1989 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC

With the introduction of the W126, Mercedes-Benz reverted back to the old formula of basing their large, four seater coupe on the S class sedan instead of the SL roadster as we saw with the SLC. The SEC debuted in 1981 and very much appeared like a two-door S class, with a few minor differences and the trademark pillarless design Mercedes coupes were known for. The ultimate version of the SEC was the 560SEC, introduced for the 1986 model year and manufactured until 1991, capping a production run of just under 75,000 SEC coupes.

This 560SEC for sale in New Jersey has covered under 50,000 miles and, for me, is the definition of understated elegance.

Year: 1989
Model: 560SEC
Engine: 5.6 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 42,527 miles
Price: $22,600 Buy It Now

1989 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 1.46.10 PM

This is an amazing 1989 Mercedes 560SEC coupe. These cars are getting harder and harder to find. This example is stunning. It rides and drives tight and straight. It shows it was babied all its life. I have service records, books, and window sticker. Tires are like new.This car has only 42,527 miles. This is the one.

Growing up, my father had a 1992 Mercedes-Benz 400E in this very color combination. While I enjoy unique interior and exterior colors, the blue interior can be overwhelming at times, as there is just so much of it. However, silver over blue is a classic Mercedes color combination, so I’ll give it a pass. Around $17,000 to $20,000 is about the maximum you’d expect to pay for a clean, late model SEC coupe. At $22,000 we’re not far off that mark, so given a discount off the Buy It Now price, someone is going to snag one beautiful grand touring machine.…

1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL

The Mercedes-Benz S class has long been the bar by which many executive sedans have been judged. Perhaps the most revered S class generation of all is the W126 which premiered in 1979 and was produced until 1991. While the world was busy celebrating Glasnost and listening to Duran Duran, Mercedes-Benz was hard at work doing what it did best: producing some of the best cars on the planet. At the top of the Mercedes-Benz sedan food chain was this car, the V8 engined S class.

When it was revised for the 1986 model year, the new top dog of the range was the 560SEL. Chock full of standard features and powered by a 5.6 liter V8, this long-wheelbase version had self-leveling rear suspension on North American bound cars, heated seats for front and rear passengers, burl walnut interior trim and a two way, power rear bench seat. When the W140 S class arrived in 1992, many lamented the loss of the W126 S class, as the new model was bigger, heavier and more complex.

The following 560SEL comes from our reader John in Florida and is a stunning example of a W126. It serves as an example how well these older Mercedes-Benzes can hold up over time if given the proper care.

Year: 1987
Model: 560SEL
Engine: 5.6 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 83,000 mi
Price: $10,000

1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.55.16 AM

If circa 1985 you had asked Porsche to conceive and build a Rolls-Royce, the Mercedes-Benz 560SEL would have been Zuffenhausen’s answer. Power without temperament. Imperial but measured. Over-engineered and nothing wasted. Germanic to a fault but also elegant in ways that neither its predecessor 6.9 nor successor S600 could manage. The 560SEL represents the best of a platinum era in Stuttgart. Virtually every car since 1981 has been influenced in some way by this model which is why it doesn’t look 25 years old.

1995 Mercedes-Benz S350 Turbodiesel

When it was introduced in 1991, the W140 S class had a tough act to follow. The preceding model, the W126, was revered for its restrained style, comfort and durability. Having been introduced on the heels of a recession, many people derided the W140 as being too big and brash for the times. As time moved on, however, people began to forgive the W140 for its faults and started to appreciate it for the over engineered cruiser that it was. Features such as double glazing on the windows and self closing actuators for the doors and trunk lid hinted at the level of luxury Mercedes sought to provide passengers. Features such as Brake Assist and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) continued the company’s reputation for being at the forefront of automotive safety.

