1994 BMW 850CSi


I walked by a plain-jane 840Ci the other day and it still yanked my head around. From the swelling fenders to the long hood to the abrupt stern, these are still extremely attractive cars. We’ve seen some pricey examples of the 225 M-produced CSis, but with 76k miles and a $50k price tag, this is near the top. It looks to be in great shape and the fewer miles the better on V12s, but I’m interested to see if the market for these cars will support such a high price.


Year: 1994
Model: 850CSi
Engine: 5.6l S70 V12
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 76,200 mi
Price: $49,900

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1994 BMW 850CSi, The Hidden M8!
Shift Bespoke Automotive is proud to offer this one of only 225 850CSi’s ever imported to the U.S. This Sexy Pillar-Less BMW 850CSi coupe is a stunning look of years ago! Coupes just dont look this sexy anymore! Hellrot Red over Black Nappa Leather hides. This Coupe is an absolute pleasure to look at and drive. My client was/is the 2nd and 4th owner of the car with all service done at Sterling BMW of Newport Beach. For your convenience we took over a 150 photos, these photo are taken in natural sunlight. We dont have a mock studio or photoshop/edit any of our photos. Please feel free to contact us at 949-891-Cars (2277) FOR QUESTIONS, SCHEDULE TEST DRIVES OR INSPECTIONS.

For your convenience we took over a 150 photos, these photo are taken in natural sunlight. We dont have a mock studio or photoshop/edit any of our photos.

Stunning Hellrot Red paint looks is in excellent shape. The front end does have some stone chipping which is expected from a car with 76,000 miles and 19 years old. As you can see in the pictures the body is clean and straight, all of the trim is in excellent shape. The car is currently fitted with New 19 inch Breyern wheels and tires, you have a choice of these or the factory OEM two piece wheels.

The Black Nappa Leather hides are in excellent shape and are rich and moist. The driver seat shows some wear, which is expected of the mileage and age. However this is easily dyed back to the oem color. I prefer to represent cars for what they are – rather that over reconditioning. I can have this dyed at your discretion. All of the knobs, buttons and switches work as they should. The radio functions as it should. Air blows cold. The wood trim is in good condition.

No surprises here, it performs unbelievable. Limited-edition 12-cylinder 372-horsepower, 5.6-liter V12, with a 6-speed gearbox drive and shift flawless. No expense has been spared in maintaining this car. The sport suspension handles and tracks awesome. What a great car!

For me this is arguably one of the ultimate BMW’s ever produced. I really enjoy the look and feel of driving pillar-less coupes. A turn of the key and she fires right up, you hear and feel the rumble and exhaust sound. Push the throttle and drop the clutch and feel the ultimate driving machine and the engine has great power. The transmission shifts perfectly, the braking is perfect. The suspension is exact.


Are these 20 year-old beasts worth $50k? There are a lot of cars you can buy, new and old, for that amount of money. Not too many will have as aggressive a profile and M-tuned V12 engine, though. I find it infinitely more appealing than a modern 6-series. I know that for my fifty grand I would find some wheels that suited the car better.


1994 BMW 850CSi

One of my favorite grand touring coupes, the 850CSi is the rarest of the E31 8-series cars with only 225 making it to North America. The 850CSi was the top of the heap performance wise, with the 375 bhp 5.6l V12, and a 6 speed manual gearbox, these cars shot to 60mph in the mid 5 second range, these cars were essentially the failed M8 project in plain clothes.

This black beauty for sale in Lebanon, Tennessee is a well cared for example of the quintessential ’90s grand tourer.

Year: 1994
Model: 850CSi
Engine: 5.6 V12
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 54,000 mi
Price: $54,995

1994 BMW 8-Series 850CSi on eBay


I am selling my 1994 850csi BMW serial # 00021, one of the lowest serial numbered 850csi in existence. This car has been inside my commercial building and is driven maybe 2 times per month. It is in excellent condition with all services kept up to date along with a new clutch installed last year with only 200 miles on it. It is very reliable mechanically and physically in great shape. This car has been pampered and needs a person who will treat it as such. This car is all original inside and out and never been wrecked or painted on. The lowest first runs on the assembly line and the last runs are the more collectable in value. The car is soon to be in the antique category and will be highly appreciated by collectors. This car is sold as is with no warranties implied. Car will be for sale locally, therefore I reserve the right to end auction early if sold prior to eBay auction ending! This car shows extremely well for an 18 year old original car! Remember this is not a new car and does have normal age and wear on it!  Thanks and good luck on a great car!

