1991 Mercedes 300CE Koenig Widebody Ken Griffey revisit

This car has been up for sale numerous times, I even posted it on this blog over two years ago.

Something strikes me as odd that this car hasn’t traveled in those two years, the mileage hasn’t changed much. In fact it has covered less than 5,000 miles since 1997, stashed in a collectors garage. One of the times the car was on eBay, in Fall of 2009, it had apparently sold for $8,700, but looks like that sale didn’t go through. Now it is up for sale for $12,500.

If you disregard the strangeness of the fact that no one seems to want to drive this car, the price is not too shabby for a genuine low mileage Koenig car. If this was a big body Benz with that mileage buyers would be more likely to bite. Plus this one was owned by Ken Griffey Jr. as indicated by the custom speedometer gauge face, which should appeal to some people.

The dark green paint is a unique color, but the custom yellow striping and boy racer trunk lid spoiler are kind of a turn off. Of course if you are in the market for a Koenig car you aren’t interested in being inconspicuous.

The current owner purchased the car earlier this summer from the collector who had basically parked it since 1997. This seller had some work completed to make the car more road worthy. It looks like it could still use some work to fix the handling and touch up some paint and chrome issues. Maintenance on this should be a breeze as it still sports the standard 3 liter inline six of which parts are plentiful.

If the right collector finds this it might sell at the opening ask price. More likely though I bet it goes through with no bids, which is strange when you think about what a new Koenig Specials conversion cost. The rareness of these cars coupled with the low mileage of this one may tickle a collector looking for an investment the right way, but lets hope the car doesn’t get locked up off the road for another decade.

1991 Mercedes 300CE Koenig Widebody ex Ken Griffey on eBay


1991 BMW M5 for sale

As evidenced by some of my recent posts, I’ve been heavily considering an E28 M5/535is as a near-future purchase to celebrate a small promotion and take over some commuting duty from my trusty pickup. While the E28 is still high on the list and satisfies my serious penchant for the autos of the 1980s, the E34 has a little more baller-cache in my eyes. My working-man’s baller coach in college drove an E34 540i 6-speed, and the clean lines always look amazing in red on the M5 body. It may come down to the image I’m willing to portray at work: continue the unique and funky 80s vibe, or step up into the bigger leagues in a business-class samurai sword.

1991 BMW E34 M5 for sale on eBay

A very brief account from the seller:

You will love this gorgeous 1991 M5 with very low mileage. It’s been beautifully maintained. The car was just inspected, received new brakes and rotors and some fresh rubber and a clean CarFax report is available. It runs beautifully and must be seen to be appreciated. The interior of this car is virtually flawless. Please call Aaron at 313-433-7387 to learn more about this fantastic car.

I’m not sure what part of “170,000 miles” means “very low mileage;” it’s kind of the opposite. But it’s not a hideous amount, and if this can stay under $8k, it’s hard to not want it to be business time.

1990 BMW 325ic Offered by EuroWerkz

Every time an E30 BMW 3 series comes across on our site, I get nostalgic about my ’88 325is. I can’t think of a car that epitomized the optimistic atmosphere of the ‘80s more than the E30 3 series convertible. Introduced in 1987 amidst a rapidly expanding 3 series lineup, the convertible was offered with the 2.5 liter inline six found in the 325is producing 168 horsepower. This convertible became the face of BMW in the media almost in the same way the R107 Mercedes-Benz SL became the de rigeur Stuttgart darling. The convertible 3 series made appearances in a number of movies including PCU, Revenge of the Nerds and Pretty Woman, as well as television series such as Perry Mason, Columbo and Beverly Hills 90210.

Here is a very clean example for sale at EuroWerkz in Pleasantville, Iowa.

1990 BMW 325ic with 48k miles for sale at EuroWerkz

From EuroWerkz:

What is better than a barn find? How about a heated garage find? We have been trying to buy this car for two years. Finally early last winter we did and I spent many hours putting this ONE owner since new BMW back to as close to perfect as I have ever seen in a car like this. This car is like stepping back to the 90’s as not only does it look the part but it drives as new too. This was a fair weather third car for a Doctor in Des Moines and the rest of the time it spent in a climate controlled garage at his homes in the area over the past 21 years. The condition is nothing short of amazing and this could well be the nicest example of this car in the country. A once in a lifetime chance at a resonably priced beautifully preserved near classic.

