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2001 BMW 740i M Sport

The year 2001 would mark a watershed moment for BMW in the executive segment. This was the final year the E38 7 series would be produced. Usually, the arrival of a new model would be received with much anticipation, but sales for the venerable 7 series would increase in its final months of production as people caught wind of what was coming down the pike with the E65 7 series. Customers seemed put off by the radical new styling and new technology such as iDrive. They longed for the classic BMW shape, a car which didn’t necessarily define a certain class of car but always stood out as the alternative choice for someone who wanted just a little bit more when it came to a large luxury sedan. This 2001 740i M Sport for sale in New York is ordered up the way I would want my E38. Looking mean in black with the Style 37 M Parallel wheels, this is the perfect blend of luxury and sport.

Click for details: 2001 BMW 740i on Hemmings Motor News

Year: 2001
Model: 740i M Sport
Engine: 4.4 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 60,900 mi
Price: $15,000

Rare to market! 2001 740i (short wheel base) M-sport package. Original owner, 100% original paint. Always maintained correctly & garaged. Roundel magazine called this the “last great ride”, most consider this the last driver’s 7. Call for more details on vehicle history: 516-721-6339

While I’ve lusted after an E38 for many years, the lack of lower mileage examples out there and their typically lower than $10,000 asking prices has kept my interest somewhat at bay. Back in March of last year, we saw a similar 2001 740i M Sport with just under 30,000 miles sell for $6,209. That was a screaming deal for such a low mileage E38. At $15,000, I still don’t think this 7er is way overvalued. Factor in maybe a bit of negotiation to account for the inevitable repairs and a clean, one-owner car like this could be a good buy, provided it pass a PPI. For a person who has a hard time getting excited about a lot of new BMWs, a car like this is just what the doctor ordered.



  1. Howard S
    Howard S January 15, 2016

    Love these cars, really great looking car. The price is pretty steep. There is another with 10k fewer miles in silver on the market now, and no accident on the carfax (this one has a ding on the carfax) for $13,500.

  2. Kevin
    Kevin January 15, 2016

    I have a late production 2001 E38… IL with 175,000 miles. I keep thinking of selling, but really can’t get my head around what I’d replace it with. $15k for a low mileage one? Well…. Sure… At least as a starting point. Even if it goes down to $10k – a reasonable price for a wonderful ‘real’ BMW. 🙂 But. I’m not biased. I sold my ’95 E38 (short) with 275k on the clock. Loved these cars. Good luck to both Seller and Buyer

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