PS. I have had many questions about the head liner in this car, it is perfect which I have provided pictures! Also for those who have asked about this car having a cassette player, the multiple disc CD player is located in the trunk from the factory which I have provided pictures, everything works fine! The tires have very little wear on them.

This is the car that myself and many others lusted over in the ’90s. Even if it was a sled, and did 0-60 in 12.8 seconds, it wouldn’t have mattered as it’s one of the most beautiful cars BMW has ever produced. I’m amazed to see an 850CSi for sale in this shape, as they are rare to begin with. Add in the fact that it only has 54K miles, and suddenly the $54,995 price tag almost seems reasonable…I said almost. Putting all of the lust aside, and the rarity aside, my judgement is clearing up, and the $54K price tag seems a little bit in the stratosphere. After looking in to prices, and what these are selling for, I believe that the right BMW geek with deep pockets will want to snatch this up, however I would love to see a price tag in the $35K to $40K range. That is still way above market value, but reasonable considering the rarity and condition of this car. As always with cars like this, it’s not like you can just go to the dealer and grab one. When the opportunity presents itself, you have to pay if you want to play.


1994 BMW 850CSi

Though currently flying under both the exotic car and classic car radar, the 850CSi should need little introduction. With a fancy M-division engine and VIN code, low production numbers and timeless lines, the 850CSi is a special piece of kit. As the 225 fitted with this special version of BMW’s 5.6L V12 dwindle, desirability and price skyrocket. Today’s comes with a moderate 65k miles and looking like it should be showing off in a mid-90s Microsoft VIP Parking Spot.

1994 BMW 850CSi for sale on eBay

Offered for sale is a stunning, low mileage example of BMW’s 850CSI . Finished in Alpine White 3 (Alpinweiss III) over a Pergament Nappa Leather interior, this car is absolutely fantastic and an investment grade classic already. The BMW 8 series was a stunning and distinctive 2+2 coupe which was offered with a range of V8 and V12 engine sizes. During its time it sat near the top of BMW’s product range, and respect for the car still remains high even years after production ceased. It set a new standard for other manufactures to compete with. Our 850 has always been maintained correctly and garaged its entire life, the car shows extremely well which is illustrated in the pictures. The original paint is stunning and the finish retains astonishing luster. All glass and rubber are in perfect condition. The Leather interior is equally as clean, exhibiting only insignificant wear throughout. The dash is nearly perfect, as is the wood accents. Everything works properly. Mechanically, the car is perfect. The immense power of the 5.6 V12 engine is impressive to say the least, nearly 400HP, yet as refined as the design. To find a well-kept example such as this, in a rare color combination, presents an excellent opportunity to purchase one of the finest BMW’s every produced.

White may not be the most flattering on the E31, but it’s not bad and I love the throwing stars as usual. 65k miles is within reason. What seems unreasonable is the asking price. A $55k Buy-It-Now might work for the 7,300 mile example Paul wrote up earlier this year, but is way too much for 65k miles on a V12. The seller needs to reign his imagination in about $10-20k to really move this thing. Once it’s sold though, no question that this car will move quite well under its own power.


1994 BMW 850CSi

The 8 series coupe was always a bit of a step child in the BMW lineup. A little over 31,000 were made over a ten year time span and they always played a bit of a second fiddle to that other sporting car from Germany, the Mercedes SL. Granted, these cars attracted very different demographics. In the middle of its lifespan, a tuned version of the 8 series appeared – the 850CSI. Fewer than 300 were ever made and they packed the company’s M modified S70B56 5.6 liter V12 mated to a 6 speed manual. These cars are beginning to take off in popularity in a way akin to the very last Porsche 928, the GTS. This 850CSi for sale in Scottsdale, Arizona has 84,000 miles on it and certainly belies that it has that much usage under its belt from the pictures.

1994 BMW 850CSi on JamesList

The BMW 8 Series (chassis code: E31) is a V8 or V12-engined 2-door 2+2 coupe built by BMW from 1989 to 1999. The 8 Series was developed as an entirely new class aimed at a different market, with a substantially higher price and better performance than the 6 series. It was BMW’s flagship car and had an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h). Over 1.5 billion Deutschemark was spent on total development (2008 USD nearly $1 billion). BMW used CAD tools, still unusual at the time, to design the car’s all-new body. Combined with wind tunnel testing, the resulting car had a drag coefficient of 0.29, a major improvement from the previous BMW M6/635CSi’s 0.39. The 8 Series offered the first V-12 engine mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox on a road car. It was also one of the first vehicles to be fitted with an electronic “fly-by-wire” throttle. The 8 Series was one of BMW’s first cars, together with the Z1, to use a multi-link rear axle.

