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Double Take: 1991 Audi V8 quattro

You know when you watch a horror film and the protagonist sees a door ajar with a strange light, noise or smell emanating from behind it? Despite the obvious warning signs and 100% metaphysical certitude of impending doom, they creep towards their demise as if unable to escape fate. As a viewer, I’m often baffled by their behavior.

But then I think about the V8 quattro.

There is nothing – and I mean nothing – that makes the V8 quattro a sensible choice for a car. Parts are hard to find, they seem needlessly complicated, and the reality is that now some 26 years old and vintage, the cutting edge of technology for 1991 is pretty easily outpaced by a Honda Civic. There are prettier, more significant, faster and more economical Audis, if you have the itch.

But like the open door, I’m always drawn to looking at them. So, cue the scary music and dim the lights, because we’ve got a twofer of 3.6 quattro action coming at you!

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 Audi V8 quattro on Central New Jersey Craigslist

Year: 1991
Model: V8 quattro
Engine: 3.6 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 83,319 mi
Price: $6,300

Hi folks! Here, is a CLASSIC 91 Audi V8 QUATTRO 3.6L Engine that i have for sale.The car only has 83,319 miles on it (ORIGINAL mileage).My uncle was the 1ST owner of the vehicle and I’m the 2ND owner.The car was well maintained by him until he had a couple surgeries and was unable to drive for quite some years.With that being said,the car was not being driven and was parked in his garage for years.I bought the car from him February this year in the intention of driving it.After i just spent NEARLY $3000 just in parts for the past 3-4 months and over $2500+ in labor for a full complete service to make the car a RELIABLE car,my BOSS LADY told me “sorry,we can’t keep it” because our family is growing and we need a truck . So, i have NO CHOICE but to get rid of it with sadness :'( .Folks,believe me when i tell ya,this car came with EVERYTHING from Factory (4 set of keys,complete manual,telephone book,CD changer book,Radio book/code,Genuine Audi BBS RZ wheels,jack and tire wrench etc…Even the spare tire that came with the car NEVER been mounted on the car and that’s 25 years.The interior of the car is in GREAT shape and has NO TEAR.The exterior is in good shape except for a tiny dent on the hood & a slight bend on the passenger side fender near the lower molding.My uncle told me while he was at a supermarket,someone backed into him while the person was coming out.The paint is good for a 25 year old car but there are two little areas on top of the trunk you can see a (small) fading but nothing major at all.NO CLEAR-COAT peeling and NO RUST FALLING APART off the body of the car. In addition,i have taken a lot (49) pictures of the car.It’s unfortunate I could not upload all of them due insufficient space on here.As a result,I have decided to uploaded only the MOST relevant pictures of the car.However,they are all available upon request.


NOTE: Those are the parts that just got replaced on the vehicle for the past 3 to 4 months.
1) Timing Belt
2) Water pump and gasket
3) Thermostat
4) BRAND NEW & GENUINE Audi Radiator (very expensive) for this car
5) Coolant temp sensor (from radiator)
6) Oil pan gasket
7) NEW Bosch spark plug wire set (10 wires)
8) New NGK spark plugs (8)
9) Fresh Genuine Audi coolant
10) Fully Synthetic motor oil
11) Brand new Bosch fuel pump
12) NEW Mann fuel filter
13) NEW & Genuine fuel sending return unit assembly
14) Brand new Bosch distributor caps (2)
15) Brand new Bosch distributor rotors (2)
16) Brand new Starter
17) Brand new Alternator
18) Brand new FLO-MASTER catalytic converters (2)
19) Brand new Continental/Contitech serpentine belt
20) Gas tank was replaced by a used/genuine one with 6 months warranty.
21) New rear brake line
22) New Mann air filter
23) Original VW/Audi battery.

The cons:
1) The coolant expansion tank is good but the sensor that’s in it is bad and triggered the coolant temp warning light on the dash.NO OVERHEATING though.The expansion tank has to be replaced due to the sensor is built into it.

2) There is a warning light that reads (CAT) that keeps flashing on the dash after you start the car.Based on what i read from the manual,it said that the (CAT) light should go away after the car has started.For some reason,it kept on flashing.Im assume since i changed BOTH cats,”maybe” the light has to be reset by Audi.To be honest,It DOES NOT make the car drive funny though,simply flashing.

3) The radio does not come on.I’m not sure why but it can be a blown fuse.

