1972 BMW 2002tii

While prices on the E30 M3 keep climbing, one need only look back a few years in BMW history to see that this is not a new trend amongst BMWs of yore. The 2002tii, with it’s 2.0 liter, 130 horsepower fuel-injected engine, has always been an car in demand, reflected in strong market values. The spiritual predecessor to the 3 series we know today, this two-door sedan established BMW as “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

This 2002tii, known as a “Roundie” due to the round tail lamps of earlier models, is for in Florida, painted in the rather popular Colorado Orange. It also has a very early build number and has benefitted from a recent cosmetic and mechanical restoration.

Year: 1972
Model: 2002tii
Engine: 2.0 liter inline four
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 47,397 mi
Price: Reserve auction

1972 BMW 2002tii on eBay

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For sale is my 1972 BMW 2002tii, 4-speed, factory a/c, Colorado orange. Rust Free. This is a very nice example of an early Tii, number 51 to be exact. Over the past two years it has undergone a mechanical and cosmetic restoration. I encourage any serious buyer’s to call me with any questions you may have – 772-380-590seven – Michael.


Professionally repainted in its original Glasurit Colorado Orange, all panels, glass, trim and engine were removed for paint. All of the trim is original with the exception of the belt line. New seals were fitted including windshield, rear window side windows, door seals and trunk seal. All glass is in good condition. Up front is a set of European turn signals and vintage Hella Rallye Lights. New metal roundels were fitted front and rear. The underbody was cleaned and undercoated with 3M sound deadener.

Engine and Drivetrain:

Engine runs strong and does not leak any fluids. Engine was refitted with new Motor Mounts. All new gaskets and seals. Kugelfischer injection system has received a light rebuild consisting of new fuel line from electric fuel pump to injection pump with filter, injection pump timing was set and new belt installed, new pump O-rings, new oil supply line, High Pressure plastic injector lines were replaced. This tii still retains the original one year only ’72 black plastic intake runnners, they were re-fitted with new O-rings. Vacuum hoses, rubber intake boot, and throttle body cover. New exhaust, ceramic coated stahl 4into1 header, new ANSA center center section with resonator and muffler with ansa sport tips.

Transmission shifts smooth with no grinds, it houses a new SACHS clutch kit. The driveshaft was removed and refitted with new Flex Disc (Guibo) and center carrier bearing. The hyrdraulic system is new, clutch master and slave cylinder mated with a braided stainless line. New brake master cylinder & ATE reservoir hose. New battery and BOSCH alternator. Manually actuated cold-start valve. Factory a/c blows cold. Many more new parts and components that I can not think of, during re-installation of the engine. Runs great with plenty of tii torque and responsiveness, Exhaust sounds like nostalgic german muscle – the way it should, not too loud, nor quiet. Car starts right up cold or hot and idles smooth, I would not hesitate to take it on long road trips.


New carpet and rear seat delete set. Dashboard, glove box, shift boot and the original a/c center console have been re-upholstered in leather with French Stitching. New leather MOMO Prototipo steering wheel. New front door panels, rear panels are in very good condition. Period correct RECARO seats in a rare original fabric. The Tii clock works as it should. Original headliner – no droops or sagging but small blemishes and tears near the rear window and sun visors- excellent condition for its age. Rear seat delete area and doors insulated with FAT MAT sound deadener.


New Wheels and Tires. Previous owner installed Boge front – Bilstein rear shock combo with lowering springs. New center link and tie rod assembly, needs an allignment. Steering is tight and this 02 handles very well.

Colorado Orange and Fjord Blue are my two favorite 2002 colors. Along with the color, the early build number and the tasteful BBS style wheels, this “Roundie” is a neat piece. If I was doing the restoration, I probably would have kept the rear seat and done a 5-speed gearbox conversion, since this car hasn’t exactly been kept stock anyway. While this is a reserve auction, I’d suspect the seller is looking for somewhere around the low $20,000 range, given the amount of work put into it.


1974 BMW 2002tii

Perhaps one of the best known BMWs of all time, the 2002 is the car that brought BMW back from the financial brink and carried the company through the 1970s until the first generation 3 series debuted in 1975. This 1974 2002tii marks the year when BMW switched from round to square tail lamps, in addition to the federally mandated crash bumpers arriving on the scene. This 2002tii for sale in California features the higher compression 2.0 liter four cylinder featuring mechanical fuel injection. It has also been repainted at one point during its 78,000 miles.

1974 BMW 2002tii on eBay

Beautiful 1974 BMW 2002Tii Coupe for sale with just 78K Original Miles and in Immaculate condition. Starts; runs and drives with plenty of smooth power, shifts exactly as it should with nice and tight handling. Car has had one respray of it’s original and rare Fjord Metallic Light Blue. This is a really well preserved 2002Tii, an excellent one to enjoy and hang onto while it’s value climbs. Not too many original, preserved cars exist anymore. I have hundreds of photos of this car, many in high resolution (too big for the web) so if you’d like to see anything in particular, let me know. Car is available to be seen in Sonoma California.

Inka Orange and Fjord Blue are my two favorite 2002 colors. Like most people I favor the “roundie” model, this tii is just too spotless not to like. Other than the rare Turbo models, the tii is always the 2002 which brings the most money. At the high end, you can see these cars trade hand for over $30,000. Realistically, we’re probably looking at a $25,000 to $30,000 car here. The earlier non-crash bumper cars tend to command a bit more of a premium. That’s a lot of coin and true, you could buy an almost new 3 series for that kind of money. Then again, most people looking at a 2002 prize them for their relative simplicity and pure driving fun. The new BMWs are certainly good performers, but, as the saying goes, they don’t make ‘em like they used to.


