1995 Mercedes E320 with C36 Swap

I can’t claim to be the most well-versed writer on GCFSB when it comes to Mercedes, but I do fancy myself an inquisitive life-long learner. Along those lines, whether it’s a W210 E55 or a W202 C36, the lethal bloodlines of AMG continue to blow my mind. The latter is the centerpiece of this wagon heart transplant, holy grail to all who believe in sleepers just beyond stock. Badass wagons are an instant +1 in gearhead culture. So what better than to throw a 276hp, 3.6L straight-6 (originally designed to contest the E36 M3’s smaller and less powerful 3.0L I6) into an innocuous grocery-getter. Sounds like the basic ingredients for a heavy dose of KICKASS.

1995 Mercedes E320 w/ C36 swap for sale on Denver Craiglist

From the mechanic seller:

Rare 124 chassis wagon powered by a really rare low mileage (115 k) AMG engine & transmission transplanted from a C36 AMG. Not a soccer mom’s wagon any more, unless she’s Danica Patrick. 3rd row seating folds down as will the middle row seats to make an expansive cargo area. You can camp in this car. Factory roof rack with an included ski/bikeand a receiver hitch to take an included 4 bike carrier make this an impressive weekend warrior machine. Equipment includes tinted windows, MP3 compatible 8 speaker stereo, prewired for an included XM receiver, retractable / removable factory cargo cover/dog net, electric seats & windows, cold A/C, 16″ Mercedes factory wheels with great tires. Any new parts needed when swapping the engine were replaced. Mechanic owned, it’s in better shape than any other one you could find. New ceramic brake pads for no nasty black dust & squeal typical on most Mercedes. The engine & trans were resealed in the swapping phase, there’s not a drip of anything under this car. All new service items were included too, of course. Mobil 1 oil & filter, transmission filter & synthetic fluid, spark plugs. Two front airbags & SRS seatbelts along with ABS brakes & legendary Mercedes body safety designs make this a very safe car for you, friends & family. Full disclosures: the car has 200,000 mile on it. I swear you can’t tell by looking. It’s a beautiful head turner, inside & out. There’s not a single crack in the dashboard. There is some cosmetic cracking in the (real) wood trim piece at the shifter. The window tinting has scratches in a couple of spots, not that you’ll really notice, especially while driving. There is a wear spot on the driver’s seat where it’s practically invisible except when cleaning the car. The body is pretty darned good but you’ll see a couple of dings. It’s used & meant to be used. The glass is very good, even the Genuine Mercedes factory windshield is only a few months old. Will consider Mercedes trade.

Despite the inherent caution required with engine transplants, stuffing an AMG engine in the most mundane of MB 124 wagons is the stuff that all true car enthusiasts should respect. The only thing this car is missing is some AMG Monoblock wheels, which would hint at the potent AMG engine but keep the clean Mercedes look. All in all, if the car is truly drip-free and well done, $8k sounds like a good deal for a kickass wagon. AMG offerings like the E63 wagon are increasingly hard to come by with each passing generation, so why not go even more lowkey with a wagon that has the chance to waste the contemporary and humorously-similarly-named E36 M3? No shill of Nike, but just do it.


Get crazy with a BMW E36 M3 LTW… Supercharged.

We’ve had a few E36 M3 Lightweights here, and their rarity has kept these most of these cars starkly original and away from their true home, the race track. Yet while some collectors choose to keep their unobtainium-enhanced M3s as out-of-the-box as possible, today’s seller has taken a decidedly more irreverent tack. He’s gone and done what most adventurous souls do to normal E36s, and bought a Dinan supercharger system and upgraded brakes, suspension, exhaust, and thrown in an aftermarket stereo and some angel eyes just to really piss the purists off. Most, myself included, might not see the point in buying a car that was special because it had no stereo only to put one back in, but it’s obvious this guy sees things a little differently. Adherence to good taste notwithstanding, the objective facts are that this is about as fast and rare as E36s get.

