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1979 Porsche 911SC Coupe

Yesterday’s post was a bit concerned with finding certain diamonds in the rough; finding those 911s that won’t break the bank but should still stand to deliver a good deal of joy over the life of the car. The one we see here makes a good argument for inclusion in such a group, though in a much different way than the Carrera 4 did. That this is a 911SC in many cases already would keep it in the reasonable price group, but there is more. For one, this one is pretty high mileage having seen 232,284 miles over the course of its 37 years. But the owners weren’t content to leave it be and (presumably) rather than rebuild the original 3.0 liter flat-six with which it left the factory they chose to fit a slightly more modern 3.2 liter engine from an ’87 Carrera. The original 915 5-speed transmission remains with the car, making this a little bit of a hybrid drivertrain, but the suspension was also redone at the time it received its new engine. All together it should make for a nice driver and one that should be had for pretty reasonable cost.

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Year: 1979
Model: 911SC
Engine: 3.2 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 232,284 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

The SC generation Porsche 911 is one of of the best value Porsche’s on the market. These early cars had lots of great upgrades, but still retained the lightweight and relatively simple mechanics. This particular Porsche was an Oregon car that has been very well documented during its lifetime, it was recently bought and shipped down to Texas. In 2010 Jeff Gamroth at Rothsport did a engine swap out to the newer 87’ 3.2 complete with all it Motronic fuel injection. The motor was resealed and cleaned up to look great. The car has also had all the suspension and brakes upgraded or replaced. This car drive very tight and strong. The front suspension pan was replaced due to battery corrosion. When this was done all the front suspension bushings were replaced. The Boxer 6 cylinder sounds great through the stainless exhaust system. It has its original 915 that has been freshened and shifts very smooth, even downshifts in 1st with no issues while moving. The interior is in exceptional condition, and has the optional Sport seats. The car has been repainted at some time and looks very good and shiny. All the trim and rubber are in good condition. This is a car you can get in right away and enjoy for many miles.


At this time, bidding sits at $18,500 certainly befitting our hopes of a reasonably priced 911. However, that is with reserve unmet and this isn’t the first time I’ve come across this 911 so we’ll have to see what happens with it. One crucial detail left out of the ad is the mileage of the 3.2 liter engine. I am operating under the assumption that the mileage listed here is the total mileage on the chassis (the would be mileage if it retained its original engine), but it’s entirely possible that is incorrect and the listed mileage is that of the current engine. There looks to be a good number of receipts available with the car so ideally that information will be available and from there any appropriate additional questions can be asked. Whether the G50 transmission that originally went with this engine also should have been used (assuming it was available) could be open to debate. We know the 915 works without problem with the 3.2 liter engine, but many prefer the G50 for its more robust and smoother operation. On the other hand, the 915 is lighter so some prefer it. I imagine individual preference will win the day in this regard, though it’s certainly something to consider. In the end, we have some questions and it may be that the best a prospective buyer can do is have a PPI performed and work from there. Still as an opportunity at a lower-priced 911 there is promise here.



  1. Early8q
    Early8q December 27, 2016

    So we are looking at a restomod of sorts it seems. What’s the scoop on those wheels I wonder?

  2. Dallas
    Dallas December 28, 2016

    Nice pics. Regarding the G50 vs 915, I’m sure the reason the owner went with the 915 is that while the 3.2 slots in easily, an SC would require significant chassis reworking to fit a G50 trans. Since the SC’s original trans was a 915 it’s likely this car runs its original transmission with the later engine.

    Good Q on the wheels, to me they look like polished 7 and 8″ (or maybe even 9″) Fuchs – definitely nice and wide.

    Good find, it nearly to $25k now!

  3. TJsBeer
    TJsBeer December 29, 2016

    Just needs a duck-tail and Carrera script.

  4. Howard S
    Howard S December 29, 2016

    Its ashamed all the photos of the car have been photo-shopped to death, you cant get a true sense of the car since with the digitally enhanced photos. The cars had all kinds of paintwork. My guess is the interior is more tatty than the photos reveal too.

    If you piece together the paperwork they show. The motor they swapped in has a claimed 93k on it when it was swapped and now has 20k more on it. The motor was no rebuilt. The trans is said to have been “refreshed” whatever that means is anyones guess. The seller seems like he is taking liberties with his vagueness in the description.

    IMO its fully priced at about $25k

  5. Howard S
    Howard S December 29, 2016

    Front wheels look more like 6’s

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