1993 Porsche 968 Club Sport

I believe this is a first for me. While I’ve written about the 968 previously, I’m fairly certain it’s never been the Club Sport. They’re rare so that’s not too surprising, but still given how often I’m on the lookout for early-90s Porsches you’d think at some point it’d have happened.

Like most any Porsche Club Sport model, the 968CS was a lightened and more potent version of the standard 968. While the 968 never was the most popular of Porsches they remain a lovely design even today and the Club Sport itself a highly sought after model. It was one of the favorite cars of our former editor, Paul. He featured them as frequently as was possible given their rare nature and the fact that they couldn’t be imported into the US. With it now being 25 years since they were first produced that problem should be more easily surmountable. If these were one of the cars of your dreams, then here’s your shot at one of these rare machines:

A Speed Yellow 1993 Porsche 968 Club Sport, currently residing in Canada, with 47,224 miles on it. This 968CS originally was delivered in Japan. There’s no word in the ad on when it made its way to North America, but it is said to come with extensive records so hopefully prospective buyers can work out those details.

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1995 Porsche 968 with 8,200 Miles

At the beginning of the 1990s, pretty much everyone was stepping away from twin-cam inline-4s. While they had been the rage in the 80s and “DOHC” was nearly as popular as Miami Vice, buyers demanded more power and refinement. Sure, you could make 200 horsepower from a high-strung four-pot; but making it tractable for daily driving, passing emissions, and reliable? That was another ball-game. As a result, most major manufacturers went to larger displacement 6- or 8-cylinder motors in their small performance cars.

Everyone, that is, except for Porsche.

Porsche dialed in the 944S2 a bit more with updated 928-inspired looks and a new ‘VarioCam’ adjustable valve timing on the 3-liter inline-4. Now with 237 horsepower and an impressive 225 lb.ft of torque, it roamed the sports car elite field like a small dinosaur. Porsche added another speed to the mix, but since this was a relatively expensive 4-banger coupe based on a twenty year old design, they didn’t sell particularly well. A total of 2,234 Coupes were imported between 1992 and 1995; the last year was the worst seller, with a scant 259 making the journey. This particular last-year example may just be the best one left in the country:

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Double Take: 1995 Porsche 968 6-speed

A few weeks ago, I took a look at a trio of Porsche 968 6-speeds. One was a rare 1995 model; only 259 were sold from that model year. As is often the case with 968 Coupe 6-speeds, the asking prices of two of the three were quite high and they still linger on the market, unsurprisingly. Well, today we have another double take of ’95 specific 6-speeds – how do they measure up to the last three we looked at?

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Porsche 968 Coupe Roundup

The Porsche 968 Coupe 6-speed is a fairly infrequently seen package, but one that is generally considered to be the “ultimate development” of the water-cooled transaxle 4-cylinder models. Only about half of the cars that were imported to the U.S. were Coupes (4,242 sent to North America, 2,234 of which were Coupes), and when equipped with the 6-speed manual the number dwindles to just 1,811. That puts production of these models on par with the E28 M5 in terms of rarity, and the group of enthusiasts who enjoy them are about as avid if not moreso. However, they also often overvalue their cars in the marketplace, making them expensive options relative to the performance on tap.

Today I have a group of no less than three 968 Coupe 6-speeds for sale – a rare Christmas treat to see. Which is the winner of the group?

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1992 Porsche 968 Cabriolet

For those who like interesting, and perhaps obscure, exterior colors on their cars Porsches of the early ’90s provide quite a few possibilities. Last week we saw a Mint Green 964; we have on a few occasions featured a Rubystone Red 964, which might be the most divisive color in the Porsche catalog. And there are plenty more. Porsche has long been known for offering a wide variety of colors to go along with the much more standard slew of red, black, white, and silver, but it seems like the early ’90s were when things got a little experimental. I’m totally here for it. I don’t always like these colors, but many of them I do and whether I like them or not I’m very glad they exist. Whether you like them because they allow you to stand out or whether they simply fit your particular preferences – other people’s preferences be damned! – they make the automotive world just that bit more interesting. Our passion for cars stems from the way they stimulate our senses and color plays a role nearly as much as the smell, sound, and feel. This all brings us to the car we see here: a 1992 Porsche 968 Cabriolet, located in California, with 140,695 miles on it. It isn’t unusual to find a 968 in a rare color but, in truth, I don’t even know what color this is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it and the seller reveals neither its name nor the paint code. It is, however, said to be original to the car. Any ideas?

