1965 Porsche 356SC Coupe

Until recently, Porsche was not a company known for carrying out model introductions and changeovers at a significant clip. It’s first production model, the 356, lasted for 17 years before being usurped by the 911, a car that has become synonymous with the brand to this day (albeit in a highly evolved state). The year 1965 would mark the end of the road for the 356. Towards the end of the production run, Porsche unveiled the 356SC. This would be the highest horsepower pushrod engine Porsche would produce. At an output of 95 bhp coupled to a vehicle weighing around 2,000 lbs, this made for lively performance for the day, even if many modern motors can beat it off the line. Demand for the 356 remained strong right up to the end and today they fetch impressive sums on the collector market. This 356SC for sale in Florida is an older restoration and retains its original engine and transmission.


Year: 1965
Model: 356SC Coupe
Engine: 1.6 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 98,215 mi
Price: $77,900 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1965 Porsche 356SC Coupe on eBay

1965 Porsche 356 SC Coupe

Up for sale is this very nice 1965 Porsche 356 SC Coupe that is an older restoration done about 15 years ago. The car is finished in Slate Grey with a Red vinyl interior. This car has the original SC engine and original transmission to the car. The pans are in excellent condition. This is a very well done car with an excellent finish that shows only a few minor flaws. All of the bright work is in excellent condition. The interior is in excellent condition. This car has just been mechanically serviced and is ready to be driven anywhere. The recent service included carbs rebuilt, reseal of oil sump, valve adjustment, wheel bearing service, brake service, new front tie rod ends, new tires, and several other small items. The car can be seen / inspected with an appointment. The car has a clear Florida title and has been owned by the current owner for approximately 6 years. The owner is a client of mine and I’m representing the vehicle on his behalf.

Please call with any questions that you may have prior to bidding. I can be reached at 561.307.2232 to answer any questions that you may have.

VIN 219652
Engine Serial Number P*812800
Engine Type Stamping 616/16 (Indicates SC Engine)
Engine Case Casting 80970

Terms of sale:
The car is sold AS IS with no warranty or guarantee of any type. A non-refundable deposit of $1000 is due with 24 hours of winning bid. Final payment is due via bank check or bank wire transfer with 5 days. Transportation is the responsibility of the winning bidder/buyer, however I will gladly assist with the arrangements.


Whether it’s an early 911 or a late 356 such as this, the gray on red combination is one of my favorite color combinations for Porsches from this era. One thing I’m not a fan of, however, is the luggage rack on the engine lid. This option always looked a bit awkward and out of proportion, in my opinion. Currently, a good 356SC Coupe will run you about $65,000 to $80,000 on average. Not surprisingly, convertibles in similar nick will bring a bit more. Given this car has a few flaws and is an older restoration, I’d say the asking price is just a little on the high side, but not too far off the mark.


1965 Glas 1700 GT

During the late 1960s, my father was a Russian translator with the American Army at Bad Aibling, just north of the Austrian border. While he was stationed there, he helped curry favor amongst the local population by organizing hillclimbs and rallys that was open to both military personnel and civilians. There were a lot of interesting cars and manufacturers that existed then which are no longer with us, but one car that caught his attention was the Glas GT.

Hans Glas GmbH was a manufacturer that started out making farm machinery and evolved into a producer of motorscooters and automobiles. BMW would acquire Glas in 1966, a move motivated by their desire to access the smaller company’s patents. The GT was initially introduced in 1964 with a body designed and built by Frua and shipped for final assembly to the Glas factory in Dingolfing, Germany. This lithe coupe was initially offered with a 1.3 liter four cylinder, a larger 1.7 liter engine became available in 1965, producing 100 bhp, good for a 115 mph top speed. This 1700GT is for sale in Freiburg, Germany and had a complete restoration in 2004.