This is by far one of the cleanest, lowest mileage E30 convertibles I’ve seen in a long time. The red paint appears flawless and suits the character of this car well. I’d be hard pressed to find a more original and well preserved example. For those looking for a classic, open top BMW tourer, the automatic transmissions is a logical pairing, especially for the US market.

This car’s iconic status was recently highlighted in an episode of Top Gear last season, as we see here. Thankfully, the boys didn’t get their hands on quite such a pristine original, like our subject car.


Please note this is a sponsored listing. We welcome EuroWerkz as our latest sponsor and are proud to feature their inventory on the site. Please contact me directly with any questions about sponsored listings. Thanks for looking! -dc

1991 BMW M5

It’s no secret that the E34 M5 was my favorite of all the hot BMW mid sized executive sedans. The late 80s/early 90s styling of BMWs combined with the ultimate evolution of the S38 inline six cylinder engine marked a high water point for the marque. Here’s a well maintained, low mileage E34 M5 for sale out in California with an impressive maintenance list.

1991 BMW M5 on eBay

The seller states:

1991 BMW M5. One of 1678 M5’s brought to North America from 1988 to 1993. This particular one was produced in September of 1990 and was painted in Alpine White with Black Nappa Leather. The 1991 Model is a desirable year because they have a 3:91 rear end ratio providing better acceleration than the later models which had 3:73 ratio for better freeway fuel economy. The truly remarkable aspect of this car is that it has covered only 67,481 miles. If your looking for a low miles M5, you won’t be dissapointed.

This car sat for a long time and subsequently needed a full service to return it to the reliable, good driving car it was intended to be. The items that have been done within the last 1k miles are as follows: Valve Ajustment, Valve Cover Gasket Replaced (OEM), Cam Gear Cover Reseal, New Bosch Spark Plugs (OEM), New Fan Clutch (OEM), New Belts (OEM), New Sachs OEM clutch including a resurface of the flywheel, New Crankshaft Mail seal (OEM), New Driveshaft Flex Disk (OEM), New Driveshaft Bearing (OEM), New Air and Oil Filters (OEM), New Cap & Rotor (OEM)

To restore the crispness of the steering and repair a bad tie rod end, I replaced the entire steering rack with new OEM parts to include both tie rods, center link and idler arm. This car is completely stock including the SLS system which works perfectly and was recently serviced. The great thing about the stock suspension is that it absorbs bumps very well and can pull up to 1G laterally when you need it to. The suspention bushings are all good including the thrust arm bushings that always wear out on BMW’s. The shocks are Bilstien in the front with the SLS shocks in the back and they are all in good working order. The only modification to the car is the Dinan Intake and Exhaust Cam Gear upgrade package that includes a ECU chip. This upgrade gives the car approximately 345hp according to their in-house dyno.

This car was recently run on the smog dyno as is required here in california to test emissions. Any engine that has any kind of problem will not pass this very stringent test. This car passed with no issue.

The wheels are 17″ e39 540 wheels. They are straight and true with the correct hub centric rings for use on an older car. I don’t have the original turbine wheels. The previous owner took them off because he thought they were “ugly”. The tires have approxamately 60% tread depth.

The body of the car is in very good condition. There are no dings or scratches. The paint is in good condition with small blemishes that have been touched up with the factory touch up kit that is included with this car. The only dent on the car is on the roof near the sunroof. It is so minnor that it would not even show up in the photos I tried to take of it.

The car is a non-smokers car. The airconditioning system works perfectly. The power seats work perfect. The power windows work perfect. The power locks work perfect. The power sunroof works perfect. The stereo works perfect. The trip computer works perfect as well. The car gets 23 MPG at 80MPH. The wipers are original and work perfect. All the interior and exterior lights work including the one under the hood. The lights are also adjusted properly. The glass is all good with no chips. The interior of the car is in excellent condition with no tears. The headliner is starting to droop in places which is a common issue with the e34. It could be spray glued back up but it never bothered me so I didn’t do it. The tool kit is complete with all the original tools. The exhaust is secure with no leaks. I also have the complete M5 owners manual. I have a folder full of reciepts that will also be included with purchase that date back well into the 1990’s. The car needs nothing and could be driven accross country tomarrow without issue.

