1990 Audi 90 Quattro Coupe for sale

I love the Audi 90 Coupe. Seeing it instantly makes me think of a little early-90s spaceship flying up a snowy highway, especially so when in this fetching shade of Pearl White. The black trim along the bottom makes it a little less blobby, and 6-spoke wheels suit this generation of Audis quite well. Pretty high mileage at 174k, but that just makes it a ripe candidate for some RS2-engine action. A dealer is flipping it after 2 previous owners and while there’s no suggestion as to the reserve, starting at $1k points to a reasonable price.

1990 Audi 90 Quattro Coupe for sale on eBay

From the seller:

You are looking at one very rare Audi, the pictures speak for themselves! This here is a 1990 Audi Quattro Coupe. First owner 1990-2006, 2nd owner 2006-2012. Pearl white exterior with gray leather interior. Power heated memory recaro-inspired front seats, power sliding sunroof, power locks, and power adjustable mirrors. Other features include rear seat ski-pass through, auto climate control, cd player, zebrano wood,15″ MSW alloy wheels with newer brigestone potenzza rubber. The interior has no rips or tears in the leather, carpets are clean and have no odor issues. The exterior is in great condition as well with the original factory pin-stripe which is still intact. The body is free of any major dings, dents or scratches. On the picky side there is one small flake of paint the size of a penny that I touched up on the front passenger fender. The rear passenger fender has one very small bubble, but hardly half the size of a penny. My camera wouldn’t even pick these up…..again very small and very minor. Mechanically the car runs and drives beautiful, clutch feels good and no visible oil leaks on the driveway. No check lights or warning lights are on the dash. The car starts and idles like it should. The timing belt was performed at 115k. I have a stack of service reccords to go with the car. I acquired the car for a customer who simply could not come up with the funds which he promised. It was very frustrating as i spent a great deal of time hunting one down, as these models are very rare, and hard to find in good shape!

I’d love one of these little Quattro monsters. There aren’t a lot of small AWD coupes out there, the 325ix or older Impreza 2.5RS come to mind, but I think this model is the pick of the litter. If this pearly white can come in under $5k, I’d throw a ski rack on it and go for some fun in Lake Tahoe.


Clean Alpineweiss E30 M3 for sale

Today we have a very clean 1990 M3, dressed in the German national racing color of white. Lowered and placed on the great OEM+ upgrade of 17″ style 5s, I love E30s in this look; close to stock but with a little extra love. There aren’t a lot of details on the car, and its 190k miles could require a rebuild soon. Beyond the gorgeous exterior, the engine bay looks clean through and through and the grey interior, while not the prettiest of colors, looks to be recently redone and in great condition. Starting just under $17k with a Buy-It-Now of $17,650, the seller has a strong idea of what he thinks this car is worth.

1990 BMW E30 M3 for sale on eBay

An unfortunate lack of information:

You are looking a legend. This is a beautiful a beautiful repsentattion of a classic. This car has all the standard equpment that you would expect for this car. To say this car has been taken car of is an understatement. This car has every reciept and even has the orignal window sticker. The extras on this car really show the care and attention to detail that was spent on this car.

Here is a list of the extras on this car. Ireland engineering lowering race springs and strut stress bar. Style 5 17″ wheels wrapped yokohama S line tires. Morsco wires. Hella H4 euro headlights. Kenwood in dash CD.

IF you are looking for an E30 M3 this is one that you should not miss out on. This is an amazing car in amazing condition. There are two dents on the car but that is it. This car is impressive.

This car IS impressive looking. I was trying to come up with an explanation as to why the high mileage would make the price too high, but I don’t think I can. The interior and exterior are too clean, and if the engine has been cared for it could go a bit longer before an overhaul. With a rebuilt engine, this could easily be a $25k car, making this a pretty fair price provided there aren’t too many hiding gremlins.


1990 BMW 325i sedan

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my 1988 BMW 325is. The sound and the handling to this day have left a lasting impression in my petrolhead brain. Whenever I see an E30 for sale in good condition it has me thinking if it would be worth selling my R53 Cooper S and going back to my roots. This 325i sedan certainly is clean but doesn’t arouse 100% interest with me, due to the lack of a third pedal. Still, this 325i is a one owner vehicle in Alpine White, a desirable color as white is rather fashionable these days.

