Last Minute 1990 E30 BMW M3 No Reserve

This silver M3 auction ends in just a few hours. It is a nice no reserve auction, currently bid up to $18,400. The car has almost 100,000 miles. The previous seller does a nice job of detailing the $16,500 worth of repairs and maintenance items he has done since 2002 and he also says he throw in the 100k mike valve adjustment before the car sells. This looks like a real nice ride in gleaming silver. The no reserve auction gives us a chance to see some true market value.


1990 BMW Alpina B11 3.5

The word on the street is this 1990 Alpina that was offered by a Canadian seller on eBay back in 2006 is back on the market. The below photos are from back in 2006. I have no link, but perhaps the current owner can post a comment below with more details about the vehicles status. If you are interested post a comment and we’ll see if we can get some more info.


Clean BMW E30 M3 for under $15k

We’ve looked at the E30 M3 from a lot of angles here:  no-mile garage queens and clean but heavily modified examples selling for exorbitant amounts, overly-modified swappers or clean examples selling for a lot, and projects or beaters selling for *just* quite a bit.  Each offers a different approach to coveted inaugural-M3 ownership, but today’s comes in nicely just under the “clean example.”  It’s not perfect (in a minor accident a while back, the usual suspects of imperfections, 144k miles), but it’s pretty good (some recovered seats, rebuilt top end, running well), and it can be had for under $14k.

Don’t know where the reserve is set, but I’d say the buy-it-now of $13,995 is about right as far as E30s on eBay go.  Grabbed for less it’s a good deal, bought at that price it’s a fair deal.  Not perfect, but not beat to hell; I know for darn sure that I’d take it in my garage.


1991 BMW E30 325i 5 speed convertible High Mileage

We see a lot of low mileage beauty/garage queens and we see literally tons of high mileage ragged beaters in our quests. We don’t often find a mostly original 200,000 mile car we want to post, but this one I felt deserved a little press.

Reader Peter caught this 1991 325i that still sparkles. The 5 speed manual definitely helped in convincing me that you readers would appreciate this well traveled cabrio a bit more.

It looks to be well cared for, obviously, it is on its second timing belt, has a reconditioned soft top, and a new plastic rear window. The seller says it has no rattles, no leaks, no rust, and a strong clutch. The seller also says it “drives like a new car”. I don’t know about that with that high mileage on it I’m sure it feels a bit different than a new E30, however with that many miles it probably has all the kinks worked out and settled in to a sort of automotive stasis.

Apparently the odometer has stopped working, but when selling a car with a known 200k on the clock does the additional mileage matter other than for bragging rights and maintenance upkeep records?

The vehicle has a reserve on the price, it would be interesting to see what this would go for without a reserve or what the seller thinks it is worth. With 16 bids already and a price of $2300 it is hard to say how much higher it will go. I’ve said this before, I’m not a convertible guy so this doesn’t appeal all that much to me. I do suspect without a reserve some enthusiast with a budget would get a nice entry point into BMW ownership.

Does the mileage make you nervous or does the overall presentation and condition of the car assuage any fears you might have?


1990 Audi 200 DTM Racer

Here is a turn key race Audi DTM spec race car. The car comes with a 3.6 liter V8 good for 420 horsepower, but you also have the option of buying a spare 4.2 liter 450 horsepower Audi engine as well. All the major components look to be genuine Audisport items and it appears the car started out as a Audisport body in white, not a converted street car. The car has a six speed transmission and looks good.
The ask is $60,000. I bet this is a blast out on the track. It looks like there are plenty of spares to be had for the new owner too.

More pictures can be seen on the seller’s website here:


1990 Hartge H5SP For Sale in Vancouver, Canada

Check out this very cool e34 535i based ! I love almost everything about it: Incredibly exclusive, relatively low miles at 67k, and I’m a sucker for e34’s. The articles included state the car has 245hp and is a close match for the Alpina B10 (not to be confused with the biturbo).

Hartge H5SP For Sale

Videos from the seller. The walk-around:

And make sure to be wearing good headphones or a subwoofer before playing this clip:

quote from seller’s listing:

1990 BMW 535I : 1990 BMW HARTGE H5SP (535i). Super RARE – COLLECTIBLE BMW – Hartge H5SP. 3.5L automatic inline 6, Hartge Camshaft, Hartge Exhaust /headers, Hartge Suspension, Brakes and Muffler. Very powerful car. Black Metalic with Black Leather. Sunroof, and all options available. 67,000 miles / 114,000 km. Overall this is a fabulous running, driving and handling E34 sedan that is virtually irreplaceable.

I have owned the car for 5 years. This is a great investment on a very collectable car, the value will only go up if car is kept in the condition that it is now. My reason for selling is that i have too many collector cars and not enough storage space. Car always kept in heated garage. Originally Imported from Germany to Japan by a Consular and then Imported to Canada . In Dash Computer is in German Language.

