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“1982” Mercedes-Benz G320

Do you want to get crushed? Because this is how you get crushed.

This Mercedes-Benz G320 offered up for sale in Utah is being advertised as a 1982 “Professional.” It is not a 1982, not even close. It is a 2001 made to look 1982. Why is that important? 2020 minus 2001 equals 19. Not 25, which is the required time that is needed to import foreign vehicles that weren’t originally sold in the US. It looks like they fitted W460 bumpers, mirrors, grille, taillights, and front fenders to masquerade as a 1982. This is very illegal. So much that if any government agencies who deal with imports find this truck, they’ll probably crush it. Please don’t do this.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: “1982” Mercedes-Benz G320 at G-Mercedes LLC

Year: “1982”
Model: G320
VIN: 46023327021579
Engine: 3.2 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 76,023
Location: Cedar City, Utah
Price: $135,000

Construction year: 1982

Description: A one time opportunity …

The iconic classic pedigree and modern performance.

Highly upgraded to a 3.2 liter V6 gas, 5-speed automatic

* V6 gas
* 5-speed automatic
* original Asteroth 16″ inch aluminum rims
* BF Goodrich MT tires
* airbags
* new style leather interior and dash
* tinted glass
* automatic A/C
* electric and heated seats
* tilting and sliding sun roof
* fold away rear bench seats
* jumpseats
* stainless steel exhaust
* electric mirrors and windows
* “Professional”-style roof rack and ladder
* radio/ CD player
* etc.

All was build on a rustfree body and frame.

This one of a kind G-class drives absolutely amazing and is a head turner where ever it goes !

It’s a classic statement indeed !

Price: Contact us

I’m not sure exactly how they snuck this one in. I suppose they just popped the VIN tags off and replaced it with a 1982 VIN, but whoever let this one in at the port was sleeping. I know Gs haven’t changed much, but it should be pretty obvious this isn’t a 1982 given the instrument cluster has a giant full digital display. That and there were no V6 Gs until the late 1990s, but I didn’t expect them to catch that.

It is hard to believe this dealer is publicly advertising this truck given its basically radioactive. It is even harder to believe they are asking $135,000. A legal Europa G320 is between $30,000-40,000, so I’m at a loss where the other $100,000 comes from. The only use it would have is a total off-road vehicle that never gets registered, but if you do re-title it for road use, you’ll get caught sooner or later. Not a great look here.

– Andrew


  1. steh-fan
    steh-fan July 16, 2020

    If you add WDB to the VIN (typical starting letters for European models) the VIN decoder does indeed come up with a 2001 model.

  2. steh-fan
    steh-fan July 16, 2020

    But wasn’t 2001 the 1st year the G Class was brought stateside? Not sure if the 25 year rule would still apply then.

  3. ace10
    ace10 July 16, 2020

    Sellers like to play fast and loose with the next guy’s money.

    Like the Lotus 2-Eleven on BaT currently, that is being marketed as “street legal” because the owner duped some DMV drone into issuing a Title.

    Yeah, the Feds and your passenger car insurance company won’t care about that Title in the event the former become aware of it or the latter find themselves presented with a claim.

  4. michael blechman
    michael blechman July 16, 2020

    andrew asks the salient question: “A legal Europa G320 is between $30,000-40,000, so I’m at a loss where the other $100,000 comes from?” indeed there is a lapse in the force with this one…

  5. Otiswesty
    Otiswesty July 16, 2020

    It’s a nice looking car and definitely not a 1982 460 series 280GE as the VIN implies. I don’t think the feds would seize and crush it, but there is major risk of insurance non coverage in the event of a catastrophic injury. For anyone with $135K to invest in a car, this would be a definite pass.

  6. Nick
    Nick July 17, 2020

    For that price you better buy a decent G500 and do the conversion state side. It’s more complicated then you think, but doable. I never seen one (well) done.
    The gentleman (Jean?) selling the G320 is well know in the G community as a man who is not able to sell legit G’s. Every single one is fishy.

  7. Jim Fuerstenberg
    Jim Fuerstenberg July 17, 2020

    the only place it would be street legal is in the state that issued the title…that might not transfer to many other states

  8. Jeremy
    Jeremy July 19, 2020

    Andrew, where did the VIN # come from? It’s not listed on the seller’s site;

    And where do you see that “the instrument cluster has a giant full digital display”? From what I see, the cluster is an early W463 analog cluster.

    Yes, it’s odd that this G has W460 body work/side markers/taillights, but it most definitely has early W463 interior (cluster, dash, center console);–1391_2.jpg

    So VIN # aside(perhaps the VIN # posted is incorrect?), why couldn’t this be a 1991 G320, with W460 bodywork and a “Professional”-looking Preining-type roof rack copy?

  9. Sean
    Sean July 19, 2020

    The idea that someone went to the trouble of essentially swapping an entire W463 onto a W460 is more than a little hard to believe.
    It’s not a W460 (1979-1991)
    It’s not a W461 Professional,(W460 chassis/W463 powertrain),which the ad calls it, which first came out in 1992 and never had a gas engine.
    It’s a W463, the first year that the V6 was used was 1997 so it’s no earlier than that.
    The G320 was never officially imported into the US so this may or may not have been federalized. I’m guessing not.
    Even the red flags have red flags on this one

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