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2005 Porsche Carrera GT

The Carrera GT might be my favorite Porsche that I almost never feature. But I guess hypercars are like that. There isn’t much difference between all of the various Carrera GTs we see and there are always a few available. So it’s only the very interesting and special examples that attract my notice enough to post one. This one is proclaimed to be “the highest known invoiced Carrera GT sold new in the States” and that obviously attracted my attention. It’s also pretty eye catching, as just about any Carrera GT might be, so looking it over I felt like it was worth bringing to everyone else’s attention as well. I don’t know that any significant percentage of our readers might really be thinking of pursuing a Carrera GT, but even if it only serves as a nice break to the day – a moment to pause and look at something both beautiful and ferocious – then that’s good enough.

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Year: 2005
Model: Carrera GT
Engine: 5.7 liter V10
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 8,738 mi
Price: $795,000 Buy It Now

2005 Porsche Carrera GT

Year 2005

Make Porsche

Model Carrera GT

VIN WP0CA29855L001164

Production No #542 of 1,270

Engine No 90530825

Transaxle No 00002599

Exterior Color Black (Code: L041)

Interior Color Terracotta Full Leather (Special Order/Special Request)

Assembly Started October 2004

Assembly Completed January 6th, 2005

In Service Warranty Date April 28th, 2005

Mileage 8,738 Miles

**$70k+ “Major Service” just completed by Porsche of Fairfield in Connecticut less than 300 miles ago (July 2017).

Included: New Clutch & Flywheel, Camshafts, Water Pump, Shocks/Struts and Michelin Tires, just to name a few.


-5,733cc DOHC V10 Engine

-Bosch Electronic Fuel Injection

-612bhp at 8,000rpm

-6-Speed Manual Transaxle

-4-Wheel Independent Suspension

-4-Wheel Carbon-Ceramic Disc Brakes


-Special Order / Special Wish Factory “Tourist Delivery”

-Driver’s Side “XT” 2.4cm wider seat

-Passenger Side “XT” 2.4cm wider seat

-Special Floor Mats with Porsche Logo

-Porsche On-Line CD Radio System

-Car Cover

-Terracotta Luggage Set

-Light Alloy Rims Special Paint to Body Color

-Carrera GT Custom Tailoring

-US Standard Emissions

-Air Conditioning

This particular Carrera GT is the 542nd of the 1,270 examples completed. It was special ordered new in the Fall of 2004 by a noted Porsche collector. The order was highly specific and to his exact standards. It consisted of a US / North American Market example to be built and delivered directly at the Factory Service and Client Center in Leipzig, Germany. The order further requested Jet Black exterior paint with Terracotta full leather interior on special (wider) bucket seats, left and right with black “Porsche” logo carpets. The light alloy rims were also accented in the Jet Black body color. It was as such, the sole example completed in these specification and the extra features, options, dealer premium and Factory delivery pushed the invoice price up from $440,000 to an astounding $537,210 making the highest known invoiced Carrera GT sold new in the States. The original owner took delivery in April of 2005 at the Porsche Factory and covered just over 800 miles during the next 30 days before it was returned to the Factory, serviced and then shipped to the States in May of 2005. The original owner kept the car with him at his residence in New Hampshire during the Summer and shipped it to Florida in the Winter. In 2017 which just over 8,500 miles, it was sold and purchased by the second owner who then arranged for the car to receive Porsche North America’s new full service and bulletin maintenance program at a total cost of just under $80,000. New Michelin’s were then installed and the vehicle driven an additional 200 miles prior to our purchase in July of this year. All services and safety checks as well as tires are near zero time fresh. Total mileage from new is just 8,738 miles. A massive cache of all of the original delivery items and more importantly every original record, correspondence and receipt is ultra carefully preserved and available for inspection and examination. This two-owner, fully documented, completely serviced and meticulously cared for Porsche would be a most welcome addition to any collection. Please contact me if I can assist further with inspections and test drives. I can also assist with any manner of word-wide delivery.

This Carrera GT has an option I didn’t realize existed: wider bucket seats. Racing drivers aren’t typically known for being the largest of guys and seats built for such a purpose tend to model their proportions. The general population, however, is not full of racing driver bodies. So if you happen to be a slightly larger gentleman and still want those wonderful seats, these could be a unique option. Other than those seats much of the rest of the appeal here lies in the selection of colors. I’ve always loved the Carrera GT interior and here the Terracotta looks really great and nicely contrasts with the black exterior. I think the black paint to the wheels works well too. There isn’t typically much to distinguish one GT from another, but these colors do a nice job. Other than a set of matching Terracotta luggage, because what supercar driver would ever travel without matching luggage, the other options are fairly standard. The very high invoice price of this Carrera GT (and I believe it is the highest I’ve seen, much higher than the price of the Arancio Borealis Carrera GT we’ve previously featured) looks like it mostly comes from the factory delivery. I’m not sure that will really be of much benefit to its next owner, but I guess it provides a nice anecdote.

As the Carrera GT goes the asking price here seems very much in line with what we typically see. None of these are inexpensive, but with this one you’re getting a very nice looking example and everything here looks very well cared for. Relative to the asking price of that very bright orange GT this one is downright reasonable. You could almost buy two!



  1. Christian
    Christian August 3, 2018

    Great car for sure, but I never quite warmed up to it. It had all the great styling elements that would make this car beautiful. For me the design fell flat from the back edge of the door window to the wheel arches. The cut of the roof/roll bar is wrong, and the wheel base looks odd being stretched so much to accommodate the long engine.

  2. pmichaelg
    pmichaelg August 3, 2018

    I sure would like to know why a 8,738 mile example requires new camshafts let alone a clutch, shocks/struts and a waterpump.

    And at $70K for this work?!? Really?!? And that’s being marketed as a positive?
    I see this sh*t and sometimes question the sanity of being a car guy!

  3. Steve O
    Steve O August 4, 2018

    I can see the work on a GT being that costly… not many factory trained techs for that ten cylinder engine. But yes, the need for all those major parts at well under 10,000 miles is highly suspect. Either it’s been thrashed or it was a large factory recall, both of which seem doubtful. Inquiring minds want to know…

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