Superb Swap: 2001 BMW 325xi Touring S54 6-speed

If I’m honest, neither the outrageous Passat W8 nor the overpriced A4 Avant from Sunday really thrilled in the same way as the 2.7T-swapped B6 Ultrasport build did. Granted, you could just about buy both the Audi and the Passat for the same price as that build, but if you’re going to take on a complicated older fast wagon, there must be some sort of reward for all the risk, right?

Well, not to be outdone, here’s a stellar BMW option. The standard 325xi Touring, while available with a 5-speed manual, isn’t nearly as exotic sounding or performing as the duo from the other day. The M54 2.5 liter inline-6 was about 100 horsepower down on the Passat W8 and they weighed pretty close to the same. BMW also chose to not equip any of the xi models with the M-Sport suspension, either. While the 3-series was substantially cheaper than either the A4 2.0T S-Line Titanium package or the Passat W8 4Motion, out of the box it also didn’t feel as special.

Of course, if you rip it apart and rebuild it with a S54 borrowed from a M3 and a 6-speed from a X3, the story changes a bit…

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2001 BMW 325xi Touring

Although my recent experience with a BMW wagon wasn’t the most endearing of my automotive life, I have to admit I still keep an ear to the street every time an interesting one comes up. If nothing else, the promise of what BMW offered in their wagons was compelling – at least, until very recently. That’s because in addition to the 5-doors from the 3- and 5-series appearing on these shores in the E34, E39 and E46 generation, so too came all-wheel drive. “BUT, AUDI!” the internet insists. And right they’d be. Except that as the 2000s drew to a close, so too did the performance versions of Audi’s Avants – and with it went the manual option. So if you wanted to row-your-own, you had to turn to BMW to get what we see here – an all-weather faithful 5-door companion. While the “M” versions of the wagons didn’t come this way, what we did get was what you see here – the option to have the classic inline-6 mated to a manual transmission with near perfect weight distribution. Equip the package with the Sport option, and you got some nice alloy wheels and fantastic seats too. Even 17 years later and with a not insignificant amount of miles accrued, this is a package which stirs the soul:

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1 of 1: Dakar Yellow 2003 BMW 325xi Touring Individual

“Too expensive” shouted a few Facebook comments on yesterday’s 330xi Feature Listing. “It’s 11 years old with 130K. WTF!”

He wasn’t alone, and I find that strange. Because, well, here’s a 14 year old 325xi. It’s got 159,000 miles. And, the asking price is a latte away from $8,000. There’s no maintenance disclosed, nor the careful care shown to our Feature Listing car, either.

But my guess is no one will be complaining that this particular all-wheel drive BMW is overpriced. That is simply because of the configuration in this case. While it’s certainly very rare to come across the E90 sedan in the specification of the Feature Listing from yesterday, I’ve never seen an E46 in this spec – nor are you likely to see another. That’s because this particular car is claimed to be one of one – the sole BMW Individual spec’d Dakar Yellow 325xi Touring 5-speed Sport Package.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2003 BMW 325xi Touring on 1023 Motors

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2002 BMW 325xi Touring

Carter’s post yesterday on the 2004 Passat 1.8T Variant got me thinking about rather ordinary German estate vehicles. That Passat was truly a nice find, as it is rare you find a B5 or B5.5 Passat in such great nick. Lightning has struck twice this week it seems, as I’ve come across this tidy 2002 BMW 325xi Touring for sale in Oregon. While it’s not a manual, for most, the automatic would do just fine for a small family hauler.

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Wagon Week: 2003 BMW 325xi Touring

My neighbors’ clean and utilitarian 325i wagon was recently demolished by a texter in a Prius barely 50 feet from our shared garage. Now they’re on the search for another German wagon, so what a great time for Wagon Week! Theirs was a rear-drive automatic, but today’s takes it to another level with the ability to row your own gears with all-wheel drive traction. It’s not that fancy, but that’s what I like about these E46 wagons as they get a little older. They’re clean and can be had without an overload of technology while still providing a luxury sport experience. With a rare combo and low miles, this is a very enticing wagon.

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Wagon Week: 2006 BMW 325ix Touring 6-speed manual

In many ways, I feel the BMW E91 Touring will be viewed as an end of an era. BMW is now being rather stubborn in their refusal to offer a 3er Touring with a manual transmission. The E91 also represents the versatile 3er before the range was broken up into the 3 and 4 series. Now if you want a 3 series with a rear hatch, you can opt for either the 3 series Touring or Gran Turismo, and that’s before you get to the brand new 4 series Gran Turismo. This seems to be splitting the product portfolio quite thin, if you ask me.

Back in August, we had a 2007 328xi 6-speed manual Touring and we here at GCFSB were able to connect the seller with an enthusiast who bought it in short order. We’re always happy to successfully connect buyers and sellers within this great community that you have all helped to build. There is still a good amount of manual transmission E91 Tourings that we’ve come across lately, so if you missed the boat for a three-pedal 3 series Touring the first time around, you still have a chance with this 2006 325xi 6-speed manual for sale in New York.

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2001 BMW 325xi Touring


The same neighbor that I’ve written about pampering a sweet, sweet 1996 911 Turbo daily drives an E46 Touring that I covet. Even as just a plain 325i, it is simply attractive and seems to be a great mix of entertaining and useful. While his rare drives in the 911 must be a revelation, the ability to have fun every day in a great wagon must be nice. Thought automatic, today’s 325xi adds all-wheel drive to create even more versatility. With just 54k miles, this could make a great DD for years to come.

