2007 Audi RS4

For weeks we’ve been hearing non-stop about the “Polar Vortex” – a wave of Arctic air that has crippled most of the United States. For non-meteorological types, this phenomena is both unwelcome and expensive, as cold weather has induced skyrocketing heating costs and dropped nearly a full inch of snow in some parts of the South – enough to cripple most of the area until Spring Break. In response I’d like to offer both the potential cause and the potential solution: the 2007 Audi RS4. You see, one of the things that is so much fun in a quattro is doing donuts in a parking lot. My guess is that the owner of this pristine RS4 may have gotten a little exuberant with the throttle on one of these adventures in the Great White North and viola! – instant Polar Vortex.

Okay, so that may not have been the cause. But the RS4 could be the solution. It’s got heated seats, for example, to help you through frigid mornings. It’s got all-wheel drive to help you conquer that light dusting of snow, Georgia. And if all else fails and you do get stranded, it’s about as red as red gets so search and rescue crews can find you in a hurry. This is pertinent consumer advise here! In all seriousness, the claimed 1 of 99 Misano Red RS4s is pretty darn stunning no matter what the conditions:

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2006 Audi S4 25th Anniversary Quattro

During our recent “4WD Week” I wrote up a 2007 S4 DTM edition, a car that while attractive I felt was pretty overpriced. In fact, I said that even though it was a limited edition I didn’t think it was nearly as desirable as the 2006 run of 250 25th Anniversary of Quattro S4s. These S4s were really like a diet RS4, gaining suspension upgrades, revised exterior pieces and some special interior treatments, and importantly a revised rear sport differential that really transformed the car’s handling. Additionally, the limited S4s got the best looking wheels of the bunch, special Ronals that appeared on both the Ultrasport Titanium package for the A4 and on this car in normal silver. More than just a limited edition sticker and special color (I’m looking at you, Lime Rock Park edition M3), this car was a culmination of lots of little changes that made for a bridge model between the normal S4 and the RS4:

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4WD Week: 2007 Audi S4

The Audi S4 is no stranger to GCFSB like some of the other Volkswagen rarities we’ve had this week, but as the original all-wheel drive sports sedan I think it certainly deserves a place here. There have been many variations of the S4, and all of them have their strengths and following. While I’m a big fan of the turbocharged inline-5 models that started it all there is still a side of me that just loves that V8 tune being pumped out of the back of the B6 and B7 models. Even within those two sub-models, there have been a few different types and this is one of them. Dubbed the “DTM” model, the last of the run S4 V8s packed the normal 340hp rev-happy 4.2, but added the sports differential and suspension upgrades from the RS4 and Quattro 25th Anniversary model as well as some trick (if in questionable taste?) carbon fiber bits. In my preferred shade of Sprint Blue, this car is ready to rock your commute:

Year: 2007
Model: S4
Engine: 4.2 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 51,975 mi
Price: $29,995 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2007 Audi S4 on eBay

You are viewing a very beautiful car indeed! You are looking at a mint condition CARFAX CERTIFIED 2 OWNER LOW MILEAGE 2007 AUDI S-4 QUATTRO in the most desirable color available, Sprint Blue Metallic Paint with the Black Recaro Leather interior! This car looks fabulous and runs even better! THIS CAR HAS THE RARE DTM PACKAGE WITH THE CARBON FIBRE SPOILERS AND SPECIAL EDITION BUMPERS!! THIS CAR IS HOT!! You will hear the sweetest sound ever when you punch the gas & hear the beautiful melody of the Dual Exhaust!! The Metallic Paint shines so brightly the reflections are clearly visible! The leather interior is in great shape! The car runs beautifully thanks to the 340 Horsepower 8 cylinder engine mated to a super smooth 6 speed transmission. Everything in this car works perfectly! THERE ARE NO DISAPPOINTMENTS HERE! Whoever is lucky enough to get this car will not be disappointed. The car has recently been serviced and has just passed the rigid New York State Safety & Emissions Inspection by an independent facility. This car is ready to go! This car is fully equipped. Starting from the outside you have the handsome Audi alloy wheels with Meaty performance tires!! You have a Tilt & Slide Power Moonroof! You have high power front Xenon headlights as well as rear fog lights! Now to the inside of the car! You have multi adjustable power Recaro sport front leather seats that are heated for winter comfort! THE REAR SEATS ARE HEATED AS WELL!! There are one touch power windows and power locks. There is a high power 8 speaker Audi am/fm/6cd/Sirius stereo system! Of course there is power steering as well as power 4 wheel anti lock brakes!! There is the electronic stability control also!! There is electronic cruise control also! There are dual lighted visor vanity mirrors also!! There are also dual front airbags as well as Curtain (head) airbags and side impact airbags!! This car has a handy trip computer that will calculate your gas mileage, distance traveled and even tell you how many miles you can drive before you run out of gas!! There is also a Homelink Transmitter that can be programmed to open your Garage Door!! I am sure I am missing a few items as this car is so well equipped! All of the guages are functioning normally as well as all of the interior and exterior lighting. We have the Original Owner’s Portfolio and Manual’s!! Don’t Delay as this car is way below Retail!!

