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Category: Week in Review

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Hammertime Updates

Since our last value guide update in December, we’ve seen some really interesting results hit the market – perhaps helping to both redefine it, too. That didn’t necessarily mean all the entrants were market breaking; a slew of affordable 924/944s, two nice R129s, two budget supercharged Corrados and a good deal on a 540i Touring helped keep enthusiasts hearts afloat in this ever-increasing bubble. Speaking of, wild prices were seen for the 911T Targa at $313,000 and the Audi Quattro hit a little below my expectation – but still high for the model – at over $80,000. I have to admit I was a bit surprised by the “low” price of the ’88 M3 for under $40,000, but I was equally surprised by the bids on the cloned Alpina that crested $23,000 – big money for any of the E32 generation. A few 911s capped the sales, and it should be noted that our reader Howard S nailed the price on that ’86 930 – he was only $1.00 off! Well done!


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Hammertime Updates

It’s been a fair amount of time since the last resource guide update, but I’m trying to get everything loaded to the page. I’ve decided to try a slightly different format which visually shows you what car you are looking at when considering the numbers. Clicking on the picture will take you to the auction where it recorded as sold. Clicking on the “Article” link will take you to our page about the car. The main page with other sales is also linked below. These are the most recent sales I’ve recorded to the best of my ability – if you see something in error or would like to give feedback on the look, please let me know!

Hammertime – The Sold Archives

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