I never looked into it because i was too focus on fixing and replacing some of the MOST expensive parts on the car.I have PROOF/RECEIPTS for all the parts/work that’s been done to the car.I’m asking $6,300 or best offer.If interested or have questions,feel free to reach me at my contact info in the contact field above.Also please be respectful.If you don’t have anything NICE/UPLIFTING TO SAY,DON’T SAY IT.



This is about as nice as ’91s come to market, minus the color and comfort seats, and of course excusing the automatic transmission. Hooked to the less potent 3.6, the ’90 and ’91 V8s feel pretty flat if you’re used to explosive acceleration of the turbo cars, but they make great cruisers. Changes to the ’91 were the 15″ BBS RG forged wheels in place of the “Aero” wheels ’90s had; otherwise, the ’91s are pretty much the same car, though with only 527 sold they’re not hugely common to see.

The recent maintenance is a plus, and all the expensive major items you’d want to check out look to have been serviced – outside of the transmission. ’90 and ’91s seemed to overheat their units a bit more easily, as the revised TCU and cooler on the ’92-’94 models means they’re more resilient. But the major problem here is the price; $6,300 isn’t a bad price considering the good condition and maintenance, but unfortunately it also gets you into another class of Audi performance that is more reliable and much more impressive. It’s also strange to me that no pictures of the front seats appear, or any other good angles of the car.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 Audi V8 quattro on San Antonio Craigslist

Year: 1991
Model: V8 quattro
Engine: 3.6 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 139,000 mi
Price: $4,000


Don’t adjust your screen; yes, it’s a near exact Pearlescent White Metallic twin. The major difference here is the mileage, with 60,000 more accrued, and the grey leather interior. Usually the bell-weather of how these cars have been treated is the steering wheel, and this one looks remarkably clean. Another good indicator is the lips of the BBS wheels, which again appear in good shape from what is shown. Unfortunately, that’s about all we have to go on, as no maintenance is disclosed. And when you’re getting into a V8 quattro, simply choosing one because it looks generally pretty is like posting your bank account details on Twitter. So, even though it looks nice and the mileage isn’t outrageous, there’s simply no way I’d pay $4,000 for one with no disclosed maintenance.

Which is the winner? That’s a hard call. The New Jersey car is preferable on history and mileage as well as full disclosure from the seller, but not on price. The Texan comes closer on price and condition looks nice, but it loses with no history. By default, that makes the winner by decision the lower mile, better documented car.

Thanks to our reader John for sending the first ’91 in!



  1. Early8q
    Early8q January 10, 2017

    I would want to see more of that first car as well. The odometers on these cars were sometimes replaced, mine was replaced around 60,000 miles if I recall correctly. I also feel like I have seen the first car before, or at least read that listing before? The list of all that was done is impressive indeed.

    I would totally agree on your view of the second car. The price is not in line given the lack of history.

  2. UrSDriver
    UrSDriver January 10, 2017

    V8 Quattro in New Jersey, sounds like sadomasochism to me. I did my time with Type 44s, never again, I do like seeing these still on the road in good shape. I also sympathize with your soft spot for these cars, if you like 90’s slab sided tanks this and the RRII(P38) are the top dogs for me, unfortunately they are also in the same class with potential maintenance costs and likelihood of being stranded.

  3. audifan
    audifan January 11, 2017

    The seller’s wife “needs” a truck because the family is growing. Really? What a stupid statement. There are millions of families in Europe with children, having “only” 1 car and often way smaller than this full size Audi.

  4. Maximus
    Maximus January 12, 2017

    Hey Buddy! I’m Maximus( owner of the second 1991 Audi V8 with 083,319 miles).I have read your comment about me stated “my family is growing and my wife & I looking to get a truck”.Honestly,I found your comment very out of place and disrespectful.This is my reason and you should respect that because you really don’t know me nor how many kids my wife & I have.Again,when you read about something,whether you like it or NOT,you don’t have to be JUDGEMENTAL too quick about it.Especially when it comes to someone’s PREFERENCE(s)/REASON(s).For Future reference,just keep that in mind.

  5. Maximus
    Maximus January 12, 2017

    Hi Early8q! I’m Maximus (owner of the 2nd V8 with 083,319 miles).You stated “The odometers on these cars were sometimes replaced”.To be honest,the odometer was NEVER been replaced in this car except for all the parts that I have mentioned.My uncle was the ORIGINAL owner of the vehicle and I know for fact that the odometer is the actual one.The reason why the car has such low mileage is because a few years back he had a couple “back” surgeries and he couldn’t drive Basically,the car was sitting in his garage all the years he couldn’t drive.After he fully recovered,he ended up buying a pick up truck.So that’s when I decided to buy the car from him and replaced all the parts that I have mentioned.