While the car looks pretty stunning, there are a few things that confuse me about this listing. First, the seller states the photos were taken prior to detailing. Why? Why would you go through the listing then say it’ll be detailed later? Then there is the price – $29,995 puts this car squarely into RS4 territory. Granted, the RS4 you’d get for low-30s wouldn’t be the nicest in the world but it’s a much more special car than the regular S4. Then there’s the second problem – the other S4 models. If the Avant isn’t more desirable than the DTM model, then the 25th Anniversary model surely is. Were I looking for a limited run regular S4 then, I’d really rather have the wagon or the better-wheeled and more rare 25th model. Still, this is a great car to look at – I just wish the price was more in line with the market.


2007 Audi RS4

Love fast Audis but want something a little more special for your money than this week’s Imola Yellow S4? How about the Audi RS4, one of the best sport sedans to be produced in recent memory? There are few complaints to be levied against the RS4 except that Audi refused to bring us the Avant version. Other than that, we got the sedan or cabriolet versions, both with the splendid and high-revving V8 soundtrack, aggressive flares and gaping grills to remind you of how special this ride is. Like most of the modern Audis, my main complaint is the snooze-fest color pallet most were ordered in – black, grey, greyer, silver, or silverier. However, there were some enterprising individuals who looked past the grey-scale color options and checked the charisma box when ordering their special car – such is the case with this Imola Yellow 2007 example.

Year: 2007
Model: RS4
Engine: 4.2 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 50,842 mi
Price: $42,995 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2007 Audi RS4 on eBay






































Seriously, if you’re going to be shouty about how fast your fast car is, you might as well go out like a lion. Imola Yellow will never be confused with anything subdued, but in many ways it matches the character of the car. The engineers wanted you to smile, they wanted you to feel special, and they wanted to brighten your day; yellow just expresses those desires outwardly. This RS4 certainly appears well cared for, though as typical for an Ebay dealer no maintenance history is offered, and as these have crested 5 years old, you’ll want to know that. Imola Yellow and Sprint Blue are also two of the more rare colors to find these RSs in, so they often command a premium, though in this case I think the premium is too much. Indeed, the dealer seems to agree; if you follow the link to their pictures you’ll find the car has a lower price tag by $1,000 on the windshield. Even with that discount, this RS doesn’t have particularly low miles compared to other examples yet is still a substantial $4,000 – $5,000 premium over others. Heck, look hard enough and you’ll find a RS4 for nearly $10,000 less than this one – but it won’t be yellow. Maybe that’s okay with you, but if you want the wild child colors, for now you’ll have to pay.


2007 Audi RS4

It’s been a few weeks since the last RS4 we’ve featured, and not much has changed in that time regarding how stellar a package this car is. Coupling a 420 horsepower high-revving V8 to the sport-biased quattro drive train through a 6-speed manual ranks pretty high on the list of wants, especially when that package is as good looking as the B7 RS4 was. Subtle flares and gaping grills hint at the massive performance these cars are capable of, while the rest of the package is more subdued than similarly nutty AMG models. Ironically, while many Audi enthusiasts pine over the cars they hope to import – this author included – the reality is that this RS4 simply outperforms each and every one of those cars is just about every measurable way, and is available for sale today:

Year: 2007
Model: RS4
Engine: 4.2 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 65,659 mi
Price: $36,990 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2007 Audi RS4 on eBay

Very rare 2-Owner 2007 Audi RS4 Sedan with a great serviced history. Offered in Daytona Gray Peal exterior with Silver interior accented by Black piping and Brushed Aluminum beltline trim. Features include keyless entry, Navigation system, Bluetooth, dual zone climate control, power sunroof, Recaro sport seating, heated front and rear seats, dual power seats with driver’s seat memory, power side view mirrors, tilt/telescopic steering wheel, multi disc CD chanager with satellite radio, power rear sunshade, rear park sensors, Xenon headlights, 19 inch Titanium alloy wheels and much more. Just fully serviced and Pa inspected. Tons of service history. This car is a must see. Pictures do NOT do this car justice. Please contact one of our sales professionals today before it’s to late

As much as it pains me to say so, buying a U.S. spec RS4 makes a lot more sense than trying to import any number of European-spec Audis. The B7 chassis – especially with the quattro GmbH upgrades – is an impressive chassis to drive; smooth, confident and fast. The RS4 was undoubtedly the ultimate expression of this chassis, and with great looks, huge brakes, stiff yet compliant suspension and that incredible motor this is a hard package to beat. There is no mention of maintenance, and I’d wager that the car will need carbon deposit cleaning, but it’s clean and the Daytona Grey Pearl-effect over light grey leather is a great combination.

