1998 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG Estate

The majority of the wagons were feature around here are of the Audi variety. For good reason, of course. They look good, they are all-wheel-drive, come in manual transmission and usually they have the potential to be pretty quick. But every once in awhile I pull out a Mercedes-Benz wagon that can run with the four rings. Usually it’s an E55 or E63 AMG Estate that not only looks great, but hauls ass and literally everything else. Although this time around, I have something much more rare and it’s actually on North American soil ready to be snagged up by our Canadian friends.

The W202 C43 AMG Estate is a rare bird. Only 717 of these were built between 1998-2000 and thanks to the rust monster that the W202 usually succumbs to, that number is decreasing faster than you think. Nearly a year ago, I actually checked one of these out in right-hand drive spec that was pretty tidy and what I thought was a reasonable price. But this German-import has it’s flaws and the starting price (with reserve) is pretty reasonable. So is this the one to get?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1998 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG Estate on eBay

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2003 Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG Widebody

In my opinion, custom body work can either go really good or really bad. Those who know what they are doing usually put out some unique stuff. Those who don’t know what they are doing put out work made of nightmares. Luckily for everyone, this 2003 Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG for sale in Vancouver, Canada, has some custom body work that actually looks pretty good. Normally, the bodies of the mid-2000 AMG cars don’t have much of a flare to them, but this seller of this specific car had something to say about that. This S55 had the front the rear fenders pulled out by a decent amount to give it the look of a CLK63 AMG Black Series. The more I look at this car, the more I appreciate it, but I can’t decide if I really love it or not.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2003 Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG Widebody on Vancouver, BC Craigslist

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1997 Mercedes-Benz E60 AMG Wagon


You might be noticing a trend here. About a week ago we featured a W211 E63 AMG wagon and Tuesday we featured a W210 E420 Brabus 6.0 wagon. Both silver, both really fast. Today’s post is no different. This time it’s a 1997 Mercedes-Benz E60 AMG wagon located outside of Vancouver, BC in New Westminster.

1995 BMW M540i


EDIT 3/25/16 – Thanks to our reader Mark who alerted us that this car is misrepresented since he actually owns #4. Further detective work by our readers has shown this is actually an M540i number 3/32 but without its original M540i details. Thanks to our knowledgeable readership for scrutinizing!

Here’s a rare slice of BMW M-car, one of the 32 examples of the Canada-only E34 M540i. These were built by BMW Individual at the time, and were a far cry from the badge-happy ///M340iMsportEfficientDynamics, creating the have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too of 90s Bimmers by taking the E34 M5’s chosen-one suspension and brakes and mating it with the 540i’s grunty V8 and 6-speed fun-lever.

So, sounds like an amazing find, especially with a No-Reserve Auction starting at $4,999. A shockingly low number for such a rare 5er, but its had 10 owners in just 101.5k miles, and it needs shocks, springs, mounts, fan shrouds, cosmetics… it needs. The interior looks to be in good shape, as does the trunk, but the engine bay remains a mystery. If you’re handy with the E34 platform, you’ll probably have a wealth of options to take get it awesome, but you could probably have a sharp-looking, now intelligently-modified M540i that lives up to its name.

Click for details: 1995 BMW M540i on eBay

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Canadian 1988 BMW M5


Though personally invested, I’m still skeptical of the recent prices we’ve seen E28 M5s being listed for. It seems like reasonable examples were going for high teens just a few months ago, yet all of a sudden it seems any clean sub-150k mile example is going for over $30k. Today’s example is one of the rare Canadian models with the all-black interior, which is a fun idea but much less appealing (to my eyes at least) than the tan interiors present on the other 99%. It has just 124k miles and appears to be in good working order, but it’s not like the shockingly clean examples we’ve featured recently. It’s lived through 4 owners and the maintenance history is disappointingly lacking. The E28 community seems to express a collective “meh” when black-interior cars are brought up, but some like the color and rarity. Have E28 M5 prices really gone up 100% over the last year?

Click for details: 1988 BMW E28 M5 on eBay

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1989 BMW 325i Convertible

$_35 (4)
Most of the time we’re writing about 1980s E30s coming up for hassle-free importation we’re looking at tourings, as they were never brought here. Today, however, reader Bruce has alerted us to an intriguing E30 convertible from Japan via Canada. It’s still left-hand drive, but is in great condition after 90k miles and comes with the same plaid cloth and leather interior that was in the S38 M3 featured earlier this week. The biggest detraction is the automatic, but if you’re looking for some classy and easy top-down cruising, this would be a nice option.

Click for more details: 1989 BMW 325i Convertible on eBay

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Euro BMW E34 M5 for sale in Canada

After the redefining E39 M5, it seems BMW enthusiasts are torn as to the next best. Many suggest the E34 is the second-best generation due to its furthering of the E28’s sweet S38 inline-6, significantly more modern styling, and status as the last hand-built M-car. Reader Petr sent us this listing from Calgary for his gorgeous Lachssilber E34, highlighted by a factory-new engine 40k miles ago. That can’t have been cheap. Neither were the myriad small but choice upgrades like a Turner chip, exhaust, etc. Despite the investment in this car bringing it to near-perfect status, Petr is aware of the market and has priced it at an extremely reasonable $12.9k. If you’re in the E34 camp, this is a great car for the right price.

