Wimbledon Green Metallic 1993 Porsche 928GTS

Editor’s Note: While I have not changed the pictures from those of the originally posting, this 928 has been relisted with much better pictures. Check out the new eBay ad to see them.

You can’t really tell it from the pictures, but this actually is a pretty brightly colored 928. We don’t see very many bright colors on the 928 and if the seller of this one is correct in his statement that this is 1 of 2 in this color – with the other one housed in the Porsche factory – then you aren’t likely to see another one any time soon. Either for sale or on the roads.

This is a paint-to-sample Wimbledon Green Metallic 1993 Porsche 928GTS, located in New Jersey, with a 5-speed manual transmission. In case the exterior color and the 5-speed haven’t made it exclusive enough the interior is leather-to-sample Midnight Green with Red piping. I’m not sure these combinations are quite what I’d go for and in that sense perhaps we can understand its rarity, but for those searching for the rarest of the 928s this one must rank right up there.

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1994 Porsche 928GTS – 5-speed

When discussing 911s I’ve written at times about what I can best describe as a car’s “presence.” That command of an audience that certain cars possess, but not in the manner of supercar audacity. Many cars attract attention because they look wild. Not so a 911 (perhaps the GT3RS excepted). Yet older models do turn heads and among 911 fans their varying levels of presence stands out. It is subjective, certainly, but I think it’s still a quality we can all understand.

The 928, even though one has not been produced in over 20 years, certainly possesses that sort of presence. Heck, on those very rare times when I see one I try to take as much time to look at it as I can. The design seems so beyond its era, yet not even particularly modern. It’s just a great design that works in a variety of time periods and still looks fresh today. Here we have one from very near the end of their 17 years of production, and it also happens to be one of the very rare manual transmission examples on the market: a Slate Grey Metallic 1994 Porsche 928GTS, located in Texas, with 88,454 miles on it.

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1994 Porsche 928GTS

The market for collectible Porsches seems to have stagnated in recent months. Uncertainty about the economy, the grim future of monetary policy, and the fickleness of the stock market make illiquid assets such as collectible cars seem riskier now than in recent history. As a result, values of rare Porsches such as the 928 GTS have remained static over the summer.

Sporting the classic Guards Red on Black color combo, the 928 GTS featured here is one of several listed on eBay. With prices ranging from $49,000 to $120,000, this car is one of the lower-priced and higher-mileage GTSs on eBay. All of the available cars are fitted with automatic transmissions. Examining the 928 Registry reveals that this car has had several owners, and has resided in the states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Florida, and Washington. A Google search of the vin uncovers a recent eBay advertisement for the car when it was listed for sale by owner in Arizona with an asking price of $55,000. Given the information available online, it’s obvious that this car has been around, but it has fortunately spent the majority of its time in dry southern climates.

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1995 Porsche 928GTS – REVISIT

The 1995 Porsche 928GTS 5-speed manual we featured at the end of last year is back up for sale, with but a few hundred miles more on the clock and the window tint removed. With another 928GTS bringing big money at Amelia Island last week, where do you think this car will head in terms of value?

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The below post originally appeared on our site December 26, 2015:

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1995 Porsche 928GTS

Here’s a fine example of my favorite car in the world. A 1995 Porsche 928 GTS. This particular car is almost certainly one of the lowest mileage examples in the country, and is priced accordingly. As you may know, only 406 928 GTSs were sold in North America between 1992 and 1995. The 1992 model year cars were sold as 1993s, thereby dividing 1993 production into early 1992 928s, and late (real 1993) 928s. For 1995, only 77 GTSs were imported, 47 of which were automatics. This car is one of those 47, and judging by the mileage and color combination, it is certainly one of the most desirable.

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1994 Porsche 928GTS

Those of you who follow me over at Flüssig Magazine may have read my writeup on the ’94 928 GTS 5-speed for sale at Porsche Main Line. In that piece, I got a little sentimental and expressed my enthusiasm for tracking down cars that are, as-yet “undiscovered.” I mentioned that I’ve had a lot of success with tracking down unknown GTS’s thanks to much persistence, due-diligence, and many emails and phone calls. I also mentioned that there are a few cars that I’ve tried to uncover that continue to elude me. This ’94 GTS is one of those cars.

Advertised as a one-owner GTS with 30,000 original miles, the history of this car seems rather banal (in a good way). Purchased new at Princeton Porsche in 1994, the car has been serviced regularly there, and lived its entire life in New Hope, PA. The car is gorgeous, and is outfitted in my favorite color combination of black/tan. Options include the deletion of rubstrips, black carpet (cashmere interiors usually came with cashmere carpets), and a built-in radar detector.