  6. audifan
    audifan January 12, 2017

    Hey Maximus,

    First, I’m NOT your buddy, second, this is an open forum and I am just expressing my opinion. For future reference, just keep this in mind.

  7. UrSDriver
    UrSDriver January 12, 2017

    Lets dispense with the troll crap and bickering, we are better than that. The guy can buy any kind of vehicle he wants for his wife, it’s America.

  8. Carter
    Carter January 12, 2017

    Agreed guys, let’s keep it above the belt line! Thanks all. Maximus, just a suggestion but I think more detailed photos would help sell the car.


  9. Maximus
    Maximus January 12, 2017

    audifan! Me using the word “buddy” is a way of addressing someone in a polite way instead of coming out very nasty by calling you some names that would be extremely offensive and make you feel less than a person.However,I chose not to because I’m not JUDGEMENTAL like you and I do respect people’s opinion(s) or preference(s).Unlike you CRITICIZING.Even though it is an open forum,that doesn’t mean you have to criticize or making some WITLESS comment about someone personal reason.In addition,I don’t need you as a friend because I ONLY surround myself with POSITIVE & OPENMINDED people.Im done here and good luck with your life.

  10. Maximus
    Maximus January 12, 2017

    UrSDriver! Thank you for the posititive comment.I truly appreciate it.

  11. Maximus
    Maximus January 12, 2017

    Carter,I have taken over 40 detailed pictures of the car and they’re all showing very clear in my MacBook Pro and also some of the other webistes that I have listed the car.Whoever uploaded or shared the pictures on here “maybe” resized and saved the pictures then uploaded them on here.By simply resizing the pictures and upload them can “possibly change the way they look after you uploaded them.Again,I’m not quite sure “why” they don’t come out clear on here but they are crystal clear pictures.

  12. Early8q
    Early8q January 12, 2017

    @Maximus. Hey, love your V8! They are amazing cars. I drove my ’90 to about 200k. Thanks for clarifying my odometer question, I just saw it. You referenced the work that you have done on the car, but somehow I don’t see it on the Craigslist posting. It would be great to see what all you have done to the car. There are a few faithful left out there for these ‘bahn burners who would be interested in your car if they knew the status of the timing belt, the steering rack, fuel pump, and brake accumulator among other things. Your car looks great though.

  13. Carter
    Carter January 12, 2017

    I think there’s a little confusion because of how the pictures are laid out. Maximus’s V8 is the first covered with the longer description and lower miles.

    Maximus, again, my comment about te photos isn’t about how clear they are, but that you’re missing shots of any good perspective of the passenger side, roof, hood and trunk. As Pearlescent can show damage in person much more readily than on CL photos, a perspective buyer would probably be interested in seeing those things. Again, just a suggestion.

  14. Maximus
    Maximus January 13, 2017

    Early8q! I’m not sure why you didn’t see all the work that was done to the car in the Craigslist listing.All the details are there.Here’s the link from Craigslist.

    **Let me know if you were able to see the detail informations.Thanks!

  15. Esrly8Q
    Esrly8Q January 13, 2017

    @Carter My mistake. The post is fine. I stumbled when I read Maximus comment that his was the second. I didn’t spend the time to reorient myself and simply clicked on the second CL listing.

    @ Maximus Apologies for my mistake. The list of work and parts is indeed long. I was simply looking at the wrong car. And the links all work as well. It is a great looking example! Good Luck with the sale!

  16. Maximus
    Maximus January 13, 2017

    Hey Carter! Yes,you are correct,”Maximus’s V8 is the first covered with the longer description and lower miles”.Thanks for the clarification on the “detailed pictures”.I totally got it now.I can agree with you on your statement.Yes,the pearl color may show some blemishes more in person vs what’s showing in pictures.I have quite a few pictures of the car listed in the graigslist listing.However,when I have a bit more time in my hands,I’ll definitely take a few additional pictures of the passenger fender where the little bent is,the little tiny dent on the hood and the little imperfection of where the paint barely faded and not noticeable unless you’re looking closely.Also,here’s the Craigslist link of the listing so you can see all the pictures that I have posted of the vehicle.

    I hope you are able to see them.Thanks!

  17. Maximus
    Maximus January 13, 2017

    No worries man! Also,thank you.