At $37,000, it’s not the cheapest RS4 we’ve seen – but when it comes to these cars, it’ll be much better to buy a good one even if it’s a few dollars more. Hold out for the color combo you want (I’ll take the one Viper Green one, please!) and jump on board with this modern classic; it’s hard to predict, but I could easily see these RS4s achieving cult-like status in a few decades and being one of the next E30 M3s.


Snow Patrol: 2008 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro Avant S-line v. 2007 BMW 328xi Touring

We had a bit of a surprise a this past week in New England – snow fell early in November throughout most of the area. I promptly updated my calendar for this weekend to change over snow tires – always a bitter-sweet time of year. As much as moving all that snow is a pain, if you have the right car it sure can be fun to drive in! In my case, I’ve been suffering a 8 year quattro drought, but thankfully my wonderful wife lets me sling her Subaru Outback through some parking lots from time to time – and importantly, she lets me take it to winter driving schools. Winter driving schools in general are one of the best ways to learn car control. Effectively, the same things occur on ice and snow that occur on the track – they just occur at a much, much lower speed. Ice and snow point out both strengths and faults in the chassis. Few people drive away from these events without a giant smile on their faces, even when they arrive afraid of driving in the white stuff!

You can buy many cars that are good in the snow or you can slot snow tires onto your winter ride; but if you want to combine some sport, some utility, and fantastic performance in the snow into one package, few do it better than these two. Unfortunately for American consumers, the days of Audi wagons in the U.S. are gone; we’re currently limited to the A4 Allroad. BMW still offers the wagons but at over $40,000 new without options, they’re not exactly affordable for most folks. What’s a German car fan to do? Well, you can look back a few years and find some great options – such as today’s A4 and 328. Let’s start with the A4:

Year: 2008
Model: A4 Quattro Avant S-line
Engine: 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-4
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 66,000 mi
Price: $17,950 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2008 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro Avant S-line on eBay

2008 Audi A4 2.0T AVANT QUATTRO







Light Silver Metallic Paint and Black Leather Interior

This rare 1 owner A4 Avant is exceptionally clean throughout. Runs and drives flawlessly. Vehicle has been fully inspected and serviced with up-to-date maintenance.

Immaculate condition throughout.

Purchase with confidence!


There’s a fair amount to like here – the S-line sport package coupled with the B7 chassis was one of the best looking A4s to date – while I still prefer the Titanium package, these are still impressive. The quattros have become more “safe” with their AWD system over several generations and the newer quattros generally aren’t as good on snow and ice than the early generations, but they’re much smarter in changing conditions – something important to most drivers. I’m not a big fan of dark interiors and window tinting, but the 6 speed manual is a great match for the 2.0T power delivery. Not a fan of used Audis? How about a BMW:

Audis grab so much of the AWD headlines that BMW and Mercedes-Benz are often left out of the conversation. Despite this, the 328xi has evolved into a very competent car in the white stuff. Coupled with the torque-laden 3.0 inline-6, the 328 makes a great package for both sport and all-weather capability. This particular example looks splendid in dark blue over tan leather.

Year: 2007
Model: 328xi Touring
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 67,193 mi
Price: $18,995 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2007 BMW 328xi Touring on eBay

We are offering a beautiful 2007 BMW 328XI wagon for sale; in very good condition. This BMW is fully loaded with; all wheel drive system, power sunroof, CD player, leather interior, heated seats, and more! The Carfax report shows three owners, no accidents, and 21 service records! The vehicle is clean, has a beautiful color combo and is ready to go. Please view all pictures closely and ask all questions before buying.

BMW has always been known to manufacture very reliable vehicles and this 328XI is a perfect example. This BMW has 67,193 original documented miles. THIS CAR RUNS GREAT!

The vehicle is powered by 3.0L L6 DOHC 24V engine, which runs very strong and smooth. The automatic transmission shifts perfectly into every gear and is noise free. The suspension on the vehicle is tight and drives smooth on the road. The brakes work very well; with excellent stopping ability. All power options and vehicle functions work excellent. There are no maintenance lights on in this vehicle. The wheels are 16″ BMW wheels. The wheels are in very good condition and have some light curbing on them. The Continental tires have about 85-80% tread left. (tire size: 205/55R16).

The overall condition of this vehicle is very good. The exterior is in very good condition. The paint shines very nicely and is glossy. There are some light scratches here and there on the car. Would rate the exterior 8.5 out of 10. Call us and we will go over the vehicle while you are on the phone (724)799-9563. This BMW has a beautiful color scheme, the exterior is Blue and the interior is Tan. The interior is in very good condition. The driver seat is in very good condition and shows normal wear. The passenger seat along with the rear seats is in excellent condition. The carpet is in very good condition and has a couple light stains on it. The floor mats are in good condition and have some stains on them. Would rate the interior 8 .5 out of 10. All of the glass is in excellent condition.

The BMW isn’t as good looking as the A4, but I really prefer the color combination. Despite this, I think the A4 is a better package overall; manual, turbocharged quattros are always great fun. Prices on both seem to be on par with the market, and the Audi is slightly less expensive, making it even more attractive. Which would you choose?