From 1992 through 1996, Mercedes-Benz offered the 300SD and S350 Turbodiesel, a short wheelbase version of the S class with the OM613 3.5 liter inline six cylinder turbo diesel. With 148 horsepower and over 4,600 lbs. to cart around, this was certainly no screamer, but made up for it a little bit with 229 lb ft. of torque. Not many of these diesel W140s reside stateside in good condition, mainly because those in the market for a big S class usually opted for the larger V8s or limited production V12. This S350 for sale in Arizona is undoubtedly the best one I’ve seen in several years.

1995 Mercedes-Benz S350 Turbodiesel on eBay

Very Beautiful “Smoke Silver Metallic” over Grey Leather. CarFax & Auto Check Certified Clean Car NO ACCIDENTS!

The option list is as follows:

– 3.5L inline 6-Cyl. TURBO DIESEL
– Automatic Transmission Tip-Tronic
– 4 Wheel Disc Brakes
– Leather
– Dual Power Seats
– Six Disc CD Changer
– Sunroof
– Polished Alloy Wheels (michelin tires all around with plenty of tread)
– Auto Climate Control
– Premium Sound
– Cruise Control
– Power Seats
– Telescoping Steering
– Power windows
– Power mirrors
– Power Locks

The car has beautiful all factory original “Smoke Silver Metallic” paint just and received a fresh detail that looks great.

1995 Mercedes S320 Somethingorother

1995 Mercedes-Benz S320 on eBay

You long time readers know that I occasionally break the GCFSB mold and throw out an oddity that may strike me as worthy or rare, surprising or crazy. This Mercedes S Class falls into the too odd not to share with someone category.

What we have here is a perfect storm of… well something.

Let’s start with the car from the factory, the W140 S class were great cars, but this is the base U.S. model S320. Maybe the 6 is more fuel efficient than the 8, but you have to work it so much harder to move this heavy sedan around that savings aren’t going to be super. Outside of that there is really not much advantage to purchasing one of these with only the 3.2 liter engine.

Now to the more obvious, the outside has been painted and gold plated to near death. The paint job is peculiar, not so much in color, but the two tone scheme only covers 3/4 of the car, stopping at the C pillar for some odd reason. I think the car would look a little less off if the upper and lower paint scheme was carried through.

Ubiquitous in this type of situation we have upgraded S500 badges and AMG logos added. Surely AMG with their high performance, but rarely overly ostentatious vehicles is pleased to be associated with this. The car does have a ground effects kit, listed as being AMG parts. It has been painted a third color, the same golden yellow that adorns the two rear spoilers. The car comes with a second set of 24k gold plated rims too.

Inside more gold plating and some fairly extensive interior work. The seat and door recovering work is pretty extensive and likely cost a fair amount of change when new.…

1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SE

After owning two Mercedes-Benzes over the space of a decade, I’ve become a big fan of the marque. However, the current models, much like those over at BMW, don’t really spark my interest as the modern classics do. Case in point, this 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SE, the last year for the W126. Along with the W123 and the Geländewagen, this is one of those Benzes that have surrounded themselves with an automotive cult of personality, so to speak. Known for their quality and durability, these S class sedans were the gold standard in their day for VIPs the world over. By the time the production run came to an end, the Japanese had begun to step up their luxury car game with Acura, Lexus and Infiniti arriving on the scene to challenge the establishment. Over twenty years since Mercedes pulled the plug on the W126 range, these cars still are an attractive buy for those seeking a classic that can match the safety and drivability of modern cars. This 300SE for sale in California has seen just over 50,000 miles at the hands of one careful owner.

1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SE on eBay

1991 Mercedes 300SE (W126) One Owner, 51,400 miles, Absolute Impeccable Condition. Desert Taupe metallic over Parchment interior. All orig, untouched. Paint is outstanding, interior is literally as it was on the showroom floor, “incredible”. Wheel wells, engine & underchassis are showroom as well. Not one nick or scratch on front or rear bumpers. ALL rubber, door moldings, door jams, dash, rear shelf, headliner, just absolutely mint. Last year of mfg with passenger side airbag, factory CD in boot, upgraded factory Becker stereo, all books & manuals. I have installed an “orig set” of Bosch Euro headlights that where brand new in their orig Mercedes boxes, orig headlights will also be included with sale.