1972 BMW 2002tii

Ben and Evan have sourced a few interesting BMW 2002s in the past few days and adding on to those, I have come across a strikingly original 1972 BMW 2002tii.

Short description from the seller:

Original California car with same owner for 25 years(with records). Rare Tii with working AC and Sunroof. White with original tan interior. Very good condition inside and out. Some small splits on dash and driver seat. Upgraded 5 speed tranny. Great running car!

While restored 2002tii’s are bringing well over $20,000 these days, this is a pretty honest original that, with a little bit of tidying up, could serve either as a daily driver or for weekend amusement. This particular example is made more desirable by the slim bumpers and round taillights, both hallmarks of early 2002s. It should be noted that the original color of this vehicle was not white, but Tundra, as witnessed by the color tag right above the build plate. This is evidenced most clearly by the picture taken of the engine bay.


Weekend Warrior 1972 BMW 2002tii racer

This 2002 is being sold by someone who appears to be new to eBay, it looks legit, but as with any low feedback sellers be wary.

The description is good about what has been done to the car, but is lacking in information about race history, which is crucial when selling a racer. We really need to know what series the car was campaigned in, if any, SCCA, SVRA, HSR, etc. How many hours/races are on the motor? Giving previous lap times at tracks also can be good to include when selling a race car.
The seller mentions that the sale includes a “vintage SCCA log book”, but it isn’t clear if this is just any old log book or if it shows history that this car was raced when young. Looking it over it does not appear that this car was raced years ago, but instead converted much more recently. A car with genuine vintage race history will bring a higher price and also be welcomed at more vintage racing events.

A new owner wanting to campaign this should really talk to the current owner and check the rulebook for any potential race organization they plan to race under. The preparation on this car definitely looks like a weekend wrencher so it is possible it was just taken out for rental track days. This might mean it will need a number of mods to qualify for a group like SVRA. A potential buyer could also see if the current owner has any spares stashed away that could be negotiated into the purchase.

The body does look solid and this could be pretty fun to zip around in off the track too.

From the seller, here is a description and a list of modifications:

*Carerra Coil Overs Front with extra springs*Bilstein Shocks*Race Springs*Super Oversize Sway Bars*Rear Adjustable Oversize Sway Bars
*Adjustable Camber Plates Front
*300 Degree Alpina Euro Cam
*10 to 1 Dome Top Pistone
*Bored 20 or 40 over
*Modified Baffled Oil Pan
*32/36 Weber Carb
*Modified Jets in Carb
*Polished Intake
*HOT Coil (Top End Performance)
*Carter Hi Volume Fuel Pump (Top End Performance)
*Pertronix Ignition
*Electric Radiator Fan
*Special “Tropical” Radiator (La Jolla Independent)
*Light weight fly wheel
*New Crank Bearings
* 5 Speed 275 Gertrag (320i transmission)
*Shortened and Balanced Drive shaft
*410 Locked Rear End
* Reccaro Seats
*Performance Steering Wheel
*5 Point harness
*Roll Bar welded and bolted
*Roll Bar tied to the rear shock towers (Stiffens rear suspension)
*Large Dead pedal
*Gauges / Toggles / Push button start
*Stripped rear and no carpet
*Nice Race white paint
*NO RUST interior or exterior
*Vintage Wheels 2 sets
*Race slicks Hankook
*European Front Marker Lights (flush for better aerodynamics)
*New BMW logo’s
*On Off Battery Switch
*Battery in trunk
*Stainless Steel Brake Lines
*Headlight Housings available
*Front Spoiler with brake duct vents
*NOT INCLUDED IN SALE but available is a tandem wheel trailer with electric brakes


1972 BMW 2002tii For Sale in the Pacific Northwest: Project Car or Driver?

Here’s an interesting listing on Portland Craigslist for a 1972 BMW 2002tii in Sahara Beige:

quote from seller’s Craigslist ad:

Sahara 1972 2002 tii (the vin is correct for a 1972 tii). this is a tii that you will enjoy driving and not worry about parking downtown or in parking lots.

saddly, the body shows old body work and the many seasons in the nw weather. ive tried to take blantant photos of the numerous imperfections in the body. i do not believe any structural integrity is compromised in the floor of the car and the jack points. most of the rust seems to be in small patches around the car including the spare tire well and about a 2in strip on the left shock tower. a plus on the body is the original tii nose that does not have the passenger side snorkel.

the interior shows its age. the carpets and rear seat look great but the driver and passenger seat show years of use. the dash is cracked and the clock does not work. sunroof operates properly. all instuments work except the odometer, and the temp gauge reads high but that seems to be due to grounding issues because it is jumpy depending on the electrical load and engine load.


i have owned the car for over 5 years, driven it alot, and have had very few problems, only needing to rebuild the injection pump. the odometer has not worked for the entire time i have owned it so i do not know the milage.
it is a blast to drive and certainly a good candidate to restore to perfection if so desired.
check out the pics

So as I suggest in the title, how would you treat this car? Address the rust and mask the paint to make an immediately approachable and cool driver, or would you take this one to the back shed for immediate tear down and restoration? For $3900, you could drive it for a while and make up your mind later. Sounds like a fair deal to me. Heck, is some parts of the country they wouldn’t even call this rust!

Are you in the Portland area and a BMW 2002 enthusiast? Join the PNW2002 Yahoo Group and stay current with local enthusiasts, events, and great finds like this car! I’m a lurker there, but someday I’ll have to come up with the 5’er and have a beer at one of their gatherings.


Update: This post is out of date and the item listed is probably not available any more. Why not take a look at these BMW 2002tii’s and parts that are currently for sale!

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