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Motorsports Monday: 2007 Porsche 911GT3 RS

One of my favorite aspects about the Porsche brand is they have never been timid with color. Even to this day, you are able to tailor your Porsche specifically to your preferences via the Porsche Exclusive program, giving you the option of having one special Porsche. This orange 911GT3 RS is not the result of a Porsche Exclusive order, but is fetching nonetheless. This example for sale has over $60,000 in upgrades and while it appears to be a dedicated race machine, it is still street legal. It comes with a lot of extras, including a custom trailer, representing quite a deal for the next owner, especially if you consider what the entry cost is to a new 911 these days.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2007 Porsche 911GT3 RS on Rennlist


Year: 2007
Model: GT3 RS
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 22,980 mi
Price: $119,500


2007 GT3RS* *w/ Warranty (2 *years left through ALLSTATE) – Yep, same one that does Car Insurance. You’re in Good Hands. 😉

Soo much to list, not sure it will all fit on this page.

Click here for more details and photos:

BESIDES the CAR…… there is MORE. A LOT MORE.

Be sure to read slowly and take it all in.



20,000 16 total Wheels *(8 Fikse & 4 OZ & 4 Factory Wheels) ******9.0×18 / 12.0×18 & *8.5×19 / 12.0×19
$11,000 **Ohlins Fully Adjustable Coil Over shocks
$10,500 **Full Porsche Factory Roll Cage (This is BOTH Front and REAR Complete Bolt in Roll Cage ) Very Very Rare
$7,000 ****Sequential Shifter*w/ Digital Gear Indicator (uses stock Gear Box & Clutch)
$4,000 ***Race Tech Seats with Porsche Sliders
$3,000 Warranty through end of 2016 (Allstate)
$2,500 *Tire Warmers
$2,500 Porsche Motorsports Muffler
$2,000 *PFC Rotors
$2,000 *Guard LSD 60/40
$1,000 Porsche Motorsports *Control Arms,
$1,000 Complete Car Fire Suppression System,
$1,000 Mono Ball LCA Conversion,
$950 *3M FULL Car Clear Bra
$800 ***Master kill switch on Center Panel & additional Kill Switch passenger side
$800 **Porsche Motorsports Upper Control Link with monoball
$600 **(2) Race Tech 6pt Harness System (FIA Certified *2018), – BRAND NEW
$500 ***Race Steering Wheel with Quick Release
$500 **GPS Laptimer
$500 **Fully Wired 2 way Radio System
$500 *RSS Rear Toe Links
$500 *Porsche Motorsports Solid Caster Bushings
$500 **Cool Shirt System
$400 **PFC Brake Pads
$400 **Front Camber Plates
$350 *Pro Tint tear offs
$300 Wheel Studs
$300 ***Solid Motor Mounts
$250 Carbon Front Air Ducts
$200 **BMC Race Filter
$200 Front and Rear toe hooks
$150 lightweight battery
$100 Jack plate
$100 Rear Tie down hooks
$76,400 worth of Just Upgrades

$10,000 *Factory GT3 Seats and Factory Interior Carpets, Door Panels….etc..
$6,000 **Haulmark 20′ Custom Setup Race Trailer w/ WIRELESS Remote Control Winch,
**Stand Alone Battery to run interior lighting even when not connected to Tow Vehicle… Charges when towing
$4,000 *Michelin Slicks *- Take Offs
$2,000 Hoosier Full Rain nearly New
$1,500 Custom Awning for Trailer
$500 *Full Electric *500w *Pit Scooter
*$24,000 worth of Just Bonus Extras

The Car is Perfectly CORNER BALANCED 50 / 50
Warranty until end of 2016 through Allstate

Current Weight 2995 lbs (That’s with steel doors and bumpers and lights and a/c and a 250 # worth of Roll Cage)

Car is Still Street Legal
no leaks
always used Motul 300V full synthetic
Motul brake fluid
Genuine Porsche filters

ALL manuals included.
2 x Master Keys
ONLY Regular Services required …….are Oil/Filter Changes every 10,000-12,000 Street miles
It’s a very very low maintenance Vehicle.
Car Sticker – $130,620
Destination Charges – $815
Taxes – $3700
Factory Installed Options – $10,530 Factory Roll Cage
Other Upgrades & Extras Added – $65,870
BONUS EXTRAS Included – $24,000
TOTAL : $235,535 Nearly 1/4 Million,…. you can save almost 1/2*Off

SALE PRICE: $119,500 *For every listed above (Car, Trailer, Spares, Tires, Wheels…etc)


Ever since the Top Gear episode in which Richard Hammond piloted a green GT3RS through some of Europe’s best driving roads have I been captivated by this sports car. It’s my favorite modern 911, hands down. As always, dedicated track machines are hard to put a price on, especially when you have this much invested in a car. But considering the costs it takes to get into racing these days, and what non race-prepped examples of this car are bringing, this one represents decent value for money.



  1. MDriver
    MDriver November 10, 2014

    these are just some of the best driving P-Cars around….
    got to drive a “Killer Pumpkin” once and was smiling for a week!..
    point of fact however…to any potential buyer…in NY this car is NOT street legal….the roll cage being the culprit….found out the hard-way on that…
    I agree on P-Car colors… long as you open your wallet you can get whatever color is in their paint palate OR paint to match…
    saw one of these in Signal Green…just stunning!

  2. Paul
    Paul November 10, 2014

    Signal Green is my favorite, MDriver. I have a 1:18 scale model of that very car. Interesting about the roll cage/NY state issue. Good to know!

  3. Carter
    Carter November 10, 2014

    To play devil’s advocate, I’d rather have a street 997 Coupe and a 996 GT3 Cup for the same price (or maybe less, with money left over to fix them!) The GT3 Cup would bully the street version around a track and is a factory built race car – they’re stunning deals right now. And, having taking my track car for a drive on the street this weekend, I’m again reminded how nice the comfort features in real street cars are 🙂

    But the color is great, I agree.

  4. MDriver
    MDriver November 10, 2014

    @Carter not so sure about a 996 Cup car being such a bargain…LOL
    I have a good friend who bought one a couple of years from Hunting Ridge Motorsport and he runs many PCA events (even keeps up with guys w/4.0)..and it ain’t cheap to maintain…especially if your racing it….if your talking track days, provided you don’t break something yeah they are a great deal and offer a very visceral driving experience….
    but for my 100/120k I’d take a GT3RS all day….N/A motor…street legal/track ready blast to drive

  5. Carter
    Carter November 11, 2014

    MDriver; Agreed; I’d certainly want a hefty reserve for maintenance if I bought a real Cup car. But, it’s a real, factory built race car – and Porsches of that DNA have seldom decreased in value. You can pick one up today for around 50K. Yes, the engine and transmission rebuilds are ungodly expensive; for for arguments’s sake, you could yank the original drivetrain and swap in a more affordable to run setup and still be ridiculously quick. I’ll bet in ten years they’ve doubled in price.

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