2001 BMW M5

Blame this post on fellow GCFSB contributor Nate. Ever since he snagged his E28 M5, I’ve had M5 on the brain. I’ve driven a few E39s, and most notably, a friend’s 2003 525i 5 speed manual sticks in my mind as striking a great balance between luxury and sport. The shifter was accurate without being too notchy, the clutch takeup was perfectly weighted and the ride was serene without putting you to sleep.

I’ve dreamed about driving an E39 M5 for quite some time. I’ve been a passenger in one, but I’m hoping, someday soon, that I can buy a low mileage example of my own. The cost of entry to this 400 horsepower beast is becoming more reasonable, such as this particular one for sale in Connecticut.

2001 BMW M5 on Autotrader

LOOK AT THE MILES!! 50,210 Original Miles on this Gorgeous ‘01 M5 with a 6-Speed Manual Transmission!! This vehicle comes equipped with Navigation, Bi-Xenon Headlamps, Power Heated Front Seats, Sport Suspension, Sport Steering Wheel, and much more!!! WOW.

Silver isn’t my most favorite color for an M5, however, it would allow me to slip past the fuzz more easily. Still, I’d rather have a nice dark blue, black, or just to be obnoxious, Imola Red.

Here’s a clip of Jeremy Clarkson’s series “Meet the Neighbors” where Nürburgring legend Sabine Schmidt does a hot lap in the E39 M5 Nürburgring Taxi.


2001 BMW 740iL

Black and silver are safe colors for large, German luxury sedans. Highly desirable and easy to sell on. However, a few cars slip through the cracks with more flamboyant hues, inside and out. While this BMW 740iL has a relatively understated Midnight Blue exterior, the interior is what sets this car apart. The Oyster leather with navy blue piping, blue carpeting and other blue and oyster accents appear to be straight out of a high end yacht. I think it looks great on this particular E38, a model that is still revered by many enthusiasts.

2001 BMW 740iL on eBay

2001 BMW 740iL. Rare Oyster Interior. There is still plenty of tread left on the tires. The paint has a showroom shine. This vehicle is fully-loaded. With just 75962 miles, this car is barely broken in. 100% CARFAX guaranteed! 100% AutoCheck guaranteed! Very clean interior! Still has the new car smell! The transmission in this vehicle shifts very smoothly. All electronic components in working condition.

The buy it now price of $16,000 is a few grand overpriced. If this was a perfect car, owned by a collector and fully documented, I could possibly see it. But given that it’s just another dealer who happened to get his hands on a unique 740iL, well, there would have to be some concessions in order to offset any repairs and maintenance that might need doing in the near future. Given a good tidying up and a clean bill of health, I would love to have something like this. The E38 is one of those timeless designs that will be an icon of luxury for years to come.


2001 Porsche 911 RUF RGT 13,000 miles

Not the fastest, nor, despite only 17 being produced in 2001, the most exclusive RUF model, but a RUF RGT is certainly both fast and exclusive.

The RGT is a great car, a GT3 Porsche available in the early 2000s for cruising the streets. One of the things that makes the RGT so appealing was the potent power, close to 400 ponies, coming without lag from the turbo free 3.6 liter engine.

While a casual observe may mistake this for one of the myriad of odd Porsche editions, those who recognize the RUF badge will know that only a mere handful of these cars exist.

New price on these was in the $250,000 range and this 13,000 mile model is being offered at $67,500. This is a pure driver’s car for the enthusiast who wants rarity and speed that comes from a wheels-up, factory built tuner car, not a stock Porsche saddled with various bolt on bits with questionable longevity. A new owner here can expect many miles of trouble free track and street performance and it is almost a necessity to get a car like this out to the track to let it stretch its legs.

