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1995 Volkswagen Eurovan Westfalia Winnebago

$_57 (5)

With Vanagons of all types commanding some very serious prices these days, those looking for economical ways to traverse the continent and sleep in their cars would be wise to consider the lesser-loved Eurovan. Today’s is an early model with a the classic 2.5l inline-5 and a rare 5-speed manual. It’s only had one owner and has covered just over 80k miles in its two decades, making it a great choice for owner #2 who wants to travel in comfort and isn’t too worried about the Vanagon mystique. It’s a comprehensive Eurovan package that combines nice early-model simplicity with world-traveling capability.

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1982 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia


As I head up to Sonoma for a weekend of NASCAR, I get to indulge in another incongruous-but-fun journey, loading M5 up with camping gear and parking it next to trucks, campers, and RVs. It even gets a few nods and smiles among this very different type of car enthusiast, but staying in a tent surrounded by generators leaves a little to be desired. This is a long way of saying yet again that I very much want a campervan to increase the efficiency and comfort of my roadtrips. Today we have an earlier but very nice Vanagon, in the exact color as my brother’s non-Westy van. It’s only adventured 84k miles in its 3+ decades and has had some recent maintenance that indicates it could go as many years and a lot more miles. It has a few needs but the cleanliness in undeniable and with no reserve, it could be a good deal relative to most clean Westies.

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Week In Review

Welcome to Week in Review, where we’ll take a look at some of the vehicles featured on GCFSB over the last couple of weeks:

The 1986 Porsche 930 Turbo sold for $61,100: Closed Auction | Our Post on this Car

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Diamond in the Rough: 1982 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia


I’ve gone on and on about the extreme prices Westfalias command, especially the gorgeous examples we usually feature here. Today I’m going in a slightly different direction, as this Westy is being sold by someone who knows nothing about VWs in general and is an opportunity for someone to make a lot of money. It’s a standard Westfalia that is pretty rough around the edges; the interior and exterior need some love, and its engine swap goes in the reverse direction we usually see, backwards to a an old VW Pancake of unspecified capacity instead of a bigger VW, Subaru, or Zetec motor. For all these faults, however, if you’re looking for a project, this is one that would be fun, has a myriad of parts available, and could likely be sold for a profit.

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1989 Volkswagen Vanagon GL Syncro Westfalia

If you want to go camping in your vehicle these days, there’s not a lot of ready made options out there on the market short of specialty RVs these days. But years ago, Volkswagen was more than happy to meet the need to take your home out on the highway with the Vanagon. The Westfalia Camper was offered through most of the Vanagon’s life, offering a pop-up camper top and miniature kitchen. To this day, few have matched this van’s utility, especially when coupled with Syncro four-wheel drive. This Vanagon GL Syncro Westfalia for sale in Oregon is ready to tackle the scenery of the Pacific Northwest with aplomb.

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