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1985 Audi Coupe GT with claimed 11,500 miles

Hot on the heels of the mint condition 1987 Graphite Metallic 4000 quattro and
1985 Alpine White 4000 quattro we featured over the past two weeks comes another pristine mid-80s Audi, this time a front wheel drive Coupe GT. Just like the 4000, the GT has a devoted following in the Audi community; a solid all-around package, it offers the original Quattro styling and most of the driving experience on a budget. This particular car is claimed to have covered a scarcely believable 400 miles per year – just enough to empty it’s gas tank! Looking splendid in Tornado Red over the classic Ronal R8 wheels, take a look at this GT:

Year: 1985
Model: Coupe GT
Engine: 2.2 liter inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 11,567 mi
Price: No Reserve Auction

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1985 Audi GT .. Coupe
We have been a licensed Automobile Dealership in Philadelphia, PA. for the past thirteen years. We are primarily an Auto Wholesale Operation supplying other dealerships, and we are now listing select vehicles for sale to the public as well. I am the internet/wholesale manager and my name is Chris. Please feel free to call me with any questions at 215 669-6400.

We offer our online customers a full guarantee on the purchase of any of our vehicles. If you come here to inspect this vehicle and then decide for any reason that you don’t want it, you will be excused from purchasing it. The stated auction terms must be observed to maintain this guarantee.

This is an absolutely gorgeous 1985 Audi Coupe GT. These cars have become quite rare, especially in this kind of fantastic condition. There has been only one owner since new, and this Audi has 11,567 miles. You read that correctly – the odometer has six digits and has not turned over. Everything about this Audi indicates that it was meticulous treated, and was the pride and joy of the owner.

The original owner passed away, and left this car to his family who kept this car tucked away for many years before parting with it now. This Audi was purchased, registered and spent its entire life in Virginia. The complete vehicle history report can be found by clicking the “Vehicle History Link” above. The report shows an errant odometer recording in 1989 of 49,568 miles, rather than the correct mileage reading at the time was 4,956 miles and 8 tenths. The family assured us this was the case, and gave us the title for this car that was issued back then. The title has been transferred to us and the mileage reading is now exempt due to the age of this car.

The condition of this car as seen in the photos below is the way we received it. We have our own high-tech service facility on location, which performed a full inspection of the car, checked all of the equipment and road tested this Audi at length. I am not an Audi Coupe GT expert, so if you have any questions that you feel were not addressed, please feel free to contact me.

The 2.2L engine runs excellent. The 5-speed transmission shifts easily and the clutch engages smoothly with lots of grab. There is a complete set of Yokohama tires on this car showing most of their tread, and the brake pads are all in excellent condition as well. Every power item and feature in this Audi has been checked and tested, and everything is working including the air conditioning. The only modification to this car is the Pioneer stereo, which was installed many years ago.

The exterior of this Audi is in fabulous condition. The Red paint is super glossy over the entire body with nothing more than a few minor imperfections. The body is straight and there aren’t any dents, scratches or body rust. All of the exterior trim on this car is intact, tight and in excellent condition. Both of the bumpers are in excellent condition. There aren’t any cracks or damage on any of the exterior lights, lenses or glass. The alloy wheels are very clean, and undamaged.

The interior of this Coupe GT is in equally fantastic condition. All of the seats are in excellent condition. The carpeting is super clean and fluffy without any stains or damage. There aren’t any wear spots or wear damage in the interior, even on the driver side. There is not any UV damage on the top of the dash pad or the upper door panels, which is a testament to the fact that it has been stored out of the elements when not in use. The dash pad is perfect. All of the interior trim pieces, all buttons and switches and the dash are in just about perfect condition. The leather steering wheel does not show any wear at all. This was a non smoker owned vehicle. There aren’t any burn marks or odors of any kind inside this car

This is a very collectable car, but it is also a vehicle that I would not hesitate to jump in and drive anywhere. I can’t imagine that this Audi will last long, so you are welcome to call if interested.