1995 BMW M3 Lightweight for sale on eBay

From the seller:

I have my very fast 1995 M3 Lightweight for sale. Rarely driven 21,411 highway miles. 10/10 interior/exterior. Limited Edition–LESS THAN 40 REMAINING IN THE USA. M3 LTW specs:

Lightweight Aluminum Doors
Underchassis X brace
Top Tower Brace
adjustable GT wing
Lightweight Racing Carbon Fiber Interior


High Performance Mods

Dinan Stage 3 factory installed performance package:

Dinan Supercharger
Dinan Stage 3 Computer
Dinan Cold Air Intake

StopTech Big Brake Kit
UUC Shortshifter
UUC Clutch and Flywheel
Sachs Racing Coilover Suspension
Racing Headers
Remus Racing Exhaust
BMW Factory Radio w/ CD changer (Not originally included in the LTW)

Umnitza Angel Eyes with Glass Lens
Euro tail lights and blinkers
Gold mirror tint all around.
18″ Gold BBS LM wheels on Michelin Pilot Sports
+Original Lightweight Wheels

The red flags are the opposite of what usually raises eyebrows… 21k highway miles? What was the supercharger for then? And well done modifications… but why modify it? At least it comes with the original wheels, but it’d be a bit of work to get this thing back to stock. The Buy-It-Now of $65k seems a bit optimistic, considering the reason these cars are so much more than your everyday E36 M3 is the exclusivity, and that’s been partially negated by “improving” it. Modifications and low mileage or no, I don’t see this being worth too much more than a normal LTW, which is to say around $40k. And even if he doesn’t think so, I think a bone-stock LTW at $40k is cooler than this one at $65.


1995 Mercedes E320 Wagon AMG 3.6

Here is a  nice transplant conversion. Take one of the superb W124 wagons and pull out the stock 3.2 liter six and drop in place the bored out 3.6 liter 275 horsepower version from the C36 AMG.

The conversion was probably fairly easy as a handful of the AMG built engines were dropped into various iterations of the E class straight from the factory as the E36. The engine looks absolutely at home and very few would guess this wasn’t a stock engine bay.

This car has just under 200,000 miles on the body and the donor engine, pulled from a same year C36, has 115,000.

The car is rust free and looks really clean for a car of its mileage. The deep blue paint looks good and is a suitable color for sleeper of this nature. Surely not as swift or as surprising as some of the recent German uber wagons. A 95 packing close to 300 horsepower is still likely to turn a few heads.

The interior is also clean and comes with the removable dog cage for the rear cargo area as well as the removable rear cargo cover, both are great options to have. Fold down the seats and you have plenty of room for hauling or sleeping.

These wagons have a good following. The ask on this one is $8,500. That might be a bit high for this car with this mileage, a stock E320 wagon in good driver shape can be had for $5,000. It is hard to know what kind of premium that addition of the 3.6 liter adds. All around this looks like a practical car for the family man who longs for an unaffordable E63 wagon, but still wants something fun and unique with authentic AMG pedigree.

1995 Mercedes E320 Wagon AMG 3.6 on eBay.


1995 BMW 540i 6-speed for sale

The recent subject of Jalopnik’s great “Nice Price or Crack Pipe” feature, today’s 1995 E34 540i is a clean example of one of the first V8 5-series. While not the coveted M-sport 540i, it does come with a similarly-rare 6-speed transmission, offered only in 1995, which is sure to bring plenty of fun with the willing and torquey 280hp M60 4-liter. It looks very straight inside and out, and while the white-on-white may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it definitely looks like a nice to place to be. My college rowing coach had one of these exact models but in dark blue and commuted 100 miles a day in it for 10 years. He eventually went to a diesel Benz for the auto, but praised the 540i’s speed and comfort for the long haul. Providing the same torque as the E34 M5, this is a great way to get 6-speed fun and clean E34 style without too much hassle or M-premium.

1995 BMW 540i 6-speed for sale on bimmerforums

From the seller:

I have a clean title alpine white E34 1995 540i 6-speed with 112k miles. It is mostly stock with the original radio and cd changer in the trunk. Dove interior with both oem and black bavauto floor mats. Spare tire, factory jack, and tools all accounted for.

-Oil Changed every 3k with mobil1
-Flushed Cooling system with BMW coolant
-Flushed brake fluid with ATE Super blue
-New Fuel filter and spark plugs
-New Akebono brake pads
-New front and rear rotors
-New motor mounts
-New Oil pan gasket
-New Valve cover gaskets
-New Water Pump
-New Belts
Along with many other various things I cant remember

-20% tint with lifetime warranty
-DDM 55w 4500k HID kit
-Clear corners (still have the ambers also)
-Power coated valve covers
-Muffler Delete

Muffler delete has to be fun to hear the M60 roar. The modifications aren’t overdone and I dig the badgeless rear. With 84% of Jalopnik voters giving it “Nice Price,” I think I’ll agree and call this a good deal for some nice, lower-mileage German speed.