2001 Porsche 911 RUF RGT 13,000 miles on eBay.


2001 Audi S8 for sale

Within a couple of hours this past weekend, I drove past a manufacturer-plated, not-yet-for-sale 2012 S8 several times. With some extreme antennas and wires attached and two guys sitting inside examining a laptop, it must have been testing some manner of new equipment. Pushing the envelope of what big sedans can be is nothing new for the S8, and it made me think back to the original, Ronin-famed D2 S8 with it’s aluminum space frame and good-for-the-time 335hp 4.2-liter V8. The progression of S8s have been fantastic, but not to the extent where the original has lost much of its cache. Sure, it doesn’t have a V10 or twin-turbo V8 and is a couple hundred horsepower shy of those engines, but it still looks great and must still be a hoot to drive. So, while you could spend over $100k on the 2012 D4 (when it comes), or $50-70k for a used D3, you could get today’s D2 S8 in classic silver for under $9k.

2001 Audi S8 for sale on eBay

Seller’s Description:

Vision Custom Cars is pleased to offer you this 2001 Audi S8. You can own this car for a mere fraction of its original price.

I drove this car about 50 miles and noticed no problems with brake fade, no odd noises, and no blown speakers and no odd shakes or electrical issues of any kind. We serviced the car, detailed it, and took pics. All accessories worked well and the car on the whole seemed to run out exceptionally well. You could definitely tell it was well cared for. When I returned and checked it out in the shop I found no additional issues. The brakes seemed to have plenty of life left and the matching set of Michelin tires look to have plenty of life left on them as well.

The Good:

extra clean car – no rust – awesome color combo – leather seats with a ton of adjustments – great bose stereo – all aluminum lightweight chassis/body – just serviced and needs nothing – beautiful Audi – priced low! – xenon lights – rear & side sun shades – park sensors – tinted windows – all the toys! – Navigation

The Bad:

the rear sunshade sticks, other than that there really is nothing to note on the car, there is far less wear than normal for the miles. This car was VERY well cared for.

… This car qualifies for up to a 4 Year Warranty!

Provided the seller is being honest, having a rear sunshade the sticks be the only problem is incredible. 170k miles is a lot, but the bottom of the market for these can’t be much lower. A 4-year warranty would make it that much sweeter (but probably make the final price a bit more sour). Buy it for a winter cruiser and sell it for the same next year. Or drive it until until the wheels fall off. Either way, it’s a good price for a luxurious, quick, and well taken care-of sedan that looks like 10 times the asking price.


2001 BMW 740i Sport

The BMW 7 Series of 1995 through 2001 is one of those cars that was instantly immortalized once its less than pleasing successor was introduced. Offered with a the versatile 4.4 liter V8 or the 5.4 liter V12, these executive sedans were slightly less popular with dignitaries and businessmen than the Mercedes-Benz S class, however, they were a more mainstream choice than its other compatriot, the Audi A8.

My favorite of all the E38 7 series is the short wheelbase 740i with the M Package. Included in this option package were the classy 18″ M parallel alloys, black shadowline trim, a stiffer suspension and a modified Steptronic transmission with a higher stall speed on the torque convertor. Low mileage examples are getting hard to come by, but here is 740i Sport in a sinister shade of black for sale in California.

2001 BMW 740i M Package on eBay

You are looking at the cleanest blk/blk 2001 BMW 740I M pkg, sport pkg, and convience pkg. Have all service records and owner manuals. Options, xenon headlights, sunroof, leather seats, wide screen navigation only comes on sport pkg, M steering wheels, and wheels, bluetooth, 6 disc cd changer, rear window screens, wood trim, and much more. This is a one of kind car so dont wait!!!

The buy it now price of $14,500 is in line with market values and given the desirable color, full service history and stunning condition, I have no doubt this car will go fast. I think the complexity and looks of the 7 series that followed beginning for the 2002 model year will continue to put the E38 in a good light and position it as a modern day classic.


