2000 BMW M5

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve featured cars more modern than my predilection for ’80s German metal typically allows. Two were cars I’ve dreamt about owning since they were released, both in gorgeous deep-blue hues: the E39 M5 and MkIV R32. The Le Mans Blue M5 was an excellent, 75k-mile example with the sumptuous Caramel leather but came at a steep price – over $32k. The Deep Blue Pearl R32 had about 100k miles and asked $15k – a far cry from its MSRP and seemingly a good value for the performance. Today’s M5 throws the viability of either of those cars into question, bringing the many impressive strengths of the E39 M5 but at the same price as the R32. BMW maintenance may run more than VW, but it’s not like the MkIV is known for being bulletproof. With Tubi exhaust you’ll even be able to drown out the R32’s VR6 grumble while you enjoy luxury the VW could never match. It’s not the most attractive combo – silver on black/grey pales in comparison to the rich blue/caramel – but it’s a truckload of performance for the money.

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Year: 2000
Model: M5
Engine: 4.9 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 116,000 mi
Price: $14,999 OBO

We at Windy City Motorsports are very pleased to offer for sale this super clean 2000 BMW ///M5 E39 sport sedan.

***4.9 V8 ///M Powerplant Producing 400HP & 500lt.lbs Of Torque!

***6-Speed Getrag Manual Transmission

***Lightened Flywheel & Upgraded Clutch

***Tubi Style Stainless Steel High Flow Exhaust System ($2,900!)

***H&R Sport Lowering Springs

***Widescreen GPS Satellite Navigation

***2-Tone Sport Leather Interior Package

***Heated Leather Seats

***Park Distance Control

***Power Rear Sunshade & Roller Blind Side Shades

***Alcantara Suede Headliner

***Tow Hook Mounted Front License Plate Bracket

***Black Shadow Grilles

***Runs & Drives STRONG & Sounds Amazing!

***Carfax Certified Vehicle!

I’m very interested to hear how the owner gained over 100 lb-ft of torque while the horsepower remained the same! (In reality, the S62 made 500Nm of torque, which is 374 lb-ft). With the clutch, suspension, and exhaust, I’d want to get a little more history of its use before jumping in. It could just be an enthusiast who wanted a little extra out of the excellent chassis and likes the loud pedal living up to its name, or maybe its been ridden hard for 116k miles and put away wet, ready for the new owner to foot the maintenance bill in a few thousand miles. If you’re feeling handy and confident that the maintenance won’t require invasive surgery at a dealership, $15k leaves a significant amount of room before this stops being a good deal.

Seeing a rusty-ass E28 M5 go for almost $15k in a no-reserve auction has me reevaluating M5 values. Even before the electric car revolution takes full hold and we relish a couple more decades of internal combustion, there’s plenty of agreement that the E39 M5 is the best sports sedan ever made. Getting one at $15k will sound like one hell of a fish story in a few years.


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  1. I’m curious about that torque claim as well (what is a(n) lt.lb anyway?). Back when these cars were new I installed a pair of back boxes (I think they were Dinan) on a customer’s car and the loss of torque could be easily felt.

  2. yeah this may be one that has been driven to an inch of its life…
    all that greasy armour-all on the tires and interior give me pause…
    the drivers seat photo looks like the stitching has separated.
    what clutch & flywheel set-up because yes it does matter…
    how about maintenance records??
    the price is not crazy for a car with only 116k on the odo….but if there is alot of differed maintenance well the price of admission just went up…
    500 lb/ft of torque???…that is some butt dyno….
    TiSi on blk…very blah…

  3. The cracked paint right above the passenger side kidney grille is definitely a cause for concern- that’s not easy to fix properly and would require a full hood repaint most likely.

    The driver’s seat bolster has some wear- doesn’t look like stitching, it looks like a rub area that has the finish worn off.

    The wheels have been refinished, as that is not the correct chrome shadow finish, looks like they were powdercoated/painted gunmetal.

    Without records, you could not tell what clutch or flywheel is in the car. No mention of the timing chain rails, valley pan gasket, timing cover gasket or VANOS would lead me to believe that these things should be done as preventative maintenance (albeit very pricey). Also, no mention of the rod bearings or the SAI ports.

    Comparing torque outputs of a relatively conventional V-8 versus a high-revving, short-stroke V-10 is a bit silly. The 500 lb.-ft. claim is a bit ridiculous, as they were right around 400 stock- you can’t do that much to these engines without getting into a lot of work and big $$$.

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