1990 BMW M5 for sale in Canada

From Petr:

1990 Euro E34 M5 – last of the handbuilt M cars
Lachssilber exterior with black full leather manual seat adj. interior

Excellent condition inside/out, mechanically and cosmetically
Has 60 000km on new factory engine and full mechanical rebuild, cooling system, fuel system, suspension and paint, body and interior trim replacement…

Meticulously maintained – large binder full of records, always using factory parts or better
Very recent full sevice including valve adjustment, all fluids (synthetic), engine re-seal (timing cover, oil pan, valve cover, cam seals, crank seals) , water pump, tune up, new diff, new windshield, new coolant and winshield fluid tanks, power steering hoses

Turner chip, Xenon light conversion, Bilstein/H&R suspension, Nurburgring sway bars, SLS delete, Air pump delete, full set of factory forged M System II wheels with throwing star covers, spare set of BBS style 5s with winter tires, RD Sport carbon air intake, K&N air filter, IPOD/CD/AM/FM/Bluetooth/Sirius Alpine deck, M tech side view mirrors, new custom upholstered M tech II steering wheel, BMW fire extinguisher, Frank Fahey crank hub, VAC oil pump drive, Cat Delete and stainless X-pipe

Car needs nothing, sounds amazing, drives and handles great
Nicest E34 M5 around

I’m certainly not immune to the draw of the E34. They scream “business time” at me and make me want to go back to commuting 50 miles each way to work. Petr has avoided the common pitfall of thinking every dollar that goes into a car you deserve in the sale price and has priced it well within market range. Perhaps even a bit conservatively. A brand new S38 and rebuilt auxiliaries ensures your time to pour money into it is in the distant future, with many miles of smiles and sweet S38 growl being well worth the price of admission.


Possible-bargain Canadian BMW E28 M5 for sale

Whether it’s rarity or aesthetic taste, the Canadian E28 M5 has some serious cache in the E28 community. Most easily identified by the black interior, the 90 Canadian E28 M5s are just that much more sinister over the more common Natur-leathered US edition (save for about 30 black on blacks sold here). Today’s example is no garage queen, and not even especially clean; it looks like a used 80s BMW, reflected in the price starting at $5k with 1 bid and a Buy-It-Now of $9,900.

Canadian 1988 BMW E28 M5 for sale on eBay

A brief description from the Great White North:

Up for auction is a very nice example of one of the coolest bmws ever,one of about 90 1988 M5s ever sold in Canada,all canadian cars were black on black. In total,only about 115 black on black 1988 M5s were ever sold in north america. This example is solid,rust free and straight,only a tiny hardly noticeable ding on panel under rear window. The paint overall is good only issues are some flaking paint at lower front fenders behind front wheels and some road rash on the lower front bumper. All body panels have original Bmw part# tags.. There are bilstein shocks at all four corners. The interior is pretty clean and in good overall condition,the dash has a crack,the leather is iin good condition with no rips. The car has an alpine tape deck with CD changer in the trunk. The sunroof works perfectly. The A/C is currently not working. The car runs great and shifts well with 315,000 Kms on the clock. Just replaced the intank fuel pump.I will assist the winner anyway I can. For US bidders, I know a dealer who can transport and import this car into the US or just fly in and drive it home.

Getting an M5 for under 10 grand sound pretty good. However, I’ve been following reader Jim Post’s advice in my M5 search, looking for an example that has already had the money put into it, as opposed to getting a cheaper one that will inevitably need significant investment. Though rough, the black interior is a rare version of an already-rare car, so if that gets you going and you’re ready for a project this could be for you.


1995 BMW 318i Touring

For those that read my posts, you know I’m a sucker for wagons. Especially rare ones and those that didn’t make it stateside. Here’s an interesting piece for sale up in Nova Scotia, an E36 Touring with the 1.9 liter, twin cam four cylinder.

The seller states:

You want an eye catcher on canadien or North American streets? This Euro Specs, 1995 BMW 318i Touring with the powerful 4 cycl. M43 Engine is then an automobile for you. This car is in an great condition. From its blue-green metallic exterior to its dark grey interior.

It wears very good 205/60/R15 tires on BMW alloy wheels, adding to the unique style that could only be BMW. A smooth-running and powerful 4cycl. engine with 115 hp and 1800 ccm can be found under the hood, mated to an Automatic transmission .

The difference is that this car isn´t so heavy. You can drive it around 6 – 8 Liter of Gas on 100 km distance. That will help you to save alot of money for gas. The odometer says ~ 168.000 kilometers.

There is no telling how hard it might be to import such a vehicle to the US, but if one thing is certain, Uncle Sam sure isn’t going to make it easy. For those living in Canada, this is a tasty number, if a bit overpriced. It looks to be mint, however, the engine and automatic transmission let this car down. Still, the E36 (and earlier E30) wagons are some of the best looking haulers of all time, from my vantage point.


1987 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 Euro in Vancouver, Canada


I usually try to avoid posting forbidden fruit like this European specification 2.3-16 in Vancouver, but I can’t help it. This one is really sharp looking and has the awesome houndstooth interior. Check out this 1987 Merc 190 2.3-16 on Vancouver Craigslist for $11.9k:

quote from seller’s listing:

1987 MERCEDES-BENZ 190E 2.3-16 EURO 5SP MANUAL, 185HP. 165K kms. If you are reading this add, you will know what this is. It has been owned by a enthusiast – all the usual and required updates and repairs have been done. No rust! New Brakes, Suspension, steering components etc, all done. Fully inspected and serviced. Rare!!

Suppose that is $11.9k US dollars, seems like a fantastic deal considering the obvious condition of this car. If CAD dollars, even better, snag it for $10.5k! Of course you’ll either have to pony up the serious coin to federalize this car, or put it in storage for 3 years until it passes the 25 year rule.