1988 BMW 520i

There was a lot of changes in store for BMW in the late 1980s. In 1987, a larger, more powerful 7 series debuted with the option of a brand new V12 engine, the 3 series convertible would capture the hearts and minds of yuppies across the US and a new 5 series would debut in 1988. However, the E28 wasn’t done for that easily and would continue being sold through the end of the model year. This 520i for sale in Florida is a model we never saw in the US market, with a 2.0 liter inline-6 that found it’s way under the hood of a number other BMWs in other markets. While some pine for the crash bumper look of the 1980s BMWs, I tend to prefer the slimmer Euro bumpers of this particular car, lending a bit of a cleaner look.

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1991 BMW M5

While the E28 M5 only appeared in the US for one model year, BMW saw an opportunity in the marketplace for a high performance sedan and followed up with a second act, the E34 M5. The new M5 would follow the same formula as the car before, with a high-strung inline-6, 5-speed manual, tauter suspension and styling tweaks. A Touring variant would also become available for the first time. With just over 300 horsepower on tap, the M5 could sprint to 60 mph in just 6.4 seconds. This M5 for sale in New York is one of the lowest mileage examples we’ve seen of late and looks factory fresh, with exception of the switch to the Style 21 Throwing Star inserts.


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1995 BMW 540i 6-speed manual

I constantly find myself waffling back and forth between preferring the BMW E34 to the E39, or the other way round. Both cars so well thought out and as time goes on I suspect that proclaiming on better than the other will only get more difficult. The older a car is, the more consideration it gets for classic status. The E39 5 Series has already achieved that to some degree and final models only rolled out 12 years ago. Does the E34 have the edge right now simply because it is older? Personally, I don’t think it’s the time that has passed that makes the E34 a classic, so much as the era that ended with it. I look at the E34 as the last holdout of the old guard. The round headlights, the forward tilting hood, the exterior lines, all true classic BMW. At this point both the 3 Series and 7 Series had a more modern, squared off look. Perhaps most importantly, the headlights were now enclosed, gone was the iconic side by side design. If there is one little detail that I can point to that makes a BMW a classic, that would be the one. It also happens to be the reason that the E34 typically comes out on top when I’m thinking about which body style I would rather own. I love a lot of things about the E39 5 Series, the headlights are not one of them.

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1978 BMW 530i – REVISIT

$_57 (6)

The 1978 BMW 530i that Carter featured last September has reappeared, once again with a reserve. It’s not everyday you see an E12 in survivor condition, so let’s appreciate this car for what it is and reflect upon the first in a series of what would be some of the world’s favorite sport sedans.

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The below post originally appeared on our site May 31, 2015:

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1988 BMW 535is

Much like the 2003 BMW 540i M-Sport we saw over the weekend, the BMW E28 535is was a bit of junior M5. It featured many of the same styling cues along with sport seats and sports suspension. This was one of the last E28s to appear before the E34 5 series took over, being offered for the 1987 and 1988 model years. This particular 535is for sale in Texas has the desirable 5-speed gearbox and while it isn’t perfect, it has potential and looks mean sitting on 17″ BBS wheels.

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2003 BMW 540i M-Sport

On its own, the BMW E39 540i M-Sport is an outstanding car in its own right. A sonorous V8, available 6-speed manual and M-Technic suspension added to what was already a quite capable mid-sized executive sedan. However, hovering over the entire E39 lineup was the M5, what is considered by most to be one of the most legendary super saloons to grace God’s green earth. This 400 horsepower beast still dominates the enthusiast scene, taking its place right alongside the Mercedes-Benz 500Es and succession of Audi S4/S6/S8s on the who’s who list of fast four-doors. One could consider the 540i M-Sport an almost M5-light. After speaking with a former colleague yesterday evening who happens to own a 2003 540i M-Sport with a 6-speed manual, the allure of this car is clear. This example for sale in New York happens to be one equipped with the automatic gearbox, perfect for those who might do a little bit more around town driving than the long-haul jaunts.

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2002 BMW M5

One of my favorite vehicle genres is the beefed up sports sedan. Cars such as the Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 and E28 BMW M5 were some of the originators of the breed, but I think many of us can agree that BMW reached a watershed moment with the E39 M5. This car was many things to many people, but for me, it represented exactly what a man’s car should be. A car with some size and heft to it, eight cylinders, six speeds and an aggressive stance with meaty rubber to lay all that horsepower down to the pavement. This M5 for sale in California looks great in Alpine White, an not often seen color for this brute. This one is a three owner car with a bit of tuning thrown in the mix. With 55k miles on the clock, it should have a few ///M car nuts salivating.


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1986 BMW 528e


The eta-engined BMWs from the late-80s may be maligned, as are automatic BMWs in general, for placing comfort and efficiency above sportiness – a confusing conflict for the Ultimate Driving Machine. As the 80s drift further into our collective rearview mirror, however, any clean example deserves plenty of love. This 528e has survived beautifully with just a few blemishes over almost 30 years and has tons of life left after just 113k miles. Please, someone, buy this as a daily driver or a first car for your kid and keep the E28 population living strong!

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1985 BMW M535i RHD


I may be in the minority that love the big-bumpered US-spec E28 M5, but I can’t deny how sweet the M535i is. It may be down about 35hp to the US M5 and almost 70 to the European models and lack the hand-built allure, but one look at this outstanding Zinnoberrot example and all that seems to become less important. The bodykit extends down while the small bumpers keep things tight, then beautiful black-centered BBS rims sync up perfectly with the Shadowline trim. We saw another red, right-hand drive M535i from Florida a few months back, but this car definitely has a different VIN and really shows what a clean interior and the right wheels can do for a car. Maybe some wannabe Sultan of Brunei Florida weirdo has just been sitting on a garage full of these? If so, he may want to wait a little longer as these are one of the few M-badged 80s Bimmers that are having a tough time cracking $10k.

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2002 BMW 540i Touring

Wagons are the GCFSB car of choice, if you haven’t noticed. Only our resident Volkswagen/Audi guru Carter is flying the five-door flag, however, with his 2002 Volkswagen Passat 1.8T Variant 5-speed manual. While I sit here and wait for the perfect 1995 Audi S6 Avant to come along, I’ll admire this 2002 BMW 540i Touring for sale in Portland, Oregon. It looks like a real beast, and with Dinan engine mods and a worked over suspension, it’s almost like the M5 Touring that never was.

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