1990 BMW 325i sedan on eBay

Here is a beautiful 1990 BMW 325i. Finished with an Alpine White exterior and tan leather interior. Driven just 101,054 careful one owner miles since new. Options include an automatic transmission, power sunroof, leather seats and much more. This BMW just underwent a complete oil and fluid service within the last 20 miles and it drives better than it looks. The 6 cylinder engine is strong and powerful and the automatic transmission shifts properly through all the gears. The steering is tight and precise and the brakes feel just great. All of the electricals work perfectly and the air conditioning is ice cold. This is really a fantastic BMW to drive.

The interior is really nice. The optional tan leather seats are in remarkable condition (see pictures) showing just minimal wear to the seats. The dashboard is like new and even the carpets don’t look or feel like they have been stepped on thanks to the BMW floor mats that have been protecting them.

The exterior is really what sets this particular 325i apart from the rest. The Alpine White paint is in fantastic condition (see pictures) with no major scratches anywhere at all. The paint is still bright and shiny just like it was in 1990 when this BMW was on the showroom floor at the BMW dealership. Add the optional allow wheels mounted on great tires and this BMW does stand out from the rest. The 1990 BMW 325i really is the ultimate older sports sedan. It has fantastic looks, great visibility and all of BMW’s legendary safety, luxury and reliability. I have owned a lot of older BMW’s, but this one happens to look and drive nice as any. The only real “apologies” to this 325i are a dent on the right front by the headlight (see picture), and a couple of minor nicks that are to be expected on any used car.

This isn’t the most exciting or fast E30, but I admire this car for being an honest, well sorted example of one of BMW’s best. You don’t find one owner E30s everyday, and the condition this car is in matches its history. If this car was a 5 speed, no doubt interest would be higher, but as a starter car or for someone looking for a fun commuter car with a good combination of reliability, power and economy, look no further. The almighty E30 is up for the challenge.


Exceptional and Optimistic E30 M3 for sale

Pretty much every post about the E30 M3 references the continual rise of the market, usually while hoping to find an exception. Well, today’s M3 is exceptional but in quality, not price. Moderate modifications like Evo II front and rear spoilers, BBS RN wheels, and suspension complement just 80k miles covered. This is about as clean as modified M3s come, and as such it comes with a ludicrously high cost. Despite the well-rounded near-perfection, $29k feels about $5,000 too high. I guess when you’re already in the clouds, it’s a little hard to get your bearings.

1990 BMW E30 M3 for sale on Craigslist Bay Area

From the dealer (located painfully close to me):

Clean title, VIN: wbsak031xlae33936. Stock number 28398.Mileage 80,200.
Superb example finished in brilliantrot red over tan and black interior. ONLY 80,000 Miles on this rust-free nicely-modded example!
Options on this car include: Die Weithje mirrors [rumored to be one of only 500 sets made], Recaro SRD sport seats, BBS 17″ x 8″ RN wheels, Eibach Pro kit competition springs, Supersprint DTM-style rear muffler, Bilstein sport shocks, Eibach adjustable sway bars front and rear, single wiper kit, Evo II lightweight flywheel, aluminum control arm bushings, Alpine stereo with XM receiver AND MANY MORE EXTRAS!

Unless you’re going for the 100% stock look, this is about as good as the E30 M3 gets. It’s up to the buyer to decide how much you’d be willing to part with for the collector BMW that will attract oglers on the street as well as at shows.


1990 Volkswagen Golf Country

Following on to the success of the Mk1, the MkII Volkswagen Golf saw an ever expanding range of body styles and engine options to carry this popular model through to the 1990s. One variant to emerge from the MkII range, which incidentally was never sold in the United States, was the Golf Country. Designed as a light off-roader, it had a raised suspension, Syncro four-wheel drive and other off-road accoutrements such as a skid plate and brush bars. Finishing off the appearance was an externally mounted spare tire. All Golf Countrys were equipped with the stalwart 1.8 liter 8 valve four cylinder, producing 114 horsepower. In total, fewer than 8,000 Countrys were manufactured, with a handful having found their way across the pond. Here’s one of those examples for sale in California.

1990 Volkswagen Golf Country on eBay

Selling my ’90 Golf Syncro Country. This was my car last time I was in Germany and I legally brought it back with me last year. Located in Sacramento, CA and currently registered in Maine because Cali just wants too much money! Nice driver, clean car, everything works. 135k miles. 5 speed transmission. Sunroof. All original except the wheels. Brand new mud & snow tires with less than 1,000 miles. Runs well, but could use a complete service including timing belt. It looks old and I do not have any maintenance history. There’s a muffler rattle at idle. Interior is in excellent condition. Headliner is brand new. Body is very solid. No rust execept a small spot on the windshield and a spot on the rear deck where someone had a sticker that went bad. Some scratches on the hood and a light scrape on the passenger-side, rear door. Please see the pics. Asking $12,500.