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1995 Porsche 928GTS – REVISIT


Back up for sale is this 1995 Porsche 928 GTS automatic with 17,000 miles on the clock. We featured this car back in the summer of 2014 when it had 16,653 miles and was priced at $80,000. While some of you will undoubtedly ridicule the asking price upon consideration that this is an automatic GTS, I encourage you to also consider that this is one of 77 1995 GTS’s that were sent to the United States. What’s more is that probably around 10 have fewer than 20,000 miles. As a result, this is one very rare and desirable piece. Also, the automatic is rather characteristic of the 928, given that it was Porsche’s luxury grand tourer. Anyhow, I digress on the issue of auto vs. manual in regards to 928’s. If you disagree with me, we can take it up in the comments section.

According to the 928 Registry, this is one of only about 5 North American GTSs painted in Zermatt Silver, and the only ’95. The Zermatt Silver exterior paired with Marble Gray leather is a bit monochromatic to my contrast-desiring eyes, but it does have a very nice and clean look to it. It also seems to be well-optioned for a ’95, as it is fitted with heated seats, a factory cellphone, leather on the driver’s side knee bolster and rear A/C cover, and seat memory for the right seat (extremely rare).

Those of you who have read my previous articles probably get the impression that I’m a bit of a purist, and you’d be right in thinking so. This car certainly satisfies me in that regard, as the only alteration from factory specification that I can detect is the absence of the decals from the rear windows. This is pretty insignificant, as they are missing from the vast majority of GTSs and replicas are now readily available.

I can recall this car being up for sale a few times within the past 3 years, and given the insignificant changes to the mileage, I suspect that it’s just being tossed around from collector to collector. Anyhow, if you want a pristine 1995 GTS, but don’t really care to pay the substantial premium for a manual version, this car looks about as good as they come. I don’t think the asking price is out of line, and imagine that this car has a great future of upside investment potential ahead of it.

-Andy (Cap’n Clean)

flüssig magazine

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The below post originally appeared on our site July 25, 2014:

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1993 Porsche 928GTS Sunroof Delete


It’s been a little while since my last post, but here’s a car that’s interesting enough to wake me up from my one-month hiatus. It’s a RoW spec 1993 Porsche 928 GTS for sale in Germany. There’s a combination of features that differentiate this particular GTS from the rest on the market.

Firstly, this is one of the extremely rare (I am quite sure that unicorns are more common) GTSs ordered with the sunroof delete option. I’ve only ever seen one other sunroof delete GTS. Additionally, the interior is an extremely unique marble grey color with contrasting piping and the $5,000 wood trim option. Those of you who have read my previous articles know that I’m a huge fan of wood in a Porsche. It seems to be pretty common in 993s, but few 928s were fitted with it. I find this a bit weird, as wood is way more characteristic for the interior of a 928 than a 911.

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1994 Porsche 928GTS

We rarely feature cars that aren’t advertised to the general public at GCFSB, and when we do, it is typically for a very special car. The one here is no exception. It’s a beautiful Gran Prix White over Classic Grey 1994 Porsche 928 GTS automatic with 58,000 miles. Furthermore, this particular example has been owned by the president of the 928 Owners’ Club since 1997. With numerous concours awards under its belt, this car is well-known in among the close-knit community of 928 owners as a top notch example of the final series. To top it all off, this car is a late VIN ’94.

For those who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of 928 GTS production, production for the 1994 model year was divided into two segments; early and late model-year cars. The early ‘94s were specced exactly like 1993 928s (with Cup I wheels, the RDK tire pressure monitoring system, and weaker conrods). The late 1994 models received a few upgrades which included Cup II (993) style wheels with no RDK, a cabin pollen filter, and reinforced connecting rods. These were the last upgrades that Porsche ever gave the 928, which remained in production until 1995 (thus, aside from a differing term denoting the model year in the VIN, 928s built as late 1994 models and as 1995 models are exactly the same).

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Porsche 928 Roundup

Last month, I had the pleasure of stopping by the 19th annual 928 Frenzy in Sterling, Virginia. In all the years of being a car enthusiast, rarely have I come across a more tight knit and dedicated group of enthusiasts devoted towards one model of vehicle. I’ve learned a lot about these V8 GT cars through fellow enthusiasts over at flüssig magazine and from Jim Doerr at 928 Classics. If you are a fan or owner of the 928 and haven’t checked out either of these sites, you would be well advised to do so. These are people who are helping keep the dream alive when it comes to Porsche’s beloved V8 coupe.

The 928 is a special car and really stands apart from both its contemporaries and modern sports cars of today. While some of the 911 set deride it, the 928 was the first clean sheet design from Porsche. So good was this design, it would last almost 20 years, still looking strikingly current at the end of its production run in 928GTS form. Taking a cue from Carter’s 924 Roundup earlier in the week, let’s take a moment to pay homage to this great GT car and take a look at the different variants throughout the years, staring off with this 1978 928 for sale in Italy.

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