Reader ride: 318ti with M3 S50 swap

Reader Paul sent us his well-modified BMW E36/5 sporting the popular engine swap of an E36 M3 3.0L inline 6 for the original 1.9L four. If the potential of this swap weren’t clear enough, it’s worth it to note the S50’s 240hp is a stunning 75 percent increase. Logically followed up with a LSD, springs, etc., this little compact is a serious contender. While the hatchback might scare some away, less weight and shorter overhangs with the same wheelbase makes a lot of sense and must be a ton of fun. The murdered-out OEM+ look suits it well, and Paul seems ready to sell it to whomever makes a decent offer.

1995 BMW 318ti w/ S50 swap for sale on e46fanatics

A list of goodies:

– Shell was bought here last year, swap manual used from J!M and also had him come over and help in person. 140k on the shell.
– Complete and running swap, I have put just under 10K miles on it in about 15 months.
Matching Cluster DME and Motor, with 58xxx on the dash, car still has the original Ignition coils.
– Brand new; Clutch TOB Fork OEM(Done at Final Touch Motor Sports which rodney will vouch for also have receipt.), rear main seal,Starter, alternator, motor mounts OE, Trans mounts OE, Guibo OE, Fresh Plugs and Belts, valve cover gasket, O2 sensor AND MUCH MUCH MORE.
– Full Front end rebuild Control arms/ball joints, Tie rods and OEM FCAB’s less than 1k miles now
– All new Vacuum hoses and fitting as well as a Clean ICV, and manifold/ TB gaskets. New plugs/
Belts as of 3400 ish miles ago.
– No A/C Compressor and mounts condenser and lines have all been removed only the coil in the dash remains.
– Brand new Pioneer Deh 6300-ub headunit, with all NEW OEM speakers. Inifnity Basslink Subwoofer.
– This car also has No-sunroof. It was going to be my dedicated track car. Needs small amount of body work Car has never been in an accident. small dents and scratches which would be expected car looks awesome none the less.
///M Front Bumper, ///M Moldings,///M Mirrors. Oem fogs with 6k HID.
– Depo Headlights with Angel eyes and 6k HIDS
– Comes with AC Schnitzer Replica Spoiler.
– Car is Stock Minus OBD2 Headers and Conforti Chip and Exhasut.
– 3.73 E30 LSD with E30 half shafts.
– DS2 Wheels with tires Staggered OEM Sizes. Painted Gunmetal
– Car is currently on Rokkor Coils In front and the spring in the back with NEW OEM M coupe Struts and new RSM’s . Has an Ebay strut bar.
– Water pump<1k thermostat ALL hoses and radiator have all been replaced just under 7-10 k ago. - - Aluminum T stat Housing. - Valve Retainers are done. Still needs the oil pump nut to be welded. No problems with this car turn key, and go! Solid idle no missing no check engine! Air bag light is ON! Pulls Strong smooth and quiet. NO VANOS NOISE! Active autowerke Replica track pipe. Ebay SSK. B&M rep. Also have all the booklets that came with the car in the leather case. 2 keys. You would be VERY hard pressed to find a better example of a 318ti as well as an S50 from a 1995 M3.

Originally priced at $10,500, Paul is heading out to sea with the Merchant Marine Academy and has reiterated several times that he is “quite flexible” on the price. The Vader-and-Angel-Eyes is not for everyone, but if it’s your style, this appears as well-sorted as a modded-and-swapped car could be and is poised to be a great deal.


1995 BMW M3 Lightweight

The lightweight E36 Lightweight (not officially badged as a CSL) M3 cars pop up every now on then on eBay. Ones for sale off eBay are usually for sale north of $40,000. The price can be seen as justified with somewhere around 120 of these produced.

This car has traveled 74,000 miles and still looks good in the standard white and tri-color paint job of most the lightweights. The less is more M3 came without A/C, sound deadening, sunroof, or other luxury interior appointments. Aluminum panels also added lightness. This car comes fitted with the BMW high wing spoiler.

The owner says that he has all the original pieces for the car, but he has done some modifications, nothing that couldn’t be undone if a purist was taking an interest, though this definitely is more of a drivers collectable. Modifications include aftermarket headlights, and exhaust items, some extra gauges and some stereo improvements.