Year: 1965
Model: 1700 GT
Engine: 1.7 liter inline four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 802 km (~ 498 miles)
Price: €45,000 (~ $60,192 USD)

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1965 Glas 1700 GT on Mobile.de

Blaupunkt Cologne stereo radio, light alloy wheels with 175/70R14 tires, MiniLite 51/2×14. This Glas 1700 GT was completely and fully restored in 2003/04. The car is now in top-notch condition, since it was restored only driven 802 km. All historical documents including statements by the former Glas dealers are available. Only 1,680 of these 1700 GTs were built, of which fewer remain. A car with a beautiful body, unique history and great handling with high potential for appreciation.

Just under 5,400 Glas GTs were built in total, with an additional 1,259 BMW badged GTs rolling off the line before BMW discontinued the vehicle. I’ve only seen one Glas GT stateside and they are impressive little sports cars with a lot of interesting details that complement the tidy fastback styling. But these little cars are not cheap. At about $60,000, you really have to want one of these or be a connoisseur of obscure orphan marques, as there are a lot of other cars at this price point to distract the collector. But, for those wanting one, a sorted 1700GT like this is attractive because parts availability for such a rare vehicle can be a concern. For someone wanting Italian flair mixed with a healthy dose of German quality, these late sixties sports cars are an awesome choice.


1965 BMW 3200CS

In the early 1960s, the BMW lineup was a bit of a mash up of bubble cars, luxury coupes and saloons and the recently introduced, rear engined 700. The 3200CS was the final vehicle to be built on BMW’s large car platform, which traced its beginning back to 1951 with the introduction of the 501, or “Baroque Angel” as it was also known. Designed by Bertone, the 3200CS is a car which clearly represents the roots of modern BMW styling, with the Hofmeister kink on the C-pillar and low belt line. It was also the last BMW engine to feature pushrod activated valves. Few of these coupes exist to this day, and this restored example for sale in California is a rare chance to get one in near perfect condition.

Year: 1965
Model: 3200CS
Engine: 3.2 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 50,048 mi
Price: $199,900 Buy It Now

1965 BMW 3200CS on eBay

The BMW 3200CS was the first to wear the CS or Coupe Sport moniker and featured the latest high-performance V-8. It was constructed in partnership with Bertone, who both designed and built the body. The 3200CS was unveiled at the 1961 Frankfurt Motor Show and the first cars were delivered in February 1962. The stunning bodywork introduced many styling cues that were seen on later models such as the slim roof section, round taillights with central indicators and distinctive C pillar kink.

Aimed at a select clientele, the high-fashion CS was priced at $7,500 and was often made to suit customer specifications. BMW soon realized that complications arising from the hand-built bodies, plus the tremendous success of their other models made the Bertone coupe too expensive and stopped production after only 603 were built. The 3200 was the last remnant of BMW’s luxury V-8’s, but the beautiful model left its mark on virtually every future coupe, with its timeless styling and exclusive appeal.

This rare 1965 BMW 3200CS was found by Don Dethlefsen in 1996, a collector, restorer and owner of the distinguished Werk Shop, after it was left sitting behind at another restoration shop. The car was taken back to Don’s shop in Illinois and treated to a full nut-and-bolt restoration to showroom condition. The finished bodywork was painted a deep dark blue and was fitted with all of the hard to find badges and trim. The interior was also restored to as-new condition with its tan leather seats and blue carpet.

The smooth V-8 was completely refurbished and runs silently at idle with a wonderful sound as the revs build. The car also has the rare, factory electric sunroof, Becker Mexico radio and a floor mounted 4-speed manual gearbox. This car is one of approximately 50 remaining 3200CS coupes worldwide. This is an extremely rare Italian designed BMW of which few remain today. Please contact us with any questions at 714-426-0238 or mark@crevierclassiccars.com

Given their rarity and that they represent a link between the past and future of the brand, the 3200CS is a car for serious collectors. A good example will typically range between $75,000 and $100,000, with exceptional examples reaching up around $125,000. I wouldn’t doubt that a car of this quality could bring six figures, but at $200,000, the asking price for this example is a bit reaching. It would be nice to know whether there is any documentation available, such as the vehicle history and what the original color of the car was. Overall, though, this is a great looking example of a classic 1960s coupe with which few are familiar and was highly influential to BMW design.


