1997 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe

The 993 frequently finds itself on our pages due to its mix of beauty, refinement, and collectability. One of its persistent faults, if we can call it that, is that the 993 has never really become much of a value on the 911 market. Without being in pretty poor condition you won’t find one for less than $20K, as used to be the norm for the 911SC and 3.2 Carrera. Perusing ads it can be difficult to find examples below $40K for even the most standard Carrera Coupe. Thus, while the asking price for this 993 of $35,000 isn’t inexpensive it does stand as something of a value in the 993 range. So for someone who really wants to have a chance to experience one of these cars a higher-mileage example like the one seen here might be the way to go. Here we have an Arena Red 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe, located in Massachusetts, with 111,737 miles on it.

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Year: 1997
Model: 911 Carrera
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 111,737 mi
Price: $35,000 Buy It Now

This Porsche is owned by a doctor who owns multiple Porsche’s and is a long-time P.C.A. The car has always been driven in dry climate weather. In 2013, there was a total upper engine rebuild done, including all heads and chains. This service was done by European Performance Engineering, in Natick, Massachusetts and cost over $12,000.00(See receipt above). The car drives impeccably. The rear seats appear as though they have never been set in. In addition, the car has a file which will come with it including every information regarding every repair which has ever been done to the car. this car is ready to drive and enjoy. This car has been owned by a non-smoker and has never been smoked in. The interior is very clean and has hardly any damage, except for a few minor scratches on the seats.


The seller is not entirely clear on this fact, but we may be looking at a one-owner car and if his description is accurate this car also comes with an extensive service history. For any high-mileage car that history will be of great importance to prospective buyers who want to insure that this 911 has been shown appropriate care throughout its life. It presents quite well both inside and out, which should serve as testament to its care, and unlike some of the other 993s I’ve come across at this price this one has a manual transmission. A PPI is always a must with a car like this, but if it checks out then the price seems reasonable and perhaps given the mileage the seller might even be willing to come down slightly. It’s not a bad price for a chance at the most refined of the air-cooled 911s.


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  1. I have a ’97 C2S and I’d like to comment on this listing. Appears to be very fair priced and a key feature is that the top end has been rebuilt. I haven’t seen mention in previous 993 listings of the fact that most 993’s suffered from bad valve guides from the factory that resulted in high oil consumption, emissions issues (Check Engine Light….), and ultimately clogging of very expensive catalytic converters. Mine had this problem at 50,000 miles and was a $15,000 bill – I did all the “while we’re in there” replacements and few upgrades, so the cost was higher than others were spending at the time. Final comment – if you’re looking at a 993 and this repair hasn’t been done, deduct $15,000. As this car has had the work done, the price is even “more fair”, so to speak.

  2. This car should sell by the end of the day. Thats a fantastic price even with the accident on the carfax. Having the top end already done is a HUGE plus. I am tempted to just click “buy it now”.

    The valve guides are not the biggest issue on the 993 motor, they were on earlier motors. The issue with 993’s that are 96,7 or8’s is the SAI problem which trips the OBDII. The 95’s had OBDI so they didnt have this issue. I have been seeing some sticky v-ram issues crop up as these cars age but its not an expensive fix. If anyone is shopping for a 993 they should just buy this one, there is very little risk at that price. My guess is you could flip it pretty easily too.

  3. Yeah, good luck on convincing a seller to drop their asking price $15k in this hot market. Simply not going to happen

  4. The seller stated the top end was already done. This car is a buy at that price even without the top end being done. I can have the top end done correctly for about 8 grand these days.

  5. “Rear seats appear as though they have never been set in.”

    Ugh, thought that was a Southern usage, not Massachusetts…?

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