This is a great car but I must let it go due to an expanding family. Its very fast and fun to drive. The car is not perfect but it is 20 years old and quickly becoming a collector whos value will never go down. If you are looking for a good driver with low miles, you will not be dissappointed.

With about three days left in the auction, bidding has reached $12,000, which is fair for an M5 of this vintage with this kind of history. I would assume the seller may be trying for closer to $15,000. With a set of the classic throwing star rims thrown into the deal, I could see spending about $14k tops, but not much more. Still, clean E34s are getting more and more rare, and are moving out of the obscure collectible category and into the classic column.


1991 BMW 318i

The BMW E30 3 series was a legendary car, plain and simple. Perhaps the fact that my first car was a 325is gives me a certain appreciation beyond your average car enthusiast for these executive compacts. A friend’s recent acquisition of an E36 318i sedan has had me hankering for a clean, low mileage E30 318i/is. And here is one right in my hometown. While the following example has higher mileage than what I’d usually consider, the detailed description and level of care taken with this 20 year old car is impressive.

1991 BMW 318i on Craigslist Philadelphia

The seller states:

1991 BMW 318i E30 – Last year of the E30 body style. Original plastic bumpers.

“Turns heads” everywhere you go?….more like “BREAKS NECKS!”

An incredibly clean and well maintained 1991 BMW 318i, is up for sale from a BMW CCA member and enthusiast. Before considering the purchase of this car, please know that anywhere you take it,the owner must be prepared to have a conversation with at least two people about how much they would love to own your car.

No matter where you go…the city, the suburbs, on back country roads, and road trips alike…..you’ll never find a more envied, more appreciated, or more adored vehicle than this particular Brilliantrot Red BMW E30.

Washed, waxed, vacuumed, and detailed constantly. Never sees snow. Rarely sees rain, however, she is driven regularly. Always garaged in foul weather.

-Brilliant Red (Brilliantrot) Exterior. Shines brighter then most new cars on the road.
-Tan Leatherette Interior in EXCELLENT condition (No Cracks on a Perfect dash)
-Runs Great! Solid engine, Smooth Transmission, Tight Suspension. Drive it anywhere!
-Incredibly fun to whip around. Handles superbly with the solid, lightweight, E30 chassis.
-4 Cylinder, GAS SAVING ENGINE. (Same as 1991 318is. M42 engine) Perfect commuter car.
-5-Speed Transmission
-192,XXX miles (Being 20 years old, that’s less than 10k miles per year)
-CLEAN TITLE in my name.
-Thousands of dollars in maintenance records and receipts
-While in my possession, the car was only serviced at the world renowned BMW Specialists, VAC Motorsports, located in Philadelphia, PA.

Owned for the past 3 years. She’s been my baby. Ask any of my past girlfriends…when it came to what I cared about most, this car came first. Seriously.

-Ipod/CD/MP3 – ready head unit with upgraded Sony 3-way speakers at every corner
-16″ BBS replica wheels and Falken tires
-Power Windows, Power Locks, 2-Way Sunroof
-Original Owner’s Manual, Service Booklet, Dealer Cards, etc..
-This car has been pampered its entire life and it shows!!!

-Slow leak from front passenger side tire due to a nail puncture. Tire needs to be either plugged or replaced.
-Minor drip from power steering hose….about 1 small drip per week. Doesn’t effect driving. Nothing that needs attention right away, but down the road it should be addressed.
-Muffler is original and it’s starting to show its age. In other words, its not as quiet as it was when new. I think the exhaust note sounds great, so I never bothered to replace it. I never had a problem with it when getting its yearly inspection.

I recently purchased a truck as a daily driver. When its nice weather I feel bad if I’m not riding my motorcycles, so therefore, the E30 gets neglected. I’d prefer the car to go to someone who will drive, maintain, and care fore the car as I did.

$4,800 CASH……however, I’m always open for trades. Show me what you’ve got. If anything, it would have to be cash plus whatever you have to offer. I’m not looking to add any money to a potential trade.

I’m interested in: older motorcycles – mainly Japanese from 1960-1980, Enduro bikes / Street legal dirt bikes – all years, Older BMWs – E21, E28, 2002s….Older Wranglers, CJs, 4×4 trucks, rat rods, rat bikes, older triumphs (cars and bikes) , 70s-80s big body coupes – T Types, Grand Nationals, Monte Carlos, etc…Let me know.