The owner retains the original window sticker on this car, which is a pretty neat thing to have on such a rare car. Currently the car is with its second owner and it has had 60,000 miles put on by him in the past nine years. As such the car has some road wear, but I’m sure it is happier than had it been sitting in a garage. The inside looks great, which is something to look for on these since the cloth only seats often show some scuffs.

The price of lightness here is $29,500. A fun car, but bang for the buck isn’t the greatest at that cost, however the rareness of the vehicle makes that ask price within reason for those BMW enthusiasts.

The car appears in the E36 Lightweight registry, of note is that the same photos used in the registry are being used in the auction, this could mean the auction photos are out of date.  http://www.bmwmregistry.com/detail.php?id=6867

Learn more about the E36 M3 Lightweights here:

1995 BMW M3 Lightweight on eBay


1995 BMW 850CSi

I’ve always found it interesting that certain cars at the top of the BMW chain never get the attention they quite deserve. The BMW M1 is an obscure supercar recognizable only to the more astute car enthusiasts. The Z8 roadster, even though it harkened back to the BMW 507 of the 1950s and starred in a James Bond movie, got a lukewarm reception. And so it goes for the top of the line coupe for the 1990s, the 8 series. Developed as a replacement for the beloved E24 6 series coupe, the 8 series never quite caught on, even though it was the first road car to offer a V12 engine mated to a 6 speed manual.

Midway through the model’s lifetime, BMW offered a more sporting version, the 850CSi. They stopped short of calling it the M8, however, one special M8 prototype was produced. Still, the CSi’s engine was breathed on by BMW Motorsport and cranked out 375 horsepower. Even though the 8 series lasted into 1999, CSi production spanned four years, from 1992 until 1996, when the modified S70 V12 was phased out due to ever tightening emissions regulations.

Here is a unique example of one of the few CSi models to make it to the US.

1995 BMW 850CSi on eBay

Special Ordered Daytona Violet with Custom Fitted Lotus White/Violet Leather! Makes This Car Perhaps “One of One” out of only 225 CSi’s Imported! Very Well Equipped with:

Alpina Custom 18″ Wheels
5.6 Liter V-12 Engine with 375 HP
ABS Braking System w/Vented Front Discs
6-Speed Manual Transmission
Limited Slip Differential
Driver & Passenger Side Air Bags
Motor Sport Calibrated Suspension
Power Sunroof
AM/FM Cassette with 6 Disc Changer
Heated Steering Wheel

All Books, Records, Window Sticker and Receipts. Passed 100 Point Inspection & Service! Own The Only One! What a Machine!!!

VIN: WBSEG9321SCD00162

This is certainly a vehicle for the serious collector, or for the all things BMW enthusiast. While few CSi models saw US soil, it’s hard to get an accurate read on what the values are, as few are regularly sold. The last one I saw wound up selling in the mid $40k range, and this is priced well above that. It is a one of one, but that said, some may find this particular color a little on the vulgar side. I kind of have a love/hate thing going on with this color combination. I want to like it, but something just tells me “no.” That said, it’s a wonderful example of a truly underappreciated BMW.


GCFSB Exclusive: 1995 BMW M3 Offered By EuroWerkz

My first car, a 1988 BMW 325is, came by way of my uncle, who replaced that car with a 1995 BMW M3. In fact, his M3 was Avus Blue, the same hue as our exclusive feature vehicle on offer from EuroWerkz. I’ve always been a big fan of the E36, no matter the model. It represents the zenith of BMW design before the Chris Bangle era took hold. This particular M3 has a few special features that make it even more desirable for enthusiasts, such as the sunroof delete option and M cloth interior, which are nearly impossible to find here in the US.

1995 BMW M3 for sale at EuroWerkz


We have known this great M3 for over 10 years and it has been cared for and cherished to a high standard for it entire life. The E36 M3 is a legend in the making and was the car BMW enthusiasts demanded and received from the BMW M division in late 1994. The 1995 pre OBDII may in fact be the very best of that series. What we have here is a super nice example of the breed finished in near perfect one year only Avus blue over very rare Black M cloth interior. It is lightly optioned and a NO sunroof car too. The car has had a cold air intake system, software upgrade, and a DTM exhaust added in the past and it runs as good as it looks. This is a near virginal car showing just 42k miles that has never seen a track day or even been driven in the winter. A 2 owner car since new and originally sold in South Dakota this beautiful car has spent the summer being enjoyed by us as we brought up to date with service, a cooling system update, Four New Michelin PS2 tires, and some very minor reconditioning including a door panel project that ended in 4 very expensive brand new from Germany interior panels. This is just the way we do things at EuroWerkz. If it needs it, we do it right no matter the cost or inconvenience. (And believe me this was a long drawn out inconvenience. 🙂

The results speak for themselves. Now finished and ready for its new owner this car stands up in every area above and beyond the rest of the typical M3’s you may have seen. This is an easy 9+ car in all areas and will be a great buy for anyone looking for the best of the breed. Call or e-mail and let’s talk M3’s!

