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Meet Ur Father: 1974 Audi Fox

Update 9/25/18: Price on this clean Audi Fox has been dropped from $10,000 in July to $7,000 today.

For such an important vehicle, there’s very little fanfare that surrounds the Audi B1. Badged the 80 in Europe and the Fox in the United States, Audi’s small front-drive sedan was a complete transformation for the brand which was emerging from the reshuffling of DKW and Auto Union. Mercedes-Benz had a hand in bringing 4-stroke engine technology to Auto Union in the 1950s and early 1960s, and but freed of their reigns, the Audi engineers produced an all-new motor for the clean-sheet B1. It was the EA827, and it (and the B1) would go on to be the basis for basically every Audi/Volkswagen product since 1972. The 80 was the first to launch, but quickly the 80’s platform would be used to produce the first Volkswagen Dasher (née Passat) and, engine turned transversely, then the Audi 50. The 50 was then the basis for the Golf and Scirocco, and the all-new Volkswagen lineup was complete. So while most internet comments will sometimes dismiss modern Audis as little more than re-badged VWs, you can now remind them that historically it was the opposite. The 80’s traditional longitudinal engine layout ended up being convenient a few years later to help spawn the might Quattro, too.

Motor Trend (and notable automotive historian Karl Ludvigsen) called the 80 the “best new affordable small sedan in the world” in May 1973. Horsepower was modest from the 1.5 liter version of the EA827 at only 75, but then the weight was quite modest, too – curb weight of the sunroof-equipped model was still under 1,900 lbs and fully laden the 80 weighed less than an empty B2 4000CS quattro. Capable of over 30 mpg, the Fox sold surprisingly well in the gas-crunch era as a result – Audi sold 142,511 of them here. While that number sounds modest by today’s standards, consider for a moment that Audi sold only 123,764 of the Fox’s successor, the 4000, in total.

Yet today, finding an Audi Fox seems like something of a minor miracle – never mind when it’s in great condition!

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1974 Audi Fox on eBay

Year: 1974
Model: Fox
Engine: 1.5 liter inline-4
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Mileage: 69,350 mi
Price: $7,000 Buy It Now

This is a running and mostly original Audi Fox, also known as the B1 or 80 in Europe. Car was manufactured in March 1974. This is a 2-door model equipped with automatic transmission. It also comes with Euro bumpers and its original wheels. Car is currently located, registered and insured in Southern California with a clean title.

Known issues:

Temperature and fuel gauges do not work. A temperature gauge was installed in the middle of the tachometer and it is working.
Original radio, A/C system, carburetor and air cleaner are missing. It has a Weber carburetor that is working fine.
Minor oil leaks
One of its original hub caps is missing. I have the other three.
Minor dings and dents on the body

Please contact me if you have any questions.

The color appears to be Corona Yellow with Black vinyl interior. Condition looks to be excellent considering the vintage of this car and Audi’s general lack of survival from this era. The wheels aren’t original but the standard steel wheels with 3/4 trim caps are included. For most I’m sure the automatic will be a letdown, but honestly these aren’t really driver’s cars. This is a show car that will stand apart from the usual VW crowd, and its simple elegance is lovely to see. Pricing is probably a bit aggressive at $10,000; traditionally, the market has more strongly valued early Golfs and Sciroccos over either of the B1 chassis derivatives. If it was a Fox GTI it might catch a few more looks. However, consider the alternatives for a moment – find another similar condition Fox! You’ll be waiting for a long time.



  1. Tirefriar
    Tirefriar July 7, 2018

    Ho-hum German econo box made even more mundane by a slush box coupled to already anemic engine. 2 things will incredibly raise the appeal here: a manual transmission and a $5000 sales price. While the first is more difficult but not impossible, the second is a pen stroke away. Just 2 many better alternatives at the current asking.

  2. audifan
    audifan July 8, 2018

    I don’t mind the automatic, but the missing AC is a deal breaker.

    Contrary to common belief, even in older Audis the AC works fine if it’s in perfect condition. My 1980 Audi 5000 and my 1980 5000s Diesel are very comfortable inside, even in 40°C weather in So.Cal.

  3. Doug
    Doug July 8, 2018

    $10k….I want some of Cali kush the seller is smoking. And I think these are attractive.

  4. Steve
    Steve July 8, 2018

    This really makes me miss my ’79 5000 that was in a similar oh-so-seventies color (Sahara, I think). Mine was a 5-speed with A/C that I purchased in 1998, in mint condition, for $1,500. Put around 70,000 trouble-free miles on it over 9 years.

    I love the crisp lines on the Fox and 5000 (and the Dasher) from this era.

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