As a top-of-the-range sports touring car, the 850CSi took over from the prototype M8. The 850CSi’s exclusive modified suspension included stiffer springs and dampers and reduced the car’s ride height. The recirculating ball steering ratio was dropped 15% over the stock E31 setup. The model also sported wider wheels, with the option of forged alloys. The 850CSi also sported exclusive front and rear bumpers that were reshaped for improved aerodynamic performance. Four round stainless steel exhaust tips replaced the square tips found on the lower tier 8 series models.

Our Brighton Motorsports 1994 BMW 850 CSi Coupe is exceptionally rare, and the MOST desirable example of the 8 Series breed. Over the 10 year model run BMW produced 31,062 8 Series units with worldwide production of the 850Csi at 1,510, of which only 225 were imported to North America. The 850 CSi also had the most powerful V12, displacing 5.6L with 375HP and 410 FT. LB. of torque on tap, easily propelling this immensely capable grand touring car to 100kph (62mph) in a blistering 5.6 seconds, which is exceptionally fast considering the car’s curb weight of 4,350 lbs.

This 850CSi is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, which was the only option available for the CSi. There’s also Power Heated Seats, Onboard Computer, Dual Zone Climate Control, Power Sunroof, Wood Interior Trim throughout, Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel & Gear Shift, Custom Alloy Wheels with Chrome Lip, and Premium Sound System. The original set of alloy wheels and tires also go with the car, so the new owner can put it back to stock and sell the newer 20” wheels and tires which were purchased at cost of over $5,000.00. This 850CSi has been meticulously maintained with no expense spared by the current owner since it was purchased by him in 1995. We also have all the maintenance records dating back to June 8th 1995, when it had 13,441 miles on it. The odometer currently indicates 83,790 miles. This is a truly a remarkable and unique opportunity to own a superlative driving machine.

Unlike other 8 series coupes, the CSi models aren’t a cheap proposition, as they were built in limited numbers. The last CSi we featured was an extremely low mileage example that was being offered for a mint. At a little over $30,000, this is still not cheap for an almost 20 year old car with nearly 84,000 miles that won’t be that cheap to run. One thing I’m not a fan of with this car is the wheels. Thankfully, the OEM rims are included with the sale. Given this car comes with a history dating back to 1995, I’d feel a bit more comfortable about the mileage closing on 100,000. Even though these can be a needy modern classic, so few were made that the 225 examples ever made shouldn’t have much trouble finding decent homes.


1994 BMW 850CSi with 7,300 miles

The 1997 BMW 840Ci we featured a few days ago represents the swan song for the E31, however, the 850CSi could be considered the zenith of this grand touring coupe. While it didn’t officially wear the M badge, this is as close to an M8 as you could get, if one doesn’t consider the one prototype M8 produced. Only 225 of these beasts were made, featuring the S70B56 5.6 liter V12. Backed up by a six-speed manual transmission, the CSi pumped out 375 horsepower and 410 lb ft. of torque, with 60 miles per hour arriving in roughly 5.5 seconds. Almost twenty years on, this isn’t blisteringly fast, but very respectable. With the throwing star alloy wheels and beefy looks, who wouldn’t want to cruise around in one of these, even if it isn’t the fastest car on the block? This example for sale in Texas has under 10,000 miles on the clock and could be the closest thing to buying a new 850CSi as you could get at this moment in time.

1994 BMW 850CSi on eBay

Brilliant red/Parchment, 7,300 miles, 1 of 225 US models for 1994-95, sunroof, heated seats, factory phone and CD changer, all original, finest available.

Much like the Porsche 928GTS, these BMW über coupes have seen prices skyrocket in the last few years. While an ordinary 840Ci or 850Ci in the best condition available might see a maximum value in the mid $20,000 range, these CSi models are a different proposition altogether. This could possibly be one of the lowest mileage examples of a CSi in the world, so of course that would carry a premium. These coupes were almost $100,000 new, so is a little more than $20,000 off the sticker enough? If I had to value this, I would probably guess between $40,000 to $60,000 would be a more reasonable level. But, with such a limited supply, this car may turn out to be one of those instances where it is worth whatever someone is willing to pay.