1965 Volkswagen Type III 1500S Notchback

Volkswagen was on the march in the US in the 1960s, but one car that curiously wasn’t on the menu was this: the Type III Notchback. Nate featured a modded Notchback last month which had a full body restoration, but this Notchback for sale in Florida was in storage for almost 20 years and is claimed to be original.

Year: 1965
Model: Type III 1500S Notchback
Engine: 1.6L Air-Cooled 4-cylinder
Transmission: 4-speed Manual
Mileage: 23,140
Price: Auction – Reserve

1965 Volkswagen Type III 1500S Notchback on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.55.16 AM

1965 with 24k original miles certified. Original; tires, interior, engine and trans, 90% original. The only parts that were change are front and rear window seals, front and rear hood seals, door seals with quality German replacement seals. Runs and drives like new. The interior is in excellent condition for this car is 48 year old does have some wear. Basically it was taken apart on the outside and painted all original parts that came off were put back on. This is a true survivor, the floor pans are original with no rust. The engine has never been rebuilt and it is all original, trans also. It has been in storage for 19 years and the last time that was registered on the road was in 1993. The car drives like a dream!!! For serious inquires please contact me @ wagenwerksair@gmail.com

These Notchbacks have a strong following in the VW community and are one of the most valued models from the period. The last Notchback we featured was up for sale at $17,000. I’d have to agree with Nate’s previous analysis. Somewhere around $15,000 is probably about right for an unmolested Notchback such as this one.


1965 Volkswagen Beetle

An all time classic, the VW beetle is the car that is responsible for my passion for cars. Growing up my father drove Beetles and it seemed that in grade school everyone in my town had one, which could very well have been the case. With over 21 million cars produced over a span of 73 years, it is not only the longest running model ever, but one of the most iconic cars of all time.

With high production numbers and a huge parts aftermarket, the Beetle is the perfect platform for customizing on a budget. This ’65 is a nice clean example of a Beetle resto-mod.

Year: 1965
Model: Beetle
Engine: 1776cc
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 61,000
Price: $6,100 Reserve not met

1965 Volkswagen Beetle on eBay




This Auction is for a used classic and collectible 1965 Volkswagen Beetle. This car is extra clean with having had a ground off restoration 6 Years ago. Has Cream interior. This car comes with rotors on the front and special wheels. There is a Alpine radio with CD system fitted. Engine is a 1776cc with new Webber carbs fitted recently (90HP). Comes with a full car cover and overlay mats. This car runs and drives well and needs a to find a good home. This car is available for any inspection.

With a mild restoration and stock engine, this car is a nice clean driver condition vehicle.  Given the condition and mileage of this car I would expect that it is close to meeting its reserve and likely should sell in the $7,500 to $8,500 range. We’ll have to see how motivated the seller actually is in a few days.


Ex John Lennon Mercedes 230SL for nearly half a million $

I’ve never been a fan of celebrity cars, with the exception of race cars. You spend gobs of money on them and then park them in a museum or they turn into a Jon Voight’s LeBaron situation.

John Lennon’s 1965 Mercedes 230SL










There seems to always be a John Lennon car for sale somewhere. A few year’s ago his Mercedes 600 Pullman didn’t sell when it reached £190,000 (at the time $273,600) at an auction where it had a £200,000 ($287,600) reserve, tell me if that situation doesn’t sound like some bidding shenanigans. It later appeared for sale with an ask of £320,000.

Now we have an arguably much more mundane Lennon car in this 1965 230SL pagoda that has an ask price of a quite ridiculous $465,000, down from $495,000. The price discrepancy is from varying sites listing the car, the dealership page still has the higher price. The dealer lists the odometer as reading 19,127.