2001 BMW 740i Sport

The introduction of the E65 7 series in 2002 left many BMW faithful scratching their heads. Not only was the styling questionable, but the new iDrive control garnered much criticism in the press for being too complex. As a result, it left many pining for the days of the previous generation E38 7 series. 2001 was the last year for this generation, and one of my favorites has always been the short wheelbase 740i with the sport package and M Parallel wheels. Here’s a clean, low mileage example in Florida for sale.

The seller states:

Extremely clean, great running 740i Sport. This is not a 740i with the M parallel wheels, it is the true sport package. I really enjoy this car, but with the amount of driving I do, it is time for something that is more efficient. Low miles for this year and always garaged. Tinted windows all around. Will need a glove box handle (glove box still opens and closes) and the rear driver’s side door lock actuator (works intermittently). Traction struts were replaced in November or December of 2010. The bushings in the traction struts are a common point of failure on these cars. Both of the small rear window shades have been repaired so they do not fail in the open position, and the front dash cupholder has also been repaired to keep it from failing in the same way that so many of them do. Front tires were replaced with Pirelli P-Zero tires at 60,840 and rears will need to be replaced soon. The price of the car reflects those few items that need to be taken care of AND the exceptional condition of the paint. Check my feedback and bid with confidence. Please ask any questions prior to placing a bid, and PLEASE do not bid if you do not intend to pay… if you aren’t prepared to pay, please don’t bother bidding.

A couple of other features that aren’t listed on the standard features page…

Auto dimming mirrors
Dual zone climate control
Vehicle alarm system with motion sensor
CD-based navigation system
6 disc CD changer
Premium sound system
HID headlamps
Soft-close trunk lid feature
Measured 66dB cabin noise at 70 mph on I-95… by comparison, my 2011 Honda civic is 70dB on the same stretch of highway, over twice as loud!

At $13,900, this is a hell of a lot of car for the money, even with it’s minor issues as described by the owner. The V8 version of the E38 is surely the one to have, as the more complex V12 will lead to higher running costs over time for not much more of a return in performance. If you are looking for a good long distance cruiser and appreciate the zenith of BMW design, this is the ride for you.


Low-mileage BMW Z8 for sale, almost as expensive as new!

The Z8 is the fastest car I’ve ever driven. Such superlatives create a special place in one’s heart, and this Bond car is no exception. While it doesn’t get mentioned much these days, it was a true beast when it came out and can still cause uncontrollable laughter as it chirps the tires in 3rd gear and takes off with the wonderful roar of the late, great S62. Styling is tame in the face of ubiquitous flame-surfacing, but refreshingly classic thanks to aping the general design of the incredible 507. The back end is quite simply my favorite stern of any car, with perfect roadster proportions with aggression and class to match its mechanicals. Today’s example has a museum-worthy 15k miles, but a museum would be such a waste of that glorious wide-open sound.

Nothing too interesting from the seller, but the numbers tell the story. Other examples with reasonable miles can be had for under $75k, but this Z8’s lack of use demands special treatment in the form of $114k. That’s a mere 12% depreciation from the original MSRP of $130k, and soon enough that number should change to appreciation. Appreciation is a fitting word here, of both the form of a fantastic BMW and my thanks for having the opportunity to wring one out one sunny afternoon!


2001 BMW 530i Sport 5 speed

The E39 BMW 5er needs no introduction on this website, being a favorite of the writers of this blog and readers. The M5 is probably the most poured over E39, however, between the entry level 525i and the V8 engined 540i/M5 versions stood the 530i, which offered BMWs ubiquitous 3.0 liter inline six producing 228 horsepower. Enthusaists often hold this version in highest esteem, since the weight savings of the inline six over the V8 improves handling while sacrificing little in performance. The following example on Craigslist near Washington, DC has some tasty M accessories, three pedals and not too many miles under it’s belt. The aftermarket wheels are also rather tasteful, unlike some accessorized E39s I’ve seen.