This car presents well and I’m impressed by the front clip, as it is remarkably stone chip free. The asking price of $18,000 seems reasonable for an icon of the sports sedan movement that is in such great condition.

And now for some E36 M3 action, let’s go to the Nürburgring:


Please note this is a sponsored listing. We welcome EuroWerkz as our latest sponsor and are proud to feature their inventory on the site. Please contact me directly with any questions about sponsored listings. Thanks for looking! -dc

1995 Mercedes-Benz S320

People that know me know that I’m not a fan of large cars. Which is a problem because, living in the United States, it’s the land of big. If, however, I was in the need for a large car, at the top of that list would be the Mercedes-Benz S Class. Big, imposing and powerful, these cars are the go to transport for the rich and famous. Probably the most imposing of all S Classes has to be the 1992-1999 W140 model. Introduced during a global recession, they were derided as brash and unnecessarily large, which is a stigma from which they quite haven’t recovered.

Twenty years on from its introduction, prices are at bargain basement levels, which is a good thing and a bad thing. Good, because these extraordinary machines are within the reach of less than wealthy enthusiasts. Bad, because those who don’t buy wisely could be easily bankrupted in dealing with the car’s complexity. This is precisely why I prefer the smaller engined, less optioned S classes, as the maintenance costs are lower than the bigger engined models. Here is a clean, lower mileage 1995 S320 with the 3.2 liter inline six for $7,995 in California.

1995 Mercedes-Benz S320 on Hemmings Motor News Classifieds

1995 Mercedes-Benz S320 Sedan, 69k actual miles, oil changed every 3k. Californian car, approximately 4k miles per year, possibly one of the lowest mileage cars of this type in the country,
Sparkling unmarked metallic silver, soft gray leather. Fully loaded, tinted windows, alloy wheels, garaged, non-smoker, this car is in 9.5 condition (10 is new). Drives and feels like new, fabulous value,
$7,995, this is the one you’ve been waiting for.

I’m sure there are naysayers out there who would think this buy is way too risky and not worth it, but, well, I’m the kind of person that likes risk. Given the owner is open to negotiations, this represents a lot of car for the money. While you could buy a perfectly good subcompact car for about twice the price, I’d rather take a flyer on this S320 and just figure in the extra cash going forward for the maintenance and repairs and enjoy a big, comfortable, stately cruiser.


1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 Cabriolet

Following up to the clean, low mileage Mercedes-Benz E320 sedan just featured, here is a very mint example of the first Mercedes-Benz four seat convertible manufactured since the early 1970s: the E320 cabriolet. Just shy of 3,700 examples were produced in this last year for the W124, featuring the venerable 3.2 liter inline six producing 217 hp. This example has yet to see the better side of 60,000 miles and it shows.

1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 Convertible on Hemmings Motor News

This E320 Cabriolet is painted in rare #721 Moonstone Gray Metallic with a Gray leather interior and black cloth top. A limited production hand-built car, this example has only 57,000 miles. No accidents ever with clean CarFax. All original paint. Meticulously maintained by its owner and used as a fair-weather driver only in Wisconsin summers and Florida winters. Must see and drive to appreciate.

It always amazes me that given how few E320 cabrios were produced, there always seems to be a wealth of clean, low mileage examples for sale. The asking prices for these models have always been strong, but $28,500 seems a bit optimistic. If this car had under 20,000 miles and was close to showroom fresh, maybe I could see it. But realistically, given the current economy, a value of closer to $20,000 seems more reasonable.

I will say that this car speaks to me, and quite loudly, because my 1998 Mercedes-Benz C230 was painted this very hue, Moonstone Gray Metallic, and it is a fantastic color. Subtle, with a hint of mauve about it in the right lighting. Ever since they appeared in 1992, the W124 E class cabriolet was a favorite of mine. I have no doubt that someday, when my economic and living situation changes, I will be searching for a clean, lovingly cared for example like this very car. And maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get it in Moonstone Gray.