1992 Mercedes-Benz 300CE

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We paid tribute to the W124 Mercees-Benz E-class on Monday. It’s hard to believe it has been three decades since this car was unveiled, as you still see plenty of these cars roaming the roads. A lot of the W124s I run across are run down and seem to be on their last legs, but like the W123 that preceded it, they go from strength to strength. This 300CE coupe for sale in Louisiana is a well preserved example with under 50,000 miles on the clock, making this quite an appealing modern classic.

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Year: 1992
Model: 300CE
Engine: 3.2 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 44,004 mi
Price: $14,900 Buy It Now

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Near mint condition classic Mercedes Benz 1992 300CE
Original owner
No dings
New radiator, tires, mats, headlight frames, Transmission, and AC
This car has a fast roadster engine, fine limited edition!
Original price: $60,000
Kept in garage, Driven only in town, pampered
Original paint
Original maintenance booklet and sales label


The 300CE is a modern day businessman’s coupe, in a sense. There’s not much to differentiate it styling wise over its four-door counterpart, but with the pillarless design, it’s graceful in its own conservative way. I tend to prefer the later, facelifted E320 coupes, but it’s rare that you see a 300CE so well preserved and the color combination here is pleasing. The asking price here is strong, but it’s getting harder to find these coupes in good shape, no matter the year. Given what we’ve seen its predecessor, the 300CD, pull in the market lately, I have to think that the W124 isn’t going to be too far behind in value as far as modern classics go. Now, to keep dreaming about that 500E Coupe they never made…


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  1. Wow! Very handsome example. Would love to have it. Would be very curious to see final sale price.

  2. What does it mean that the airbag was replaced 9/2001? This sticker is shown in two of the photos on ebay. Well, I know it means that the airbag was replaced, but is that significant?

  3. Roy, typically after about a decade manufacturers recommend airbag inspection/replacement as a safety measure.

  4. Paul, I second your enthusiasm for the ’88-’95 E-Class coupes, and like you, prefer the face-lifted ’94 and ’95 examples. I consider them under-appreciated, and as I peruse the forums, under-valued as well. It seems like the convertibles have started to climb in value, but not the coupes, which offer better structural rigidity and several hundred pounds less weight. Plus they’re much rarer than the droptops (and prettier of line, IMHO). I guess my fantasy find would be a ’95 in “Moonstone Gray Metallic” with the full Sportline option on 17″ monoblocks. Have I gone too far…?

  5. Mark, we did see a 300CE Sportline pass through here in 2012. Sadly it was priced well over $20,000 back then. Still, can’t be many of these banging around anymore, especially in that shape. Would love to know where that car wound up.

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