2001 BMW 530i Sport on Craigslist DC

2001 530i Sport, Premium and 5 Speed. Titanium Silver, grey leather interior. 77K miles. M Sport suspension, M steering wheel and trim. I’ve taken really good care of this car and can document with lots of maintenance records. Installed the OEM (no cheap kit) M-Tech front and rear bumpers, along with a Magnaflow exhaust. Rims are 18″ Monet New Age with Sumitomo HTR ZIII performance tires with lots of tread left. Also has Premium package — Xenon headlights, Park Distance Control, top of the line Montana leather, DSP sound system. 

Here’s what Bimmer magazine had to say in April 2008 — “The manual gearbox 530i Sport has always been our favorite E39, as it has ample power and more nimble handling with none of the V8 problems.” Look around – manuals don’t come on the market very often. Get yourself a classic BMW made before they became more software than car.

A neighbor of mine owned a 530i, albeit with an automatic transmission, but even so, in dark metallic gray, there is just a seriousness to this sport sedan that epitomizes what we all love about BMWs and dread about the latest iterations cranked out of the factory in Munich. I’ve driven a 525i and 540i, both with manual transmissions. Both were fantastic to drive, the 525i light on it’s feet but lacking a little bit of top end power, the 540i brutish, but the handling was just a tad compromised. From listening to the critics, it would seem that the 530i mirrors the famous story of “The Three Bears.” It’s the one that’s “just right.”


2001 M Coupe For Sale in Virginia

Update: 2.9.2011 From the comments the current owner is noting the care is now available again:

The care is available for sale again in California. Now has 33,500 miles. Time for me to pass it along to the next enthusiast. Always garaged, detailed, still excellent condition, stock suspension still available, Sirius/XM added, 4 additional rims mounted with Kumho Ecstas. $31,000. Contact me at tstiegler@cooley.com

Originally posted January 2009

The 2001 BMW M Coupe is the first year to get the fantastic S54 engine that’s shared with the e46 M3. This is the first one I’ve seen listed for sale below $25k.


quote from seller’s listing:

Sadly the coupe has to go. 2001 M Coupe, S54 Engine, 315 HP, Titanium Silver, Black and Red interior. 27,xxx miles, new Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3’s on stock wheels, DA Koni’s / TCKline Springs and Camber Plates, Strong Strut Front and Butt Strut, Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mounts, Front Sway Bar, B&B Stainless Exhaust, Fosgate head unit with removable faceplate, Hawk HPS pads. Stock springs, struts and front sway bar included. Dealer maintained and serviced

27k miles and an asking of $24k? What could possibly be wrong with this car? I like all the modifications, but they do tend to devalue a car in the eyes of enthusiast buyers. And it also has that terrible two tone interior, red and black leather. But at this price, I’d consider it a bargain purchase and have the leather dyed!


2001 Cadillac Catera (Opel Omega) with low mileage

OK, so while this car isn’t wearing a German badge, most people will recognize this car for what it is, a rebadged version of Opel’s executive class vehicle, the Omega. Still reeling from the failed experiment that was the Cimmaron (itself a rebadged Chevrolet Cavalier), Cadillac sought to offer something more sophisticated for it’s entry level sedan and sourced the Omega from it’s German subsidiary. Named the Catera, it was markedly different from Cadillacs of the time, offering rear wheel drive and very un-Cadillac looks. Here is a clean, low mileage late model example of the baby Caddy that paved the way to the CTS.

We are proud to present this STUNNING 2001 Cadillac Catera for sale. Garage kept with 47k actual miles. Fully loaded with power sunroof, dual power seats, xenon lights, Onstar, Bose stereo, and more. Made in Germany. Four new Pirelli tires. Never smoked in. Well maintained with books and records. Showroom condition.

The Catera isn’t the most exciting piece of German iron, but well maintained examples are becoming less and less common and when found, could provide a refreshing alternative to the smaller offerings from Mercedes and Lexus. For a shade under $7,000, this could be quite the dark horse in the value for money game.