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1969 Porsche 911E Soft-window Targa – 1 of 12

There are some colors that if you showed me the swatch for it I would never consider it on a car. Then when I actually see it on a car I’m blown away. This color, which I’m fairly sure is Lindgrün and they’ve called Golden Lime Green, fits that bill perfectly. This isn’t the first 911 I’ve seen in this color, but every one I’ve come across has blown me away even though the color itself I would never think I’d enjoy. It’s still probably not for everyone, but I really like it here. And there’s more to this 911E than just the color. It’s one of the rare Soft-window Targas built for the ’69 MY, making it one of the few to possess the longer wheelbase that Porsche introduced for the 911 in 1969. While Porsche had begun soft-window production in 1967 it quickly was replaced by the hard window with which we’re all very familiar. The design is pretty quirky and provides a number of variations of enjoying your open-top driving. By 1969 very few soft windows were being produced and it was now an option rather than a distinct model. This makes coming up with firm production numbers difficult. The seller states that this is 1 of 12 911E in this configuration, a number that appears in an article of Road & Track though I’m not exactly sure from where the number originally was sourced. I’ve seen other numbers quoted in auctions, but all are close to this so we can at least know it’s a rare machine.

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Year: 1969
Model: 911E Targa
Engine: 2.0 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 22,203 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

1969 Porsche 911E Original rear Soft Window with COA
VIN 119210309-engine 6290833-installed 6290838-transmission 7193434
This car is a very rare car, the records say that there were ,maximum 12 911E soft windows made for the year.
Everything is matching, but the engine, however there are only 4 engines in between the original one and this one, in other words, totally correct engine for the car,since there were 69 911’s with serial numbers starting from 9-1-1 and those came with the 2.2 engine, which would be 69 engines but not correct for this car.
This car being so rare, it should not matter a whole lot when you have only 12 manufactured, but not known how many survived.
The car was completely disassembled and restored in and out with innumerable new and rebuilt parts, all the chromed parts were sent to the chrome shop and they came back looking like new, ,The engine and transmission are both rebuilt, the transmission is the original 5 speed , the engine was rebuilt with higher compression pistons and cylinder to 9.5 to 1, buyer must follow Porsche recommendations for brake-in procedures.
Finally we got the COA from Porsche, the rear soft window they call “retractable rear window” it is supposed to have Corduroy inserts for the front seats but I have not been able to locate the correct Corduroy material to do it.
The car is originally Burgundy color, it has been painted golden Lime Green.
This car is a very good investment, it can only go up, with so few for the year.The car is running on rebuilt Webers, the title is clean and in hand. The COA will be delivered with the car. Buyer must deposit $2000 by PayPal immediately upon sale agreement, rest by bank transfer, we will assist to expedite transportation.
happy biding!


Now we get to where things get complicated. That green exterior I enjoy so much? It’s not this 911’s original color, which was Burgundy (I strongly prefer the green). In addition, while the engine is period-correct for the car it is not numbers matching. Those details we know and I’m sure if we rooted around in this Porsche’s history file we’d probably find a few more. But it does appear to be a genuine 1969 Soft-window Targa and that’s probably the most important detail for those thinking long-term value. For those who may hope that this ends up being a nice buy because they want one of the rarest of Porsche’s quirky 911s the non-original engine and paint may be just the thing to keep the price down. For that we’ll have to see because I think it does make for some tough valuation. Judging by the text I’m going to assume the reserve will be higher than what most will want to spend for this 911E, but that may just mean it takes a while longer to reach a sale. Current bidding of $36,400 is too low regardless so we’ll have to wait and see where bidding takes it.



  1. Woodie Man
    Woodie Man November 24, 2016

    Wrong color, wrong engine, wrong seat fabric……so…..good luck!

  2. Howard S
    Howard S November 28, 2016

    Very nice looking car but as mentioned there are many non original details which will keep the car from doing top dollar. On the other hand, judging from the text in the listing the seller is looking for top top dollar.

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