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1974 BMW 2002 Turbo

What was the first M car? Many would instantly say the M1 – first to carry the magical badge of engineering prowess. But of course BMW Motorsport existed before the M1 came to be, and indeed had already tipped their hat to the market with two now legendary cars in their own right. The first was the 3.0CSL a stripped out and lightened racer for the road. The next capitalized on BMW’s early turbocharged technology. Though the inline-6 would be the staple of the road-going lineup until fairly recently, the performance side of BMW took their inline-4 racing virtually everywhere, from Le Mans to Formula 1. And they won virtually everywhere, too – thanks to adjustable boost, in qualifying configuration the development M12 was reportedly capable of 1,400 horsepower – from 1.6 liters. In the 2002, the more pedestrian M10 was turbocharged, resulting in 170 horsepower. That may not sound like a lot, but consider for a moment that small performance sedans up to that point had considerably less. Take the Lotus Cortina, for example, which only a few years earlier was the hot shoe with 105 horsepower. The 2002 Turbo was really a revelation in performance, then, and BMW never looked back. Produced only in Polaris Silver Metallic or Chamonix White like this one, a scant 1,672 were made and are very collectable today:

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Year: 1974
Model: 2002 Turbo
Engine: 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 49,990 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

1974 BMW 2002 Turbo

Extremely beautiful original 2002 Turbo. A german delivered car from the 2nd owner. It was produced on 8.5.1974 and delivered to BMW Dealer H. Philipp Müller KG in Düsseldorf on 13.5.1974. On 7.6.1974 it was First registered on the road.

The car has just been rebuilt . We didnt spare costs or effort to restore this Turbo to a perfect condition car! Everything was done with extreme care. It really is a masterpiece and (probably) the best 2002 Turbo on the market at the moment.

We’re talking about a masterpiece. The car has a low mileage and has been in dry storage for many years. Thats why the car has, as far as we can see, a never-welded and rustfree body. The fully original sheetmetal is in a great condition. Original front and frontwings, nice thin doors like it just came from the factory. The Turbo has been completely repainted in the original color ‘Chamonix’. This was done perfectly and professional without any mistakes. After the paintjob the body was built up using new windowseals, lights, chrome, seals, rubbers, fasteners etc. etc. The car gives a like new impression!

After the restoration the body was given an professional anti-rust / cavity protection treament including the underbody/undercarriage. This was done by a professional anti-rust center using Dinitrol products only.

The engine was rebuilt and all parts on and around the engine have been replaced or overhauled. The ignitionsystem was completely renewed, the coolingsystem was renewed and the injection system was completely overhauled. Ofcourse all fluids and filters are brand new, including the gearbox and differential fluids.

The braking system was overhauled and the car sits on 4 freshly powdercoated Alpina wheels with brand new Tires, even the spare Wheel is new.

The interior is very, very original. Seats in original condition, a crackfree dashboard with ofcourse Turbo instruments and the Turbo-only Turbo-gauge + clock. The carpet and the headliner are still the ones from 1974 and just like the doortrim its in perfect condition. The centerconsole features the original BMW Bavaria radio.

The car comes with a German title with a new Technical Inspection (Tuv), the original spare tools, instruction manual, 2002 Turbo extra instruction manual, BMW Servicebook and a BMW Classic Certificate for this very car. A valuation rapport will follow, pictures will be placed below. Condition is a 1- (near perfect) and the worth is at €97.000. The valuation rapport was made by classic car valuator (connected to Classic Data GmbH), His name is Salco Hoogeweij. I can’t place any links but you can google his website: KFZ Oldtimer Sachverstaendiger Hoogewij.

The best 2002 Turbo on the market right now!

Find 174 Big Pictures below!

Of the several cars I’ve written up from this seller, this one might be the most appealing and appears to be in great condition. It’s also been hotly bid on, and as I talked about in the Touring write up these Turbos are by far the most expensive of the E10 lineup. Good values push $100,000 or more, but from the seller’s website we can see they’re asking around $90,000 for this one plus shipping – close to top dollar. I like the Alpina alloys very much but truth told have a soft spot for the original steel wheels these ran on, which can be seen in the trunk. It’s also missing my favorite feature – the early models ran “obrut” (sorry, no reverse image keyboard here) on the chin spoiler to warn other drivers of they were about to be passed, but as a later 1974 model it’s not surprising (and it’s correct) that it’s not there. With the bidding at $73,000 at time of writing, this one has a way to go before the reserve is off and it’s way out of most of our price ranges, but it sure is nice to dream. It’s also really neat to look at this model and see styling elements that were incorporated into my 30 year newer M3, too – the fender flares, the duck spoiler, and deep chin spoiler, that Hofmeister kink, even the tail light design all carried over nicely to the E46 M3 in updated form. Neat!



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