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2013 BMW 335is Convertible

The natural comparison point to the 135is Convertible I just looked at is, of course, the same year 335is. Indeed, since the two share a fair amount of architecture and a similar recipe, on paper it’s a bit strange that they were offered at the same time. But though the 335is and 135is looked similar, there were actually quite a few differences between the two packages.

For starters, though they were both turbocharged and rated at 320 horsepower, the 335is package retained the N54 motor to do so. I’ve never quite understood BMW’s logic on this one, but clearly there was something about the N54’s power delivery that they felt was superior to the N55 single-turbo. The reserved the higher-output N54s in late production for the 1M (335 horsepower), the Z4 sDrive3.5is (335 horsepower) and the 335is (320 horsepower). The N54B30TO also got a 7 second overboost of 40 lb.ft of torque on top of the 332 that was rated in this car as stock. As I described in the 135i post, the easiest identifier for these cars was the wheels, and on the 335is you got massive yet delicate Style 313 M Double Spoke wheels, 8″ in front and 9″ in rear, with more aggressive offsets than the E8x got. Hunkered down on M-Sport suspension, the 335is also got a unique M aerodynamic body kit, and the transmission was borrowed from the M3, along with additional cooling for the engine. They carried a less restrictive exhaust system. Coupes went so hardcore that, like the 135i, they dropped the foglight option. The convertible variant was apparently judged to be a little less track-ready, as so like today’s Le Mans Blue Metallic example, you could retain the foglights:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2013 BMW 335is Convertible at Carmax

Year: 2013
Model: 335is Convertible
VIN: WBADX1C58DJ128476
Engine: 3.0 liter twin turbocharged inline-6
Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch automatic
Mileage: 45,000 mi
Price: Not Listed

No-Haggle Price
New Pair of Tires
Replaced 2 tires to meet our standards
Advanced Features
Parking Sensors
Premium Audio
Harman Kardon Sound

In 2012, these top-of-the-line 335is Convertibles stickered at $59,000 without any options, and though that sounds like a lot it was still roughly $10,000 less than the M3. The Le Mans Blue Metallic (381) paint here is matched beautifully by the Saddle Brown Dakota leather (LCD3). This car was loaded to the hilt with just about every option, too, on top of the 335is options – the dual-clutch DCT, comfort access, auto-dim mirrors, electric heated sport seats, headlight cleaning, park distance control, rain sensing wipers, Xenon adaptive lights, automatic climate control, automatic cruise control, LED tail/running lights, Harman Kardon, USB audio and smartphone integration, and navigation. The 335is package of course included S704A M Sports suspension, S715A M Aerodynamics package and in this case the
S7XAA M Leather multi-function paddle shift wheel.

Condition appears to be very good with only a few wear items notable. The main advantage of going with Carmax is, of course, the warranty offered by them. Although the price isn’t listed on this particular example, Carmax has a few others listed in the mid-20s. That’s a lot more than the 135is from yesterday, but if you’re out for attention, this 335is is a lot more striking.



  1. Arun
    Arun December 23, 2018

    Nice find. Also I think the DCT was only available with the N54. As far as I can recall the regular 335i (not “is”) could not be spec’d with the DCT.

  2. E88 guy
    E88 guy December 23, 2018

    Didn’t the N54 have forged internals, supporting higher horsepower applications? I always thought that the N55 was more of a cost-cutting update to the N54 than a true improvement in engineering.

    That said, the color combination is quite striking. I wonder what this will sell for? If they’re not posting the price or allowing reservations, this particular location must think they have something special on their hands.

  3. E88 Guy
    E88 Guy December 23, 2018

    Also, I had a 335i convertible as a loaner once. The way the convertible top retracts into the trunk makes the trunk pretty difficult to work around and store things in. The trunk of my E88 or (former) E46 convertibles makes a lot more sense than the E93.

  4. Carter
    Carter December 26, 2018

    @E88 guy – yes, the N54 was forged and the N55 not. What was strange though was that they ran the N55 at 320 horsepower in the 135is at the same time they ran the 320 hp version of the 335is. Since they continued the N55 in the M2 and cranked it up to 365 horsepower, clearly they’ve consider it stout enough. It does save a lot of money only running one turbo, though. Interesting commentary on the trunk storage. I was surprised at how much space my friend’s M3 convertible (E46) has in the back with the top down. Did the E93 strike you as flex-prone? I hate the judders in the E46.

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