I’m a big fan of these Golf Countrys. It’s an example of “everything you need, nothing you don’t” motoring. Crank windows, cloth interior, good ground clearance and Syncro make this an idea car for someone living in the Snow Belt who doesn’t want your typical gas guzzling SUV but still would like to get around during the cold months. At $12,500, this is a bit rich for a MkII, but it is in good shape for such a utilitarian vehicle. Given it is missing the factory wheels and needs a bit of service, it would be reasonable to bargain a bit off this price and have folks stare in awe the next time you roll by a Volkswagen dealership.


No-reserve 1990 Audi V8 Quattro for sale

Before the Audi got the A1-8 nomenclature going strong, their non-sequential nomenclatures were a little more confusing, but the cars were no less awesome for their day. The V8 eventually became the A8, but still was a big ol’ sedan with a stout 3.6L V8 with 250hp and Quattro all-wheel drive. Not up to today’s monster-horsepower standards, but was good for the day. Today’s example has 146k miles on the clock and looks clean inside and out. With a no-reserve auction, this could be a cheap way into some big German luxury.

1990 Audi V8 Quattro for sale on eBay with no reserve

An enthusiastic but straight-forward description from the seller:

Now here is a rare one. Just traded, here is a 1990 Audi V-8 Quattro and this one will amaze you. Right off the get go I’m gonna tell you that you won’t find a better running or better looking Audi regardless of the year. Mechanically you can’t fault the car for anything whatsoever as the V8 motor is quiet and dry, the automatic shifts perfectly, there are no puddles under the car and this one is as comfortable going down the road as you could want. Tight as a drum, no squeaks or rattles and tracks straight as a die. The odometer reads 146k and the title reads exempt by federal law as the car is over 10 years old. The body doesn’t have a dent of any consequence and there isn’t a speck of rust anywhere either on it or under it and the original black paint is in excellent shape and this car has not been buffed or waxed and it still looks fantastic. All the buttons work except the drivers side rear window but the window motor is fine as it tries hard but the window is taped in the up position and if that stops you from bidding on this one, shame on you. The interior has never seen a cigarette so there are no bad smells and the genuine leather seats should by all rights be cracked or split but that is not the case here as the leather is in beautiful condition with no rips or tears, a fresh and clean dash, carpets and headliner and a trunk that looks un used. If you were looking for a car that will offer all the luxury of a much later model and you didn’t want to pay a ton of money for a luxury sedan, here is a car that will always be worth whatever you pay for it now as long as you maintain it the way the original owner did and this one will be sold with no reserve so thanks for looking and good luck with the auction.

Cleanliness and reasonable miles make this a nice car. A no-reserve auction makes this a potential steal. Sitting just over $1k with 2 bids and 3 days left, someone could be looking good for less than 10% of this car’s sticker price. Anything less than $5k and I think the buyer will be very happy.


1990 Volkswagen T3 Westfalia Camper

It’s rather funny. With the SUV craze in full force for the last twenty years, the van has lost popularity. I sure don’t see as many of them on the streets as I do the atypical urban assault vehicle. Volkswagen’s van offerings have always been for those who drive to the beat of a different drummer, and one of my favorites was the T3 Camper Van. I remember playing around in one of these as a child when my father went to purchase a brand new 1987 Volkswagen Golf GT. It was always fascinating to me to have a half kitchen inside a vehicle.

Here’s a clean, low mileage Westfalia Camper for sale in California.

1990 Volkswagen Camper on eBay

I am selling my 1990 VW Westfalia Camper Van with a 4-speed transmission and a clear title. The vehicle has 42.8K miles (67,343 km) on the odometer. This a low-mileage rust-free van with a gorgeous interior and extremely strong engine. It has a new CD player and brand new front and rear Pioneer speakers. The van has alloy rims and 6-ply load-rated tires. It has a current California smog certificate. I am selling this Westfalia van with NO RESERVE price.

Recent repairs include:
> new rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders.
> new rear KYB shocks.
> complete tune up including new oxygen sensor, spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor.
> new valve cover gaskets and a new tail pipe.
> new oil filter, seal and oil change (20W-60 Castrol GTX oil).
> new front cross-drilled and vented rotors for cooler braking on hills and new ceramic brake pads for greater stopping power.
> the body was recently painted the original burgundy paint and the bumpers and grills were painted a special semi-gloss formula.
> a new clear sun-roof cover and winder.
> new utility covers and stickers were purchased from Van-cafe and installed along with new rear hatch struts (shocks) and a new locking radio antenna.

