1995 BMW M3 with 13,000 Miles

What is the price for perfection? We saw Andrew look at a perfect and near brand-new W220 S500 yesterday, but his cutting critique of that car was, as several people noted, spot on. It’s not a desirable model, nor is it one that is likely to be collectable anytime soon. For some time, the same was said of the E36 M3. However, quickly things are changing. Several high-priced examples have come to market recently that have investors questioning if the E30 is the go-to it was for the past two years. Most notably, we saw the one-off Giallo Canadian Edition ’94 M3 hit near $65,000. That car looked near showroom fresh, having only accrued 30,000 miles since new. Today’s example has only about one third of that:


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Fake It ‘Til You Make It: 1986 BMW M3 Tribute

Let me go on record as stating that I personally have no problems with replica cars. Especially when you consider the price of exclusive originals or cars that are non-existent, tributes and replicas offer people the opportunity to see cars they would otherwise never get to experience. Several of the Auto Union Grand Prix cars, for example, have been built as exacting replicas of the originals that no longer exist; see them in the flesh, and they’ll make your spine tingle just as much as if Nuvolari or Rosemeyer had piloted them originally. But then there’s a secondary tier of making replica cars that are either just expensive or hard to come by; Sport Quattros, S2s, AMG and Ruf models as well as the exclusive RS have always been popular, and an increasing trend over the past few years has been replica M3s. Of course, when the real deal is only a few thousand dollars, making a replica isn’t economically viable. But prop the price up to near six figures, and suddenly the pain and expensive of creating a replica becomes not only popular, but perhaps even lucrative:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1986 BMW M3 Tribute on eBay

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Wednesday Wheels Roundup

For today’s Wednesday Wheels I have some more affordable options and some of my favorite aftermarket wheels. I’ve been neglecting Brabus for Mercedes-Benz, but they make some great looking wheels that are just subtle enough to look slightly different than stock but more aggressive. It’s an understated look that can really dress the car up. I love the BBS Mahle wheels in the right offset on early BMWs, even if they are only 14″ wheels. Try getting good tires for those today! The Speedline MIM wheels are some of my favorites and rare to see, and I just love how those Empi wheels look on early VWs. Another rare set is the Fittipaldi/OZ 3-piece wheels, though they may be better suited to a track car. All of these are cool to see for one reason or another – what’s your favorite?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: Speedline MIM 16×7.5,8.5 5×112 Wheels on eBay

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Wednesday Wheels Roundup

Whether your intention is to try to return your car towards a stock form, find some period correct aftermarket wheels or even some optional OEM wheels, there are always some great options out there to check out. Today is no exception; from the rare to see Ronal R9 for classic BMWs to the wicked OZ 3-piece wheels for AMGs, here are a few of the rare wheel sets I found for sale this week. Which are your favorite?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: Ronal R9 16×8 5×120 Wheels on eBay

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Wednesday Wheels: Abt Sportline A4/A9 3 piece wheels

I’ve always been a big fan of the Speedline-built Abt wheels. For whatever reason, I just think they fit perfectly on Audis. In particular, I think these would look just perfect on a mid-90s S4/S6 or later A4 – maybe in a pinch even on a Ur-Quattro. The three piece, five spoken design is classic:

Year: 2006
Model: Abt A4/A9 3 piece
Diameter: 17″
Width: 8″
Bolt Pattern: 5×112
Offset: ET 35
Condition: Used
Tires: Not Included
Price: $2,500 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: Abt Sportline A4 wheels on eBay

Very Rare ABT Wheels.
ABT A4 (Same as A9)
8×17 5×112 ET35
Good overall condition. Come as pictured.

While it’s true these are quite rare wheels, I just can’t see the pricing being in line with the condition presented. I mean, if you’re going to ask over top dollar for wheels, you could at least clean the backs and throw a coat of wax on the wheels! The fronts also need some work and there is no mention if the centercaps are included or if the wheels are straight; a few too many questions at the ask price in my mind. However, they’re a rare set of neat wheels, perfect for Audi fitment!


Wheels Extra: Mercedes-Benz OZ Futura 3 Piece Wheels

The seller of last week’s great Mercedes-Benz Euro 560 SEC sold the car, but the wheels remain for sale. They’re rare to find OZ Futura 3 piece wheels with excellent condition Continentals. Looking for a period correct upgrade to your late 80s/early 90s Mercedes-Benz or Audi? These will fit the bill perfectly:

Year: N/A
Model: Futura 3 Piece
Diameter: 17″
Width: 8.5″
Bolt Pattern: 5 x 112
Offset: ET20
Condition: Used
Tires: Included Continental ExtremeContact DW 245/45/17 with less than 2000 miles.
Price: $2,500 plus shipping

CLICK FOR DETAILS: Mercedes-Benz OZ Futura 3 Piece Wheels

OZ Futura 3-piece forged aluminum wheels. 17×8.5 , ET20.
Continental ExtremeContact DW 245/45/17 with less than 2000 miles.
Wheels in 9/10 condition, includes center caps, lug bolts, and center cap removal tools.
$2500 plus shipping.

Pics of the wheels and tires in link below, and one pic of them mounted on the car.


A nice alternative to the very popular BBS RSs of the time, these wheels sport a larger diameter than most RSs, a great aggressive look, and as an added bonus are much easier to clean.

You can contact the seller at agchoset@gmail.com.