1990 Mercedes Benz 560SEC Wald body kit – REVISIT

1990 Mercedes Benz 560SEC Wald body kit – updated eBay link

This car is back up for sale almost a year after originally appearing on our site and it warranted a bump back to the front page because it is now on ebay with no reserve.

Since November it has added 1,000 miles to 79,000. When it last appeared the ask price was $21,000. Now with no reserve actual market value will be seen. Someone may get a deal on this if it stays under the radar, which me posting about it probably isn’t helping. (sorry to those of you bidding).

Prices on these are going up and while the nearly $150,000 we saw earlier this year on the Prince of Monaco’s W126 coupe was quite crazy $20k for this may not be a surprise, though I bet it will sell a few thousand short of that. The Wald kit does add to the rarity and is not an obnoxious body kit, but subtlety add to the looks of the car.

The below posting appeared on our site November 6, 2011:

One of these appeared in my neighborhood recently, a nice very stock, late model 560SEC. Years later these are still nice cars and still generate demand from enthusiasts.

The one featured here has extra good looks coming from the Wald international of Japan body kit. It also has nice AMG rims and has been lowered. Clear corners and smoked tails compliment the look. The car has 78,000 miles and the owner claims $20,000 in receipts.

Inside the stereo has been upgraded with a number of new parts. The dash features white-faced gauges and there is also a BBS wood or wood look steering wheel. One thing that dates Mercedes of this era is the gray interior they put on so many cars.…

1964 Mercedes-Benz 220Sb

The W111 was the car that started my fascination with Mercedes-Benz. Shortly before I was born, my father owned a 1967 230S with a 4 speed manual on the floor. He waxed poetically about this black fintail sedan and after a childhood filled with Hondas and Volkswagens, I was determined to move up the automotive food chain in my adult life.

A decade of Mercedes-Benz ownership came to a close last year for me, but I know that someday, I’ll have another one. More than likely, I’ll be seeking out a classic one that I could drive on a semi-regular basis, which is more realistic than it sounds. A colleague of my father’s bought a 1968 280SE brand new and used it for over 30 years as his daily driver. This 200Sb for sale in The Netherlands is a collector quality W111 with a column shift four-speed manual transmission that looks sharp in this shade of gray.

1964 Mercedes-Benz 220Sb on JamesList

Mercedes Benz 220 in the wonderfully beautiful tail fin configuration. Fully restored and revised in every detail. More information: Transmission: 4-speed manual

Fintails, with exception of the rare 300SE flagship, are some of the most affordable Mercedes-Benzes from the period. Typically, those in good original condition or ones that are restored will bring anywhere between $13,000 to $20,000. Average runners usually exchange hands for $10,000 and under. This car is no doubt one of the nicer examples I’ve seen and it’s appealing to me because of the manual transmission. The asking price of over $28,000 is very strong money for one of these, especially for anyone that may contemplate bringing it stateside.

-Paul …

Personal Luxury Personified: 1986 & 1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC

At the top of the Mercedes-Benz range in the 1980s sat the SEC coupe. Essentially a two door version of the revered W126 sedan, this coupe brought classic Mercedes pillarless coupe grace to what was a rather conservative limousine look. Manufactured until late 1991, the 560SEC was the final evolution of the breed, with the 5.6 liter, 225 horsepower M117 SOHC V8. Just under 30,000 were produced and many are still on the roads and regularly used up to this very day. These two 560SECs for sale are both very well kept examples of one of Mercedes’ finest from an era where overengineering ruled the day. Up first is a Smoke Silver 1986 example for sale in Texas.