I’m not going to speak about the marketplace for Beatle’s collectibles, but these W113 Benzs continue to rise in value. The Pagodas so called because of their distinctive hardtops are quality cars that garnered a high end clientele when new.

The 230SL was the smallest, in terms of engine options, of the W113 SL. The 2.3 liter inline six puts out 150 horsepower. Ideally you want to find one with the 5 speed manual, but this one was special ordered by John with an automatic.

These are fine cars and in good shape can be seen as investment grade vehicles, particularly the later 280SL. However at this price you could literally corner the market on good driver 230SLs or buy 10 very top tier Pagodas.

Knowing our typical reader on this site, I suspect most of you will turn up your nose at this one, but don’t take it out on the Merc. These were some very quality cars that make for fun drivers. They also aren’t very complicated to work on and are light on a lot of the gadgetry that came in later Benzs. They also are significantly lighter than the R107 SL that replaced them and turned the SL into more of a boulevard cruiser than a twisty road driving car. Just save your money and find a non-celebrity owned one. As with any convertible keep an eye out for water leakage. The Euro models look a lot better with their headlights to me, but eitherway these cars have a great, unmistakably German and Mercedes look.


John Lennon’s 1965 Mercedes 230SL

Watkins Glen Vintage Grand Prix GCFS 2012 Audi & Elva

Back from this outstanding event where many a German car are out being put through their paces on the track with my annual post of the German cars for sale that caught my eye. The car that most caught my eye this year, was unfortunatley not for sale. It was a stunning 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing that won the Concours d’Elegance for the weekend. What made it extra special though was this car was driven to the event from Massachusetts, we’re talking a journey of several hundred miles and hours. The owner, upon winning the top prize, took the microphone and remarked how concours cars should be used as they were intended and not trailered to events. This is a good reminder to those attending car shows that if you see a nice car and it has a few rock chips on the front, instead of being a dick and pointing them out, compliment the owner on actually having the balls to get the car on the road rather than using white gloved staff to drive the car the 10 yards off the enclosed trailer and onto the car show lawn. At the end of the weekend the Gullwing’s owner was hopping back into his multiple $100k car and driving back to MA, a journey I’m sure the car and driver both enjoyed. Click the images to see large photos of just how clean this car was despite the highway journey.

Ok on to my two picks for listings. This year the two I’ll post are at vastly different ends of the spectrum.

The first is a facelifted, late 1980s, Audi GT Coupe that needs some love.

Audi Coupe GT

These coupes have unique lines and are pretty hard to come by these days, despite their observed scarcity, other than the Quattro model, they remain quite affordable.

This one has relatively low mileage for the year, 86,000 miles, and a ask price of $1,200. It clearly shows some wear and tear issues. Fading logos, a few rust bubbles, worn interior, etc. I know we usually try to find finer automobiles than this, but this car looked lonely parked on the side of the road under the overcast sky, watching as millions of dollars worth of vintage street and race cars drove past. It has a manual and if it runs well it is certainly worth saving and I bet the seller can knock a couple hundred off the price. You can give your kid a pretty unique fun first car to work on with this on the cheap. A few hours of elbow grease and this car could be a lot prouder. You can see from the photos its not a bad 10 footer at all. I don’t want to post the seller’s phone number, but post a comment if you are interested and I’ll get it to you.


The other car for sale that I thought would be fun to list, it being a Grand Prix event and all, is this 1965 Elva Mk.VIIs racer.

1965 BMW powered Elva Mk.7s

The Elva 7s racers were tiny cars, barely coming up to the knee, and were powered by a range of under 2.0 liter engines. While Elva is a British car company, this race car is powered by a very German BMW engine and comes complete with a BMW badge out front. Some Elva cars, think Can-Am, were fitted with very much over 2.0 liter 500 horsepower V8s by McLaren, which must’ve been immensely scary to drive.

The car has eye catching looks, the covered headlights up front present a really nice smooth face. The looks maybe confused for a D type Jag or Porsche Spyder if you squint, but the Elva isn’t like either of those, though Porsche power was found in other Mk.7 Elvas.