Wagon Week: Two Turbo Or Not To Turbo? 2001 S4 Avant v. 2005 A4 3.2 Avant

I’ve done a few wagon showdowns over the past week (and even a little preview the week before!). First was the A6 2.7T 6-speed and A4 1.8T Avant post, followed by the W8 6-speed vs. W8 Variant post, and more recently the Allroad 2.7T 6-speed v. 4.2. The message was pretty clear in those posts – the manuals were the ones to have, with the exception of the W8s that apparently no one wanted. Well, I’ve tightened up the pool a bit on this one. Here we have two silver Audi wagons, both automatic, and both with around 250hp; but it’s there where the similarities end. While the earlier S4 boosts performance through two turbochargers, the newer B7 A4 makes use of the great 3.2 V6 for grunt. Which would you rather drive? Let’s look at the S4 first.

Year: 2001
Model: S4
Engine: 2.7 liter twin-turbocharged V6
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 92,209 mi
Price: $12,900 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2001 S4 Avant on eBay

We are presenting an amazing purchase opportunity for someone interested in the highly sought after and rare Audi Bi-turbo 2.7 liter Avant Wagon, these vehicles are fun, fast and can haul you anywhere, with ease! The special quality about this purchase opportunity is the time and value that has been invested into this vehicle in general, its beyond exceptional to say the least. All maintenance has been completed including all the “preventative maintenance” as well. My colleague that owns the vehicle happens to be a certified Audi Technician, and that’s the real key to all the service work in general, much sweat equity has been invested. The actual dollar value amount of what you would pay at your local Audi service shop would exceed $13,000 for the services listed below, all parts are Audi OEM quality, nothing but the best. Many of the items could have been left alone as what most dealers would do, but since my friend is Audi Certified, it made sense to go ahead and do it all considering. below is a list of some items we’ve performed on this Avant. We hope you enjoy the write up and congratulations on finding an awesome ride, will we ever be selling something like this again? likely not, if you know cars, you know how hard it is to find them like this! Full Timing Belt and water pump kit including all rollers, tensioners, accessory belt, thermostat, coolant flush, the complete timing overhaul has been completed. Also serviced Valve Cover gaskets including cam seals and cam caps, new brakes and rotors Front and Rear, New Steel Braided Brake Lines, Brand New Tires. 3 New wheel bearings, new mass air flow sensor, full tune up with fresh oil and filter, new cabin air filer, new air filter, brake fluid flush, transmission flush, gear oil flush, full suspension service that includes 20 pieces featuring all upper and lower control arms with new tie rod ends, with alignment. Also replaced electric water pump located underneath intake manifold, also replaced manifold gaskets. Replaced 2 window regulators. The list goes on. It does offer leather, sunroof, premium bose sound, all power, xenon headlights, heated seats, its loaded. It is clear title, non smoker, and never been in an accident. This avant S4 has been serviced, inspected and quality control tested all the way. With our program, Confidence Comes Standard, and so does Peace of mind purchasing. Now more than ever, the only way to buy a euro car is to buy a fully serviced euro car. Don’t get stuck with one that needs thousand in maintenance, we’ve all heard those stories. This Avant is clean inside and out, drives great, and is very smooth. there are no major door dings, or damage present. There is normal wear and tear which typical for a 12 year old vehicle, nothing out of the ordinary however. Do take advantage of all the value offered here. We ship nationwide and ship fast. Feel free to reserve this car with a small deposit anytime, 90% of our ebay offerings sell before auction is expired, so don’t wait on a great car and certainly don’t wait on value like this! 615.390.4334

This S4 has undergone a pretty serious amount of maintenance, and at 92,000 miles is on the lower side of mileage on the B5s that come up for sale. The interior looks to be in good shape, though the black leather never seems to wear particularly well, and the silver exterior looks quite nice. I love the original Avus alloys, though they’re heavy and because of the design are susceptible to curb damage which these show. The seller is right; you could find one cheaper and easily be looking at serious service bills before long; the B5 is a great example of “buy the best one you can find” if you like them. The S4 is a lot of fun to drive in the twisties, though I never really thought the automatic transmission mated well to the power delivery of the V6 twin turbo; yes, it spools quickly, but between the lag of the transmission and the lag of the engine it always seems a bit lazy compared to the six speed. The same cannot be said of the naturally aspirated later models:

While the B6, to me at least, wasn’t really a better looking car than the B5 had been, the B7 was surely a massive improvement. The nose alone was worth the price of admission and really tied the design together well; coupled with a nicely revised tail and some new engines, the B7 was a big step up and for the first time the Audis seemed to have a trump card in the small executive market over the BMW and Mercedes-Benz competition. Today’s example sports the torque-laden 3.2 V6:

Year: 2005
Model: A4
Engine: 3.2 liter V6
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Mileage: 58,950 mi
Price: $14,000 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2005 Audi A4 3.2 Avant on eBay

59+K pampered miles on this carefully driven two-owner Audi A4 3.2 Avant Quattro wagon. Always garage kept. Crankcase has seen nothing but synthetic since birth. All scheduled maintenance thru 50K dealer performed.

