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2017 BMW 328d xDrive Sports Wagon

For a while, if you were a diesel and wagon fan, you had some options; Volkswagen graced us with a manual TDi Jetta and Golf five-door, Mercedes-Benz floated the E-Class over here, and last but not least was BMW. The F31 launched in 2012, replacing the E91 we just looked at:

2011 BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon 6-Speed

It was larger in pretty much every way, but also took on a more aggressive stance. It looked lower and meaner than the E91, especially when outfitted with M equipment. Gone were the manual and six-cylinder options, but you did get the option of selecting even more trim lines and a diesel, to boot. That’s exactly what we have here; a well-optioned 2017 328d xDrive, representing the end of F31 production. As the G21 hasn’t yet arrived and there’s currently no wagon available from BMW, nor are there plans to bring the diesel over yet, this really represents a unique opportunity:

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Year: 2017
Model: 328d xDrive Sports Wagon
VIN: WBA8J1C36HA018369
Engine: 2.0 liter turbodiesel inline-4
Transmission: 8-speed automatic
Mileage: 25,158 mi
Location: Spokane, Washington
Price: $39,570 Buy It Now

About this vehicle
Trouble free — NO ISSUES mechanically or aesthetically.
No accidents — PERFECT Vehicle Report.
LOADED with every available 2017 BMW Technology, Comfort, and Convenience feature.
RARE and BEAUTIFUL color combination.
Seller’s Notes
Always driven gingerly and parked carefully.
No stains or odors — STILL HAS THAT NEW CAR SMELL.
Front Bumper was NOT DRILLED for license plate — bonus to Enthusiasts / Collectors.

90% of it’s life was spent in Southern California — now located in Spokane, WA.

Only DEALER SERVICED — possess all receipts.
Recent Oil, Filter,Comprehensive Inspection Service (25,158 miles).

Vehicle Details

LOADED, LOW MILEAGE 2107 328d Xdrive (AWD) Sports Wagon built in Munich, Germany.

RARE and DESIREABLE Platinum Silver Metallic with Saddle Brown Dakota Leather with Burl Walnut Trim.

COLD WEATHER PACKAGE — Heated Steering and Front / Rear Seats
DRIVING ASSISTANCE PACKAGE — Rear View Camera, Parking Distance Control
PREMIUM PACKAGE — Keyless Entry, Lumbar Support, and SiriusXM
TECHNOLOGY PACKAGE — Navigation and Apple CarPLay
Harmon Kardon Surround Sound
Panoramic Moonroof

Comes with:

Original Window Stickers (2)
Two BMW factory Keys
All Books and Service Receipts
Full front SunTek PPF clear paint protection ($1,500)
New BMW Bicycle Roof Rack ($515)
New BMW front, rear, and cargo rubber mats ($274)
New / unused SCC Performance Z-8 Snow Tire Chains ($190)

Exceptional condition inside and out

NO ISSUES mechanically or aesthetically

40 miles/gallon (highway) — wonderful gas mileage and surprising torque!

This one has some really nice options; Platinum Silver Metallic over Saddle Brown is a pretty color combination, and you get the Cold Weather Package, the Driver Assistance Package, the Premium Package, and the Technology Package, along with 18″ wheels, Apple carplay, and Harman Kardon sound. The seller also is throwing in some accessories and it’s protected with paint protection film. Not including those accessories, out the door this car was $55,500. Four years later, it’s now only dropped a bit more than $15,000 in value. Welcome to the wonderful world of BMW wagon residual values! The question is; is this the one to have?

To me, it looks pretty fairly priced. The car is in great shape, it’s got nice equipment, it’s not a combo you’ll see every day, and it’s got the diesel. Here’s the rub; the diesel actually doesn’t have great reviews overall; it’s louder than the gas motor (which isn’t particularly quiet and ALSO sounds like a diesel at idle) and doesn’t really return much better mileage. If you’re willing to accept a few more miles, you can grab a quicker 330i model from the same year with basically the same options for $10,000 less. To me, that seems like a smarter plan.



  1. Mark
    Mark January 16, 2021

    Had a 2015 F31 gasser. Drove the diesel and gasser back-to-back prior to purchase and agree with Carter the extra fuel economy did not offset the reduction in performance and motor “character”. The car was perfectly reliable and 100% trouble free. Much to like about this car.
    I won’t gripe here about the absence of the B58 6-cylinder and my desire for more horse-power. But the absence of the six meant the car got the smaller 4-cylinder brakes which IMO was the single weakest element of the car.

  2. Ricky Weston
    Ricky Weston January 16, 2021

    Who edits photos like that? Good heavens. This is a recurring trend I see on far more car ads than should be the case.

  3. Hannes69117
    Hannes69117 January 17, 2021

    What’s truly amazing to me living in Germng is the used wagon market in the US . This exact model year options and mileage can be had for 65 percent of the price here. With a 15 grand difference, there has to be a profitable way to ship these over federalize and sell at a profit I would think.

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