This particular car is super fresh, it has a recent restoration in which everything has been gone over. Basically everything is new or rebuilt from the body to the chassis to the engine. Transmission is a Hewland unit which is loaded with new internals. The new parts on the car are too many to list. The owner also states that the car can handle a 6′ + driver thanks to some modifications.

The car is available through Lee Chapman Racing, http://www.leechapmanracing.com

Obviously this is going to run you a bit more than the Audi listed above, but I suspect it isn’t obscene. No price is given, but I’d bet we’re looking at something in the $150,000 range with it in its race ready condition. I’m not really sure, I haven’t seen to many Elva’s cross the block in my time.


As always I highly recommend a pilgrimage to Watkins Glen, the birth place of modern road racing in the U.S., to any gearhead and the annual vintage festival is a perfect time to make the trip.


1965 Mercedes-Benz 220Sb

Mercedes-Benz was never one to give into styling fads until the last decade or so. However, the craze for tailfins in the 1950s led the styling team of the Stuttgart firm to introduce the fintail, or Heckflosse in German. These sedans were a restrained, German interpretation of a popular styling element that would last well past the tail fin craze left the US. The last Heckflosse left the factory in January 1968. Here is a clean, dual carburetor 220Sb outside of Washington, D.C. for sale.

The seller states:

1965 Mercedes Benz 220SB, 6 cylinder engine, automatic transmission. Always garaged, second owner. Original paint, great condition, compression is good, new stock transmission, all new brake lines, Original miles. Have maintenance records dating back 10 years, original books and man

While at the Mercedes-Benz Club June Jamboree in 2006, I remember running into a non-fintail 250S sedan in a similar gray on red color combination. I simply love the contrast of these period correct hues.

Incidentally, a few years before I came along, my father drove a 1967 230S, which was the final evolution of the Heckflosse, with a revised 2.3 liter, twin carb M108 six cylinder. It was black over parchment, with a 4 speed manual on the floor. We still have plenty of pictures of this car, one of which I sent to Mercedes-Benz for use in their ad campaign a few years ago “No One Ever Poses With Their Toaster.” You can see my father and his friends similar ’67 230S in white at 0:30 in the following video:


No-Reserve 1965 VW Karmann Ghia for sale

Clean and curvaceous, the Karmann Ghia is one of the most attractive cars ever built. They range from beaters to show queens, but they always put a smile on my face when I pass one on the road. Today’s Ghia falls in between the extremes; it may not be very far away from show-worthy, but the few imperfections are what keep it reasonably-priced and daily-driver ready. What a gorgeous daily driver this would be!

The brief note from the seller:


Engine recently rebuilt. 1835 cc Dual 40 Weber Carbs.

New professionaly installed salt and pepper carpet, seat upholstery & windshield.
Recent work on engine, receipts available. Character dings and dents for a 45 year old classic.
New professionally reinforced floor pans.

The interior and engine are nearly flawless, and I kind of like that the exterior is pretty but not perfect. Two-tone is the way to go in my opinion, and the colors here are just right. I had a girlfriend once who was big into vintage style, and this was her dream car. Funky but beautiful in a way only the 60s could provide, this Ghia is ideal for its combination of cleanliness but not obsessive perfection. If the auction can stay under $10k, this is a great deal for vintage beauty.


Superbly restored 1965 Porsche 911

This well cared for, 74,000 mile, Porsche received engine and transmission overhaul work back in 1982 and more recently had a full cosmetic restoration. It really looks nice in black with white racing stripes. The owner says that the car has a custom exhaust and new radio amongst some upgrades. The bare metal respray cost $12,000 and there is $50,000 in total receipts. The car sits on 14″ Fuchs.
This is a real nice looker and from the description it sounds like the drive is great as well. It is currently bid up to $22,500, reserve not met, with several days left. The seller offers plenty of opportunity to visit the car in person and seems perfectly legit, but does have low eBay feedback numbers.