I am glad to see that the owner retrofitted larger, but not too large, period correct wheels (even if they appear similar to the later E39 5 series). After having a W203 C class sedan with 17” rims, that is about as large as I would go in most cases with tire/wheel size, and 16” seems just about right for newer classics and cars like my Mini Cooper S. The fact that the owner was a member of the BMW Car Club of America and serviced this 318i at a specialist shop is heartening. All in all, even with high mileage, $4,800 seems like a bargain for a well preserved example of what many consider the best of the best when it comes to the 3 series.

And hey, with this nice shade of red, it’s the perfect machine to arrive in at Citizens Bank Park to watch the Phillies battle whatever ball club might be in town to take on The Fightins.


1991 BMW M5

Of all the generations of M5s that have come and gone, the E34 is my favorite, even over the considerably faster V8 powered E39. The current E60 never did anything for me and it remains to be seen how good the upcoming F10 will be. The E34 just embodies the peak of BMW styling mixed with their fantastic, breathed on straight six engine. Here is a relatively low mileage 1991 E34 out in the midwest. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but generally looks sound.

Up for auction is a rare 1991 BMW M5. These cars were handbuilt in Germany and there are not too many around these days. The car has 89,000 miles, is a two owner car, and has full service history.

Now the car is not concourse ready but a nice example for someone who wants an everyday driver or too spend a little time on it and make it perfect. The car has spent its life in the midwest so there are a couple of spots were rust has formed on the bottom of the doors and the door seams(see pics). Has had some paintwork (20 year old car), all panels are original except it does have a r-dot hood.

Mechanically the car feels very solid and strong. The transmission has no syncro issues and the clutch feels tight and it pulls hard, the car starts right up and the engine is strong. I do have a extra set of snow tires and BBS rims that do come with the car that in my opinion look better than than the factory wheels(forgot to take pic).

The interior is in good shape for a car of this age but does need some work to be perfect. The drivers bolster is torn and missing a chunk of foam. the rest of the seats are good but could use a dye job. The rugs are clean. All power options seem to work fine.

The asking price is hovering right around the clean retail mark at $10,000, however, knock a grand or two off the price and this would be a decent value. The one thing that puts me off is the light colored leather. I had a friend with a 1992 325i with the same interior color and as it ages, it looks awful. Too bad it’s not a darker gray or black. Still though, a solid looking example of one of the M division’s finest.


Low mile 1991 BMW M5 28k miles

Here is a pleasant surprise, a very original one owner E34 M5. The car is basically as new, except for the Dinan suspension that has replaced the factory self leveling items.

There isn’t much to say about a car this clean. It comes with proper documentation and looks ready to enjoy.

White isn’t my favorite color on the M5, but when looking for cars of this low mileage you can’t be too picky about color.

Bidding is up north of $15,000 with loads of time left and reserve not met.


1991 BMW M5

We received the following listing from a reader of ours who has his E34 M5 for sale on MyE28.com. The second generation M5 needs no introduction on this site, as it straddles the gap between the limited run first generation and the legendary E39 M5 with its 400 horsepower V8. These E34s are not too common these days, but good ones do come up for sale here and there. This one, while well used, has an extensive service history and is ready to enjoy.

1991 BMW M5 on MyE28.com

The seller states:

Well, it has come time for me to move-on to another vehicle. I can hardly believe it has been less than a year since I bought this fine machine. However, I have the opportunity to purchase another well-kept vintage BMW model that I’ve always wanted but have never pursued. As it turns out, the right one has become available from a true BMW enthusiast. I would really prefer that this ///M5 go to another 5er fan. I have been favorably impressed with the e34 experience and would gladly own another. They are superb long-haul road cars with enviable build and design qualities.

Maintenance has been performed by independent shops and DIY. I purchased the car from an enthusiast in VA who bought it from his BMW technician / independent shop owner in Alexandria, VA. This car was in his small collection of ///M cars and is still shown on the splash page of his shop’s website…2nd from the left: www.martinmotorsportsinc.com .