The world renown Audi Quattro all-wheel drive-train for the ultimate control in rain, sleet or snow.
Satellite radio ready.
Platinum leather interior.
Front & Rear seat heaters.
Moon Roof
Professionally tinted windows.
$800 worth of newer Continental DW tires… the perfect rubber for this precision machine.
Exterior: Some minor scratches on wheels and bumpers.
Interior: Near excellent
Mechanical: NO issues
State-of-the-art safety: Electronic stability program, Anti lock brakes with brake assist and Electronic brake-force distribution. Airbags all around.

This is the perfect nuclear family transporter for any distance. Travel in the supreme comfort & knowledge that this automobile will provide rock solid performance on the road in all conditions.

Clean title in hand.

Email with any additional questions.

Engine – 3.1L V-6
Power – 255 @ 6,500 rpm
Automatic Transmission – 6-spd w/OD
0-60 – 6.4 seconds
Drivetrain – Quattro all wheel
Seating – 5 passengers
MPG 20-26 mixed urban, city & highway

Not many of these with low mileage around.

This car certainly seems to be presented in top condition with an also excellent service history from the dealers. That really takes a lot of the guesswork out of ownership immediately. The the revised transmission and engine, the B7 felt noticeably sportier than the B6 and B5s had out of the box. Unsurprisingly, with similar engine output, performance in every category is just about on par with the B5 S4 – acceleration, cornering, fuel mileage – all about the same. Drive them back to back though, and I think you’d find they feel very different. If you want to be exclusive, the S4 is probably the car to get – but with 30,000 less miles for about the same price, that 4 year newer A4 sure seems like a great alternative to a crossover to me. Though it doesn’t have my favorite Ronal ultrasport wheels on it, this 3.2 would be my choice.

Which would you choose?


Tuner Tuesday: Executive Sweet – Alpina v. Brabus


If last week’s brace of RennTechs left you feeling a little poor and lacking horsepower in your daily driver, today’s Tuner Tuesday hopes to offer you some more affordable – albeit not as powerful – options. So, if you don’t need a 700 horsepower daily driver, perhaps these great options from Alpina and Brabus are the perfect solution. Both are impeccably presented, not something you’d see every day, and will truly make you feel special no matter what your destination is. Let’s start with the newer Alpina B7 in signature Alpina Blue:

Year: 2012
Model: B7 SWB
Engine: 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8
Transmission: 7-speed automatic
Mileage: 9,800 mi
Price: $87,800 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2012 Alpina B7 on Ebay


2012 BMW 7 Series ALPINA B7 SWB

Super Loaded 2012 BMW Alpina B7 RWD SWB with only 9k miles!!

Alpina Blue over Oyster/Black Nappa Leather!

MSRP: $125,375!!

* ALPINA Aerodynamic Body Kit!

* ALPINA Sport Suspension with Dynamic Damping Control!

* Head-Up Display!

* Rear-View Camera!

* Active Roll Stabilization!

* Power Tailgate!

* Comfort Access Keyless Entry!

* Soft Close Automatic Doors!

* Ceramic Controls!

* Power Rear & Side shades!

* Active Front Seats!

* BMW Apps!

* Alcantara Headliner!

* ALPINA Piano Black Trim!

* 21″ Alpina Classic Wheels!

* Premium Hi Fi System!

* Satellite Radio!

* iPOD & USB Adapter!

* Park Distance Control!

* Heated Rear Seats!

* Carfax Certified! Clean Carfax!

* In Business since 1994! Buy with Confidence!