Included with the van are all the correct privacy curtains, front and rear tables and table stands as well as the original jack. This is a gorgeous, low-mileage van just looking for its next adventure.

With about five days left and no reserve, there has been no interest yet. The Doka trucks built on the T3 chassis have been pulling large sums as of late, and a clean, low mileage Camper such as this is bound to be attractive to the right collector. Whether someone is willing to pay almost $20,000 for the privilege remains to be seen. One thing is certain, this is one of the nicest Campers I’ve seen in quite some time.

And now all Volkswagen sells is the Volkswagen Caravan. Excuse me, Routan. Perish the thought.


1990 BMW 325is

I have given a lot of thought lately to the whole used versus new debate. Earlier this year, I traded in a Mercedes-Benz that I bought new for a MINI Cooper S that was used. For me, I’m going to have a hard time justifying buying a new vehicle in the near future. As time marches on, most of the new product offerings have lost any kind of unique brand identity. I therefore find myself longing for the cars of my youth, from the 1980s and early 1990s, like this well kept 1990 BMW 325is. The E30 was almost the company car of the emerging yuppie class, but these days, it harkens back to more economically optimistic times and for car enthusiasts, a time when cars were more simple yet provided more pleasure than their successors.

1990 BMW 325is on Hemmings Motor News

California Car, Show Quality, Totally Rust-Free 1990 BMW 325is, Sterling Silver Metallic with Black Leather, 5 Speed Manual. This car has all maintenance up to date including the following done at 99k miles; new front & rear brake rotors and pads, timing belt/tensionor, water pump, valve adjustment, all fluids flushed, new Bilstein shocks & struts and more. This car is nearly perfect with no exposure to bad elements of salt etc. The panels are all original with all the VIN stickers intact. Nearly perfect paint showing almost no road wear at all. The interior is also close to flawless, has no cracks in the dashboard, the carpets are immaculate and free of any stains and the leather is as soft and new looking as when the car was sold.

This condition of the car shows that it obviously was garaged since new and was a one owner car until 97k miles. It has heated seats and a Factory CD changer. This car is all stock equipment except for a BMP design Supersprint stainless exhaust that was installed by the previous owner. This can be changed back to factory very easily by the next owner if desired. This car is not for someone looking for just a clean E30, but a fair weather car that is one of the cleanest original E30’s in the country. This has been my personal car for the last two years and has been driven 5k miles in good weather since 2009. It has been stored in a climate controlled showroom. Sensible offers close to asking price will be considered.

I like the extensive description on this car, and the list of maintenance items taken care of is reassuring. The asking price of $14,900 though is quite optimistic, if not approaching 2002tii money. Realistically, a car like this should be honing in on the $8,000 to $10,000 neighborhood.

As a former owner of an E30 325is, I can attest that these are very hearty cars if looked after and are much less complex than any new car out there, reducing the amount of upkeep needed. If I wasn’t so happy with my ’06 Cooper S right now, a clean, late model E30, such as a 318is or 325is would be at the top of my list. It wouldn’t be the best choice for everyone, but since I drive between 5,000 to 7,000 miles a year, it would be just enough exercise to keep a practical classic, or youngtimer, as the Germans would call it, going for many years forward.


Mean Machine: Crazy-Clean Corrado G60 for sale

I haven’t written up (or lusted after) a Corrado in a while, but that just changed. Many thanks to reader/seller Wes for sending in his ad on VWVortex for his 1990 Corrado. It’s the best kind of Corrado: well taken care of, low mileage, with some tasteful add-ons that make it fast and furious, but not Fast and Furious. Gorgeous in black with a clean cloth interior, it comes with oodles of parts and two sets of wheels, as if just getting a Corrado this nice weren’t enough.

Seriously, Wes: you did this thing right.