1995 BMW 850CSi

I’ve always found it interesting that certain cars at the top of the BMW chain never get the attention they quite deserve. The BMW M1 is an obscure supercar recognizable only to the more astute car enthusiasts. The Z8 roadster, even though it harkened back to the BMW 507 of the 1950s and starred in a James Bond movie, got a lukewarm reception. And so it goes for the top of the line coupe for the 1990s, the 8 series. Developed as a replacement for the beloved E24 6 series coupe, the 8 series never quite caught on, even though it was the first road car to offer a V12 engine mated to a 6 speed manual.

Midway through the model’s lifetime, BMW offered a more sporting version, the 850CSi. They stopped short of calling it the M8, however, one special M8 prototype was produced. Still, the CSi’s engine was breathed on by BMW Motorsport and cranked out 375 horsepower. Even though the 8 series lasted into 1999, CSi production spanned four years, from 1992 until 1996, when the modified S70 V12 was phased out due to ever tightening emissions regulations.

Here is a unique example of one of the few CSi models to make it to the US.

1995 BMW 850CSi on eBay

Special Ordered Daytona Violet with Custom Fitted Lotus White/Violet Leather! Makes This Car Perhaps “One of One” out of only 225 CSi’s Imported! Very Well Equipped with:

Alpina Custom 18″ Wheels
5.6 Liter V-12 Engine with 375 HP
ABS Braking System w/Vented Front Discs
6-Speed Manual Transmission
Limited Slip Differential
Driver & Passenger Side Air Bags
Motor Sport Calibrated Suspension
Power Sunroof
AM/FM Cassette with 6 Disc Changer
Heated Steering Wheel

All Books, Records, Window Sticker and Receipts. Passed 100 Point Inspection & Service! Own The Only One! What a Machine!!!

VIN: WBSEG9321SCD00162

This is certainly a vehicle for the serious collector, or for the all things BMW enthusiast. While few CSi models saw US soil, it’s hard to get an accurate read on what the values are, as few are regularly sold. The last one I saw wound up selling in the mid $40k range, and this is priced well above that. It is a one of one, but that said, some may find this particular color a little on the vulgar side. I kind of have a love/hate thing going on with this color combination. I want to like it, but something just tells me “no.” That said, it’s a wonderful example of a truly underappreciated BMW.


1995 BMW 850CSi

We’ve featured a few BMW 8 series here on German Cars For Sale Blog, but most have been the garden variety V8 and V12 versions. The CSi was the M8 that never was, which included a 6 speed manual, uprated suspension and a higher performance 375 horsepower, 5.6 liter V12. Only 225 CSi models were produced for the US and Canada and clean examples are few and far between. Here is a clean, 34,000 mile original for sale.

The seller states:

This 1995 BMW 850 CSi is the real deal. No gimmicks. If you’re looking for an 850 CSi that is probably one of the best in the country if not the world, here it is for your viewing pleasure. This car is in excellent condition with only 34,000 original miles on it. I purchased the car from the owner of a large luxury car dealership. It was part of his vast collection of personal collector cars.

The car is cosmetically beautiful and mechanically excellent. The paint is flawless. The car has no dents and is arrow straight. Always garaged and owned by non-smoker, it looks like it was just driven out of the showroom. The tires and wheels are brand new as well. The 18″ 5 spoke M wheels were offered as an option only in Europe. I ordered them directly from BMW in Germany. For those unfamiliar with the car, BMW only produced a total of 225 of them for the U.S. in the years from 1993 to 1995, and only 80 or so were sent over in 1995. There is probably only about a dozen left in the U.S. with the original paint and quality of the example shown here. This was to be the M version of the 8 series. The M emblem is stamped on the beautiful 12 cylinder engine and door sills. There are also M cues e.g. stitching on the steering wheel and gear shift knob. The 12 cylinder motor came from the factory and was to be a “Ferrari killer” with 380 HP. The 850 CSi is extremely stable but at the same time sneaky fast. This car has timeless beauty and design and is only for the discerning buyer.

The buy it now price of $52,000 may seem high at first. After doing a little research, NADA pegged this car at around $28,000, Kelley Blue Book was more optimistic at just over $52,000. However, when you are dealing with something this unique, pricing guides usually aren’t the best tool. Auctions usually give a better gauge, but if I had to take a guess, I wouldn’t be surprised if this car sold for $40 to $45,000. At that price it could prove to be a wise investment that would appreciate over time.