The first modern classic that my father purchased when I was growing up was a 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SL. He had often talked about the SLs and how much he wanted one, so when an example of the W113 popped up he grabbed it. We shared many adventures in that car; I was a young teenager, and traveling to vintage car shows was a treat. Back then, although it was regarded as a pretty car, the W113 was already two generations old and was generally overlooked as a classic; indeed, it was easy to find plenty of clean examples well under $20,000. As the market progressed, times changed – the W113 came back into vogue as appreciation for the classic design matured into a greater market presence. It was no surprise, then, that the successor to the W113 – the R107 – slipped in value. To me, the R107 was always stuck a bit in no-man’s land. The W113 hadn’t been particularly sporty, but it was really quite a beautiful design. The R129 that replaced the R107, on the other hand, was a modern convertible with sporty engines and angular design language that brought the SL into modern times. So for many years the R107 languished, unappreciated despite the handsome if understated design and solid build quality. Languish it is no more, though; as the market begins to awaken to the classic style of the SL that carried Mercedes-Benz through two decades, prices have begun to rise – especially on pristine examples such as this Euro-market 1986 300SL:

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1986 Porsche 930 Coupe

Many of us here have a strong appreciation for the 911. That isn’t a surprise, though the rising costs of even the most basic models have tended to dull some of our affections to a degree. The 911 Turbo, however, hasn’t really suffered any of that dulling effect even as values have climbed precipitously. The refrain is more one of missed opportunities at owning a car we dreamed about as a kid. We are well past the days when an air-cooled Turbo can be had relatively inexpensively, thus requiring difficult choices for those who must balance costs with their desires. For those who are searching the best option for finding reasonable cost (remember, we’re talking about air-cooled Turbos, so no 996TT) is to find a well maintained 1986 930. These still won’t be cheap, as like the rest of the air-cooled lineup values have gone up from where they were just a year or two ago, but an ’86 still looks like the best best, at least in the US market. Bringing us to the car seen here: a Grand Prix White 1986 Porsche 930 Coupe, located in Texas, with 63K miles on it and on auction with no reserve.

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1986 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia

As a counterpoint to the gold Syncro earlier, here we have a non-Syncro, non-kitchened Westfalia, giving a few more sleeping options without overcomplicating the interior. It may not be quite as original – the rear seats look nicely recovered and the “new engine” leaves more questions than answers – but there’s no insane asking price here. The engine (listed in “item specifics” as a 6-cylinder, but the description sounds more like it’s a rebuild?) has just 18k miles on it, a positive regardless of engine size. It’s by no means perfect, but behind the worn paint and question marks, there may just be a diamond Westy in the rough.

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1986 Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro

$_57 (5)

Non-Westfalia Vanagons with Syncro are an interesting proposition. Obviously the Westies are the clear choice if you’re planning on living in your van for any extended period of time, but what if you just do short weekend camping trips? In that case, the full kitchen and investment involved with the pop-top may be a bit overkill. You could fit plenty of gear (including a camping stove and a cooler) in this van and have room to sleep two on the fold-down bed in the back, all while having the all-terrainability of Syncro 4WD. This example looks great with a gold repaint and on GoWesty wheels, striking a more subtle tone than many of the accessorized Vanagons we see. If light off-roading is a higher priority than having a home-on-wheels for weeks at a time, then this Vanagon could save you $20k compared to a full Westy Syncro.

Click for details: 1986 Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro on eBay

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