Tornado Red may be the most recognizable shade on these GTs but it always looks great. The exterior of the car seems to support the mileage, but there have been concerns voiced over the legitimacy of the mileage on some of the fan pages due to the odometer sitting at “0000” and the errant reading showing on the vehicle report. Having owned a 1986 with a broken odometer in the same position, it’s understandable why this would be a concern. True, there appears to be more wear in the engine bay than the exterior would support. There are other oddities, too – small details such as all of the silver missing from the badges; this usually only occurs on higher-mile models, though if it were over-polished that might do it as well. The wheels also appear to have a bit more wear than I would expect on an 11,000 mile example – the paint is down to the undercoating between the spokes – something I saw on my 200,000 mile GT but not what I would expect on this one. The rings on the side aren’t correct, and obviously neither is the striping on the hood but I would guess both of those to be easily reversible.

Regardless of whether the 11,500 mile odometer is accurate, though, this GT is in rare-to-see condition even if it isn’t the most rare color combination. Anyone who has undertaken a repaint in Tornado Red will tell you how expensive the paint alone is. With no reserve, bidding has been strong and this coupe has already broken through $5,000 with still over a week left on the auction. The advertisement lists the original Buy It Now at $8,600, and I suspect the bidding will come close to or perhaps exceed that. While that may sound like a lot for a Coupe GT, you could easily spend a sizable portion of that amount alone trying to repaint a worse-condition GT. Like the 4000 Quattro, these classic Coupes are on their way up so get used to higher sales numbers in the not-too-distant future.



  1. Mike Driggs
    Mike Driggs December 16, 2013

    In their defense, it does look like the side radiator cover (made from cardboard) is intact! You dont see that very often, and usually means incredibly low miles..

    Other things that I found odd
    -Clear hose on cruise control pump.
    -12psi pass front tire pressure
    -Drivers side bumper stainless trim is lifted
    -Something doesnt line up with the front pass headlight/trim area
    -Stickers, bad pin striping and tints for an 11,000 mile coupe? Weird.
    -Looks like the front grille was taken off, and not put back on right. The lower mounts on the grille werent placed over the front end seem and the lower part of the grille is out too far.. Or theres front end damage and its not lined up properly!
    -Lower back seat isnt on properly. I mean youre gonna sell a car for a premium at least fix the grille and seat before taking pics! Id be saying this for a $1,000 car too though.
    -Theres a lot of wear in that trunk liner for 11,000 miles

    Regardless im being picky.. I love this car, and hope it gets 10,000$.. than my even rarer b2’s will be worth more!

  2. Kelly Bonds
    Kelly Bonds December 16, 2013

    I long for a return to high quality cloth interiors again. Today it seems the only choices are upscale leather or really nasty, cheap fabrics. Mid 80’s Audi interiors were really nice.

  3. Carter
    Carter December 16, 2013

    Mike, great observations and comments. I agree on all points; they’re a bit odd and the car doesn’t look quite as sorted as either the white or graphite 4000s with many more miles on them. But, as we said, impressive condition regardless that would easily cost the asking price to replicate.

  4. Matt
    Matt December 17, 2013

    Seller didn’t respond to my email about mileage issue
    Every 85-87 cgt 4kq I’ve owned had the odometer gear issue and we know most did.
    My car is approaching 200k looks almost as good so I guess it’s a testiment to
    The build quality on these. But yeah, seller should list this as mileage
    Unknown as it’s certainly not 11k. Put it up on lift that will tell you.

  5. Carter
    Carter December 17, 2013

    Perfect reason to own a digital dash car!

  6. Ry
    Ry December 17, 2013

    @Kelly Bonds – agreed on the cloth interiors. A friend had a first MY A4 that had a really cool sport fabric seat factory option. I also like the (relatively rare) E36 m-technic fabrics (I don’t know if they have official names but people refer to them as Hurricane, Rain, etc. IIRC, Audi sells some of their fabrics at their “Tradition” parts site (google “audi tradition shop”).

    @Mike Driggs – your keen observation is much appreciated. What do you think about the looks of that intake manifold(?), most everything under the hood gleams of simple green or armor all, except for that. Maybe the Coupe GT posted the day after this one sticks out because it’s was just recently replaced or exhaustively cleaned?

    And for a car with this many years under its belt, you’d think the seller could also provide, what maybe 3-4 oil changes or servicings where a 3rd party documented the date & mileage? I mean in around 30 years if they don’t have multiple ways for you to document mileage (even with the low miles you’d hope that the oil was changed every year or so). 11k miles is kind of an extraordinary claim, and there’s a saying about extraordinary claims (and the phrase “disregard that one typo” isn’t in it). 😉

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