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2006 Porsche 911 Carrera

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The 997.1 Porsche 911 is probably my favorite “budget” 911. I wish I could put “budget” in size 82 font quotation marks given we are talking Porsche here, but in the grand scheme of things where a new base 992 C2 is $100,000, your buck doesn’t go very far these days. Now you are probably saying, “What about the 996?” And yes, you are right. But given the very small price difference between the 996 and 997.1, I think it is the perfect sweet spot of having a modern 911 without spending over $50,000 just to get a seat at the table. Today’s 997 has my favorite Lobster Fork wheels and isn’t a boring color. There’s only one problem though – the transmission.

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Year: 2006
Model: 911 Carrera
VIN: WP0AA29966S715392
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 71,249
Location: Houston, Texas
Price: $31,990 Buy It Now

IN MAKE READY!!!PLEASE CALL ONE OF OUR SALES ASSOCIATES AT 281-918-7865 FOR PERSONAL ASSISTANCE AND TO GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS VEHICLE.WE ARE LOCATED AT 12423 W SAM HOUSTON PKWY S HOUSTON TX 77031HIGHLIGHTS:NAVROOF KEYLESS ENTERYAND MANY MORE….. All buyers are responsible to pay Texas V.I.T tax (Vehicle Inventory Tax). Which is 0.002018 of the purchase price (Example: $10000.00 purchase = $20.18) $150.00 documentary fee $5.00 buyers tag fee and a $295.00 dealer preparation fee Texas buyers must pay 6.25% sales tax plus $137.00 registration fee. Out-Of state buyers are responsible to pay their tax within 21 days of purchase.Everest Motors Inc Advantage Plus:For $695.00 all customers could benefit from 3 Years Key replacement 3 Years Paintless Dent Removal and 3 Years Windshield Protection. Please go to Our Store/Terms to view the complete details. Everest Motors Inc Advantage Plus program will automatically make the customer eligible to receive an additional $500.00 trade-in coupon on their future trades and $250 referral check for every referred buyer that buys a vehicle from Everest Motors Inc. Everest Motors Inc Advantage Plus applies to every deal unless otherwise discussed with the customer. Visit Everest Motors Inc. online at to see more pictures of this vehicle or call us at 281-918-7865 today to schedule your test drive.

Yes, this a Tiptronic car. I know, I know, but hear me out. If you are a person who constantly sits in traffic, maybe the 405 in Los Angeles or Boston, but still want your 911, this isn’t a terrible idea. If you wanted a PDK car, a 997.2 is probably putting you close to $50,000. This example? $32,000. Now I do think this example is a little pricey given it has almost no options and has 71k miles, but under $30,000 is probably not a bad deal. We are at the low water mark for the 997, so you are only killing value the more you drive it. Just something to think about.

– Andrew


  1. Buzz Lynn
    Buzz Lynn December 29, 2020

    Nice find, Andrew! I love the color combo. Speaking from experience, the Tip is a compromise that’s easy to make. While manual mode works just great if you want to select your gears, the “automatic” part works well in exactly the conditions you mention – The 405 or Boston, etc.

    And while there is no tactile substitute for rowing your own gears with a real stick, the Tip is responsive, bullet-proof, and you won’t need to replace your clutch every XX,xxx miles.

    I’ll add that with no mention of IMS-fix (or any other maintenance for that matter), budget $2K to “just do it” if it even slightly concerns you, and any buyer will sleep better with that unknown out of the way.

  2. Greg
    Greg December 29, 2020

    You cannot replace the IMSB on a 997 without disassembling the engine, unless it is an early 2005 with the smaller bearing, so it is not a $2k fix on this car. Probably more like $10k plus. I’d be almost as worried about bore scoring on a 997.1, especially the 3.8 (which this is not).

  3. Jim Fuerstenberg
    Jim Fuerstenberg December 29, 2020

    I agree with Greg…this one, although a nice color combo, with 71K miles, non-S and a Tip is likely to languish on the market…better to save your pennies and get a 997.2.

  4. Buzz Lynn
    Buzz Lynn December 29, 2020

    Greg, good point! Was not aware of that, so no, $2k would not do it, and I stand corrected! In my own case, I needed a rebuild of my M96 3.6 (2002 Targa with Tip…180K miles then). The original bearing was fine, but bore-scoring was substantial. So while in there, IMS Solution was just one more thing to do, as I certainly wasn’t going to re-install the old bearing just because the engine-builder says it’s “fine”.

  5. Greg
    Greg December 29, 2020

    It’s really a shame Porsche screwed up the M96 and M97 engines. Just poor engineering. Otherwise they are such great cars. I have owned several 996s and 997s and am partial to the 996 due to it’s lighter weight, and lack of PASM and variable steering. Wonderful cars so long as the engines don’t grenade. IMO the car to buy is a manual 996.2 coupe, just make sure you bore scope the cylinders before buying and replce the IMSB with an LN Engineering.

  6. Buzz Lynn
    Buzz Lynn December 29, 2020

    Roger that.

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