Major work done in the past few years includes:
– Timing Chain Assembly (97k)
– Clutch and Flywheel (160k)
– Brake pads and Zimmerman cross-drilled rotors (130k)
– OE Water Pump (171k)
– Coolant reservoir (OE BMW)
– Thrust & Control Arms (177k)
– Tie-Rods (177k)
– OE Ignition Wires
– Bosch Cap & Rotor (~171k)
– S38b36 valve adjustment (~171k)
– Air Conditioning system upgraded (2009) — works very well even considering the extreme Florida temps & humidity during the summer

Performance & Cosmetic Modifications include:
-H&R lowering springs
-Bilstein Sports
-Self Leveling Suspension Delete
-850 bushings
-Turner Motorsport chip (+39hp +38tq 7500rpm rev limit)
-UUC Short Shifer (177k)
-UUC DSSR (177k)
– UUC “Rob Knob” Weighted Shift knob (177k)
– ///M-Sport Mirrors (OEM)
– e39 ///M5 low-profile rubber trunk lid spoiler (OE BMW)

I have performed the following work since buying the car (April 2010):
– Radiator (Sickens) and cooling hoses
– Drive belts (Continental)
– Dog Bones (Lemforder)
– New Tires (Sumitomo HTR-Z)
– Brake Fluid change (SuperBlue)
– RF caliper rebuilt
– Spark Plugs (Bosch OE)
– Bosch O2 sensor
– Half-shafts repacked and boots replaced
– Tail lamp gaskets (OE BMW)
– Rubber Door Pull Surrounds (OE BMW)
– New leather shift boot (installed)
– New leather e-Brake boot (not yet installed)
– Leather-clad center console, glove box, and dash from Euro ///M5
– Eurospec ///M-Tech 3-spoke steering wheel (note: I reserve the right to keep this for my next BMW, however)
– Installed protective headlight film (w/ “French” yellow on high beams) by www.XPel.com
– New rubber shift “donut” (OE BMW)
– New OE BMW under tray (not yet installed)
– Door Cards replaced with nicely kept used set
– Regular oil and filter changes (5k mile intervals; Valvoline VR1; Mahle filter cartridge)
– OE BMW Plush Floor Mat set
…and MORE (will add as I remember it)

Things to Consider & Points to Ponder:
My M5 has been driven by all of its previous owners. It is not a garage queen or show car. It is exactly what I wanted in an e34 M5…a “nicely preserved and maintained daily driver.” Exterior trim and paint have been well kept by me and the previous owners. At some point, the entire car was resprayed. I would consider it a good job but the prep work could have been a bit better in some places. Presently, I would rate the condition of the paint 7.5/10. The interior has been very well kept (8/10). There are no rips or tears in the leather. There is no rust or corrosion on the car. However, the heat shielding / sound proofing around the factory final silencer (muffler) is peeling off in places (see photos from PPI below). Also, the undercarriage is clean but some careless fool caused some jack damage to the forward frame rails (see link to PPI photos below). This could have been easily prevented with the judicious use of a wooden block. Finally, at the next valve adjustment (due @ ~186k miles), a source of minor oil seepage will need to be addressed at the front of the valve cover and/or at the gasket where the distributor housing attaches to the head. Again, this is minor but is annoying to me. At present, if the car is parked for 2 or 3 days, a nickel-sized oil drip is evident on the garage floor or driveway.

All original VIN tags in place except RF fender, which was replaced with a OE BMW unit at some point in the car’s history. The body is in nice condition. The car tracks straight / true and exhibits no unusual handling characteristics whatsoever.

This M5 ticks all the right boxes for me. Given this model’s rarity, you will oftentimes find ones with insanely high mileage that are clapped out, or cream puff examples with under 50k miles that you would be afraid to take on a long journey. This car hits the sweet spot and has the documentation to back it up. For around $10,000, it’s a hell of a lot of car and should have plenty of enjoyment left to give.


Which E34 would you go for?

I came upon an interesting dilemma today: Two red E34s with very similar power outputs selling for within $2k of each other on eBay. One, a higher-mileage but painfully clean M5, the other, a nice 535is with a Dinan turbo setup. So, do you go for the factory sports-car assassin in a business suit, or a beefed-up and modified lesser model that flies only slightly less below the radar?