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1992 Porsche 968 Cabriolet


I was pleased to see Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car prominently featured the transaxle Porsches in their latest issue. These are sports cars which are finally getting their day both in the Porsche and general collector circles. With increased respect comes an increase in values, of course. However, many of these cars are still within reach of the more modest collector, such as this 968 Cabriolet for sale in New Jersey. With well over 100,000 miles, you wouldn’t have to worry about using this Porsche as intended. Tired of the usual 911 Cabriolet? This might be the cure.

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1994 Porsche 968

As a kid, the Porsche 911 was one of those cars that I always lusted after but for some reason, the thrill of that sports car has faded with me over the years. A combination of steep cost of entry and a bit of ubiquity have left me longing for a more uncommon option. One car which has always been on my radar is the Porsche 968. These cars are more rare than the 911, and the combination of the transaxle layout, big four-cylinder engine and practicality are too enticing to ignore. This 968 for sale in Northern Virginia has just crossed 100,000 miles. For those looking for a driver rather than a show queen, this car is a good option.

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1992 Porsche 968

Week after week, Porsche prices seem to climb further and further, with no end in sight. What is it that makes the vintage Porsches so popular? Is it the performance? The engineering? Maybe because people are nostalgic and want to get away from the bloated models like the Cayenne and Panamera, as good as a drive they may be. One Porsche that seems to be holding the line a bit when it comes to values is the 968. But even these sports cars are starting to climb their way up the value ladder, like this well preserved 968 Coupe for sales in Pennsylvania. Equipped with the desirable 6-speed manual in Guards Red, this takes me back to the good old days when I still wanted a Porsche new out of the box from the showroom floor.

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Motorsports Monday: 1992 Porsche 968

One of my first days instructing at a high performance driving school, my student walked up to me after the morning meeting and told me he was under the weather and not up for driving. But, he said, he didn’t want to miss out on track time, so would I be willing to drive him around Lime Rock Park in his car? Sure, I said, and we strolled over towards his ride – a track prepared Porsche 968 on Michelin Sport Cup tires. I have to admit I was slightly apprehensive; a car I was unfamiliar with wasn’t the end of the world, but that day track was wet and while I had been the wheel man a few times in my father’s 924S on track, most of my seat time was spent in my front-drive Audi Coupe GT. But out on the track we went, and the 968 quickly proved why it gained a reputation as such a superlative driver’s car. Near perfect balance matched with smooth power delivery. The limited slip differential in that particular 968 also helped to translate the power to the ground, and on a soaked track we were one of the fastest cars that session within two laps – it just felt natural to push the car. Down the “No Name Straight” (which both has a name and isn’t a straight), the 968 twitched lightly under full throttle but was never out of control and never once felt uncomfortable. Even before then I had a high regard for the watercooled front-engine Porsches, but it solidified my love even more and it’s always nice when I see a track prepared 968:

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1995 Porsche 968

The year 1995 was one that sticks out in the mind of many Porsche enthusiasts, as this would be the final year the company would offer its front-engined sports cars, the 968 and 928. The Boxster would appear shortly thereafter, targeted towards those individuals looking for something a bit more affordable than the 911. After this, a water-cooled engine would enter the equation with the new for 1999 911. Several years later, the Cayenne SUV would appear, shocking many a Porsche purist. In just one decade, the Porsche portfolio would almost become unrecognizable to the one we knew from the 1980s and early 1990s. I’m not going to sit here and deride the current Porsche product lineup, because its full of fine cars that pay the bills. However, there’s a reason why vintage Porsches are soaring in the collector market. And likewise, interest in the last of the four-cylinder, front-engined Porsches has recently taken off. This example for sale in Maryland is a final year 968 equipped with the preferred 6-speed manual gearbox.

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