1990 VW Corrado G60 for sale on VWVortex

Wes has a great description of the car, and follows up with a list of parts whose mere length shows how thorough he and his mechanic were:

More Details:
All new OEM mounts (front, rear, and transmission)
New Thermostat, Coolant Temperature Sensors, Fuel Filter, Bosch Spark Plugs, Distributor Cap, Gasket, Rotor, Slave Cylinder, OEM Oil Pan, OEM Oil Pump (2010), Ignition Switch.
Redline MT90 Transmission Fluid
Diesel Geek Short Shift Kit (Left to Right Reduction not installed, but have parts and still have original shifter)
Later OEM Shift Weight
268/260 Cam
Autotech Shock Therapy 10.4mm Spark Plug Wires
EuroWires Ground Kit
New Rod Bearings and ARP Connecting Rod Bolts (2009)
Aluminum Idler Pulleys
BBM Adjustable Belt Tension Cap
Autotech Sport Windage Tray
Eurospec Rally Cylinder head. Ported and Polished with +2mm oversize valves.
Tectonics Adjustable Camshaft Sprocket
BBM Aluminum Crank Pulley
3.5 bar FPR
ARP Head Studs.
30 lb Injectors.
Scientific Rabbit Stage III Ported Intake Manifold.
Techtonics High-Flow Catalytic Convertor.
Techtonics 2.5” Aluminized Exhaust with Borla Muffler and JRE Black Powder Coated Tip
Powder Coated Valve Cover
BBM Stage IV “High Rev” Chip
ARP Head Studs
Low Temperature Thermostat and Radiator Fan Switch
J-Caps Coolant and Oil Caps
I also have a ported throttle body that I never got around to installing.

Brakes (done in August, 2009):
ATE Super Blue Racing Fluid
Autotech Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
Zimmerman Cross-Drilled Rotors Front and Rear (new bearings in rear)
Mintex Pads Front/Rear
Painted Brake Calipers

SuperCharger (Work done May, 2008):
BBM Howitzer Intake
BBM Intercooler Tubes (Built in ISV reroute)
OE Spec Rebuild (Case was painted Black)
GT70 Intake Porting
RS/RSR Porting, Stage IV
BBM Super Wide Belt Conversion
68mm Power Pulley
RSR Outlet Kit
Forge Blow Off Valve

Roof Rack:
Thule 400xtr Rapid Aero Foot Pack
Thule 43″ Rapid Aero Load Bars
Fit Kit 94
38″ Fairing
Thule 544 Lock Cores, 4 Pack (Not Installed)
Yakima 7012 Basketcase Roof-top Luggage Carrier
Yakima Universal Mighty Mounts
2 Volkswagen Barracuda Bike Holders
Hella 500 Driving Lamp Kit with custom light bar. (Lights are not wired up).

Heater Core Replaced in 2010.
European Manual Seat Belts
MOMO Anatomic Short Shift Knob
MOMO Performance Shift Boot (Short/Black)
MOMO Race 3000 Steering Wheel with MOMO Hub Adaptor
Neuspeed 2 Gauge Center Console Panel with VDO Boost Gauge and VDO Oil Pressure Gauge
Redline Accessories Emergency Brake Boot (Later model leather covered Ebrake handle)
Keyless Entry Module
Lloyd Heavyweight Carpeted Mats front and rear
VW Aluminum Pedal Covers
DDI Aluminum Gauge Rings
DDI Corrado Door Sill Covers
Duostyling In-Dash Air-Fuel Gauge
Black Headliner
No rips or tears in any of the seats.

Kenwood Excelon KDC-X991
Alpine SPX-13REF Component Speakers in Doors
Alpine 4×6 Euro-Fit Speakers in Rear Towers
Boston Acoustics S45 4” Dash Speakers
Polk Audio MM651 6.5” Speakers in Deck Lid (Also have uncut deck lid)
Rockford Fosgate T112D4 12” Subwoofer in custom enclosure.
Polk Audio PA200.4 Amplifier (Normal Speakers)
Polk Audio PA400.1 Amplifier (Subwoofer)
Amps in Custom Enclosure in Trunk
Stereo Capacitor (Forget how many farads)

2 Grilles (OEM and Badgeless)
3 Spoilers (Black, Slate Grey Metallic, and Red)
Hella Clear Turn Signals
DDI Wide Angle Side Mirrors
Eurocullen Smoked/Clear Side Marker lights.
European Headlights with Manual Adjusters and EuroWires Headlight Relay Harness
Roof Strips replaced in 2009 with brand new pieces.
Resprayed OEM Black in 2008. No Dents or Dings in bodywork.
90mm Euro Chin Spolier (also have US 50mm spoiler)

H&R Height-Adjustable Coilovers
VR6 Strut Bearings
Eurosport Front Upper Stress Bar
Eurosport Front Lower 3-point Stress Bar
Eurosport Rear Upper Stress Bar
H&R Front 28mm Sway Bay.
Wheel Bearings, Tie Rods, Ball Joints, and Control Arm Bushings were replaced by previous owner in 2004.