* We welcome all trades!
Standard Equipment
12 GB hard drive w/USB port
Auxiliary input located inside center console
HD Radio
Entertainment server 12 GB hard drive w/USB port for media transfer
AM/FM stereo w/CD/MP3 player -inc: auto-store, FM diversity antenna
Illuminated exterior door handles & ground illumination
Xenon automatic adaptive headlights -inc: dynamic auto-leveling, cornering lights, corona rings
Pathway lighting feature, programmable via vehicle & key memory
Pwr 2-way tilt/slide glass moonroof w/key-off & “one-touch” operation, sunshade, wind deflector
Automatic trunk lid open/close
Pwr trunk lid w/push-button close
Body-color exterior door handles
Free-form halogen foglights
Power adjustable, power-folding, heated, auto-dimming, body-color side-view mirrors -inc: 2-position memory, RH automatic tilt-down in reverse
Pwr adjustable, pwr-folding, heated, auto-dimming, body-color side-view mirrors -inc: 2-position memory, RH automatic tilt-down in reverse
Automatic trunk lid opening & closing
Body-color pwr folding heated auto-dimming mirrors -inc: 2-position memory, RH automatic tilt-down in reverse
Pwr soft-close automatic doors
Body-color roof trim strips
Intermittent rain-sensing windshield wipers w/adjustable & vehicle-speed-sensitive wiping interval, single-wipe control, windshield-washer system w/heated washer jets
Fineline high-gloss wood trim (N/A w/ZI1 BMW Individual Composition)
Hard drive-based navigation system -inc: voice-command & Real Time Traffic Info
iDrive system -inc: on-board computer, controller, (8) programmable memory buttons
Rear center armrest w/storage compartment
Hard drive-based navigation system w/voice command & Real Time Traffic Information
Smokers pkg
Fully finished trunk
Electronic analog speedometer & tachometer
Multi-contour bucket seats -inc: driver & front passenger 20-way pwr adjustments w/4-way pwr lumbar support, articulated upper backrest, adjustable backrest width, adjustable thigh support, driver & front passenger 2-position seat memory, active head restraints w/adjustable side support
Pwr windows -inc: key-off operation, “one-touch” open/close, anti-trapping feature
Nappa leather upholstery
Remote keyless entry
Expanded check control vehicle monitor system
Black Panel display w/LCD main & trip odometer displays & warning indicators in dial faces
Pwr tilt/telescopic leather-wrapped multi-function sport steering wheel -inc: audio & phone controls, 2-position memory
Ambiance lighting in front, rear & door panels
Power windows -inc: key-off operation, “one-touch” open/close, anti-trapping feature
Comfort Access keyless entry w/multi-function remote control
Cruise control
Vehicle & key memory
Multi-contour 20-way power front bucket seats -inc: 4-way pwr lumbar support, articulated upper backrest, adjustable backrest width, adjustable thigh support, driver & front passenger seat memory, active head restraints w/adjustable side support
Anti-theft alarm system -inc: interior motion detector
Central pwr locking system -inc: anti-theft feature, selective unlocking, programmable via vehicle & key memory
4-zone automatic climate control -inc: draft-free vents, solar sensor, automatic recirculation, heat-at-rest feature, automatic ventilation
4-zone automatic climate control -inc: solar sensor, automatic recirculation, heat-at-rest, automatic ventilation
Rear window defogger
Central power locking system -inc: anti-theft feature, selective unlocking, programmable via vehicle & key memory
Remote trunk release
Owner’s manual
Coded driveaway protection
Auto-dimming rear-view mirror
Front console compartment -inc: coinholder, illumination
Front & rear floor mats
Heated front seats w/fast heating & balance control
Dual cupholders, front & rear
Auto-dimming rearview mirror
Comfort Access keyless entry w/multi-function remote control, keyless start/stop
Front visors w/illuminated vanity mirrors
Condition-based service display w/additional functions accessible through iDrive system
Twin-tube gas-pressure shock absorbers
Brake energy regeneration to convert kinetic energy into usable electrical pwr
Driving dynamics control
Rear wheel drive
Rear multi-link integral-V aluminum suspension
Dynamic damping control
Aluminum front & rear subframes
Vehicle-speed-sensitive variable-assist, variable-ratio rack-&-pinion pwr steering
Vehicle-speed-sensitive variable-assist, variable-ratio rack-&-pinion power steering
Electromechanical parking brake
4-wheel ventilated disc brakes w/electronic brake proportioning
Lower anchors & tethers for children (LATCH) on rear outboard seats
Dynamic stability control (DSC) -inc: brake fade compensation, start-off assistant, brake drying, brake stand-by, dynamic traction control (DTC), dynamic brake control
Front-seat side-impact airbags
Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
Rear-view camera
Active knee protection
BMW Assist w/Bluetooth -inc: (4) year Safety Plan subscription
Front & rear park distance control w/graphic display
3-point safety belt system -inc: ALR in all passenger positions
Emergency interior trunk release handle
Front safety belt automatic pretensioners, acoustic belt warning
Tire pressure monitor
Child safety rear door locks
Driver & front passenger dual-threshold dual-stage front airbags w/passenger occupant sensor
Front & rear head protection system (HPS)


This car is just massively impressive to me. You get a basically new Alpina B7 for 25% less than a brand new one. Most of the B7s I’ve seen are boring black, silver or white; this car stands out and looks spectacular in blue. The wheels are tremendous and transform the look. There are options galore; and if there isn’t enough luxury don’t forget there’s a healthy dose of sport in these B7s, with stiffer but more compliant suspension than the factory and a 500 horsepower motor capable of sub-5 second runs to 60. There is little you’ll meet in your daily commute that will out-luxury or out-accelerate this impressive car. But for some folks, this car is a little too pricey or has a few too many doors. Perhaps this stunning Brabus is a better option:


Year: 2007
Model: CL 600
Engine: 5.5 liter twin-turbocharged V12
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 50,986 mi
Price: $47,800 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2007 Mercedes-Benz CL600 Brabus on Ebay


2007 Mercedes-Benz CL600 V12 2dr Coupe

2007 Mercedes-Benz CL600 Coupe

Black Exterior over Cashmere/Savannah Leather Interior


Brabus Front Bumper
Brabus Side Skirts with Puddle Lights
Brabus Wheels
Brabus Trunk Spoiler
Brabus Exhaust
K40 Radar Detector
Tinted Windows