Let’s do a quick breakdown:

Engine: Unclear as to whether this is a S38B36 or B38, whether it has 305 or 335hp makes little difference in the decision; it’s hard to say no to one of the sweetest 6-cylinders ever made. The Dinan turbo is great and helps the sub-100k mile M30 reach 325hp and looks cool under the hood, but nothing’s better than “BMW M Power.” I’ll take the S38.

Exterior: Again, a fight of subtle modification against impeccable factory production. The removed-high beam look can work on rat-rod Bimmers and horsepower monsters, but here it just looks like it might need fixing. A few scratches on the 535 tip the scales towards the M5, which has a few scratches of its own but looks amazingly rich and clean for the mileage. Those Hamanns are nice, but they’re not enough to take down the M5.

Interior: The M5 looks nearly showroom-ready inside, while the 535 looks clean and complete but shows more age. Apparently an extra 2 years make more difference than 50k miles. A pattern is emerging… M5.

Price: Looks to be a clean sweep, which I was not expecting when I first looked at these cars. The M5 has a Buy-it-Now of just under $10k, a great price for a really clean M car, even if it is the forgotten son. The 535is comes in closely behind with a Buy-it-Now of $12k, not bad money for a well-done turbo swap in a clean car. Just got undersold by the M5.

So the M5 takes all categories, but the 535is was nipping at its heels the whole way. Just goes to show that it’s hard to beat BMW’s M department from the 80s and 90s, which leads to another feather in the cap of the M5: long after the 535 has become a once-great tuner car, the M5 will live on as a piece of history, garnering cache and cash. Go for the 535 if you want to turn the boost up and have some fun; otherwise, it’s all M5.

1991 BMW 325i Touring for sale in Canada

I was in Canada this weekend and a slick snow-prepped E91 wagon caught my eye. While the sports sedan is the quintessential BMW, the extended lines of their wagons work for me better. All touring versions of Bimmers are rare stateside thanks to our well-documented and silly aversion to wagons, but as opposed to models like the E34 and E46, the caboosed E30 was never available here. Quite a shame, because its clean and concise lines create a nearly-perfect wagon. The seller of today’s example imported it to Canada 4 years ago, and importation to the US could prove to be a headache, as could a number of cosmetic blemishes. I’d stock up on Advil though as long as it meant I could rock this modified 80s-tastic wagon using Borbet Type As as god truly intended.

From the seller:

It’s a 1991 325i 5-speed. Arctic silver with light gray interior. I am the original owner in Canada. It was brought in Feb of 2006.

-AMS chipped ECU (have injectors that can be swapped in to take full advantage of the chip as well)
-5 speed manual
-power (front) windows and manual sunroof and no AC
-Koni adjustable shocks with H&R sport springs. Front has SpecE30 camber plates. Car currently sits with 2 deg neg camber all around and handles like it’s on rails!
-BORBET Type A 16×7.5 with nearly new Nexen tires (not included but can be arranged as an extra purchase) Original ‘bottlecaps’ will be included.
-rear MHW black taillights (hard to find anywhere!)
-Short shift kit
-updated E36 radiator
-HID 6500K kit

The car is not perfect. Has a dent in the front driver’s side fender. Small rust spot on the driver’s rear wheel well and a small spot under the driver’s taillight (where the rear panel meets the side) as well as the passenger side rocker. Underbody is clean and solid. The strut towers don’t have ANY rust not even surface!

Car drives well and needs nothing for safety (some mechanics might not like how low it is).

I have a few parts still for it but that can be discussed with a serious buyer as to what will be included in the sale.

Why settle for another BMW like the M3, E34, E36, E28, E46, M5, M6, E24, 318is, 320i, 328i, 328is, when you can have quite a unique imported model like this one and turn heads everywhere you go?

The importation process must take a toll on these cars because I have yet to see one as clean and decked out as we see other models of BMW. Or maybe the guys who take the time to import and make them that nice don’t sell them. Regardless, the seller’s last sentence says it all for me. I don’t know if it would turn everyone’s heads, but those who know would love it and, more importantly, I’d be craning my head every time I walked to or away from it. Cleaned up, this has an ideal mix of 80s, performance, and weirdness for me. Bidding is just over $1500 but hasn’t hit the reserve yet. Balancing the mods, necessary work, decent mileage and overall desirability, somewhere in the $3XXXs sounds like a good price for a cool and unique BMW with a lot of potential.

Bonus points if you can keep the license plate.