4 TSW Trophy 16×7, 4×100 et40 Painted Porsche Slate Grey Metallic with 205/45 ZR16 Sumitomo HTRZII
4 Enkei SC05 17×7, 4×100 et40 (Enkei Tuning Stickers are removable) with 205/40ZR17 Yokohama S.Drive Tires
Various size H&R Trak wheel spacers and lug bolts.

Comes with the boxes of extra parts that every Corrado owner ends up. Tons of screws, bolts, nuts, clips, etc. and other stuff like an alternator, extra throttle body, probably a CO Pot in their somewhere, and on and on. There’s a set of fiberglass side skirts that are new and unpainted that I never got around to putting on the car also. There’s a few boxes worth of stuff. Bentley manual and Owner’s manual also included.

I think that simply a clean Corrado G60 with 112k miles that looks great wouldn’t be too far off the $6,800 asking price. Add in the well-thought-out mods and myriad extra parts that come with it and this is a fantastic deal. It nearly makes me drop all E28 dreams and snatch this G60 up. Anybody looking for a nice price on a fun Corrado should stop what they’re doing and call Wes immediately.


1990 Mercedes 560SEL AMG & 1988 560SEL Lorinser

Fans of the big body Benz W126 models are in luck with two special models on eBay right now.

First off is a 1988 U.S. spec 560SEL decked out in the Lorinser kit with 110,904 miles. The seller states this is a two owner car that has been well maintained. They have the original sticker with the car and its price is listed as $70,160, not including the $12,000 that the Lorinser body kit and rims added. There isn’t much more info about the car, but it does come with some spare parts. The car looks pretty good, it has tinted tail lights which, along with the color matched rims and grille, help the blacked out effect. There are white face gauge set on the inside with red accents, which stand out. The Lorinser kit is subtly different from the AMG kit; this car comes with the original Lorinser Sport Service badge. The car is begging for someone to toss the sunken U.S. spec headlights. Bidding sits at $3,550 with three days left and the reserve not met.


If you like the 560SEL above, but it just doesn’t quite fit the look you like in terms of your Miami Vice style Benz sedans then this following car shows a bit more refinement. This 1990 560SEL AMG is close to the peak in terms of the W126 sedans. Hat tip to reader Andrew for noticing this on Canadian eBay. Comparing this Euro car side by side with the U.S. Lorinser model above you can see how its lines are smoother and the AMG package just seems a bit tighter. The air dams and rocker aero package are a bit better sculpted, the Euro headlights make for a smooth front face, and the blacked out effect is completed with more success with the chrome around the doors being body color as well, though the AMG three piece wheels do retain a chrome lip.

This car has 64,178 miles and a long list of proper modifications. The Japanese market AMG logo “ducktail” spoiler mounted on this car, never all that appealing to me, I prefer the more traditional third brake light AMG straight spoiler, is a rare option. Again comparing this 560 to the one above you can really see how the AMG suspension components this car has gives it a lower wider stance. The seller lists this car as being a 9.8 out of 10 on the outside, with new clear coat and a 10 out of 10 on the inside. The 300 km/h speedo and white face AMG gauge set struck my as different and it took me a second to figure out why. The reason is all the yellow needles have been replaced with blacked out pieces, attention to detail there. The whole car does look fine.

Other parts on this car include the power rear sunshade, the heated power seats, and the 2.65 limited slip diff with second gear start switch, this can be swapped to a numerically higher diff, AMG offered several, for more sporting stop light performance, but you will lose some of the long haul highway munching characteristics this car is built for.
The seller lists the AMG parts as:

AMG paint scheme ( blacked out chrome finish )
AMG suspension [springs and shocks with stamps on them]
AMG complete exhaust system from the down pipes with AMG catalytic converter
AMG spoilers [ Japan version front and the so called “ducktail” ]
AMG 3 pc. 17″ staggered rims
AMG transmission with higher shifting points
AMG steering wheel
AMG cluster with 300 Km with correct reading of speed
AMG door thresholds on all 4 doors
AMG center wooden console
AMG wooden shift knob complete with logo
AMG authentic sticker on glove box wooden trim

I also note there is an AMG badge placed on top of the period car phone. A small Mercedes trophy sits in the console perhaps from a car show the seller took the car to.

This car won’t sell cheaply, but will not bring the same amount as an AMG engine modified car. Heavy bidding has it at $12,000 with reserve not met and five days left.

If you have your own 500 or 560 and want to add some life to it, there is a set of genuine AMG headers for sale right now on eBay for $2,300.