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Trio of Affordable W124s: 400E, 300D and 260E

1After I wrote up a nice looking W124 the other week, a few of our enterprising readers did some further digging and uncovered a number of discrepancies in the car’s history, suggesting it wasn’t such a great deal after all. To try to make up for it I’ve found three more examples of the venerable old E-class for consideration this week. What these cars have in common is that they all present nicely in the ads, appear to have been well cared for by their previous owners and are all priced very competitively. Hopefully at least one of these is a winner. First up is this white 400E.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1993 Mercedes-Benz 400E on Craigslist


1982 Mercedes-Benz 300D

There’s not much more I can say about the W123 Mercedes-Benz than I’ve already said here on GCFSB. A few words come to mind. Indestructible. Timeless. Reliable. This car was many things to many people. From motorists on the Sunset Strip who chose the 300CD coupe to the errant 200 series sedan you still see cruising unpaved roads in the far reaches of the African continent, these Mercedes made their mark. This 300D for sale in California is one of the early turbocharged five cylinder models and looks quite young despite clocking over 150,000 miles.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1982 Mercedes-Benz 300D on eBay


1975 Mercedes-Benz 300D

Some days it seems that no stone has been left unturned when it comes to the world of collector cars, but if you dig deep enough, there are still gems to be found. The W114/W115 Mercedes-Benzes, also known as the Strich Acht (or Stroke Eight) was not a particularly flashy or eye-catching vehicle, but this was the first post war Mercedes-Benz to use an all-new chassis. This car would last through 1976, when the W123 would carry the baton into the 1980s, making a name for itself around unmatched durability. In 1974, the OM617 inline-5 diesel would appear in the form of the 300D, an engine that would carry over to the W123 and even live on through 1991 in the G-Class. This 1975 300D for sale outside of Philadelphia has under 70,000 miles on the clock and certainly looks the part, ready to log another 70,000 miles in very short order.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1975 Mercedes-Benz 300D on eBay

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1982 Mercedes-Benz 300D

Sometimes a car comes along of which I feel totally unworthy. Such is the case with this one-owner, impossibly mint 1982 Mercedes-Benz 300D for sale in Portugal. Looking quite sharp in its white over blue combination, you’d be easily mistaken to think this car was a restoration job. But it isn’t. This 300D is a survivor. And when one talks about the W123, survivor is quite an apt term, because these cars will simply go on and on and on…

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1982 Mercedes-Benz 300D at Cool & Vintage


1981 Mercedes-Benz 300D

I have vivid memories as a child of one of Mercedes-Benz’s most iconic models over the last 40 years: the W123. The diesel variants particular stand out; their clatter as they ramble down the road was distinctive. The deliberate thunk as you would shut the doors and the seemingly magical way they would soak up the imperfections in the tarmac, even it it was a taxi with high mileage that was navigating the cobblestone streets of some old European city. These cars were and still are marvels. Upon a visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart nine years ago, I was in awe of the like new examples the museum had in their collection, dreaming of being able to purchase a new W123 once again. Well, this 1981 300D for sale in Pennsylvania is about as close as you can get to showroom fresh. While this one predates the turbocharged 300D that came later, it still has a lot of appeal.

Click for details: 1981 Mercedes-Benz 300D on eBay