The downside on this one is obviously the automatic transmission. It would be worth it to swap to a manual in my mind as I don’t believe any cutting is required to swap between auto and manual, so it’s originality could preserved for future owners if needed. And of course importing this to the U.S. will require a broker at the very least (if possible at all). Could make for an interesting restoration car/track day/show car for the next 5 years until it can be legally registered though — or move to Canada!


Clean and lower-mile 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro for sale

I’ve expressed my enjoyment of the Audi Coupe Quattro, a loveable nugget of a coupe packing all-wheel drive and a little 20V 5-cylinder.  It’s maybe not the most extreme Audi, but it does a lot of things well.  It looks good, if a little less taught than the ur-Quattro.  It should handle decently with some fun factory go-fast bits and a manual tranny.  And though a little coupe, it’ll get you where you need to go with all four wheels turning.  Every once in a while a nice example pops up, and this is a great, updated but unabused example from Utah.

// <![CDATA[
// ]]>1990 Audi Coupe Quattro for sale on eBay

From the seller:

Garage kept, Summer driver, low miles 97,636. The car has many upgrades from engine, intake, exhaust, new ecu, suspension, wheels, brand new tires, paint, tint, stereo and so much more. I have a set of the original speedline wheels with tires, original air box,radio,and other misc parts. This has been a amazing car. You wont find too many out there like this.

Going to need some more investigation with a brief description like that, but this Quattro has a lot going for it.  It’s clean in and out, and the sub-100k miles is a very positive place to start.  I like the black molding instead of the singular exterior color a lot of these have, and the great Borbets are very fitting.  The one holdup here is the price; $7500 seems like a bit rich to start bidding for this 20 year-old Audi spacenugget, but perhaps further investigation will show that it’s even nicer than the ad suggests. -NR

1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60 Bumblebee

This is a tastefully modified Corrado with lots of bright yellow. It has low miles, 50,000. Add on parts from Kompressor Kanada, Zender, Tial, Techtonics, Borla, H&R, Koni, and Zender show the car was liked. It has 18,000 on the rebuilt engine. The car is up with no reserve and starting bid under $2,000. The seller indicates it needs new axles and that it slips out of 5th gear. It isn’t clear how major these problems are. These problems will keep the price down, but a new owner will need to plan financially on expecting the worse just in case. Also not the low feedback seller, this should also keep the price down, but bid at your own risk.


Low-mileage 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro for sale

I was driving behind one of these the other day and was reminded of how cool these funky little coupes are.  Depending on the angle and mood, they can look like bloated space pods or excitable rally monsters.  Sightings are rare as only 1730 came to the US, and this is an great example with a mere 55k miles covered.

It’s not perfect, but the pearl white looks really good here, and a few small upgrades (wheels, suspension) would make this a very attractive little car.  The interior and engine compartment are in great shape and the low mileage is a huge plus, but asking nearly $10k is a bit much.  The last one I posted was half that, albeit with twice the miles.  I’d much rather spend $5k on a 110k mile car than $10k on a 55k mile car.

1990 Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet

The 1990 model year marked the second to last year for the 944 and the first of a two year run for the rare 944 S2 cabriolet. Just shy of 2,500 cabriolets were ever produced. Carried over was the 16 valve, 3.0 liter four cylinder engine producing 208 horsepower.

1990 Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet for sale on Craigslist Philadelphia

The seller states:

Here is a very fine 1990 Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet. These cars are very rare, only a few thousand were imported into the USA.

This car is in mint condition, and has a new power top, New boot cover, New tires, and New brakes. Everything works great, no excuses or stories.

Has 102k miles, but you would never guess this by looking at or driving the car.

New OEM Blue canvas top and boot cover, Power top works flawlessly.

Original paint shines very brightly (these pictures were taken in dull light conditions), Car was always garage kept.

No Dents, No Rust, No scratches.

New tires on mint condition original wheels. New Brakes, 4 Piston Brembo brake setup is awesome! ABS standard

Interior is very nice, just a one tiny nick, in each seat bottom, about 1/2 inch long.

Dash has typical small cracks, and a dash pad to cover it. Has drivers side airbag.

Engine runs very smoothly ,sweet sounding to redline, no leaks, no oil usage.

5 speed Manual trans shifts very smoothly.

This car is really nice, and very addictive to drive. Powerful, balanced and light feeling, a real joy to drive.

MotorWeek road tested the S2 cabriolet back in 1990. They provide a good run down on how involved the assembly process was. Here’s the clip:

While over 100,000 miles might seem like a lot, the Porsche four cylinders are pretty reliable, given proper maintenance. Few cabriolets were produced in the first place, so survivors these days are becoming scarce. NADA lists average retail right around the seller’s asking price, so if the car could be had for between $10,000 and $11,000, this would be a good deal.