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2014 Audi allroad

Audi’s C5 allroad wasn’t the first tall all-wheel drive wagon to hit the market; AMC claimed that crown with the Eagle well before Audi’s Quattro even hit the market. But it somehow defined the luxury do-anything segment and was unique in the German marques; Audi brought massive amounts of computational power, height-adjustable air suspension, a wide-body flare kit, twin-turbocharged power and even a manual gearbox. It was awesome. It was popular. But, it broke so much that even MacGyver was left stranded..

So when it came to the original allroad’s replacement for the B8 chassis, Audi dropped pretty much all the cool stuff. Gone was the manual, gone was the V6, gone too were the twin turbos and height-adjustable suspension. Audi simplified the recipe and based the newer allroad on the A4 Avant. Power came from the same 2.0T TFSI inline-4 mated solely to an 8-speed automatic found in the regular A4, pumped up the ride height slightly and added matte black fender lips and Voila! Miffy had a new ride to get to Nordstrom. Worse for some enthusiasts, the advent of the allroad came at the expense of the regular (and attractive) A4 Avant. Disappointed? Me too. But hey, every once in a while a good-looking one comes around…

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Year: 2014
Model: allroad
Engine: 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-4
Transmission: 8-speed automatic
Mileage: 26,505 mi
Location: Franklin, Tennessee
Price: $26,500 Buy It Now

This fully loaded Allroad is in excellent condition with only 26,505 miles. The wheels are 20-inch Audi wheels and the paint is a factory option in an “Audi Exclusive Color” called Sepang Blue (typically only found on the R8). The paint color was a $3,900 option when the car was purchased. The only minor damage is in the cargo area where some of the panels have some wear (as seen in photo). The car has no mechanical or physical damage and drives perfectly. I am the first owner and it has never been in an accident. Please contact me with any questions!

What’s positive about the B8 allroad? Well, it benefited from the 2012 facelift that made the A4 look better, and the 2014 power bump that gave it a bit more gusto. While still down on power to both the V6 and V8 allroads from the C5 generation, the combination of the linear power delivery of the 2.0T coupled with several more gears means that on the road these cars are really as quick as the original. But obviously the reason we’re looking at this one is the color. The seller claims that it’s Sepang Blue Pearl Effect, but I must admit that it looks a lot more like Nogaro Blue Pearl Effect in the images provided. Sepang has an electric tone that is brighter than the softer Nogaro. A look at the paint codes (or, perhaps the original window sticker) could probably sort it out quickly and I could easily be wrong since both Sepang and Nogaro are highly variable depending on light and photographs taken. Either way, you don’t see them in this color often and it reminds me of the Sprint Blue Olympic Edition C5s.

Condition appears to be outstanding outside of the luggage area and mileage is quite low. I think the 20″ wheels are a bit overkill personally, but they are easily changed. This car also has the Premium Plus package which gave you more things like three-zone climate control, heated seats and mirrors with power folding, power hatch and connectivity with Bluetooth and iPod. The 2.0T and 8-speed ZF have proven to be more resilient than the C5’s power units so far but oil leaks and carbon buildup are both issues you’ll need to face long-term. Pricing? Originally this car with its options would have brushed $50,000 out the door. Despite that they sold quite well and there are plenty to choose from in the used market. Kelly Blue Book lists a 2014 top value at $17,000, but isn’t taking into account the far below average mileage and unusual color. You won’t find many like this out there, so if you’re in love with it you’re left to negotiate with this one seller.



  1. Alan
    Alan December 26, 2019

    I think for $25,000 asking, I would have purchased new panels for the rear. They look like a dog went wild.

  2. Euromoto
    Euromoto December 26, 2019

    I thought she was, “Muffy”

  3. zuul
    zuul December 26, 2019

    i have 18″ peeers on my Mk5 gti. to me they are some of the best VAG wheels going… and they look even better with the VW center caps IMHO.

  4. zuul
    zuul December 26, 2019

    peelers even…

  5. mygti
    mygti December 27, 2019

    My first thought was that this was about 10k overpriced. I think he’ll be waiting a long time at even 5k less of an ask.

    Zulu, I like the peelers too! Hi from another mk5 guy.

  6. Doug
    Doug December 27, 2019

    I’ll be honest…I would rather have that AMC. Those things were beasts in the snow.

  7. VDPSC
    VDPSC December 28, 2019

    Crackpipe with that dog hair interior. At this price the panels should have been replaced.

  8. Arun
    Arun December 28, 2019

    What is the actual purpose of the black plastic cladding I wonder. Looks terrible so I doubt it’s for aesthetic reasons – is it to protect from stone chips ?

  9. Christian
    Christian December 28, 2019

    Definitely not Sepang. Sepang is my favorite Audi color, this just looks like Nogaro.

  10. Cory
    Cory December 28, 2019

    It looks like sprint blue to me. Hard to tell these days since everyone messes with the tones, but judging from the super vivid green grass the seller has added a lot of saturation, which exactly how you would make sprint blue look like nogaro.

  11. Jeff
    Jeff December 28, 2019

    Too many things wrong with this listing. If it’s fully loaded it’s missing a few options from my keen eyes as I used to own a 2013. No Drive Select, no sport package, tires are mounted backwards, factory size wheels were 19″ which these don’t appear to be, couldn’t take the time to replace the dog mangled back panels.

    Regardless of mileage, this thing’s been haggled and is way overpriced no matter what color it is.

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