5.5 Liter Twin-Turbo 12 Cylinder Engine
-510 Horsepower-
-612 lb/ft of Torque-
5-Speed Automatic Transmission
Rear Wheel Drive
Night Vision System
Power Folding Exterior Mirrors
Rear View Camera
Power Glass Sunroof
Xenon Headlights
Power Rear Sunshade
Automatic Headlights
Power Closing Trunk
Navigation System
Harman/Kardon Stereo System
6-Disk CD Changer
iPod Connectivity
Satellite Radio
Dual-Zone Climate Control
Heated/Ventilated Front Seats
Bluetooth Connectivity

Exceptionally Well Equipped!
Tasteful UPGRADES!

*One Master Key*
*Floor Mats*


With an original sticker $25,000 higher than the B7 5 years earlier, this is certainly rarefied air. Like the B7, there are options galore; this car is truly stunning to look at. The wood is immaculate, leather abounds, and the combination of those wheels and the black only hint at the sinister car that this is. The Brabus body upgrades – which can sometimes be in…questionable….taste – fit neatly onto this model. This car doesn’t feature Brabus engine upgrades, so you’ll have to make due with only 510 horsepower and 612 lb/ft of torque – enough to challenge most 911 turbos in 0-60 sprints at 4.4 seconds. Like the Alpina, there is nothing that will out-luxury or out-accelerate you on your daily commute. To make this car even more appealing, with only 50,000 miles on the clock and looking as close to new as a used car can be, this CL 600 is offered at roughly half the price of the Alpina.

Were it my money, I’d find it pretty hard to pass up that sweet looking Alpina, though the price of the Mercedes is pretty enticing. In the long run I’d wager that the Alpina would also be worth more money and cheaper to run, though that’s a bit of a gamble. Which one would you have?


V8 Week: 2007 Audi RS4

When we at GCFSB.com wanted to do another theme week, we really wanted to cross marques, and what better way than with a engine layout that is used pretty universally? Audi started it’s love affair with the V8 engine back in 1988-1989 with the release of the then-revolutionary V8 quattro. Boasting reasonable performance, high-class luxury, and go-anywhere in anything quattro all-wheel drive, the V8 quattro would become a cult-classic for Audi fans. Since then Audi’s V8 engine has increased slightly in displacement and sprouted more valves, but the heart of these cars has most been assisted by modern electronics that allow cars like the RS4 to pump out an incredible 420 horsepower. Though they more recently have backed away from V8 engines in an effort to gain fuel economy, Audi’s legendary RS4 V8 was shouty and sonorous at the same time, producing notes that few other engines can on the way up the tachometer. And while there are few RS4s who’s exterior match the shoutiness of the engine, today’s example of a Sprint Blue RS4 is shouty for all the right reasons:


Year: 2007
Model: RS4
Engine: 4.2 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 67,500 mi
Price: $39,995 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2007 Audi RS4 on eBay

Year: 2007
Make: Audi
Model: RS 4
VIN: WUARU78E57N902003

Mileage: 67500
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 8 Cylinder, 4.2 L
Exterior Color: Blue

Interior Color: Black
Title: Clear


You are viewing a very beautiful car indeed! You are looking at a mint condition CARFAX CERTIFIED 1 OWNER 2007 AUDI RS-4 QUATTRO in the most desirable color available, Sprint Blue Metallic Paint with the Ebony Recaro leather interior!! This car looks fabulous and runs even better! You will hear the sweetest sound ever when you punch the gas & hear the beautiful melody of the Dual Exhaust!! The Blue Paint shines so brightly the reflections are clearly visible! The leather interior is in great shape!! The car runs beautifully thanks to the 420 Horsepower 8 cylinder engine mated to a super smooth 6 speed transmission. Everything in this car works perfectly! THERE ARE NO DISAPPOINTMENTS HERE! This car is ready to go! This car is fully equipped. Starting from the outside you have the handsome Audi alloy wheels with meaty performance tires!! You have a Tilt & Slide Power Moonroof!! You have high power front Xenon headlights as well as front and rear fog lights!! Now to the inside of the car! You have multi adjustable power Recaro sport front leather seats that are heated for winter comfort!! The Rear Seats are Heated as well!! There are one touch power windows and power locks. THERE IS FACTORY NAVIGATION & BLUETOOTH!! There is a high power 8 speaker Audi/BOSE am/fm/6cd/Sirius stereo system with steering wheel controls!! Of course there is power steering as well as power 4 wheel anti lock brakes!! There is the electronic stability control also!! There is electronic cruise control also!! There are dual lighted visor vanity mirrors also!! There are also dual front airbags as well as Curtain (head) airbags and side impact airbags!! THERE IS THE POWER REAR SUNSHADE AS WELL AS SIDE WINDOW SHADES!! This car has a handy trip computer that will calculate your gas mileage, distance traveled and even tell you how many miles you can drive before you run out of gas!! I am sure I am missing a few items as this car is so well equipped! All of the guages are functioning normally as well as all of the interior and exterior lighting. WE HAVE THE ORIGINAL OWNER’S PORTFOLIO & MANUALS PLUS 2 KEYS!! Don’t Delay!!