1986 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC on eBay

1986 Mecedes-Benz 560SEC 86,737 miles. This amazing SUPER LOW MILLAGE 1986 near super car (at it’s time) has been in our hands since it was new in 1986. It was at it’s time one of the most amazing luxury sport cars ever produced. It has always been garaged and has been beautifully cared for throughout it’s life. It has never been modified in any way nor has been in an accident. It even has the original working radio deck and wheels. The completely original paint is amazing and the panels are beautiful all around. The interior is spectacular for it’s age and most importantly the car is rust free. The engine is in great condition and pulls very strong and sounds great. Overall it’s in excellent mechanical condition. There are only minor interior cosmetic issues mostly with trim pieces, headliner, and one scratch on the bumper that simply need to be addressed. Photos show what I am talking about and again it’s very minor. The car is located in San Antonio, TX. If you are a serious buyer and have any questions about the car please feel free to message me.

1990 Mercedes-Benz 300SE

I never get tired of talking about the W126 Mercedes-Benz S class here on GCFSB, mainly because they are one of my favorite Teutonic cruisers from an era where engineering ruled the day at Mercedes-Benz. They were employed in a multitude of ways, from taxis to limousines to vehicles for heads of state. This short wheelbase 300SE for sale in Florida has 80,000 miles on the clock, which is just broken in for one of these beasts.

1990 Mercedes-Benz 300SE on eBay

This is a fantastic 1990 Mercedes-Benz 300SE which is incredibly hard to find this nice with only 79,904 original low miles that has been kept in above and beyond condition. Rarely will you see an older vehicle so nice with such low miles and one that drives so good. Everything works perfectly including the cold air conditioning, cruise control and vacuum systems. The exterior is gorgeous and aside from a couple of small chips on the rear bumper and some of the panels the exterior is awesome looking. The interior is even nicer showing a vehicle that belies its age. No cracks in the dash. Trim that looks amazing and overall incredible shape. There is one small tear on the door post (pic) but that’s it. The rear cap looks amazing and overall I do not think you will see many other vehicles of this age this nice. If your looking for that needle in the haystack then do yourself a favor and call me. Please note that the brake light is on and this is being caused by the emergency brake pedal needing adjustment and this has been taken care of by us and is now repaired.

For under $6,000, there are few cars out there which come to mind that would not only last the test of time like a W126 S class, but give the impression at first glance that you spent a lot more than you did.…

2006 Mercedes-Benz S350

Right before the sun set on the W220 Mercedes-Benz S class, a new model for the US was slipped into the product mix for its final year. This car would go rather unnoticed by the Mercedes faithful and luxury car buyers alike. It wasn’t some sort of high horsepower beast in the AMG tradition. Rather, it was an entry level model, with the 3.7 liter, 241 horsepower V6 mated to a 5 speed automatic. This was the first six cylinder engine, diesel or petrol, offered in the US since the demise of the W140 S320 in 1999. Some critics lamented this was too small a motor for a car that weighed nearly 4,000 lbs., but it was 13 horsepower more than the 1999 S320 offered in a car which weighed about 500 lbs. less. This S350 for sale outside of Philadelphia finished in black has a reasonable 44,000 miles on the clock.

2006 Mercedes-Benz S350 on eBay

This one owner, exceptionally low mileage S350 sedan was sold and serviced right here at Keenan and recently traded on a new Mercedes. This S350 is truly a rare find, powered by a V6 engine, it sits on a slightly shorter wheelbase than its S500 equivalent. All the luxurious amenities that one would expect in an S-Class are still included, the S350 just has slightly less rear seat legroom. Very well equipped in its base form, this vehicle adds a 6 disc CD changer, and heated front seats to a very long list of standard S Class safety, comfort, and convenience items, including an easy to use navigation system. Like all of our Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles, this S350 sedan was subjected to a rigorous 162 point inspection by a Mercedes-Benz trained technician to ensure it meets the highest standards.

This S350 happens to be for sale by the same dealer in Doylestown, Pennsylvania from which I bought my 2007 C230 brand new.…