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2002 BMW M3

When I pull the cover off my M3, it still seems like a bit of a dream. I can’t believe that I finally was able to get the car that I really wanted for such a long time. Yet, I still wonder a bit – did I pick the right one? With only around 500 Phoenix Yellow Metallic coupes imported to the U.S. there aren’t a lot to choose from any day of the week, so it is always a bit surprising to see one which outwardly looks exactly like my car. Well, almost exactly…


Year: 2002
Model: M3
Engine: 3.2 liter inline-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 90,000 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

Selling my Phoenix Yellow e46 M3 with a 6 speed manual trans. Currently at 90k miles. Bought a newer m3 which is why im selling this one. Black nappa leather interior with aluminum trim. Pictures are all recent and were taken 5-28-16.

Some extras include: oem alarm system, oem homelink, oem short eurotray, zhp shift knob, csl style trunk, csl style diffuser, oem csl wheels, oem strut bar, oem aux input, oem led taillights, tints, black fender/hood grills, tnted fender corners, Stoptech front brake pads/slotted rotors, Megan exhaust, headers, K&N air filter insert, TC Kline DA coilover suspension, stud conversion and some more I’m forgetting.

Painted to match body color: fog covers, bumper reflectors, and strut bar.

Driver seat does show normal wear along with the shift knob and center console in some places.

Car runs great and has no known problems. All maintenance/recalls are up to date. Oil/filter change was just done(always used Castrol 10w-60). Diff bushings/diff fluid was done last year. Vanos has been checked as well as valve adjustment at that time. Sub frame is good with no signs of cracks. All the stock parts come with the car as well. Grills/Gills/Shift Knob/Cup holders/Cats/Exhaust/Stock Trunk/Diffuser/Suspension etc.

Being the car is used is it being sold in as-is condition. Car is for sale locally as well so i have the right to cancel auction/bidding at any time.

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have. Please only serious buyers. Thanks

Overall the car presents very well as is a pretty stark reminder of why Phoenix Yellow is so polarizing. Some love it, others completely detest it, but I promise that wherever it goes it draws looks. This one has taken the yellow quotient up a notch with a bunch of color-matched items in front. The blacked-out bits aren’t to my taste but work better on the yellow than just about anywhere else. ZCP wheels are the perfect fit, and the subtle inclusion of some CSL pieces makes this one a bit more aggressive than standard. Also, unlike my car, it’s a manual so everyone can take a deep breath of relief. Bidding on the reserve auction has been pretty active and is already past $15,000 with still several days to go. However, to me this one isn’t as desirable as the car I picked up. I don’t like all the color-matched and blacked out bits, the CSL items – while cool looking – don’t increase the collector value, and despite the below average miles it still has more than double what my car has covered. Yet, as these E46 models haven’t quite gotten fully into collector mode, the mods draw more attention than scorn and this car should trade for pretty close to what I paid for mine – around or just over $20,000. As a bonus, it seems like the seller has all the original items included, meaning that you could probably recoup some of that money if you wanted to revert the car to a more stock configuration.



  1. Atnorman
    Atnorman June 11, 2016

    If I have to choose “love it” or “detest it”, put me down for “love it”.

  2. Joseph
    Joseph August 17, 2016

    Loving my 2002 PYM too…just now going on 11K miles.

  3. Carter
    Carter August 17, 2016

    @Joseph – 11K? WOW. I thought hitting 40 on the ride home was pretty impressive. Mine looks pretty close to new, yours must look showroom!

  4. Joseph
    Joseph August 17, 2016

    It does and I’m very grateful. My only mods are OE CSL trunk and rear diffuser. It’s an SMG car, but that actually suits me just fine in Los Angeles.

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