Blue has been the choice for fast Audis since the launch of the legendary RS2. Sure, that blue has changed from RS Blue to Nogaro, and then again to Sprint Blue on the B7s, but the idea remains the same. Like a red Porsche, pulling up anywhere in one of these blue Audis tells the world you mean business, but in a mostly polite way. The RS4 is an incredible performer with reasonable practicality as a daily driver, but is certainly special enough to stand out in the crowd. In my opinion, too many of these cars were specified in silver, grey or black – to me, they just look better in loud colors. The only one I have seen that I desire more than this car is the one special order Viper Green RS4; but day to day, this would do nicely, thank you very much.

The best known issue with the RS4 is carbon buildup, and worryingly there is no mention of this car being serviced, though most of the RS4 community seems to feel that service price is less of a big deal than the community that doesn’t own them. Either way, plan on getting it corrected in the future. It’s nice to see the original alloys which seemed to disappear quickly from many; here’s a hint – we’ll want them in the future, so if you buy this car please keep them! Otherwise the car seems to be in great shape as it should for the quite reasonable mileage that’s been put onto it. Pricing seems pretty much spot on the middle of the market, and as the blue seems to command a premium over some of the other colors I’d say in the higher 30s this car is pretty well bought.


2007 Audi RS4

Try though they might, the fast Audi sedans offered to the U.S. market always seemed a step behind their competition from Munich. It was a pretty standard pattern; the new S4 would come out just in time to keep up with the previous generation M3. That all changed when Audi launched the RS4 and took the fast executive market into new territory. With 420 horsepower – nearly 100 more than the outgoing M3 – the RS4 was simply a revelation, bringing the small fast sedan market into speeds that would shame supercars from only a generation ago. Revving the sonorous V8 to the stratosphere results in auditory bliss that few cars can match. The RS4 even looked the part, a perfect blend of aggressive style coupled with understated fury that made the car say “Go ahead, just try it” to that Ferrari, while still being practical enough to shuttle four people up a snowy incline in comfort. Like most of these performance sedans, prices tend to fall quickly once they’re no longer the “it” item and the warranty expires. This leads to the opportunity to get a lightly used super sedan for a fraction of the original purchase price, like this Daytona Grey example today:


Year: 2007
Model: RS4
Engine: 4.2 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 65,500 mi
Price: $34,750 Buy it Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2007 Audi RS4 on eBay

With a heavy heart, I am selling my 2007 Audi RS4. It is a fantastic car and still runs perfectly, but I am moving to San Francisco and I don’t want burden myself with a stick shift there.

Basic details:

• 65k miles
• Daytona Gray exterior / light gray interior
• Had every scheduled maintenance/service, including the 65k
• OEM 19-inch wheels (with a few curb scratches on them)
• Nav system, premium package, etc etc
• K40 radar detector
• All four break pads and rotors replaced 1000 miles ago
• Brand new performance tires 500 miles ago
• Shocks and DRC replaced as part of Audi recall
• Intake manifold replaced around 55k miles
• Will also include my winter wheels and tires, since I won’t need them in California
Condition: Scratch on the front bumper (in the clearcoat protective covering, not the paint/body of the car); Scratch on the front bumper (also in the clearcoat protective covering); one small chip in the windshield; some curb rash on the wheels. Faint, small scratches on the rear passenger side panel. Small scratch on the trunk.

History: bought the car from the dealership in 2007 (had a few thousand miles on it from being used by the dealer, but I am the first owner, technically). Title is totally clear, and I have it in hand. No liens or anything on it.


Make no mistake, the RS4 is a serious performance car, and consequently, it will require a strict diet of fairly expensive maintenance. Chief among these concerns is the inevitable carbon buildup in the motor; generally the result of not being driven hard enough or with high enough octane. It’s something that seems pretty common and can be fixed, but figure you’re going to have to shell out around $1,000 to have it fixed when it occurs, and may have to do it again depending on how long you own the car. The car looks to be in good shape, but a few things would give me pause; first, it appears it was a demo car for the dealer for a few thousand miles. To me, having seen a fair amount of dealer rides take place, this means the car was pushed hard early in life. Second, the photos in the listing aren’t stellar and it’s difficult to judge the wear on items like the interior. Still, maintenance is up to date, the car has new tires and brakes, and even comes with a set of snow wheels and tires.

This car is placed in the middle of the RS4 price range, and as such with the maintenance items just performed, seems appropriately priced. Personally I’d hold out for my favorite color Sprint Blue even if it meant paying a bit more; but Daytona Grey was the most popular color on these cars in the U.S., and this one will surely please the next buyer who has been dreaming of that 8,000 RPM song for the last six years.