  18. Ingolstadt
    Ingolstadt January 13, 2017


    No doubt these type 44s will drain your bank account to maintain long term and properly. I have and am the second owner of a 1989 200 Quattro. But I’ve driven it across the country a number of times with nary a problem other than the fragile odometer breaking a number of times. To this day I contend, with its heated sport seats and supple ride despite aftermarket sport springs and shocks, it is the most comfortable car I’ve ever driven on a lengthy journey. The satisfying shove from the humble but heavily boosted ten valve isn’t bad either, not to mention the 28mpg it gets at 75mph.

    At any rate, these type 44s are a rare and dying breed. I hope these cars both find good homes and go to folks who can maintain them.

  19. UrSDriver
    UrSDriver January 13, 2017

    I owned my 200 20v from 80-210k miles, many fond memories of that car. It never stranded me, I learned the art of ownership and proper repair techniques, overall great experience. The C4S4 keeps the same architecture but is a much more modern car in so many ways. Definitely not hating on them, I am a perfectionist and the condition of non repairable items on a car that old started to frustrate me, I wouldn’t do it again without a time machine.

    Oh and FYI NEVER reset a mechanical odometer/trip-meter when a car is moving…..

  20. Ingolstadt
    Ingolstadt January 13, 2017

    I agree UrS4. I’ve had my 89 200q for 19 years (45k-current mileage TMU since 125k 5 yrs ago). Bought in CT back in 1998 from whence I came and had a great Indy mechanic. Now been in Houston since 2008, and my Indy here is great but not quite as much type 44 esoterica in his experience. When my brake calipers (girling?) needed replacing this spring he could not source anywhere despite valiant efforts. He called me one day in resignation essentially echoing your point that the parts are just nowhere to be found.

    I had visions of a super tight and clean 89 q as a useless objet d’art, but at the 11th hour called my old Indy in CT and he was able to source the parts from a large Audi/VW junk yard in upstate NY called Shokan. What a relief.

    But honestly, I like driving this car on cross country jaunts better than I do my 01 S8 or my 01 911 cab. I work in Seattle and live in Houston, and keep this car in my employers parking garage in Bellevue, WA somimhavecsomethingbto drive when I fly there one week a month. And just drove it back to Houston in May and then back to Bellevue in October…2400 miles each way….the third time I’ve done that trip. Knock wood, no problems and a truly satisfying car on a 750 mile day especially now that it has been updated with Bluetooth and sat radio ( so when bored with Radio Margaritaville or 80’s Rock after 300 miles of I-80 west through Wyoming, I could compare how, for example, Fox and CNN presented the James Comey reopening of the Clinton email case).

  21. Ricky
    Ricky January 13, 2017

    Love the first V8 – looks super clean. I’m so torn, I actually love it but I already have a V8. If this were a ’92 Id be in.

  22. tom
    tom January 16, 2017

    First off, German car guy, loved the intro/door thing, you have a future in writing/screenplay/whatnot. Hey Maximus, sincerely hope you get your asking. Super clean/maintained like you wanted to keep it forever/favorite color/awesome. Been a V8Q guy for 15 yrs and this is one of the few that pop up as records/maintenance show you did the deed. While you can’t expect to recover ALL the maintenance with the sale(convince wife to let you keep it)… and many others are rooting for you to sell it for $$$ to keep it alive. I’ve driven newer audi’s and wasn’t impressed with the fitment (not a hp whore), and after how AOA, treated us on this car, can’t EVER,justify buying a newer audi, cuz it will be the same nightmare all over again. This car put them on the map, and they honored that by jacking up prices on rare parts till they dumped them to the grey market(YOU LISTENING AOA). You lost more than a customer…..Ha. Tom

  23. tom
    tom January 16, 2017

    ooh, get to keep going…’02 AOA says front swaybar bushings(v8Q) are $7(2 needed bought)… time i check its $27/each/(bought)/next it’s in the fourties and when there are 2 left in country, AOA say’s $49/each(memory)Think these are still available as only an idiot would pay that vs urethane….Said NO and got a 2 pack from germany for $20……..In Germany they they just package in 2 pack as it’s just a GIVEN that anyone would do both. AOA if your listening, have a comment? FUANA…..Tom

  24. Carter
    Carter January 17, 2017

    @Tom – thanks, and they’re not listening 🙂 It would be nice if they were, though, for sure. It would make owning the older cars much easier. It’s nice, for example, how you can still buy nearly all the BMW, Porsche and MB original parts.

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