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1991 Audi 200 20V Quattro Avant

If I’m completely honest, this was not the car that was originally slated for this spot. Rather, it was a excellent condition black 1991 200 20V quattro Avant – a rare specimen in any event given the less than 200 that made it here originally, but in near mint condition they’re especially rare. Alas, it was not to be; that car sold, and in it’s place I managed to find…another 1991 200 20V quattro Avant. Perhaps I should play the lottery, since best guestimates place only around 100 of these Audi super-wagons on the road today. This example is presented in the more common Pearlesant White Metallic that was the calling card of Audi in the late 80s/early 90s, but inside we find black sport seats – a nice treat on the 200s and substantially more comfortable than the “comfort” seats I had in my 1989 200. The rest…well, the rest reads a bit like a normal 23 year old Audi does these days…

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 Audi 200 20V quattro Avant on eBay

Year: 1991
Model: 200 20V quattro
Engine: 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 206,150 mi
Price: No Reserve Auction

Alpine White over Black leather

This is a nice example of a very rare car. These were ahead of their time, and a 1 year only car
with this drive train. It has a 2.2 liter 5-cylinder 20-valve turbo that produced 217 hp and 228 lbft of torque in
stock configuration. This car has stage 2+ software installed by 2Bennett in Sacramento CA along
with a 2.5 bar sensor. My seat of the pants estimate is that it currently produces about 240 hp
It runs and drives well and all major systems work. It does have some needs though.
The body is straight and rust free from being a CA car its whole life until it was recently
transplanted to CO. I have an older Carfax and new Autocheck reports that verify
a clean no accident history

Power Heated Sport Seats
Limo tint on rear windows, lighter tint on front windows
An Autometer boost gauge was also installed on the A pillar
It has been lowered and has aftermarket suspension (unfortunately I don’t have any details on what suspension parts it has)
G60 2-piston calipers and conventional disc front brake conversion was done to replace problematic UFO front brakes
Aftermarket Alpine Head unit with ipod connector and cd player
Sirius Satellite Head Unit
Hitch professionally installed by 2Bennett with wiring harness

Engine: 2.2 liter 20-valve dohc turbo
5-speed manual transmission
Quattro All Wheel Drive

Known issues:
It has a slow leak of transmission fluid and needs an input shaft seal
Drivers side front outer cv boot is torn and needs to be replaced
Needs alignment. The tires it came with were worn unevenly so I replaced 2 of them
Needs brake fluid flush and fill
Sunroof tilt function works, but slide function binds when trying to close so can’t be used as is
Rear wiper / washer don’t work
Front windshield washer doesn’t work
Broken left front turn signal lens (signal works)
Antenna mast on roof broken
Leather on top part of steering wheel has some sun damage
Drivers seat has splits and needs repair.

I’ve tried to give full disclosure about the needs of this car, which a lot
of sellers don’t. It is 23 years old, and needs some things. However it
does look good, runs and drives well, and the major systems all work.

The Good:
The engine, clutch, transmission, steering, brakes, suspension, heating, a/c, lights, signals, instruments,
doors, windows, hatch, and locks, all work
The body is in good shape with all trim pieces present, and no rust

Wheels and Tires:
Audi 16 inch wheels with Hankook 205/55R16 tires in good condition

I have receipts for the service history of this car going back to 2002
I wrote up a summary of the service history, scanned it and put it in with the
images of the car that can be viewed by clicking the link below

To view higher resolution images
Click Here

This car is sold with no warranty express or implied

On Aug-04-14 at 06:17:02 PDT, seller added the following information:

I forgot to mention the problems below:
The cruise control control doesn’t currently work
The speedo sometimes goes into a mode where it reads about 10mph low and wavers a little
The drivers seat heater ‘seems’ to have most elements not heating up. Only 1 element in the seat bottom heats up

Reading an Audi classified ad today on a car that’s a bit older is sort of like having a person plop down on the bar stool next to you and then proceeding to launch into oversharing their storied past. It feels a bit uncomfortable but you wish them the best, and just when you think it’s done, there’s an “Oh yeah, I have cancer, too” moment. Perhaps it isn’t that bad with this car, but the future owner will certainly have his or her work cutout to return this car to a reliable driver. That said, the bones appear good – the “3B” motor is only lightly modified, the G60 brake swap is a smart one for day to day use, and the body is claimed rust/accident free. While the “UFO” floating rotor brakes may have had ultimate better braking ability on the Autobahn, they were wasted around town and often left owners with huge repair bills and wobbling steering wheels. The sport seats are a great option on this car, but the leather appears ripped, from what I can see it seems like the door cards are delaminating and some of the heater elements don’t work. The original BBS RZ wheels are gone in favor of “Tango” option Audi wheels originally manufactured by Ronal; they’re okay looking, but don’t really suit the design of the car particularly well. It would be nice to know what suspension was used; a serious buyer may be able to find out from 2Bennett if the other mods indeed came from there. Finally, I think the tint is a bit too dark and my guess is that California sun-baked Pearlesant is either failing or on the verge of clearcoat failure.

What you’re left with is a long laundry list of things to make the car perfect; but do you need to? To me, I think I’d source some correct BBS wheels or S4 Fuchs, get the mechanics sorted and just drive the car. Once you’re done, there’s an avid community that would be happy to snap up the scraps or buy the car outright. Bidding is still below $1,000 with a few days left and no reserve; you’ll quickly triple or quadruple that outlay getting the mechanical items sorted likely, but then at under $5,000 this could still be a very special driver that you could still likely get your shirt back from once the thrill of the boost is gone.



  1. Jayson
    Jayson August 6, 2014

    Would have loved to have seen the one you intended to run.. Do you know what it went for? There is also that one from two weeks ago that you posted on your FB Page, the silver one, it looked pretty sharp..

  2. John
    John August 6, 2014

    Although I not a big fan of white on the sedans somehow I like it on the Avants. I don’t think black wheels work with it though. The BBS look very classy. You can see one here with 315,000+ miles :

  3. Jayson
    Jayson August 6, 2014

    Great link John!

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