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2006 BMW 325xi Touring – REVISIT

The BMW 325xi Touring 6-speed manual is back up for auction this week, after a high bidder failed to follow through with the transaction. Their loss is your gain, as everyone gets one last crack at this looker of a Touring this week.


2006 BMW 325xi Touring – REVISIT

The below post originally appeared on our site August 21, 2013:

A friend of mine who recently welcomed his first child into the world is facing the age-old dilemma of car enthusiasts: how can you still have your fun and with a dose of practicality? Not surprisingly, his wife wants an SUV. She has put the nix on a wagon purchase, a vehicle that makes infinite amounts of sense for a family with one child. From what he has told me, she thinks wagons are a bit frumpy and has bad memories of one from her childhood. Short of a Toyota Prius, I’m not sure how any vehicle could cause such emotional distress, but as these domestic arguments usually go, it looks as the idea of a wagon has been 86’ed. Nevertheless, it’s nice to dream.

This is one particular car that has me dreaming. Even though I don’t need the extra space over my current ride, this 325xi Touring for sale from our friends at Classic Car Club Manhattan strikes a mean look in Monaco Blue with the M3 replica wheels.

Year: 2006
Model: 325xi Touring
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 53,274 mi
Price: Reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2006 BMW 325xi Touring for sale at Classic Car Club Manhattan

BMW E91 325xi Wagon – 6-spd, Competition Package Wheels

Get the best of both worlds; SUV utility with sports car handling in an extremely rare 6-speed manual BMW 3-series wagon. Rare as they come, very few wagons are available these days with a real manual gearbox, one of only a handful available for sale in the US right now and this is definitely the lowest-mile of the 325s.

Only two owners from brand new, this car was a special order direct from Germany, just off of CPO warranty with only ~50k miles. Monaco Blue Metallic exterior with stunning everest gray interior. Options include Premium Package, Cold weather package with Heated seats, Pano Roof, Sirius Enabled, Bluetooth, Brushed Aluminum Trim, Xenon Lights, Cargo Cover / Pet Screen (not pictured).. and best of all; staggered, 18″ BMW M3 Competition Package (ZCP) Replica wheels fitted with fresh 255/35/18 and 225/40/18 rubber. Original 16″ wheels are included as well, also with fresh all-season tires….. Fully serviced only at BMW Dealer, last service was just at 51k miles when was fully gone through and given a clean bill of health. The Car is stunning and needs nothing except a new owner. Both keys, manuals, BMW mats + Weathertech all-weather mats, window sticker etc. Must be seen and driven in person to be appreciated. Clean Title and carfax. No big scratches / dents / smells / stains or curb rash on the wheels, inspections welcome!! These things are very rare, even rarer to find one with this color combo, options and decent mileage. They have a cult following in the car world, a real sleeper, keep them guessing!!! An absolute joy to drive, just returned from a 2-week trip to the beach with my family and it was all smiles every time I got behind the wheel!

I can help with shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S / Worldwide, very affordable rates. Call / TXT / Email for more info or if you would like to make a deal now. May consider trades for a something Sporty / Exotic / German. Car is for sale locally so I reserve the right to end the auction early ……….. Thanks, Zac – 646 331 8224

As the seller notes, these manual transmission E91 Tourings are not very common. So far, BMW has yet to offer this car’s successor, the F31 touring, with a manual gearbox stateside. With a recent service and clean bill of health coming from a BMW dealer, it’s doubtful this five-door will run you out of house and home anytime soon in terms of maintenance costs. It’s getting harder to find these Tourings with mileage this low and as we’ve seen with the last V8 engined Audi S4 Avants, prices are trending a bit upward, as cars like these prized by a fervent sect of car enthusiast. Want to look like an outlaw on that one last trip to the beach this summer? Your car has arrived. Interested parties can reach Zac with Classic Car Club Manhattan at (646) 331-8224 or via email at


2001 BMW 325xi Touring

The E46 Touring represented the first time BMW tested the waters with a small estate car for the US market. While it didn’t sell in quite the same numbers as the sedan or coupe, it certainly did well for itself in a nation obsessed with SUVs. Offering nearly the same performance as a comparable sedan with added versatility and available all-wheel drive, this was an attractive package for someone seeking versatility without compromising driving pleasure. These days, it’s rather difficult to find low mileage E46 Tourings, as they were often pressed into service to a greater degree than their sportier counterparts. Here we have a 2001 325xi Touring with under 40,000 miles for sale outside of Philadelphia.

2001 BMW 325xi Touring on eBay

2001 BMW 325xi Touring wagon. Only 39,xxx miles. All wheel drive, one owner, clean Carfax report. Heated seats, leather interior, power sunroof, automatic transmission, power locks, keyless entry, power memory seats, traction control, CD player

Realistically, anywhere between $11,000 to $13,000 will buy you a nice E46 Touring. As mentioned earlier, it is getting harder to find these five door variants in good condition, but pushing $15,000 is a bit much for a 10 year old 3 series. With a $1,000 to $1,500 discount, at least, this would make for a more attractive purchase.